A Pilgrims Society / Senior Executive Service (SES) / Crown Agents-Groomed Harvardian Lawyer plucked from the Chicago Hood

Note to Miners: START DIGGING! The devil is in these details, even if they are scrubbed, the bad guys always miss things. Download and repost these supporting documents in many places so they will not disappear from web availability.

This Deval Patrick resume is too good to be true. We’ve looked at too many of them now. They have a standard grooming signature: larger than life, exhausting just to read all the alleged accomplishments, busier than life, broader than life, more connected than real life, especially for a man who says he was raised in the hood on the Chicago South Side. Raising yourself up to be successful is one thing. This resume is pure fiction, in our opinion.

What is the strategy here? We believe it is “baffle the ’deplorables’ with b__ s__”

Here’s the Pilgrims Society / Senior Executive Service (SES) spin (lies and misdirection) on Little Patrick:

COURT RECORDS SHOWING COLLABORATION WITH HIS BOUTIQUE LAW PARTNER ROBERT MUELLER ARE MISSING![Deval-L-Patrick-director-to-Global-Blood-Therapeutics]-San-Francisco-Business-Times-Jul-09-2015.pdf$6m-Candidate-says-he-has-what-it-takes-to-run-by-Frank-Phillips-Boston-Globe-Mar-08-2006.pdf

3 thoughts on “Deval L. Patrick – GROOMED FROM THE HOOD”

  1. Deval Laurdine Patrick investigation. What I observed.
    Google and You Tube searches revealed to me that these sites have completely sanitized all dissenting viewpoints on Deval Patrick. Clearly we now have these internet platforms intentionally being scrubbed of any unwanted information. Truly a 1984 prediction that was correct. One must assume these platforms are now as corrupted as the Main Stream Media, the only information provided is what is sanctioned and blessed by the Powers that shouldn’t be. We have moved into another dimension of information control, I propose now that they have scores of people dedicated to scrutinizing every byte of information and eliminating what they deem unwanted on their platforms. I guess we should have seen this coming. These Powers were caught by surprise on the impact that the free flow of information the Internet provided. It had to be controlled and now is. I’d say soon enough all aspects of this internet world will be sanitized by those who hold the keys. There will be no place to speak freely unless we wrestle control of this digital domain out of the hands of these controllers. This should be our number one priority in this war.

  2. I thought you might like to know that I did a search for Devin Nunes on Twitter yesterday and when I typed in the “dev”, Deval Patrick came up first!! If it wasn’t for AIM, I wouldn’t have known who he is but Twitter sure wants everyone to know. Jerks!

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