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UK Stay-Behind-Spies Threaten U.S. Security

American and British post-War II stay-behind spies ran rogue operations funded from New York corporations with no accountability to the U.S. President nor the British Prime Minister; targeted Oxford & Cambridge students for recruitment; organized the Trump-Russia hoax/coup d’etat

In 1952, outgoing MI6 chief “C” aka Sir Stewart G. Menzies admitted to a $50 million slush fund (today’s money) for unaccountable covert activity

stewart menzies afiMenzies admitted in top-secret documents that his slush fund was financed by “an American” and unknown to all but a few Privy Council insiders

Menzies chaired the post-War organization and collaboration of the C.I.A., NSA, MI6 and GCHQ called the British – U.S. Communicational Intelligence Agreement

Every indication is that this cozy “private” relationship among these spy agencies, international bankers, and the British Privy Council continues, and was the source of the Trump-Russia coup d‘etat

Probably explains James B. Comey’s directorship in London-based HSBC bank before becoming FBI director, succeeding Robert S. Mueller, III. He was likely getting his Privy Council / NWO marching orders

Sir Edmund Compton. (Jan. 17, 1957). SECRET, ‘Secret Vote: Reserves’, CAB 301/118, Secret Intelligence Service SIS Bureaucracy Funding, Special Operations.  The National Archives.

Sir Edmund Gerald Compton. (Mar. 19, 1994). Obituary. Independent.

secret vote

More information:

  • Rory Cormac. (2018) . Disrupt and Deny: Spies, Special Forces, and the Secret Pursuit of British Foreign Policy. Oxford University Press.

menzies 1.JPG

Oxford & Cambridge students were targeted by this rogue US-British spy group of stay-behinds.

Sir Stewart G. Menzies. (Jul. 09, 1952).  TOP SECRET, ‘Comments by C [Menzies] on the Report by Sir Horace Seymour on his Enquiry into the Secret Intelligence Service’, CAB 301/133. The National Archives.

students targeted.JPG

If you have a son or daughter with a Rhodes Scholarship, are you happy to hear that he or she is fresh meat for these sociopath criminals? The purpose of the Rhodes Scholarship is very specifically such NWO recruitment. Just ask George Soros’ close friend Lord Mark Malloch-Brown or Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie.


Five Eyes is UK Intelligence Spying on America

Five Eyes exempted the sharing of any data collected using (stolen) U.S. and British Patents!

The U.S. – British intelligence agreement exempt them from sharing ANY collateral intelligence “may be withheld” if it was gathered using “U.S. and British patents”

This would be a policy motivating using ONLY stolen U.S. and British patents to build this Five Eyes system!

agreement 1

Info collected using (stolen) British & American patents are secret and exempt (“may be withheld”) … that would be everything (if all the technology was stolen). READ: We can all do what we want whenever we want, by agreement.

They institutionalized the motivation to steal patents right here!

agreement 2.JPG

This also explains IBM’s motivation to be the largest patent holder on the planet.IBM = patent vacuum to form the tech base for Five Eyes


The 1945-46 “British – U.S. Communication Intelligence Agreement” Five Eyes information withholding exemptions for British and American patents ensured a total ULTRA OATH secrecy lock on telecommunications information for at least the next 30 years, especially considering the American theft (sorry, “confiscation”) of over “50,000 patents some of the finest scientific research”… the true purpose of WWII?

… AND, since Pres. Roosevelt on Dec. 07, 1942 had just confiscated over 50,000 patents from all Axis and occupied countries (incl. the biggest holder, Germany), this U.S. and British patent exemption to withhold information (keep it secret for the Five Eyes insiders) ensured their total lock on surveillance worldwide, at least for 20-30 yrs. (ca. 1975) when those patents and their derivative works started expiring.

This meant that a new round of patenting would have to commence by 1975, which IBM (Chandler) did. So by the time they discovered Leader Technologies’ invention, theft of intellectual property was in their blood.

patents 1.JPGpatent theft.JPG


Stewart Graham Menzies: Codename “C”

Sir Stewart Graham Menzies has a been the top intelligence organizer for the Privy Council and the Rhodes Round Table (Atlantic Council, Bilderberg) from WWI, thru WWII and well into the COLD WAR.

