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Trader Joe’s is Giving Away Free Food to Non-Face Mask Wearers

AIM Patriot Kat wrote us:

Thank you for your dedication, generosity to freely share, research, blood, sweat and tears — and screams.

My team continues to grow and is blown away with this information. I send out a daily newsletter (unless I’m in censor jail), educating people on what is really going on.

We know who “Mr. Global” is thanks to you and Michael McKibben and everyone digging in the mines. [Kat is referring to our work at]

I also conduct a weekly training on how to fight against the tyranny, under the umbrella of The Healthy American Oregon.

Here’s a video of two participants in our group while in Trader Joe’s this past Sunday.

About 10 minutes after they exited TJ’s, four of us entered the store and no one harassed or spoke to us. They quickly ushered us to the farthest checkout and we paid for our items. The woman in the video was with us. Obviously they weren’t interested in another battle.

Afterwards we held placards with various messages at the entrances/exits from the store. Our goal is to attract others to our team. I could never have imagined doing what I am today. Your truth reveal plays a huge role.


Congratulations, Kat! You are showing others how easy this is. Patriots, if you are too meek to do this by yourself, take a group with you. Be bold! Looks like Trader Joe’s is giving away groceries! Make sure to record and send us your upload.

I have shopped Kroger, Better Health and Busch’s here in Michigan through face mask tyranny and have never worn the mask – ever. When, on two occasions, I was asked by store personnel to wear one, I simply said, “no, thank you.” And the store personnel walked away. In the early months of face mask tyranny, a checkout clerk refused to ring up my groceries because I didn’t have a face mask, so I whipped out my second line of defense – the face mask exemption card and he promptly checked me out. Then he asked, “where can I get one of those cards.”

Print Your Own Face Mask Exempt Card

GEET Instructions Build Your Own Plasma Generator

Important GEET document to download below. Save it to your PC. Share it with everyone. Condor spent several decades compiling this historical information that has been kept from humanity by the Pilgrims Society and the PetroLords. Even if you don’t understand it and it looks too complicated, save it. We need to get this technology in the hands of everyone on the planet, especially those with critical energy needs.

It is a big file, so give it a few minutes to download. Tons of hyperlinks make this document highly valuable to those future scientists in our audience. We look forward to seeing the inventions that come from this basic knowledge of GEET.

Book of GEET

An aside: Today, Douglas was on the phone with an engineer friend of 50 years. Rick is a really smart guy who is totally dialed-in on Tesla-type technologies. Douglas was telling him about GEET and Rick knew all about it. Said he visited the inventor decades ago to book of geetvet the technology. Said it was the real-deal. The inventor was Paul Pantone. If you didn’t download his Book of GEET, yet, please do it now. Did you see the engine demonstration?

You would actually be building a plasma generator and, as it looks, an anti-gravitation device, if you follow Paul’s instructions. Please help us disseminate Paul’s gift to humanity and spread these documents wide and far around the world so that the evil petrolords in the Pilgrims Society can’t keep hording all the energy technologies to themselves.

Is this what was going on in a garage in Ohio yesterday? Was one of our Ohio AIM patriots tinkering with a GEET plasma generator? Inquiring minds want to know.

Advancing Thorium Molten Salt Reactor R&D

Here’s another free publication that patriots will want to save to their own files:

A 1300 page free PDF book:

Kid Altas – The History of GALT in America

America First Flag for Freedom Fighters Everywhere

Rush Limbaugh joined the Betsy Ross “First Flag” movement and was happy to see American patriots love their flag like Marines raising the U. S. Flag over Iwo Jima. Citizen journalists are patriots who fight for TRUTH every day, whether as journalists like Thomas Paine or meme creators like Betsy Ross. It was Betsy’s meme that the colonists rallied around as the symbol of American independence. Those first American patriots put it all on the line for truth and freedom, just like modern citizen journalists who are proudly raising the flag.

The_Donald on Redditt has given a good foothold to plant the flag-pole as Rush Limbaugh and Sundance at the Conservative Treehouse are raising the original First Flag to its upright position, reinstating the intentions of the first American rebels and displaying the political union of the Original 13 Colonies. Thomas Paine and Betsy Ross (American Intelligence Media) honor the flag and are ready for the war of independence from British tyranny. They have invited patriots around the world to join them in the pursuit of global peace and prosperity, freedom and liberty.

The “fake news” media is in ashes and shambles on the ground due to their continuous lies, propaganda, and deceit spewed on moral and decent people everywhere who reject their falsehoods and evil.

The opposition party’s fake news machines are spent, broken, and crumbled into a trash-heap of garbage.

These “major media corporations” knowingly defile American freedoms and “truth in broadcasting” as a comprehensive form of yellow journalism and media-controlled political spin. The false narratives and post-truth news reporting has lost the interest of Americans who have turned off their broadcasts of continuous lies and fixed their gaze on the patriotism of Betsy Ross and her original American meme. This one image, above all others, represents the new American Revolution that is being waged right now in the Great Information War battlefield.

Keep your eye on the prize of American patriotism, freedom, and the civil liberties our ancestors fought so hard to win for the sake of their children. We honor their indomitable spirit and have not forgotten their original ideas or personal sacrifices.

betsy_ross_flag_web garrison