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What does President Trump think of John Roberts?

What does President Trump think of John Roberts…inquiring minds wonder? AIM Patriot John suggested we Go HERE and type ‘Roberts’.

Nov 22, 2018 07:21:51 AM Justice Roberts can say what he wants, but the 9th Circuit is a complete & total disaster. It is out of control, has a horrible reputation, is overturned more than any Circuit in the Country, 79%, & is used to get an almost guaranteed result. Judges must not Legislate Security…

Nov 21, 2018 03:51:11 PM Sorry Chief Justice John Roberts, but you do indeed have “Obama judges,” and they have a much different point of view than the people who are charged with the safety of our country. It would be great if the 9th Circuit was indeed an “independent judiciary,” but if it is why…… 

Feb 19, 2016 03:30:24 PM Remember, Cruz and Bush gave us Roberts who upheld #ObamaCare twice! I am the only one who will #MAKEAMERICAGREATAGAIN!

Feb 14, 2016 05:02:19 PM Ted Cruz, along with Jeb Bush, pushed Justice John Roberts onto the Supreme Court. Roberts could have killed ObamaCare twice, but didn’t!

Jun 26, 2015 11:38:33 AM If I win the presidency, my judicial appointments will do the right thing unlike Bush’s appointee John Roberts on ObamaCare.

Jun 26, 2015 09:06:22 AM Once again the Bush appointed Supreme Court Justice John Roberts has let us down. Jeb pushed him hard! Remember!

Dec 18, 2014 03:43:19 AM “@EileenJael: @realDonaldTrump @Carrienguns Do you think the Bushes knew Justice Roberts was going to pull an ObamaCare stunt like that?

Dec 17, 2014 04:34:11 PM After destroying the Middle East & our economy, the Bushes last gift was having Justice Roberts legalize ObamaCare. No more Bushes! 

Nov 10, 2013 10:33:16 PM If Justice Roberts had done the right thing and voted against ObamaCare, our country would be in a lot better shape right now! TOTAL TURMOIL

Sep 25, 2013 11:01:23 AM If Justice Roberts had made the correct decision on ObamaCare, our country would not be in turmoil right now! 

Apr 26, 2013 01:08:30 PM Does Bush’s library have a wing featuring Supreme Court Justice Jon Robert’s ObamaCare ruling? Roberts was his prize appointee! 

Jul 18, 2012 08:25:10 AM Congratulations to John Roberts for making Americans hate the Supreme Court because of his BS

Jul 6, 2012 03:13:59 PM As I anticipated, Justice Roberts made the cover of Time Magazine etc. The liberal media now loves him– he should be ashamed.

Jul 5, 2012 03:42:35 PM John Roberts arrived in Malta yesterday. Maybe we will get lucky and he will stay there.

Jun 29, 2012 01:24:05 PM Justice Kennedy should be proud of himself for sticking to his principles, in light of Justice Roberts‘ bullshit!

Jun 29, 2012 01:20:16 PM Interesting that Roberts said it was a tax in order to come out with his good public relations decision when (cont)

Jun 29, 2012 12:33:16 PM It seems that Justice Scalia originally wrote the majority on ObamaCare and Roberts then switched his position.

Jun 29, 2012 12:00:39 PM Justice Roberts did the Republican Party and @MittRomney a great favor. He essentially said ObamaCare is a tax, (cont)

Jun 29, 2012 11:53:59 AM Justice Roberts turned on his principles with absolutely irrational reasoning in order to get loving press from (cont)

Jun 28, 2012 11:23:27 AM Wow, the Supreme Court passed @ObamaCare. I guess @JusticeRoberts wanted to be a part of Georgetown society more than anyone knew. 

Below is an audio between Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben from our VINTAGE COLLECTION.

December 28, 2018. IMPEACH John Roberts SCOTUS Scumbag TRAITOR

President Trump and America’s Life and Death Battle Against the Pilgrim Society’s Anglo-American Intelligence Network

Post by AIM Patriot and Conclave member Condor

I recently watched an interesting two-part interview between Sarah Westall and Harley Schlanger (from December 16, 2019). Below is the video and my notes.

IG Report Shows FBI Sting, Learn the Real Story of Ukraine w/ Harley Schlanger (1 of 2)


President Trump and America’s Life and Death Battle Against the Pilgrim Society’s Anglo-American Intelligence Network

Two-Part Interview between Sarah Westall and Harley Schlanger – December 16, 2019 –

Part I:  Ukraine, Obama Admin, Candy Store

Interview breakdown (43 minutes): 

Sarah Westall writes…Harley Schlanger rejoins the program to break down the incredible developments occurring in the United States and around the world. We start with the IG report which highlights either the most inept FBI at levels never seen OR we are looking at a planned FBI sting operation to take down a sitting president.

We further dig into the motives behind those actions and we take a look at the real situation in Ukraine. You will learn that Ukraine was a prosperous nation with the highest GDP in Europe in 1990 after the fall of the Soviet Union to now having the lowest GDP in Europe; This is after two decades of serious looting by criminals in the United States and in Ukraine.