America entrusted its wireless communications to Travis, GCHQ and the Rogue C.I.A. Travis supplied SIGINT and COMINT to the SIS, SOE, OSS… and the rogue C.I.A….

This U.S.-UK “ULTRA oath” secret backroom deal exists… to this day. Even the FBI has pledged the ULTRA oath.

Sir Stewart Menzies was the director of both GC & CS and MI6. Delegated GCCS to Sir Edward Travis following on the heels of this organizing meetings with the U.S.

Chief of SIS/SOE/MI6 (1939-1952)

Director GCCS (1944-1946)

Menzies chaired British and American negotiators in the organization of postwar intelligence sharing between the UK & U.S. (the “special relationship” now being bandied about by Washington, D.C. globalist corruptocrats

menzies 2.JPG

(1890-1968), Head of the Secret Intelligence Service (Ultra Oath)

Major General Sir Stewart Graham Menzies, KCB, KCMG, DSO, MC (/ˈmɪŋɪz/ ( listen); 30 January 1890 – 29 May 1968) was Chief of MI6, the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), from 1939 to 1952, during and after the Second World War.[1]

When the Second World War began, SIS expanded greatly. Menzies insisted on wartime control of codebreaking, and this gave him immense power and influence, which he used judiciously. By distributing the Ultra material collected by the Government Code & Cypher School, [GC&CS renamed GCHQ] for the first time, MI6 became an important branch of the government.

Chief of SIS/SOE/MI6 (1939-1952)

Director GCCS (1944-1946)

codename c 1.JPGcodename c 2.JPGcodenam c 3menzies 1.JPGmenzies 3.JPG

Five Eyes. (Mar. 11, 1946). Sir Stewart G. Menzies (p. 3), TOP SECRET CREAM, Minutes of Inauguration Meeting of U.S. – British Singal Intelligence Technical Conference. NSA.

menzies 4.JPG

fbi delegate


U.S.-UK “ULTRA oath” secret backroom deal exists…to this day

E W Travis 1 afiSir Edward Travis has been a chief intelligence organizer for the Privy Council and the Rhodes Round Table (Atlantic Council, Bilderberg) since before 1919.

America entrusted its wireless communications to Travis, GCHQ and the Rogue C.I.A. Travis supplied SIGINT and COMINT to the SIS, SOE, OSS… and the rogue C.I.A…. through WWI and WWII and helped create the COLD WAR. 

This U.S.-UK “ULTRA oath” secret backroom deal exists… to this day. Even the FBI has pledged the ULTRA oath.

Sir Edward Travis was a senior staffer at the formation of GC & CS, became chief in 1944, renamed it GCHQ in 1946.

Travis directed British negotiators in the organization of postwar intelligence sharing between the UK & U.S. (the “special relationship” now being bandied about by Washington, D.C. globalist corruptocrats

devils agent 1devils agent 2

enigma 1

Five Eyes. (Mar. 11, 1946). Sir Edward Travis (p. 3), TOP SECRET CREAM, Minutes of Inauguration Meeting of U.S. – British Singal Intelligence Technical Conference. NSA.

travis document.JPG

fbi delegate

travis 1travis 2travis 3


The Privy Council is in Control

Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben update patriots with the latest intel on the British involvement in the overthrow of of Donald Trump. Make sure to educate and enlighten your audience on WHO the enemy is (sources) and HOW they operate (methods). High level stuff here.

The Privy Council is in Control

The articles and posts below contain documents to which Michael and Douglas referred in the audio above:

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And, yes, Douglas had something to do with Star Wars…and also Indiana Jones.

Source of the Force: Secret Behind Star Wars Inspiration

The Enduring Legacy of Hans Solo and Indiana Jones



Stefan Halper Payment Shows Ties to DoD and Atlantic Council


stefan halper afiThe actual numbers are obtained from:

Stefan Halper. (May 18, 2018). Vendor Profile DUNS No. 78459148. GovTribe.

Stefan Halper. (Accessed May 18, 2018). Department of Defense (DoD), Office of Net Assessment (Andrew W. Marshall) contracts between May 30, 2012 and Sep. 29, 2017. USAspending. (*.csv).

