Citizens Can Create Their Own Juries

Join our CIVICS EDUCATION platform at where you will learn about parts of the U.S. Constitution that were not taught in American public school indoctrination centers. We citizens have POWER…and lots of it. Learn the first steps of putting together citizens grand juries with Douglas Gabriel and author Randall E. White.

If the Department of Justice can’t clean up the corruption in our government, then We the People have a constitutional right to do so… and the best news is that our founding fathers left those provisions in our contract.

Citizens Gear Up for Grand Juries

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5 thoughts on “Citizens Can Create Their Own Juries”

  1. Please consider this article on Rupert Soames . SERCO

    Guess who is making a killing by putting the migrant knife into Britain’s back. The Whitehall based Home Office has delivered an eye-watering £500,000,000 profit out of soaring immigration and citizen fees in 2018 alone.

    The Westminster regime’s Home Office is only one of the hundreds of speculators, government departments, businesses and corporations making vast profits from servicing the needs of incoming migrants.

    Many financial speculators investing in firms profiting from incoming migrants are the political and media elite ~ who are directly responsible for dropping the drawbridge and inviting into Britain millions of migrants. The locomotive hauling the gravy train is corporate-owned mainstream media and state media like the BBC.

    The grandson of Winston Churchill is one of the hundreds who are in on the killing; the genocide of the ethnic Britons by migration and institutionalised assimilation laundered by corporate media as ‘diversity’.


    Rupert Soames OBE is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of SERCO. This is a government-sponsored outsourcing company. It is responsible for the running of the Westminster regime’s Immigration Detention Centres.

    As the corporation’s CEO, Rupert Soames adds to the company accounts £4.5 million pounds a year he gets from Serco Mears. This vast corporation was rewarded with a £2.9 billion government contract for refugee housing situated throughout the United Kingdom.


    The Times said its analysis showed that the profits made from Home Office fees for residency and citizenship had increased by 91 per cent in the past five years. Home Office profits had increased from £260 million in 2014. Campaigners say the system has been designed to make vast amounts of money and there is little parliamentary oversight on the level of fees.

    In one example given, child citizenship fees, which increased from £669 in 2014 to £1012 in 2018, made the Home Office £24 million in profit last year. The cost of processing to the Home Office was only £144 in 2014 and £372 in 2018.

    In another example, the cost of indefinite leave to remain doubled from £1093 in 2014 to £2389 in 2018 despite the Home Office’s processing costs falling, down from £248 in 2014 to £243 last year.

    Thom Brooks, the Dean of Durham Law School, highlighted the Home Office’s rampant profiteering off immigration fees.

    ‘The Home Office already makes a hefty profit of up to 900 per cent on the processing of immigration-related fees. Not only are migrants paying the full costs for the delivery of immigration services, a large share of what is charged goes to non-immigration purposes including the profits of firms services are outsourced to.”

    According to Brooks, while outsourcing firms’ profit, the Home Office remains cash-poor with chronic underinvestment in front-line service. Like this story? Share it with others.


  2. The off book monies, the little secret few know. Most people believe what is budgeted is all the monies these municipalities have. Definitely do a report specific to this embezzlement that most of them use in the stock markets gambling casino, many of the proceeds never return to the coffers.
    I like returning the grand jury to the people however doing by executive order would allow a future President to remove or ignore the order.
    Good interview.

    1. Why haven’t we considered what Russell Jay Gould has done since 1999 to secure our Flag and restore our ability to reinstitute correctness into the courts? I believe we’re missing some facts that can help us restore our Republic and standing as sovereign men and women.

      1. We looked at his material. Didn’t find anything of interest. Too much disinformation weaved into the narrative….not sure if it is lack of research details, propaganda, or just low info blathering.

      2. I’m not aware of him. However if you feel his information valid and truthful, that’s what the comment box is for. Share it, Tyla monitors the comments well, and be careful, disinformation will be pointed out, check your sources well.

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