We then get to the deeper issue that could be the real motivator behind all of this action: the collapse of the U.S. dollar and the risk of criminal factions losing their access to the rigged game that only enriches them at the expense of real wealth (i.e. healthy citizens, great Universities, solid infrastructure, etc..) of our country.

This is an amazing discussion that is only the start of what more of us need to be having. You can learn more about Harley and his organization, the LaRouchePac, @ There you can sign up for his blog and learn more about his weekly discussions and seminars.

Video Timeline:

02:20-5:00  Introduction—”connecting the dots” for those patriots who want an overview of what is happening behind the curtain around us.

06:00-9:59  Assessment of IG report highlighting either an inept FBI at levels never before seen OR an illegally planned FBI sting operation to take down a sitting president.

10:00  The British infected the United States’ OSS (Office of Strategic Services) during WWII and setup the bad side of the U.S. intelligence agency.  By 1947, OSS had been transformed into the malignant Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

10:40 – 14:00 President Trump became an even greater threat to the globalist cabal when he sought to work with Putin to set aside a military arms process which earmarked seven to eight hundred billion dollars annually for weapons production.  President Trump wanted to divert these weapons funds toward vitally needed American infrastructure enhancements.

The Pilgrim Society’s Anglo-American Intelligence Network (AAIN)

14:00 – 31:30

AAIN financially attacked and bankrupted the Soviet Union (1991).  At that point, one of the Soviet Union’s breakaway satellites, the affluent Ukraine would be targeted.

31:30 – Speculative VS. Physical Investment – Going to the Heart of Pilgrim Society Geopolitics:

In 1904 British political geographer, Alfred Mackinder. drafted a document for a geographic pivot of history and later, in 1919, he amended his document to confirm the Pilgrim Society plans involving the future

Whoever controls Eastern Europe will in turn control the heartland of Eurasia.

Whoever controls Eurasia will control the “world island” of Europe, Asia and Africa.

Whoever controls the “world island” controls the world! (32:27)

32:30 – What must the Pilgrim Society do to Continue to achieve their One World Government by the turn of the 21st Century?

They must use the navy…their seaports…their control of the sea to control world trade.  The Pilgrim Society must stop sovereign nations from negotiating by-lateral and multilateral agreements where goods could be brought in with transcontinental railroads…and things of the sort.

32:55 This is why the Pilgrim Society launched World War I.  The Anglo-American family elite blood lines could never allow the French, German and Russians to forge an alliance. If that were to happen, and the Americans also joined in, it would be the end of the Pilgrim Society (33:07). This is why WWI and WWII were instigated by those who had the most to lose.

33:17 Now it is all breaking down because of the stupidity of the Anglo-American cartel…or ruling class that believes they can somehow survive if they kill billions of people if their Green Policies are adopted and they keep “funny” money operation going (33:39).

34:37  The Pilgrim Society thrives on insanity. Someone like Mike Bloomberg, a multi-billion who wants to shut down every coal plant on the planet. That along with shutting down natural gas pipelines will kill billions of people. Cut down coal, gas, nuclear and you kill billions in cooler times.

35:60  The Pilgrim Society (prior British Empire) believes their system can only work if colonies are kept stupid and dependent on the mother country from both technology and financial credit.

There are many misconceptions concerning early American founders, John Locke Vs. Hamilton…Central Banking Vs. National Banking.  Harley Schlanger details the misconceptions and re-writing of American history here.

36:52  Some of the early American manufacturers conducted intellectual thief of British patent property  because England was not going to willingly give up its manufacturing secrets.

38:26  Education of students is not happening. It is merely brainwashing.

38:50  The U.S. Constitution leaves it in the hands of the voting citizens…not the Pilgrim Society…what is good for the general welfare of all (what President Lincoln described as “of, for and by the people”). The Pilgrim Society has been attacking the American public for a very long time.

Through Quack-economics, the Pilgrim Society promotes radical trade policies which is essentially an excuse to shut down manufacturing and industry here in the U.S. and use cheap labor and raw materials to produce it somewhere else.  It doesn’t work and the American founders rejected it.

39:40  President Kennedy took it a step further. He enacted a policy to spin off military projects into the private sector. To fund it, JFK commissioned the printing of Treasury bills to bypass the Pilgrim Society’s Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve refused to provide credit for such an endeavor to advance modern technology.

40:00  President Reagan followed up twenty years later where he wanted to achieve President Kennedy’s strategy of keeping the military powerful but to also spinoff technology advances to build up the private economy just as JFK did with NASA in the 1960s. Reagan envisioned the Strategic Defense Initiative bringing breakthroughs involving lasers and plasma technologies.

40:34 Unfortunately, when the Pilgrim Society successfully steered the U.S. to strictly invest in weapons hardware to destroy nations, we have been doing this for the last eighteen years. This becomes pure profit for the Pilgrim Society’s arms producers.

There are no private industry spinoffs…

41:09 Finally, when you have a credit policy imposed by the Pilgrim Society…which has a flow of money into banker speculation…as oppose into physical assets—nothing into production (roads, bridges, etc.)  you arrive at our present crisis. The Pilgrim Society’s solution to this crisis is to dramatically reduce the human population on the planet.  It is for this reason, over the centuries, this criminal cabal does not want humanity’s creativity and ingenuity to solve this problem through disruptive technologies which would also bankrupt the Pilgrim Society’s monopolies.

