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This is Election Rigging Awareness Month and we will need lots of great content from independent creators to keep traction going on this important message and call to action.

Our “awareness months” have become huge successes – so big THANK YOU to all who have been participating. By giving attention  to one theme a month. we have been able to get critical traction needed to bring attention to important intelligence findings that can help POTUS clean the swamp.

Send us your final products – articles, videos, memes, etc. so we can share with the the A4T community, who, in turn, educates and enlightens their own audience. Remember that in the internet TRUTH is radiant, non-linear…just like LIGHT.


In this post we welcome, John and Arlene, new members of the American Intelligence Media Conclave. They have been doing serious work on election rigging since 2004 and join our efforts in guiding citizens in DEMANDING FAIR AND TRANSPARENT ELECTIONS.

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Below are some notes and highlights they have sent us that independent media creators and concerned citizens may be able to use in their campaigns for fair and transparent elections. Calling on all jewelers and smithies to produce final products so we can scale this important information world-wide from now through the November elections.

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Transparency is the Solution

Our focus has been on phase 1 of our long-term plan: securing the preservation of digital ballot images in as many election jurisdictions as possible. After in-depth research into the laws, regulations, and election administration in each state, we approach key election officials directly. We begin with education, as we are finding that most election administrators who oversee the use of digital ballot scanners are unaware of the existence or importance of the ballot images! In some cases, educating these public servants is enough for them to follow federal & state laws that require ballot image preservation.

Elsewhere, additional pressure including legal action is necessary. Here is a state-by-state snapshot of our work to date:

Virginia: Before the November 7, 2017 state election, we were assured by election officials that the ballot images were preserved. Instead, they were destroyed. This was the election where the balance of power in the House of Delegates was determined by one disputed ballot on which the marking had been changed either during or after the election. Ballot images could have determined the legitimacy of that ballot. Yet Virginia still failed to order ballot image preservation in the state’s subsequent June 12 primary. Attorney Chris Sautter and John Brakey are to meet with JAMES B. ALCORN, ESQ State Chair of VA Election Board on July 24th.

Ohio:  When we learned that the three largest counties using digital scanners, with the largest populations of people of color, planned to destroy the ballot images created by their election systems in the May 8 primary. AUDIT USA asked the Secretary of State to direct these counties to preserve the ballot images. He was not forthcoming with us, so we filed a mandamus with the Supreme Court of Ohio. The case was dismissed on a (questionable) technicality, yet we learned that the Secretary of State had given a directive to all counties to save the ballot images, making Ohio a win for the retention of ballot images.

Maine: Primary was June 12.  This state is 100% digital ballot image technology.  Ballot images were saved statewide for the first in the nation Rank Choice Voting of all state and federal races.  For the towns and municipalities races a second ballot and machine were used.  They were not given the directive to save those images.  We are considering a public records request to shine the light of clarification and prove availability.

Maryland:  Primary was June 26.  This state has 100% ballot images which were released to the candidates of a contest race in Montgomery county. However, the issues here are of a different nature.  There are two aspects to conducting an election.  One is the machinery and vendors that do the counting.  The other is the company that manages the voter database and sends out the absentee ballots. Usually the State receives the election night results, however in Maryland it is this company the receives them. This structure raises concerns in general as this vendor has too much power. They could suppress people from voting, and stuff the ballot boxes.  It has recently come to media attention that in 2015 the company that controls this aspect of the voting process was acquired by a Russian Oligarch.

Florida:  Primary is August 28.  This state 75% ballot images.  There are already dark clouds over this state for the handling of the primary election of 2016 between Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Tim Canova where the Broward County Election Director destroyed the original ballots and has yet to be prosecuted and held accountable, see video. Video 2.  There are multiple reasons for this investigation and action. Florida could go backwards. Back to DREs and away from hand marked paper ballot to machine marked paper ballots that could be easily gamed, plus cost 3 times more. We call these machines the $4,000 pencils, plus it uses a QR code to count, not the marks made by electors when their ballots go into the digital scanner!

Rhode Island: Primary is Sept. 12. This state is 100% ballot images. The digital scanners have built in cellular modems, connecting their system to the internet. These machines were approved and certified by the Feds. We are evaluating our options. We cannot use a writ of mandamus because their system has federal approval. See NYT article, The Myth of the Hacker-Proof Voting Machine

Massachusetts: Primary Sept. 18. This state is 11% ballot images at this time. We have learned that the Secretary of State instructed counties to destroy the ballot images. We and local EI activists will push to try to have this changed before the primary.

We are currently researching Michigan (primary Aug 7th) and New Mexico, both now are 100% digital ballot images. As well as continuing our work in many of the states above.  It’s been reported that 15 more counties in California are converting to new digital scanners before the November election.

Media interviews, social media postings, and our website continue to be essential to our educational media strategy. Our representatives are also speaking at conferences and meeting with community groups and election officials. The importance of ballot images is being increasingly recognized, as evidenced by the new Congressional effort to secure voting systems sponsored by Sen. Ron Wyden.

Quote from the Wyden bill: “State and local officials would also be required to implement what are known as “risk-limiting audits” — a method that verifies election outcomes by comparing a random sample of paper ballots with their corresponding digital versions — for all federal elections.”



