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  1. RE, Electricity and Death.
    This thread is not to dispute the information provided within this report. My intent is to add other correlating factors to be considered in combination with the information presented.
    First off, I will give a brief synopsis of my qualifications to speak to this conversation. From the age of 5 when my parents found their toaster disassembled on the floor now 61 my life and education has been in the field of electricity. My formal education began in high school vocational training. Culminating in receiving my 3rd class broadcasting license. Then a 4 year state approved apprenticeship and a life of working in the field.
    To include a deep interest and self directed study of energy.
    The first consideration that we must grapple with is what the human body consists of. Not just the human body but everything within our physical world is energy, approximately 98%. Our bodies are energy converters wherein through chemical reactions our bodies converts the energy from the substances we consume into electricity that powers the human body. In all actuality this is how the whole of the physical world works.
    Once one gains the inner standing of this fact then one can derive how this outside energy force hinders and complicates our lives. For this thread I will not go into the effects of EMF’s (Electro Magnetic Frequencies) other than to point out that our human bodies are much akin to an antenna and will absorb this energy and to point out that one only need look at the microwave in their home to inner stand how extreme the effects upon matter that can EMF’s can have upon physical matter. This is very well explained and documented in your materials.
    My intent is to show how lifestyle changes have had adverse effects upon the human because of introduction electricity and machinery. It’s really quite simple, energy in vs energy out.
    Our bodies require energy to operate, therefore we eat to create the energy needed to keep the machine operating. The introduction of machinery and electrical appliances reduced the amount of energy the human needed to expend to survive, at the same time our consumption of the energy in, increased. This has created a huge imbalance in our bodies. To the point of over saturation, our bodies store this excess energy to a point in the creation of fats, in the past this wasn’t so bad in small amounts because there were times of feast and times of famine where the bodies would store these fats to be and were used at times of famines. However we’ve reached a tipping point now where we have completely overwhelmed this process by pumping in huge amounts of energy and many of the things consumed are in fact foreign forms to our needs that our bodies are not expending, creating a myriad of illnesses from the build up of excess energy in the forms of fat and deposits in our organs and tissues. To further complicate this is the ordinary human expends far less energy in the form of physical activity to burn off this energy they’ve consumed. I believe you’ve now have perceived the gist of my point. The human body is a fined tuned machine and to operate efficiently the energy in needs to be offset with the energy out. It also needs the energy in, to be in pure and natural foods not refined sugars, starches and fats. Man the biological creature he is, is a wonderful machine when used and fed properly and I would argue that this imbalance has as much and possibly more contributing factors to illnesses as the EMF’s have upon us.
    One other note I’d like to add was pertaining to the discharging of the build up of excessive amounts of EMF’s in our bodies.
    You touched on this at the end of your audio. The importance of grounding oneself to discharge the build up of this energy is highly important. Our lifestyles has also contributed to our natural ability to discharge these forces out of our bodies.
    We have through our advances and lifestyles insulated ourselves from the earth. The rubber of the shoes on our feet, the wood of our homes, the foams of our mattresses all insulate us allowing the build up of energy to collect, interfering with our own electrical systems and to the point of cooking us. If in doubt of the build up of these forces, advances in voltage digital metering devices now can be used to see your difference in potential to ground. Meaning the amount of stored electricity in your body.
    So adding all these factors together, it’s no wonder our society suffers so from the effects of electricity and machinery. Man was not built to sit on their asses in their homes, cars, and offices, stuffing their faces full of food in a hypnotic trance if front of a screen. Our vehicles now walk for us, our doctors treat the effects and not the causes. Our whole of society is built upon consumption and now with the lockdowns and masking a recipe for disaster is upon us.
    Thanks for tuning in now take off your shoes, go out for a long walk or dance in the grass and burn off that extra energy.

  2. Like most items in life there is a duality or a ‘Double-edged sword’. No doubt electricity can kill us (in a multitude of ways), but on the other hand life could not excist without electricity performing a vast number of processes and functions which create and maintain it.

    Likewise with e.g. water. life depends on it, while on the other hand water can kill life in many ways.

    It all depends on how resources are being utilized.

    Arthur Firstenberg has done a tremendous job teaching us how the electricity has been, and still is being used and abused since its discovery. ‘The Invisible Rainbow’ is a book well worth reading and taken ad notam!

    I sincerly hope that artificial, manmade EMF will be brought to an absolute minimum instead of introducing new, potentially life-threatening areas of high frequency vawes that we never asked for nor need.

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