– End of Part I –


Part II:  Coup Plotters Want War Not Peace

Interview breakdown (38 minutes): 

Sarah Westall writes…Harley Schlanger (author of the outstanding 2013 article, JFK VS. The Empire[1]) rejoins the program to break down the incredible developments occurring in the United States and around the world.

Video Timeline:

03:00  If President Trump was to be successfully removed from office, the U.S. would move from a Presidential system to a parliamentary system where the largest party controls the Presidency and the President is nothing more than a figure head.  This is a battle of a republic vs. a democracy.

04:00  The American public historically might have been able to identify good Presidents from bad ones but now the mass media is totally on the side of the coup plotters… Fortunately, the American people are proving themselves not to be that manipulable and stupid. Humanity is now waking up all around the world.  Look at what is happening in United Kingdom, Germany and France.

06:00  How does a Republic work? A Republic has to take into consideration the interests of its people. Instead, the Pilgrim Society has pushed confusion and chaos on society where we now have up to one hundred different sexes, youth of hopelessness…a minimum of 22 veterans are committing suicide a day in the U.S. We once had a “physical” economy which was second to none where the American worker was the most productive in the world because he was educated…he had optimism and was a natural problem solver. Today China is turning out the scientists and engineers (problem solvers) and while the Pilgrim Society has transformed American into their military arm…taking over countries and destroying everything as oppose to rebuilding our own infrastructure and focusing on our citizens.

08:38 Remember that is what Trump said in the 2016. He asked why we are spending 7 trillion dollars on these endless wars that are only destroying those countries, killing their people, killing our people and draining our funds that should be going into education, health care and infrastructure and that’s why Trump was elected!

10:30 Pelosi has a satanic mind. She does not care about people…she is protecting private interests of the liberal billionaires and the multimillionaires who fund the Democratic Party…they are bringing down a President because they do not want a change in policy.  The Ukraine route is not working for Pelosi, so she had returned to Russia. Pelosi asserts all roads lead to Putin and so she’s part Russia-phobic inside the beltway swamp people who need the war—need the enemy to be able to pursue the policies that they want.

12:00  The people on Wall Street are terrified that if Trump comes out of this impeachment hearing stronger, which he may well be, and the democrats may be digging themselves a grave, then he’ll not only win in 2020 but the Republicans will sweep the House again. Wall Street is afraid that Trump will go all the way against this old paradigm including throwing out the Federal Reserve…including putting these zombie corporations through bankruptcy reorganization. We must work with Russia and China from a position of strength.

15:00  President Trump has wisely taken this fight out into the open. Trump thinks about mutually beneficial results for all. Trump thinks how we get a common benefit.

16:00  Those who presently control the swamp still believe they can get away with anything they want because they report to the City of London and Britain. The George Soros, the Jeff Bezos and the Bill Gates have been enriched through the City of London by being allowed business models which should have been illegal if we truly had a free enterprise system.

18:00  Why is the City of London so critical to the Pilgrim Society?  The reasons are discussed.

  1. Offshore banking which is totally unregulated.  There is a building in the Cayman Islands that has 47,000 corporations listed at one address.
  2. British intelligence was built up over several centuries around the financial operations and this is why Sir William Stephenson is discussed.  This is why we have to look at people like Christopher Steel and Sir Richard Dearlove who was Steele’s boss who was the real author of the dossier that got the United States into the Iraq War that President Bush used to claim Saddam had weapons of mass destruction.

19:00  The City of London lamented the waning strength of the Western World, namely American brawn and British brains…and if Trump gets a second term, this special relationship will be dead.  What we are really talking about is the European bankers that have been looting and destroying the European economy and doing the same in the United States. These bankers have been looting the productive sectors to  sustain economic bubbles and then getting the Fed to pump more money in which is just devaluating your savings, your pensions, your income while the members of the Pilgrim Society are living the life of Riley. This is what Eisenhower meant by the military-industrial complex and they use the military to destroy any nation that might get out of line.  Whether it’s Gaddafi who is trying to build up his own country. At one moment in time Gaddafi’s people were the wealthiest in Africa and the best off. They built water systems, built universities which were free to its citizens, they promoted women…and what did we do?

Hillary said it best…We came…We saw…We killed him.  We proceeded to destroy their waterways and their infrastructure. We took Gaddafi’s military weapons to arm the local terrorists in the Middle East.

21:40 We are now learning through John Solomon that President Obama, Biden and the Democratic party has been treating Ukraine as if it is the candy store. This returns us to Part I of the interview where we discussed the Russia/Ukraine story between 1991 and 2013. Many Americans became wealthy by working with Ukrainian oligarchs. Trump is trying to get us out of these financial raids on other nations while the Pilgrim Society is trying to impeach Trump to keep us endlessly in these foreign entanglements. The Pilgrim Society, who is pressing for the impeachment…is the war party…the speculation and swindle party. They are the same groups of people pushing the climate change austerity program seeking to shut down our advanced industry.

