Joe Biden Infected? Showing COVID Symptoms?

Get ready, patriots. They are teeing up Joe for removal and replacement. Of course, they will blame President Trump for his COVID death. There will be a huge funeral, hoping for the martyrdom vote. Who knows if Joe will actually be in the casket. He could be placed in a private wing of a dementia care facility.

No one will really know. But Kamala will be ready to jump into his position. (If Titter says this tweet is not available to you, click ‘enter’ a few times until it appears.)


Remember…Kamala Harris is not eligible to hold the office of president…and Hillary Clinton knows this. Don’t think for a minute that Hildabeast won’t use this info weapon to knock Kamala off the ticket.

Senator Kamala Harris does not appear to be an American citizen. Neither parent was American. . . not to mention that Kamala’s Jamaican father Donald Jasper Harris’ Berkeley, California student housing address did not qualify as a “residence and domicile” that would satisfy the 14th Amendment “subject to the jurisdiction thereof” qualifying proviso. Donald’s Jamaican, British & United Nations diplomatic sponsorships actually prohibited Kamala from any citizenship by birth claim pursuant to the precedent-setting case United States v. Wong Kim Ark, 169 U.S. 649 (1898). Conclusion: Short of naturalization, for which no evidence has been presented, Kamala may not even be an American. She was a Jamaican citizen at birth.

8 thoughts on “Joe Biden Infected? Showing COVID Symptoms?”

  1. Joe has been infected years ago by association with the self-serving Democratic KKK Socialist Party.

  2. As far as the 3 leg stool guide, you must first know that no one has ever taken an oath to “the Constitution for the United States of America”.
    The very First Act of congress in 1789 instructs all oath takers to repeat the words “the constitution of the United States”. There is no document with that title to be found anywhere in law or at law.
    So who is party to the organic US Constitution if no one has taken an oath to it, and the only men that signed up to it as their employment contract are dead?

  3. Now that the entire world has been inoculated against all interests and concerns about false “birth certificates” and false claims of being “born in American”, voters are not going to rise and rally against Kamala. Who cares about who her parents were? Who cares where they came from? Who cares if Hilldabeast rises one morning and suddenly shouts…”Kamala is a fraud! And I am the real deal! Pick me! Pick Me!”

    How many years has Hillary been in politics? And one day she gets out of bed before the 2020 election, she suddenly reveals that she has been made aware that Kamala is not an American citizen…after all the hullaballoo over BO? Nah.

    Does Hillary have some kind of access to Chinese black sorcery that will cause suddenly everyone to fall under her hypnotic suggestions and vote for Hillary…out of sympathy for Joe Biden and utter disgust for Kamala?

    For those who are so vulnerable to emotional and mental manipulation…for those who are susceptible to believing that masks help them to save others’ lives…for those who are gullible enough to think that their thoughts can sway God’s wisdom towards giving them what they want…well, they may swing their vote for Hillary out of some sentimental fairytale belief that they are doing the world a favor, but the story is not likely to end that way.

    We have just a short distance to go. It would do us all some good to remember the mercy of God when Donald Trump was elected President. It was a sign to us that he has not abandoned us. The fact that he is still alive is another sign that God has not abandoned us. And when the election is finally done, it will be another sign to us that he has not abandoned us. No.

    The evil of all the Democrats and all their British and Chinese partners in crime will not prevail. Evil cannot sustain itself. To maintain evil, evil people have to have a financial backer and believers and ass kissers.

    Betsy and Thomas have pretty well bundled the asskissers up that the British and the Chinese have used to sustain evil in this country and shown us who they are. Trump began the process of cutting off their funding and will in his second term shut down their foundations.

    Watch out for Trump a victory greater than his second election. He may end up appointing three…maybe four…new supreme court justices to the bench when BO appointments are given the early retirement option or go before the firing squad.

    After the election, Hillary and Kamala and Biden and Barr and the Queen and the Pope who have been major links to the British and Chinese corruption will soon be a thing of the past. They will wither up from old age and blow away and be forgotten for lack of interest by those with short attention spans.

  4. United States is Gone ! Let China Fu us! Conspiracy Democrats Rats Killing off Americans! This Virus was done on purpose! HELLO People Evil Wicked Clinton’s Bush Especially Obama’s have alot to do with it! CRUEL What they did to incent Americans minding they own business and making a living supporting their family 👪 and die 💀 suffering from this Virus China Cause! Why doesn’t Biden make them pay for all this pain and Suffering? Suck Asses All these Ex Presidents are Kissing 💋 China Ass ! Trump wasn’t he was trying get back at them! Democrats rats.Sabotage AMERICANS

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