5 thoughts on “RFID Microchip Vaccine Injection System Ready to Go”

    1. Dear Patricia,
      I hope it would be that simple as neither my partner nor myself ever get the flu jab; we certainly don’t want to allow this vaccine to enter our bodies, and we know that it would have the chip in it too which is all the more reason why we don’t want it.

      Please have a look at https://arlenejohnson.livejournal.com where there are 8 posts on this issue now.
      Kind regards,
      Arlene Johnson
      To access my e-zine, which is top secret history that’s free to the world and internationally acclaimed, click on the icon that says Magazine.


      1. Thank you for directing us to your site. You have been doing this along time! Salute, patriot.


  1. I so wanted to reblog this but I can go to jail for that and jeopardise my own life calling. A huge problem is that so many reborn Christians are in denial and also unteachable. Are our pastors all dead, where are they? Our Muslim and Hindi friends are up in arms, they warn against RFID but reborn Christians seem to say it has nothing to do with 666. I am a seasoned IT veteran that specialised in retail/POS/access control systems. I knew about this since 1977.


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