23:30 They (the Pilgrim Society) have to be defeated and the only way to do it is through a mobilization of the American people.

24:00 What is the purpose of NATO?  NATO was to counter the Cold War build-up of the Warsaw Pack…but there is no longer any Warsaw Pact!

28:00 President Trump has been brilliant in exposing America’s enemies whereas President Kennedy made the mistake of not informing the public of the deadly battle he had been waging with the Pilgrim Society’s swamp. JFK didn’t name them publicly and when they decided to execute him the public could be fooled.  Not so with President Trump. He is namely them publicly.

29:30 President Trump’s challenge is the likely sabotage of the financial markets by the central bankers in hopes of defeating him in 2020.  There isn’t one Democratic candidate who isn’t a phony. They and their allies cannot be trusted.

33:00  Has President Trump prepared to block a financial attack on the stock market between now and the first quarter of 2020?  We will not have long to wait.

35-38 How to contact Harley Schlanger and follow his work.

– End of Part II –

[1] Kid Atlas, Condor, 2019, page 35 plus 208 other JFK, Kennedy references throughout working manuscript.



For those that care to take this topic to a deeper level, check out the two documents below from Condor:


Part I – President Trump America’s Life and Death Battle Against the Pilgrim Society’s Anglo-American Intelligence Network

Part II – President Trump America’s Life and Death Battle Against the Pilgrim Society’s Anglo-American Intelligence Network


Socialist Media TRUMPED by Big Daddy


Michael McKibben of Leader Technologies and Douglas Gabriel of AIM walk patriots through the process of how easy it is to get control of the rogue and weaponized social media platforms. Please share this video wide and far and load it on to your own YT channel for maximum redpilling. Then contact the White House with what’s on your mind:

If you live outside of the U.S., contact your trusted elected officials with this information. You, too, are harmed by the rogue faction of tech lords running America.

The Privy Council is in Control

Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben update patriots with the latest intel on the British involvement in the overthrow of of Donald Trump. Make sure to educate and enlighten your audience on WHO the enemy is (sources) and HOW they operate (methods). High level stuff here.

The Privy Council is in Control

The articles and posts below contain documents to which Michael and Douglas referred in the audio above:

Five Eyes and the Global Spy Racketeers

Stefan Halper Payment Shows Ties to DoD and Atlantic Council

Italian Government Compromised in Russiagate

Miner Finds

Unmasking the Five Eyes Beast

1945 Meeting Organized Five Eyes

Assassination Cover-Up Exposed

And, yes, Douglas had something to do with Star Wars…and also Indiana Jones.

Source of the Force: Secret Behind Star Wars Inspiration

The Enduring Legacy of Hans Solo and Indiana Jones



Unmasking the Five Eyes Beast

Unmasking the Five Eyes Beast

British-United States Communication Intelligence Agreement. (Mar. 05, 1946). History Collection, NSA, Series XILH,. Box 47 (TSC), Declassified and approved for release by NSA on Apr. 08, 2010 pursuant to E.O. 12958, as amended ST56834. DOCID No. 3678942. National Security Agency.

top secret 1.JPG

top secret 2.JPGtop secret 3

Learn what else we discovered:

1945 Meeting Organized Five Eyes


Globalist 100-Year Patent Theft Ring Exposed

Millions of U.S. patents are being given to Britain and New World Order globalists

death of marshall banner

Institutionalized patent theft has driven American and British (fascist) economies for 100 years

andrew marshall at computer

(Apr. 17, 2019)—The theft and weaponization of Nikola Tesla’s wireless inventions by the British Privy Council (formalized by Parliament on Aug. 08, 1913) signaled a shift in the new world order control strategy away from natural resources like mining and agriculture to intellectual property and technology.

Whistleblowers have now further confirmed that Andrew W. Marshall, from his Office of Net Assessment inside the Pentagon, created the Neocon movement and its “mutually assured destruction war strategy” where inventions are weaponized continuously.

Read full story here.

Globalist warlord DEAD. Big win for patriots.

(Apr. 17, 2019)—The theft and weaponization of Nikola Tesla’s wireless inventions by the British Privy Council (formalized by Parliament on Aug. 08, 1913) signaled a shift in the new world order control strategy away from natural resources like mining and agriculture to intellectual property and technology.

Whistleblowers have now further confirmed that Andrew W. Marshall, from his Office of Net Assessment inside the Pentagon, created the Neocon movement and its mutually assured destruction war strategy where inventions are weaponized continuously.

Our previous posts have shown how the British Empire and its axis of robber baron bankers in London and New York conspired to steal Nikola Tesla’s wireless inventions and weaponize them for mass brain washing. They learned quickly that whatever the world heard on the radio, they believed, even if it was a total lie.

For example, historians agree that the British were not particularly anti-German before World War I. In fact, the House of Windsor is of German ancestry (the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha).

However, socialism and notions of a one world order were sweeping the world at the time, so the bank robber barons of the time (e.g., Rothschild, Rockefeller, Rhodes, Milner, Vanderbilt, Hambro, Warburg, Bush, J.P. Morgan) devised a clever plan to assume control of colonial resources using private corporations to create a new empire based on British federalism. It included a plan to bring America back into an Anglo-American empire and destroy their main commercial competitors—the Germans and Russians.

