Citizen Grand Juries Empower We the People

Citizen Grand Juries Empower We the People

Follow along with us. Required citizen textbook info is below. The first step to regaining our power over this runaway government is to learn what our U. S. contract (the Constitution) contains. Randall spent 20 years researching his book and every American can benefit from what he found. Remember, you were NOT taught civics properly – you were taught from textbooks printed and distributed by the Pilgrims Society publishers who do not want you to know the TRUTH about the CONTRACT that We the People have with government.

American Popular Sovereignty @2019 by Randall E. White.

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The American Intelligence Media and American Popular Sovereignty invite you to join patriots everywhere in learning American history and civics – the real stuff, not the propaganda found in public school textbooks from publishers with Pilgrims Society affiliations.

To get started, we recommend that you subscribe to this blog where you will receive regular updates, including video presentations, recommended articles, and conversations between authors Randall E. White and Douglas Gabriel. For students that can’t wait to dig in, go ahead and purchase the print textbook which ships anywhere in the world:

American Popular Sovereignty

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Citizen Grand Juries Empower We the People

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6 thoughts on “Citizen Grand Juries Empower We the People”

  1. The peoples Grand Jury, Committy of safety, militias etc were all highly discussed by the
    Cowboys during the Malheur Wildlife Protest. So I am quite familiar with the process and history. Great Conversation piece.

    It’s a grand idea, however we are so far from constitutional governance and to say an executive order could restore adherence a bit hard to fathom.

    The USA is now under corporate law, or admiralty law. Almost every government organization within this country is a registered corporation and conduct business using contract law. How can this be not addressed before restoration of our original Constitutional form of governance?

    Isn’t addressing where we are at in how far we’ve deviated from intent and purpose of creating a federal government be the forefront of the discussion. You must realize how few actually know how it was originally intended. I’m no expert by no means yet I’ve done my best through study and reading, with the help of Kris Anne Hall’s lectures to have a good overall view of the situation. Personally I can not see a future for any return until we put the federal governments back inside the little box they were to be originally contained.

      1. Well this mountain consists of previously made contractual obligations that hinder the ability to create change. The law fare used in these arrangements between entities is quite specific and detailed. Usually with terms and conditions that bind them to certain policy decisions. In many instances they are used as a form of legal bribery where in dollars are given that conducts the recipient’s policy or behavior.
        That is one of the reasons our founders were against corporate structures and tried to limit the granting of corporate status.
        It’s a huge mountain to climb

      2. Defeat the enemy from a different battlefront. Not lawfare where the SES have written the rules to benefit themselves for unlimited, protected criminal activity.

  2. #KayGriggs #JAG | Army sits over (all?) CIVIL COURTS…presumably to ensure State Secrets aren’t comprised in civil litigation ( like divorce ) – but ultimately protects supreme corruption & treason.
    …would love Mr. White’s take on that

    nice, empowering interview!

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