The different in the two totals is that two Purchase Orders issued in 2017 for $411,400 (during the COVER-UP) do not appear on the GSA contracts schedule, but do show up in the GovTribe profile.

atlantic council.JPG

stefan halper atlantic council payment.JPGStefan Halper. (Aug. 15, 2014). $24.5M Future Space War Game Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) by the Department of Defense Office of Net Assessment (Andrew W. Marshall), BAA No. FHQ0034-ONA-13-BAA-0001. GovTribe.

halper payment.JPG

AFI / AIM Bibliography:

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[1163] Stefan Halper. (Aug. 15, 2014). $24.5M Future Space War Game Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) by the Department of Defense Office of Net Assessment (Andrew W. Marshall), BAA No. FHQ0034-ONA-13-BAA-0001. GovTribe.

[1164] Stefan Halper. May 29, 2012). $197.6K Department of Defense Office of Net Assessment (Andrew W. Marshall), Contract No. HQ00341C0039. GovTribe.

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[1167] Stefan Halper. (Sep. 27, 2016). $411.5K Department of Defense Office of Net Assessment (Andrew W. Marshall), Contract No. HQ003416P0148. GovTribe.


Italian Government Compromised in Russiagate


Monday, February 19, 2018

My name is Giulio Occhionero and I am an Italian nuclear engineer and a financial professional. I am writing today to expose criminal activity on the part of Italian governmental authorities: Polizia Postale and its special cyber division CNAIPIC against US and Italian citizens as well as a US company with interests in the US and Italy, Westlands Securities.

Over the last year, I have been involved in a complex criminal case along with my sister Francesca Occhionero, who is a US citizen. I am referring to Italian cyber criminal case of Procura della Repubblica di Roma, n. 21245/2016 in which we think we have been involved also because of our connections to the US.

Material evidence arising in this case suggests that a continued activity of hacking into US information servers has been conducted by the above authorities over a period of several years. It also emphasizes an attack technique aimed to hack into US computer systems which impersonates the digital identity of Microsoft. Additional evidence finally points into the direction of industrial espionage purposes and a potential will to interfere with public affairs in the United States.


During the investigation phase, Procura di Roma, under the direction of public prosecutor Eugenio Albamonte and chief prosecutor Giuseppe Pignatone, has employed, with the cooperation of ISP Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM), a technique, aimed at delivering a Trojan to my computer. This technique relies on the impersonation of Microsoft’s digital identity, and it is acted by the use of a bogus Microsoft website and certificate.

The attack in question is based on inducing a user to download a false update for Microsoft SQL Server; which I in fact downloaded, getting infected by the Trojan.

In this regard, it is important to mention that I was, and I currently am, a Domain Administrator in the Westlands Securities’ Active Directory Domain, a US Limited Liability Company whose Domain Controllers were based respectively on the East and West coasts of the United States. These servers also ran several virtual servers that maintained services of multiple kinds such as email, file shares and websites; including hosting mail services for Westlands’ clients in the US and Italy.

While the attack was conducted against my desktop computer, it was designed to take control of the global Active Directory Domain. This was later attempted on October 5, 2016 by CNAIPIC officers in my presence, shortly before launching a planned major national criminal case, now named EyePyramid, whose relevant press you can retrieve here:

Materially, on the evening of September 29, 2016 I was working at my desktop in Rome when, on launching SQL Server Management Studio, I was notified by a tray pop-up about the availability of an update for SQL Server 2014.

On clicking on the pop-up balloon, I was in fact redirected to the mentioned bogus Microsoft website from which I downloaded the infected update, bundled with the Trojan. This part surely involved the cooperation of the ISP; as only techniques like IP translation and DNS manipulation could have lead to a similar redirection.

One of the most alarming issues of this case is the fact that, as mentioned in the paperwork of the file, I even checked the validity of the https certificate, after doing the download. Suspects loomed on me for the fact that the downloaded executable was unsigned. However, being the website certificate valid, I proceeded to install the supposed update, assuming a wrong scenario of a legitimate though unsigned file.

Subsequent to its install, the Trojan begun collecting credentials from my computer and transmitting them to the servers of Polizia Postale Italiana, along with screenshots of my sessions, keylogs and other information. Some evidence of this activity appeared immediately clear to me, as on our network we employ tools designed to detect attacks and notify them. On booting my laptop on the same home LAN of the infected desktop, the former immediately notified being attacked by some actor on the LAN. This further evidences the intention to propagate the attack deeper into the Active Directory Domain.