In short, these Anglo-American robber barons believed that a world war would accelerate their plans for permanent global control based in the Cecil Rhodes’ Manifesto to control the world through private corporations based in London and New York.

To foment a war with Germany, they used the wireless, print and film media to fabricate stories of a German atrocities that never happened—a false flag.

One particularly effective lie was a story that German soldiers were deliberately mutilating Belgian babies by cutting off their hands, in some versions even eating them.

Patent Theft Timeline

Here is a timeline that focuses on the patent theft activities of the robber barons that continues to this very day, with largely the same players.

In 1900, GEC was incorporated as a public limited company in the UK, The General Electric Company (1900) Ltd (the ‘1900’ was dropped three years later).

On Aug. 08, 1913, Parliament agreed to a 28-year monopoly contract (renewal in 1941) with Marconi Wireless, facilitated by Charles Masterman, a Cecil Rhodes relative and the founder of The Wellington House, British War Propaganda Bureau in Aug. 1914.

On Oct. 17, 1919, RCA was founded by General Electric (GE) after having purchased the American assets of Marconi Wireless (later ruled by the U.S. Supreme Court on Jun. 21, 1943 to have been stolen from Nikola Tesla).

GE founder was Thomas Edison where Tesla had worked in 1884. Notably, Edison and GE were heavily backed by robber barons JP Morgan and Vanderbilt. JP Morgan later pulled the financing from a Tesla project to produce free energy wirelessly. Labeled by propagandists of the time as foolhardy, the real story is that it Tesla’s work competed with JP Morgan’s petroleum interests, so he spiked it.

In 1926, NBC was founded by RCA (GE).

On Sep. 10, 1929, RCA Photophone was incorporated in the UK.

Over 50,000 patents confiscated under the fog of World War II

Was World War II nothing but a false flag for stealing the world’s most valuable intellectual resources—patents?

On Dec. 07, 1942, President Roosevelt confiscated over 50,000 patents of inventors from all countries with the Axis powers and countries they occupy. He used the War Powers Act and wrote an executive order creating the Office of Alien Property Custodian. (Read: Foreign Patent Feeding Frenzy For Our Robber Barons.) The U.S. Patent Office managed the redistribution of “some of the finest foreign research achievements of modern science.”

On May 14, 1956, RCA Photophone was renamed RCA Great Britain Limited.

On Mar. 03, 1969, RCA Great Britain Limited was renamed RCA Limited.

On Apr. 22, 1981, The Common Law Institute of Intellectual Property Limited (UK) formed.

Geoffrey E. Pattie

On Aug. 01, 1986, SERC (Science and Engineering Research Council, UK) published a report quoting MP Geoffrey Pattie, Minister of State for Industry and Information Technology.

On Dec. 31, 1986, Geoffrey E. Pattie was appointed to the Privy Council.

On Jul. 29, 1987, RCA Limited was renamed SERCO Limited

On Aug. 04, 1987, Geoffrey E. Pattie was knighted by Queen Elizabeth.

In Jun. 1990, Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie appointed chairman of Marconi Electronic Systems, Ltd. Held this position until company sold to BAE Systems (British Aerospace) in 1999.

In 1997, Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie became marketing/communications director of GEC.

On Sep. 22, 1994, The Common Law Institute of Intellectual Property Limited (UK) was reorganized as The Intellectual Property Law Institute; Sir Geoffrey Pattie was appointed Chairman of the Board of Governors with Sir Robin Nicholson, Sir Alfred Shepperd, Sir David Walker and (Sir) Stephen Stewart. In short, the Privy Council took full control over the organization.

On Jul. 19, 1995, the British Crown Agents were reorganized to be run by the Secretary of State (Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie’s successors), not the monarch directly.

James P. Chandler, III

On Nov. 30, 1999, Marconi Electric (GEC-Marconi) sold to BAE (British Aerospace).

On Jun. 20, 2000, Sir Geoffrey Pattie was awarded the Silver Star Award in Washington, D.C. as the evident excuse/cover to come to Washington, D.C. to be briefed on Leader Technologies’ solution to the Office of Net Assessment and SERCO’s scalability stumbling block with IBM and Microsoft platforms. This was just 12 days after law professor James P. Chandler, III, had been fully briefed on Leader Technologies social networking inventions. Chandler also directed/advised Andrew W. Marshall and the DoD Office of Net Assessment on weaponizing patents.

On Apr. 15, 2002, Sir Geoffrey Pattie formed First Defence (UK) think tank.

On Jul. 20, 2005, Sir Geoffrey Pattie formed Strategic Communications Laboratories Limited (SCL Group), parent of Cambridge Analytica, who advertised themselves as “experts in mind bending” (Tavistock mass mind control propaganda).

On May 17, 2006, SERCO acquired first contract from the U.S. Patent Office to process the patent applications of AMERICAN inventors. (Editor’s note: Efforts to obtain a copy of this contract have been rebuffed. GSA bureaucrats list only “0” in the amount of this contract. They require a FOIA request for further information. Notably, this contract was granted before SERCO had acquired SI International, Inc. that it renamed SERCO, Inc. on Dec. 29, 2008.

