SES SERCO “Wet-Ware” Soft Kill Plan Has Begun

In the audio below, Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben discuss how Serco companies work with the SES Deep State shadow government to implement 5G, and then manage the societal effects of their coming mass murder program. That’s why Serco runs FEMA camps, owns pathology companies, houses migrants, owns laundries, operates prisons, provides transport and rail, run hospitals and leisure centers, builds ships and space technology—to zap the populace with 5G like a mosquito zapper, then handle the clean up.

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Plans to kill off 75% of humanity by sterilizing us & frying our brains with 5G irradiation from Musk, Schmidt, Qualcomm, Amazon satellites


5G has no purpose but to control or kill world population


Serco soft kill


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12 thoughts on “SES SERCO “Wet-Ware” Soft Kill Plan Has Begun”


    Offline Trajectories

    Aggregating social networking system user information for display via stories,+Inc%22.AANM.&s2=%22Location+data%22&OS=AANM/%22Facebook,+Inc%22+AND+%22Location+data%22&RS=AANM/%22Facebook,+Inc%22+AND+%22Location+data%22

    etc., etc. (try your own “soulful” searches, I am)

    Can you imagine the power of being able to create money out of thin fear and execute a data-mined control operation of the “collective siliconscious” and “collective gunconscious” to manipulate human experience behind the proverbial curtain? Humanity may want to collectively reflect on the purpose and apparatus of money (a medium, a measure, a standard & a store) in its creation and usage and, also, update the notion of intellectual property to embody moral and ethical values.

    With X-ray vision observe “Cucullus non facit monachum” and look beyond the Spare Oom War Drobe:

    But I think we would do well not to forget to count our blessings often including challenges on our grail quests.

  2. How is it that this moron is now interjecting his fat face and waving the banner at the front of the parade pretending to be “The Leader” of the old idea of respecting the Bill of Rights and the Golden Rule on all modes of human interaction, including electronic platforms.

    Everything that is happening under Biden, also happened under Trump. Trump put in place all of the biometric surveillance measures. All of the spook agencies are in violation of The Constitution. How can you have the federal government involved with so many nasty, murderous secret things and have free speech? Free speech is nothing without disclosure.

    Surveillance and data mining is the problem. Shady government operating in secret is the problem. Private corporations subsidized by the federal government using taxpayers dollars to monopolize all avenues of communication and all means of production is the problem as the violate rights under fake oversight of shady agencies is the problem.

    Trump is the problem, not the solution.

  3. Reading “The Gadfly” by Ethel Lilian Voynich (née Boole) recently reminded me, in a certain sense, of Douglas. It’s a worthy read.

    I think you might also enjoy the books “Driftless” and the sequel “Jewelweed” by David Rhodes. (That reminds me that there is a new one in the series that came out in September called “Painting Beyond Walls” that I should read).


    Are Douglas and John Barnwell part of the Michigan delegation? That would make things interesting.

    This is not a word yet:

    Obviously, armies and police forces are to protect & serve the criminalionaires because of the blinding spell cast by the figment of imaginary money. You can buy as many real guns, gunslingers, and politicians with counterfeit currency that is protected with real guns and real murder. Can you imagine what a depraved person you have to be to protect the likes of the Rothschilds, Schwabs, Clintons, Obamas, Gateses, Bezos, Soroses, Eric Schmidt, etc. When will the tipping point be reached?

    Of MICE and men:

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