A few days later, on October 5 2016, the agents of CNAIPIC, equipped with the stolen credentials, raided my house for a search and, in that occasion, they tried, in my presence, from their mobile computers, to log into our Domain Controllers to take ownership of them.

My reminding them as to what the legal consequences for the US Justice Department would be, for such a conduct, were ignored while they proceeded to several hacking attempts via Remote Desktop. In these attempts, they tried the many stolen credentials they had gathered, but they all failed because of the domain-wide Group Policies that restricted access to smartcards, sided by other security requirements.

This type of attack has specifically been designed to gain illegal access by a peripheral member of an Active Directory Domain, and then potentially using his credentials or Kerberos ticket to move to inner servers and to their resources. Therefore, penetration onto the US, or another foreign ground, begins by an attack done on the Italian ground.

Following my release from jail, I have begun inspecting the files of the case and I am writing a software tool named Valiriya which is mining data and producing additional forensic evidence. Results show that the prosecutors in Rome were in possession of data and files illegally gained by hacking into free email and file share services, in both the US and Germany, for years.

These services include GMX, Storegate, Strato, Box and 4Shared (at least), while the practice of hacking into them, with no authorization, begins (at least) in April 2015 and goes on to (at least) February 2016. A new hypothesis of illegal hacks into Irish servers is now surfacing; and we will notify the prosecutors if it materializes.


The above technique must be deemed highly critical because it entails the cooperation of an ISP, in order to succeed. This requires the intervention of a government agency, whose authority is needed to obligate the ISP to cooperate; at least during the phase of infection.

Because of the very facts above, and those that followed in this bold case, I decided to inform COPASIR; the Italian Parliamentary Commission on Intelligence Services whose responsibility is, among others, to ensure that no member of any Italian armed or police force can ever engage in acts that can be deemed hostile against a foreign country; without an appropriate governmental mandate to do so.

After the arrest of my sister Francesca and me on January 9, 2017, I also decided to inform the Italian Minister of Interior Marco Minniti and the Ministry of Defense Roberta Pinotti. Certified emails were sent to them by our lawyers, and they will be eventually available to you.

I also notified the US Embassy in Rome writing several emails to Mr. Domenico Taliani, in which I detailed the facts, some technicalities of the attacks and the potential risks it all emphasized. This also included risks for US citizens merely travelling to Italy and potentially being attacked because of their being a gate to US corporate resources.

My final act to prosecute the above was that of filing a criminal case with Procura di Perugia which is the one allowed to investigate crimes committed by prosecutors at Procura di Roma, by their police investigators and by their consultants. At the time of this writing, I have been interrogated twice by Procura di Perugia; the first time in June 2017 and the last in January 2018, for more than five hours.

Prosecutor Eugenio Albamonte and two members of CNAIPIC are now under investigation for several crimes and we are awaiting developments. I also think that while CNAPIC has sought and obtained cooperation from the US Department of Justice on this case, in order to seize our servers in May 2017 and have them handed over, CNAIPIC has never disclosed its practice of hacking into US information servers to the FBI.


While the real aims of Procura di Roma and CNAIPIC must be further investigated, we suspect that one of their intentions was that of gaining possession of Westlands Securities’s corporate documental and data baseline. In previous years CNAIPIC had in fact already been involved in other corporate espionage cases left with no satisfactory explanation, nor with any significant counter-measure ever taken by the Italian Government. However, being CNAIPIC a mere police force, and not an intelligence agency, any such kind of activity clearly falls far outside of its mandate.

The global hackers group Anonymous had already shown in 2011 that CNAPIC was in possession of files and data illegally gained by the Russian oil company Gazprom and the Indian Embassy in Rome.

In our case, we suspect that the core industrial interest in getting Westlands’ corporate documents was the Taranto Harbor project. This project, notoriously followed by Westlands Securities and its US partner company Automated

Terminal Systems, aimed at realizing the largest container terminal in the Mediterranean. Westlands filed a criminal complaint years ago for supposed wrongdoings at the Port Authority which led to arrests. While the project was seen with favor by the US Department of Commerce and by the US Ambassador to Italy Mel Sembler, Italian local governmental authorities wanted it to be withdrawn in favor of other carriers in the Port. This all could happened in retaliation for that complaint.