On Mar. 19, 2013, SERCO had processed the 2 millionth U.S. patent application.

On Nov. 30, 2015, SERCO awarded a $95 million contract with the U.S. Patent Office to process American patents.

On Nov. 15, 2018, SERCO had processed the 4 millionth U.S. patent application.

In 2018, Britain’s Crown Agents USA partners with USAID, Millennium Challenge, USTDA, Gates Foundation, U.S. State Department, U.S. Trade and Development through 35 offices around the world.

On May 11, 2018, Serco had been awarded 5,000 contracts by the U.S. Government, including many in SPAwar for the U.S. Navy.


One hundred years into Cecil Rhodes’ 200-year Manifesto, the British Crown, via the American Senior Executive Service (SES) that employed Mega Warlord Andrew W. Marshall and SERCO, has been given full control of America’s most valuable intellectual property assets — the U.S. Patent Office.

Stay tuned.

Follow up posts will focus on James P. Chandler, III’s leadership over Andrew H. Marshall and the Office of Net Assessment / Highlands Group.

A war monger responsible for the deaths of millions of souls around the world is dead. Now we must unwind and dismantle his SES treachery.

Sound the alarm!

The British have already been given Washington, D.C., Wall Street and the engine of the American economy—the U.S. Patent Office by American traitors.


The BIG UGLY: Carbon Credit Tyranny Plan Exposed

Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben went so deep into the research mines that you might lose your breath with the staggering information they have to share with you.

SES Plan to Destroy America REVEALED – Carbon Credit Tyranny Plan Exposed


Then continue your citizen education with these links that show you the P R O O F of what the researchers found.

French company
“New World Order” globalists plan to take down the U.S. economy. Didn’t you get the memo?


macron carbon tax


Read the new findings in the updated Fig. 3 and Table 1

UK is the target of this French operation.

SOPRO STERIA GROUP, FR50809. (Apr. 16, 2018). Filing AMF n° D.18-0329 dated April 13, 2018, Registration Document (2017), Annual Financial Report. Autorité Des Marchés Financiers.°-D-18-0329-Apr-13-2018-Reg-Doc-2017-Annual-Fin-Rprt-AMF-Apr-16-2018.pdf

chart 3chart 1raymond st giles

SOPRO STERIA GROUP, FR50809. (Apr. 16, 2018). Note 17, List of Group Companies, PDF pp. 192-194, Filing AMF n° D.18-0329 dated April 13, 2018, Registration Document (2017), Annual Financial Report. Autorité Des Marchés Financiers. PDF of List of Companies ONLY.  XLSX of List of Companies ONLY.


French carbon credits software SOPRO STERIA designed HUDs information and telecom infrastructure (2012-2017), paid for by the U.S. taxpayer

Alert: Cassiopae US Inc, one of SOPRO STERIA GROUP’s (France, Carbon Credits) 100% controlled U.S. subsidiaries, had a 4-yr. $4.9 million GSA contract with the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for “IT and Telecom Strategy and Architecture”, 12/13/2012 – 02/15/2017, Award ID: GS00T13AJC0002.

carbon tax credit

cassiopae 2


threat alert


Sopro 2

AXWAY SOFTWARE, FR00110405000. (Nov. 01-2018). Registration Document (2017), Annual Financial Report., AMF n° 2018DD582300. Autorité Des Marchés Financiers.°-2018DD582300-Reg-Doc-2017-Ann-Fin-Rprt-AMF-pub-Nov-01-2018.pdf

AXWAY, INC. (2006-2015). 81 GSA contracts with DoD, DoI, DHS, NTSB, GSA, Treasury, DOC, DoT, DUNS 839849932. Compiled Dec. 07, 2018 (*.xlsx spreadsheet). USASpending.

AXWAY, INC. (2006-2015). 81 GSA contracts with DoD, DoI, DHS, NTSB, GSA, Treasury, DOC, DoT, DUNS 839849932. Compiled Dec. 07, 2018 (*.xlsx spreadsheet). USASpending.


Globalist Richard B. Allan is Another Facebook Corporate Phony

Earlier this week, we posted this blockbuster report on who Globalist Richard B. Allan:

Queen Lizzie Loyalist Lord Richard B. Allan is no Friend of America

Our researchers have found even more intel that you need to know about this corrupt player in the Globalist camp so that you can educate your audiences of his real purpose in being at Facebook now.

Lord Beecroft Allan

Lord Richard Beecroft Allan has no qualifications to be in technology. He very obviously failed to disclose the threat to Facebook investors and to public confidence of the Leader v. Facebook patent infringement – even though he started making representations to the public while the trial was proceeding. This is a material breach of fiduciary duty, not to mention immoral.

Staff. (Nov. 27, 2018). MPs’ fury over Mark Zuckerberg ‘no-show’ – Lord Richard B. Allan, Facebook vice-president of public policy appeared. BBC.

Allan is merely a hired liar for the NWO with no qualifications for the positions he has held. He worked at only one healthcare management job for six years after college, then was propelled into politics, then off to Cisco, CFR, and now Facebook. He lives a truly magical existence.

