Indictable Evidence: Foreign Interference in US Elections Since 2005

ELECTION FRAUD RED ALERT: Queen’s Privy Counselor globalist Sir Lord George Mark Malloch-Brown and a George Soros Open Society director, controls U.S. Malloch Brownelection results in 17 states, including Mitt Romney’s newly-minted favorite state: Utah


“Smartmatic” electronic voting machines! We couldn’t believe we Americans have allowed ourselves to be so deceived, but we have been. In fact, we’ve been negligently stupid for too long while these globalists have worked like rats to undermine our Republic.

Indictable evidence below of FOREIGN INTERFERENCE in our election. And it wasn’t the Russians.

Baron Brown is on the Queen’s Privy Council with Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie.

Malloch-BROWN Biographies

UK Parliament

Lord Malloch-Brown. (joined Jul. 09, 2007). Lord Malloch-Brown. (Jul. 09, 2007). House of Lords Biography. (Relationships: United Nations, Deputy General Secretary, Chief of Staff to the UN General Secretary; World Bank, Vice President; United Nations Development Programme, CEO; SGO Corporation and Smartmatic, chairman, director, shareholder; Kerogen Capital, director; Seplat Petroleum Development Company Plc, director;Investec plc, director; St. Leonard’s Partners Limited, director, shareholder; T-Solar Group, director; LADOL Free Zone, advisor; Eurasia Group, advisor; Swiss Re, advisor; Open Society Foundation [George Soros], director; ISquared Capital, advisor; European Alternative Investments Conference, speaker; Duff & Phelps, speaker; Kruger Cowne Limited, speaker; Geofaber LLC, consultant; Marlborough College, chairman; Best for Britain, chairman; International Crisis Group, chairman; [World Economic Forum, vice chairman]). 

Malloch-Brown Knighthood

George Mark Malloch Brown. (Dec. 30, 2006) . K.C.M.G. Order of Saint Michael and Saint George, Diplomatic Service and Overseas List, N2, Supplement No. 1. The London Gazette.

Queen’s Privy Council Malloch-Brown Appointment

Privy Council Appointments. (Jun. 28, 2007). Appointment of Sir Mark Malloch Brown KCMG as Member of Her Majesty’s Most Honourable Privy Council. Privy Council.

Revolvy Biography

George Mark Malloch Brown, Baron Malloch-Brown. (Accessed Jun. 28, 2018). Biography, incl. Queen’s Privy Council. Revolvy. 

World Economic Forum Biography 

Lord Mark Malloch-Brown. (Accessed Jun. 28, 2018). Biography, vice chairman. World Economic Forum.

Malloch’s Soros/Open Societies Foundation Directorship 

Malloch Soros

p. 5, UK Parliament disclosure


Smartmatic. (Jan. 01, 2018). United States elections 2005-2016. Smartmatic. 

Malloch’s investment in Venezuelan/London Smartmatic Voting Machines in 17 U.S. States  

Smartmatic’s headquarters moved to London in 2012, while it also has offices and R&D labs in the United States, Brazil, VenezuelaBarbadosPanama, the United Kingdom, the Netherlandsthe United Arab Emiratesthe PhilippinesEstonia, and Taiwan

Smartmatic in the US

SGO Corporation

Malloch brown 2

In 2014, Smartmatic’s CEO Antonio Mugica and British Lord Mark Malloch-Brown announced the launching of the SGO Corporation Limited,[38][39] a holding company based in London whose primary asset is the election technology and voting machine manufacturer.

Lord Malloch-Brown became chairman of the board of directors of SGO since its foundation,[40] while Antonio Mugica remained as CEO of the new venture. They were joined on SGO’s board by Sir Nigel Knowles, Global CEO of DLA Piper, entrepreneur David Giampaolo and Roger Piñate, Smartmatic’s COO and co-founder.

