Former Secretary of State Dean Rusk Was a Pilgrims Society War Monger

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Michael and Douglas explain how philanthropy has been weaponized against humanity:


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(David) Dean Rusk KBE Crowdsourcing Records Request

President of the Rockefeller Foundation (1952-1961), right after WWII when Rockefeller and Carnegie were investing heavily in The Tavistock Institute brain washing and mind control media techniques, for use by their fellow Pilgrims Society member David Sarnoff, president of RCA/NBC.

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David Dean Rusk was the U.S. Secretary of State (1961-1969) during the Kennedy and Johnson administrations. He was involved in the State Department from Korea, through the C.I.A.’s Bay of Pigs debacle and exited with Vietnam and Southeast Asia in flames. Clearly Rusk was one of the most heinous war mongers of the 20th century.

rothschild-nm-victorRusk was a Rhodes Scholar (dominated then by Lord Victor Rothschild, trustee); he was evidently groomed by the Pilgrims Society for his roles, who believed since shortly after its founding that control of the U.S. Secretary of State position was the most effective way to re-absorb America back into a new Imperial Corporatist British Empire.

Rusk won the “Cecil Peace Prize” while at Oxford (1933). Cecil is named for Lord Robert Cecil, a co-founder fo the Pilgrims Society; participant in the First Imperial Press Conference, 1909; co-founder of the Empire Press Union; co-founder of British MI6, MI5 and GC&CS (renamed GCHQ in 1946 when the treasonous “Five Eyes” was created); Imperial War Cabinet propagandist during WWI.

Rusk’s Wikipedia and a UK Independent obituary says he was awarded a KBE (Knight Commander of the British Empire) in 1976, but we cannot find the customary London Gazette announcement of the honor.


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Dean Rusk took over the Rockefeller Foundation financing of the Tavistock Institute after WWII… ten years before he became Kennedy’s Secretary of State! By then, no doubt, Tavistock brain washing had been thoroughly been implemented by David Sarnoff at RCA and NBC.—more evidence of Pilgrims Society plans for a “new world order” with their corporation governing the planet

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Vance Packard’s book The Hidden Persuaders, about media manipulation in the 1950s, hidden persuaderssold more than a million copies.

In The Hidden Persuaders, first published in 1957, Packard explored advertisers’ use of consumer motivational research and other psychological techniques, including depth psychology and subliminal tactics, to manipulate expectations and induce desire for products, particularly in the American postwar era. He identified eight “compelling needs” that advertisers promise products will fulfill.



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  1. Here in PA is a living hell…we have a Cuomo WANNA BE…Gov ahole Wolf… oh…BLM want to DESTROY MOUNT RUSHMORE—THE Confederate rock thing—and now attacking the Portland federal Bldg—trying to burn it down..they said july 4 will be riots—and finally–BLM WANTS TO HAVE THEIR OWN PARTY.. NFL–to OPEN each game WITH BLACK ANTHEM– WTH IS THAT? and put Boyd’s name and others ON THEIR HELMETS ETC–WHAT IF SOME PLAYERS REFUSE? I AM FINISHED WITH THE NFL–NBA/ MLB TOO..DUH HAVE A good 4th sir iac…take care Michael in Pennsy Ret US Army..

  2. The connection Eye see.
    Retirement Plans
    Insurance Industry
    Pension Plans
    Social Security
    What they all have in common is a vested interest in seeing their patrons expire early and quickly. On the face it may look as a gambling game, but behind the veil they’ve been rigging the game. Now it seems we’ve reached the conclusion via the FF COVID response an engineered failure so their dirty little secret euthanasia game come to its conclusion and they blame their own manufacturing virus and crisis they create to cover their arses.

    Mike, Doug, a couple of times throughout the audio, you refer to these despots as “Elites” perhaps another terminology should be used for these scumbags. They are not elite except for their criminal abilities. It also does demean those that truly are elite in how they conducted their lives and acquired their fortunes in a moral, ethical fashion. I cringe every time that word is used to describe the most evil people upon this planet, past and present.

    1. We are open for a suggested word-use. Lately Tyla has been calling them globalshits, but Michael and Douglas are too gentlemanly to name-call. 🙂

      1. Perhaps the use of a colorful adjective preceding or following the word elite, such as criminally elite, elite criminal cabal. They deserve to be recognized as they truly are!

  3. Read the Constitution about the House Of Representatives. We the People were given representation no more than 1 per 30,000 and there is an Amendment to go to 1 per 50,000 but much more than 1 per 700,000+ that we are at now. The Founding Fathers said we have to be involved to keep this Republic but we gave it away 100 years ago. The only option right now is to increase the members of the House as the House makes the laws. All of the information you have come up with can be used in the reasons to tell the American People why we need to get them out of DC and into our communities. Hopefully Trump would be behind this. I just think if the American People felt and do have a pride of control we wouldn’t be in such a state of chaos. The House is controlled by the bankers and the corporations. We will never see any change until we take back the People’s House. Read the Constitution. It is our right as much as the Bill Of Rights are our right. Once we at least double the House then we can deal with the American Bar Association and transparency in government. I thank you for the information you have brought forth but all talk and no solutions is disheartening.

    1. What would be nice to know is why did the American People allow the House to not reapportion after the 1910 and 1920 census. What happened that from then on we didn’t want representation? Then in 1929 the Republican controlled Government passed a law to take away a Constitutional right with the Reapportionment Act. I don’t think the Founders ever conceived the People would not want as much representation as the Constitution provides for us. All I can see are benefits of a larger House but it doesn’t matter, it is our right. We don’t have to justify why we should have free speech or gun ownership it is just our right. The only hope for sanity in this world is for the USA to do our job provided by the Constitution. Maybe we will become Communist but I don’t see that. If we don’t reclaim the Constitution then we failed not only us but the world.

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