He is a member of the World Economic Forum, invited just days before he became a Lord.

His New World Order role is very evidently to be a hired liar buffer between everyday people and the so-called elites.

Richard B. Allan. (Compiled Nov. 30, 2018). Biography and Timeline. Americans for Innovation, American Intelligence Media.

Allan 1Allan 2Allan 3Allan 4Allan 5

More proof Richard Beecroft Allan was groomed for greatness:

His father, John Allan, was a chauffeur.

His mother Elizabeth (born Beaumont) Allan, was a personnel manager

How could the family afford Oundle School on their salaries, especially since the 1950’s the costs started spiraling? Oundle is a school for the British upper classes.

richard allan education

Robert Waller, Byron Criddle. (1999). Constituencies and MPs, Richard Allan, Sheffield Hallam, pp. 609, 610. The Almanac of British Politics, Sixth Edition. Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, Psychology Press.


While MP for Sheffield-Hallam (and Trustee of the Sheffield City Trust), it appears Richard Allan’s main jobs were to pave the way for SERCO contracts in the area with the high speed railway, leisure centers and prison at Doncaster.


The timeline is significantly updated with the SERCO relationship (prisons, leisure centers, rail system, recruiting), father’s profession (chauffeur).

Check out the Oxford Internet Institute. Sound’s surprisingly like an Oxford Version of Cambridge Analytica.

These bastards appear have tied up “elite” academia decades ago both here and in the UK

For certain, Little Ricky has no qualifications or body of work to place him at the top of this heap.

But, that is their modus operandi. When no longer useful, promote them.

No wonder our academics are so maddeningly arrogant. Their research has been funded with filthy lucre. Their opinions are ALL tainted by a false premise.

He took just enough computer science in Bristol to learn the lingo.


December 6, 2018 UPDATE:

just discovered Allan

Lord Beecroft AllanFacebook’s Baron Richard B. Allan was sponsored/coddled by Sopra Steria’s predecessor founder Dame Stephanie Shirley.

sopra chart


Thanks, AIM Patriot Susie! Your genealogy talents are really helping our researchers.

Lord Richard B. Allan’s “partner” and mother of two daughters.

ana padilla jargstorf.jpgShe’s a Tavistock creation. Evidence now pouring in. This is the woman that Allan will not talk about. He has disclosed nothing about her extensive Parliamentary background.

Dr. Ana Padilla Jargstorf (Allan). (Dec. 14, 2018). Biography. LinkedIn.




Calling a Digital Flashmob to Senator Goodlatte’s YouTube Channel

Bob Goodlatte & Serco Celebrate

Goodlatte Joins Patent Separating Company To Celebrate 2 Millionth Application

flash mob.jpgWe are sending you directly to Bob Goodlatte’s video on this so that you can write a comment about SERCO directly to Senator Goodlatte who is now in your circle of influence and needs to be educated and enlightened by our AIM community about SERCO.

Calling a digital flashmob at YT link:

The internet is beyond time and space so it doesn’t matter when you make your comment under Goodlatte’s video. The more time goes by, the more powerful our collective message will be.

Either he is clueless or complicit. Either way, the good senator needs an education from you. Make sure your comments are detailed, as long as you like them, and say what’s on your mind because this is his YouTube official site and someone will have to read these comments especially if they come en masse. Avoid too many hyperlinks so that you aren’t left in ‘moderation mode”.

And if you don’t know what to say, go to,, or and type ‘SERCO’ in the search bar. Many articles will come up. Click on one and grab whatever text you like from the post. Then cut and paste into the YT comment box, adding your own special sentiments.

Foreigners welcomed to participate.  Share the flashmob with your network and ask them to join us.

We are the information warriors.

U. S. Patent Office and Justice John Roberts Support Lawlessness in America

Alien Invasion of America by Globalist Attorneys and Judges


Make sure everyone in your circle of influence knows that the U.S. Patent Office STEALS patents from inventors. We have posted much about this over the last year. They are run by British-owned SERCO. Once they steal your patent, good luck finding any thiefcourts to protect you. Until the U.S. Patent office is run by 100% American interests and supported by LAW AND ORDER from the highest court in the land, expect to be ripped-off, left penniless with hefty law suit fees, and permanently silenced in ever expressing your creation again.

Make sure all the entrepreneurs and inventors you know understand how corrupt this office is. The U. S. Patent Office does not protect property rights of inventors. Their attorneys hover over you like the vultures they are and STEAL your property and rights from you – all done very legalistically so that their corrupt courts can uphold their theft.

Just ask Justice John Roberts how he ruled in the Leader v Facebook case, all the while holding Facebook stock, never recusing himself from this huge conflict of interest. So it’s ok for a Supreme Court judge to grab his adopted children through illegal means, then rip off Leader Technologies, financially benefiting from Leader’s invention when its true inventor and courageous patriot Michael McKibben’s has never received anything for inventing this powerful internet tool of scalability.