The aim of SGO, according to its CEO was “to continue to make investments in its core business (election technology), but it is also set to roll out a series of new ventures based on biometricsonline identity verificationinternet voting and citizen participation, e-governance and pollution control.”[41],_baron_malloch-brown

Soros’ control over Smartmatic election machines in Utah guarantees a Mitt Romney RINO victory in November 2018, unless real Americans stop this fraud. Knowledge is power.

Utah Republican party

US elections

From Smartmatic sales brochure:

Smartmatic. (Jan. 01, 2018). United States elections 2005-2016. Smartmatic.

Malloch and Rice

Globalists Malloch Brown and Rice compare notes at the U.N. where Sir (George) Mark Malloch called the shots for the Queen.

Unfinished revolution.JPG

Malloch Brown 3

According to his bio, he has been aligned with the Clintons and Larry Summers at the World Bank and World Economic Forum since the early 1990s, along with Facebook’s Sheryl K. Sandberg and’s oligarchs Yuri Milner & Alisher Usmanov. He takes orders from the Queen’s Privy Council.


9 thoughts on “Indictable Evidence: Foreign Interference in US Elections Since 2005”

  1. Dr Laura Pressley discovered irrefutable proof of programmed vote rigging in her Austin city council race. This was organized and protected by UNIPARTY puppets in the county and state courts, and by the appointed Secretary of State for Texas. The Hart InterCivic and Electronic Systems & Software (ES&S) machines are programmed for “fractional voting” with operator input algorithm to flip votes, with correct total count, see….

    Beverly Harris at >

  2. A former Philippine governor told me how he was approached by the electronic voting terminal company before the election, demanding fifty million pesos for his te-election — half before the election, half after he won. He refused, to which he attributed his subsequent defeat.

  3. This is outstanding work here. Takes what we supposedly know and flips it on its head! It does explain why Sen. John McCain was re-elected every six years but hardly anybody there says they voted for him.

  4. Can we sue the Department of Elections for allowing foreign influence if we live in on of the 17 states using British owned machines? USA MUST NOT allow Soros to control our elections!

    1. With respect, THIS Old Turtle thinks you MUST TRY. Please, ORGANIZE and GO FOR IT!

      Tip: Our closest “Frienemy”, Great Britain, diverts her BANK TELLERS to count their elections’ PAPER BALLOTS. They are well-paid to do so. And NOBODY does a Manual Count on little slips of paper better than a Teller.

      Fact: THAT protocol is the ONLY one Yours Truly would welcome with open arms these days. We dont have ES&S or similar “unitized” machines in my own district – it’s all done with hand-marked ballot cards and an optical reader at the polling station. Then a Diebold aggregator down the road somewhere purportedly tabulates with full (alleged/purported) accuracy.

      Which is STILL no insurance against the Great American Voting Fraud’ the central “confuser” (computer) tied onto the other end of that fine Diebold data pipe is an easy target for The Hack.

      Which is why YT asks questions of local officials and gauges their facial+body response. (Inconclusive results to date, BUT.) Digital hacks are simply TOO EASY. Too many honest voters in these parts are NOT savvy to the plasticity of digital systems, let alone even properly woke yet.

      But there is coming a Day. Let’s live to SEE it! (Eyes on the Prize.)

      Because WWG1WGA, y’know. And that is all. 0{;-|o[

  5. Unbelievable in a country that started shooting because of a .02 tax on tea.
    I have 3 new books documenting election crimes of the left since 2012.
    There are many more.
    Not one bill of indictment has been raised against the Uniparty/Deep State.

  6. So, we have a character who’s allegiance belongs to only G-d knows, other than officially he takes his marching orders from the Queens Privy Council sitting at the American Desk at the UN with Our Ambassador Condelesa Rice. The kicker of course is that he has an economic string controlled by the true puppet master George Soros.Mit Romney, you have much to answer for but you would never answer in a forthright. You too, are a chameleon without honesty

    1. And don’t forget Mitt’s niece Ronna who is the head of the RNC – She knows all about the family election rigging operation, but still hasn’t told her boss- DJT.

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