UK Stay-Behind-Spies Threaten U.S. Security

American and British post-War II stay-behind spies ran rogue operations funded from New York corporations with no accountability to the U.S. President nor the British Prime Minister; targeted Oxford & Cambridge students for recruitment; organized the Trump-Russia hoax/coup d’etat

In 1952, outgoing MI6 chief “C” aka Sir Stewart G. Menzies admitted to a $50 million slush fund (today’s money) for unaccountable covert activity

stewart menzies afiMenzies admitted in top-secret documents that his slush fund was financed by “an American” and unknown to all but a few Privy Council insiders

Menzies chaired the post-War organization and collaboration of the C.I.A., NSA, MI6 and GCHQ called the British – U.S. Communicational Intelligence Agreement

Every indication is that this cozy “private” relationship among these spy agencies, international bankers, and the British Privy Council continues, and was the source of the Trump-Russia coup d‘etat

Probably explains James B. Comey’s directorship in London-based HSBC bank before becoming FBI director, succeeding Robert S. Mueller, III. He was likely getting his Privy Council / NWO marching orders

Sir Edmund Compton. (Jan. 17, 1957). SECRET, ‘Secret Vote: Reserves’, CAB 301/118, Secret Intelligence Service SIS Bureaucracy Funding, Special Operations.  The National Archives.

Sir Edmund Gerald Compton. (Mar. 19, 1994). Obituary. Independent.

Click to access 1994-03-19-Sir-Edmund-Gerald-Compton-Obiturary-Independent-Mar-19-1994.pdf

secret vote

More information:

  • Rory Cormac. (2018) . Disrupt and Deny: Spies, Special Forces, and the Secret Pursuit of British Foreign Policy. Oxford University Press.

menzies 1.JPG

Oxford & Cambridge students were targeted by this rogue US-British spy group of stay-behinds.

Sir Stewart G. Menzies. (Jul. 09, 1952).  TOP SECRET, ‘Comments by C [Menzies] on the Report by Sir Horace Seymour on his Enquiry into the Secret Intelligence Service’, CAB 301/133. The National Archives.

students targeted.JPG

If you have a son or daughter with a Rhodes Scholarship, are you happy to hear that he or she is fresh meat for these sociopath criminals? The purpose of the Rhodes Scholarship is very specifically such NWO recruitment. Just ask George Soros’ close friend Lord Mark Malloch-Brown or Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie.


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