Five Eyes, Echelon, and the Transition to Permanent War

Major General James E. Freeze

The Creator of Echelon (Five Eyes) exposed by Edward Snowden

(formerly Brigadier General)

James P. Chandler, III was his chief legal adviser whom he recommended to Leader Technologies, ostensibly to protect their social networking inventions, but in fact, to steal them for weaponization by INSCOM, Five Eyes, the Highlands Group, IBM Eclipse Foundation

freeze chandler afi

Michael T. Heaton. (Sep. 17, 2018). Annual Historical Review, U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM), FY 1979, FOIA response posted Sep. 17, 2018. INSCOM, NSA, Dept. of the Army.

inscom 1.JPG

transition to war.JPG

inscom 2.JPGechelon 1

echelon 2.JPG

honolulu accord 3.JPGinscom 3.JPGinscom 4.JPGinscom 5opsec 1opsec 2

CONUS = Continental United States

top secret 8.JPGtop secret 9.JPGarmy fundsinscom 6.JPG

Inman praised GCHQ / UKUSA Joint Agreement (1946) participant British peer John H. Tiltman

inscom 7inscom 8.JPGinscom 9inscom 10


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