James, another Conclave member, has been working on a Writ of Mandamus package for all to use.

James writes: “I am working on a Writ of Mandamus to compel the State of Washington to ‘count ballots’ under bi-partisan chain of custody. We use ‘direct scanning’ by Hart InterCivic that uses OpTech OCR technology. No human count is made. No statistical sampling counts are made. The entire voting process depends on a self-validation report, which is ‘fraud’. Yet, no one has petitioned the state in two election cycles to do otherwise. I guess that is why we are now “DEEP BLUE”.”

He indicates that these are great links for election procedures:


Election machines have become commonplace in every precinct in the United States. Most people believe that the efficiency of using machines outweigh the risks, saving public money and providing quick results for the people to know the winners and losers.

These are the reasons touted by election officials. However, nothing could be farther from the truth. Only humans can empirically observe bi-partisan chain of custody. Machines cannot do this, in any form, without creating ‘incurable uncertainty’. No certificate of assurance from any entity, test, encryption, or machine language can prevent this loss of observation.

A human citizen voter cannot observe an integrated circuit on a silicon chip, or observe the programming embedded on the silicon chip, and therefore cannot attest to its ‘chain of custody’ or ‘validity.’ A statistical sampling of the voting summation also cannot cure the uncertainty created by the loss of empirical observation.

The logic is simple…what the human eye cannot see and verify is a ‘fraud’.

Evolving voting methods have produced systems with significant holes in chain of custody which can call election legitimacy into question. Three voting methods which produce breaches in chain of custody are: vote-by-mail; electronic voting; and Internet voting.

These methods make it difficult for the public to verify that: (a) all ballots cast were counted; (b) ballots counted were not altered; and (c) unauthorized votes were not added. There are two main types of machines in use today: DRE or ‘direct scanning’ the other is ‘Direct Voting’ without a paper ballot. Each system is flawed in that no human tally outside the machine can be observed and therefore bi-partisan chain of custody is lost.

The integrity of the voting process, and the ‘will of the people’ is simply to precious in a Constitutional Republic to be subject to unscrupulous meddling by any means, and by anyone.

All elections are critical. However, this 2018 midterm is important. The recent turmoil about hacking and interfering in America’s elections has never been greater. Election machines have become very sophisticated and pose a threat to the voting process by introducing  ‘incurable uncertainty’ for the people that their ‘will’ is not being properly counted and expressed in the election outcomes.

There is a simple way to provide remedy to ‘incurable uncertainty’, and that is to move ‘back to the Future’, eliminate all electronic machines, use paper ballots, and count them under bi-partisan chain of custody, using video surveillance at all times to protect the balloting process.

This cannot be done without serious support and organization within each state.

However, there is a powerful tool available to each citizen or group of citizens, that by law, cannot be ignored. It is a ‘Writ of Mandamus’ that is filed in a local Superior county court in your State. When properly written and presented, a judge must rule or provide cause in writing to ‘not rule’.

I have written a sample ‘Writ of Mandamus’ for Washington State. It can be modified quickly and filed for a modest fee in your court system. It is easy to modify with a little formatting changes as needed. If many people begin to file these ‘Writs’ we can effect change and send a message to our local, county, state, and Federal government, that the ‘will of the people’ is not subject to the vagaries of hacking through technology.

There is no hurry to count the ballots so that news agencies can report the winners/losers. Integrity and accuracy are not for sale, and bi-partisan chain of custody is more important than expediency.

Jim has prepared a Writ of Mandamus for the State of Washington. You can use this Word document template to create your own notice for your state. We have highlighted in red the items that you will need to make unique in your filing. You will also need to change the wording withing the document to specifically reference your state (currently it is listed as Washington State)

TEMPLATE: WritOfMandamusElections


Do we know if the DOJ has actually issued a ‘warning’ to the American people to guard against ‘election hacking’ with guidance? If so, this is huge evidence, if it has been issued to ‘We the People’. We know the real story, but it seems that they are now caught in their own ‘snare’, like ‘tar-baby’ in the Brier patch. We the people, must now demand ‘human countable’ paper ballots, as guidance from the DOJ. How sweet if true.


John and Arlene have a few notes on Writ of Mandamus to add to James’ comments above.

…a writ of mandamus, special action, for us is… “your honor, we proven the fact in the case and these election official are mandated by law to preserve these critical records!”

Please order them to follow the law.

Attached document (10R) starting on page 26 has 3 court case, AZ, AL and Ohio, that were writs of mandamus.

I don’t know what is the state policy in MI is yet. In AL and Ohio they tried to say that they didn’t turn on that feature that make the ballot image. That a lie when say that. It doesn’t work unless it make an image.

Standing by, Michigan Primary is Aug 7th. We had to sue SoS of Ohio Jon Husted and at the minimum we want NO less than this. See attache doc 03L Data Retention.

10R Publicly Verified Elections are Key to De-Corrupting Our Democracy AUDIT ELECTIONS USA REV 6.12.18

03L Data Retention of Ballot Images is Required by Law rev 7.20.18

07R Victory for Election Transparency in Ohio AUDIT-USA 5.18.18

retention of ballots

.Black box voting


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