Bipartisan Chain of Custody Act

Calling on all patriots to alert your state representatives about election fraud in your state where the chain of custody cannot be verified. Our AIM researchers have found that many states do not have bipartisan control of the voting process. There are many “gaps” in chain of custody that allow fraudulent practices to occur.

Washington states’ process was so outrageous that we urge all Washington citizens to immediately address this issue. Washington has no control over its chain of custody, leaving it wide open for abuse and fraud.

Citizens need to use the phrase “insure bipartisan chain of custody” instead of “vote fraud” or “voter fraud”.

The “bipartisan” part and the “chain of custody” part are what prevent voter fraud.

With those phrases, you are not accusing anyone of not doing their job, but rather focusing on the task.

It isn’t the state’s job to insure fair elections, it’s the PEOPLE’S!!!

Here is a draft act that you can suggest for your local and state legislators to enact.


Bipartisan Chain of Custody Act

Resolved, that free and fair elections require that the Secretary of State certify to the Citizens of the State of [NAME] (“Citizens”) that an unbroken, bipartisan chain of custody has been maintained from the moment a citizen enters his or her votes until those votes are reported to the Citizens by the state tally system, and at every point in between.

At no point shall the voting results be hidden from bipartisan chain of custody certification by the Citizens.

Each step of this process shall be monitored by a group of election monitors selected one each by each of the political parties who registered candidates in that election.

Those monitors shall be able to empirically count and tally each vote, and certify the totals represented.

Each group of monitors must certify, individually and as a group, that the total of votes under their stewardship and reported by the group does accurately represent each vote cast.

At no point shall an electronic tally be used, except as a double check of the actual physical count by each bipartisan group.

Each group of bipartisan election monitors shall forward in person their certified results to a like-minded bipartisan monitoring group at the state, without the use of unseen and therefore inherently unverifiable electronic means (e.g. fax, phone, courier, radio, wireless, satellite, fiber optic, cable, or any other digital forms; which are susceptible to man-in-the-middle and other forms of vote total hacking). The bipartisan state monitoring group shall use an identical process to ensure that the vote tally entered for reporting to the public by the state accurately represents the tallies reported to them.

All certified records created by the bipartisan election monitors at the county board of elections, and at the state board of elections, shall be date and time stamped, photographed and posted at the state website as well as the websites of each political party within 30 minutes after certifying a tally.

If any of the votes are contested for any reason, the notes explaining the issue(s) to be addressed shall be posted below the photos of the certified totals that include the name and signature of each election monitor for Citizen review.


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