Another item needing deeper attention is the kind of cooperation to Polizia Postale Italina and Procura di Roma by the FBI and the US Department of Justice. In fact, while the FBI is supposed to have helped on a bona-fide  basis, it is appalling that it has failed to detect the daily hacking practices of CNAIPIC and its consultants into US information servers.

In a similar fashion, the US Department of Justice has handed over our servers to CNAIPIC without ever realizing that they had never done a single illegal access to any other server on the web; as it is clearly surfacing in trial. Moreover, upon being called to testify in court, the FBI attaché to the US Embassy in Rome, Kieran Ramsey, has communicated his intention not to show up, by sending a lawyer invoking such right. This is apparently contemplated under US-Italian justice cooperation agreements.

In this regard, it is furthermore impossible not to notice that be the same journalists at The Guardian who kept rolling out the Russiagate story, which reveals a potential attempt to interfere with US affairs by another pre-fabricated dossier, possiblly authorized at the highest levels of Italian government.  The only difference in this case is that the spirvce to the Guardian was the head of Polizia Postale Roberto Di Legami, with or without an FBI middleman.


The matter above, as an Italian citizen, raised a severe alert on me, pushing me into the direction I took; as it is more than clear that such a behavior by a national police force does lead to corporate damages companies who side with CNAIPIC.

In my opinion, while the facts and circumstances above do underline a major threat to the security of the US and other foreign cyber spaces, they also deserve further attention for a number of related issues. These issues involve the friendly relationships of Italy with other European Community and, most of all, with its NATO allies.

I therefore wanted to bring it to the attention of those who are concerned with security.


Giulio Occhinonero

Giulio Occhionero

Via di Vigna Stelluti 176

00191 Rome, ITALY

Home +39 (06) 329-7771

Mobile +39 (347) 238-4800


Roberto Bottacchiari

Via Oslavia 28

00195 Rome, ITALY

Office +39 (06) 37351107

Mobile +39 (335) 676-2334

Stefano Parretta

Piazzale Clodio 12

00195 Rome, ITALY

Office +39 (06) 3751-3292

Mobile +39 (335) 657-2460

This letter was originally addressed to the following:

Devin Nunes, Chairman

Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence

U.S. House of Representatives

U.S. Capitol Building

WASHINGTON, DC 20515-6415

Richard Burr, Chairman

Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence

U.S. Senate

211 Hart Senate Office Building


Satya Nadella, Chief Executive Officer

Microsoft Corporation

1 Microsoft Way


Vice Adm. Nancy A. Norton, Director

Defense Information Systems Agency



Christopher A. Wray, Director

Federal Bureau of Investigation

935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

WASHINGTON, DC 20535-0001

Lewis M. Eisenberg, Ambassador

U.S. Embassy Rome

Via Vittorio Veneto 121


Unmasking the Five Eyes Beast

Unmasking the Five Eyes Beast

British-United States Communication Intelligence Agreement. (Mar. 05, 1946). History Collection, NSA, Series XILH,. Box 47 (TSC), Declassified and approved for release by NSA on Apr. 08, 2010 pursuant to E.O. 12958, as amended ST56834. DOCID No. 3678942. National Security Agency.

top secret 1.JPG

top secret 2.JPGtop secret 3

Learn what else we discovered:

1945 Meeting Organized Five Eyes


U.S. Citizen Intelligence Releases the Treason Report

treason report final

Over 20 years of data collection with two powerful citizen intelligence groups –  Americans for Innovation and the American Intelligence Media – release this report to Attorney General A. G Barr and President Donald Trump.

We need your help, patriots. Please email a PDF copy of this extensive report to places listed below. You don’t even need to leave your armchair to get this done – our patriot team did the research. We need YOU to give it some fuel.

Here is the report link: The Treason Report

First copy goes to Bill Barr. Contact him here:

Then send a copy to the White House here:

Please send copies to your Senator and Congressperson. Many of them are criminal collaborators…others are just clueless. Contact them here:

barr investigates.JPG

Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben discuss the Treason Report, a U.S. citizen intelligence report on high crimes, treason, and espionage in D.C..