Facebook Unmasked: How the World’s Most Relevant Entrepreneur Was Screwed by Zuckerberg

Keep in mind that globalists are like lizards. Energetically they are “reptile beings” with lack of imagination and creativity. James P. Chandler III, for example, is/was just a clever attorney, among a swamp of B. A. R. lizard beings, who stole patents from hard-working American entrepreneurs. Chandler never invented or created anything himself, except for teaching more attorneys how to steal from inventors.

Beware of patent attorneys

And who was under Chandler’s tutelage? Hillary Rodham Clinton, for one, a patent attorney, whose early work at Rose Law Firm was dedicated almost exclusively to intellectual property and patent infringement law.

And what is Hillary’s relationship to Richard C. Walker, the prolific patent creator from Agilent who has a patent for the Internet of Things, all the while Hillary holds the encryption keys to the internet.

Frankly, the citizens of America are beyond upset that three branches in Washington cannot clean up this mess.

We have posted volumes on indictable evidence showing the corruption of the swamp, from Rat Rodenstein’s wife Lisa Barsoomian to Dianne Feinstein’s (D-China) foreign interference in the elections, from Robert Mueller’s involvement with terrorizing Americans on September 11, 2001 to the nasty corruption of Mitt Romney who operates rigged voting machines along with his son Tagg, funded by  his globalist colleague George Soros.

American Intelligence Media patriots have placed the entire swamp on notice. And they had better pay attention because We the People are sick and tired of their



GOVERNMENT FAILURE TO PAY FOR VENDORS (Leader Miller Act Notice has still not been paid.)

Hillary R. Clinton
Hillary R. Clinton



To that end, our compatriot Christophe E. Strunk made an official filing with the Supreme Court on Friday. The petition calls out election rigging and the means by which it is done, the corruption of Senior Executive Service, SERCO, the Crown Agents, and the British and Chinese interference with our elections and government operations.

The Writ shows that the government hasn’t paid Leader Technologies for stealing its trade secrets, which have been the technologies that our enemy – the Globalists – have used to censor and surveil Americans. It provides links to hundreds of files from Americans for Innovation and their HUGE crimeline, with judicially recognizable evidence, of illegal and unconstitutional actions of the swamp creatures.

The filing was accepted by Justice Roberts’ office.




take actionLike Christopher Strunk, Michael McKibben, Tyla and Douglas Gabriel, you, too, can take action against a tyrannical government and its bad actors.

Examine the Writ of Mandamus yourself and see what you can do with your talents, skills, and time to push this important citizen-effort into your truth community.

Can you send a copy of the Writ to your Congressperson or Senator? Can you send a copy to VP Pence, who received his own copy from Strunk, but who might need to know you are watching him and that you demand that this globalist nonsense be defeated?

Do you think President Trump would be interested in seeing this filing? Then make it happen.

Are you a foreign person or country, an inventor, a business or person who has been wronged by these criminals?  We suggest that you check out the Crimeline on the AFI site and search the names of the companies and people that have harmed you. Check out the evidence we have and use it to take your own action.

Check out the dozens of citizen intelligence reports on the American Intelligence Media site. Read each one and educate yourself on the true nature of the enemy. Then educate and enlighten your circle of influence.

There are countless ways we can attack these bad actors. This is the Great Information War and we have given you a plethora of information tools to fight the battle in your part of the world.

Now get out there and start reclaiming the Republic.

The Ball (Writ of Mandamus) is in Robert’s Court

As we wait for Robert’s action on the People’s Writ of Mandamus, we are reminded what Judge Roberts said and/or affirmed to Congress between September 12–15, 2005 in his confirmation hearings.

“A judge should inform himself about his personal and fiduciary financial interests”
28 U.S.C. § 455(c) Disqualification of justice, judge

“A judge should avoid impropriety and the appearance of impropriety”
Code of Conduct for United States Judges, Canon 2

“ROBERTS: …If confirmed, I would resolve any conflict of interest by looking to the letter and spirit of the Code of Conduct for United States Judges . . . the Ethics Reform Act of 1989, 28 U.S.C. § 455, and any other relevant prescriptions.”
S. Hrg. 109-158, Roberts Nomination Hrgs., p. 118.[01]

“ROBERTS: …Well, I don’t think special interests should be allowed to lobby federal judges.”
S. Hrg., p. 431.

“KYLE: …Judge Roberts, I expect you to adhere to the Code of Judicial Ethics.”
S. Hrg., Statement of Hon. Jon Kyl, p. 20.

On threats to the rule of law, “ROBERTS: …The one threat I think to the rule of law is a tendency on behalf of some judges to take that legitimacy and that authority and extend it into areas where they’re going beyond the interpretation of the Constitution.”
S. Hrg., p. 256.

“ROBERTS: …[The Soviet Constitution] purported to grant wonderful rights of all sorts to people, but those rights were empty promises because that system did not have an independent judiciary to uphold the rule of law and enforce those rights. We do, because of the wisdom of our Founders and the sacrifices of our heroes over the generations to make their vision a reality.”
S. Hrg., p. 56; See also p. 447.

“ROBERTS: …I became a lawyer, to promote and vindicate the rule of law.”
S. Hrg., p. 447.

We are watching you, Justice Roberts. Time to get on the right side of truth.

Betsy the bulldog