Let’s give the globalists their own election-night headache

More globalist election rigging systems exposed


Leader plus with computer

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Leader plus 2Investec 1



Dmitry Shevelenko and Hillary Clinton contracted for a Template for Winning Elections just as LeaderPlus was being released, having been built in India


Template for winningInvestec 2



President Donald J. Trump is Strengthening the Security of Our Elections


Don’t forget where our collective target is this month. It is election rigging awareness month. We have lots of posts and audios on our sites for you to circulate among your circle of influence. You can also do your own research and send us your original work so we can share with our global truth community.

When the Democrats are so desperate that they think unsuccessful congressional candidate and Oprah Winfrey guru Marianne Williamson has a shot of beating Trump, then all they have left is their corrupt election rigging system. We must defeat them before we get to the polls. Scream, yell, and shout to secure our elections.

Not just in America…but YOUR COUNTRY, too.

Get globalists out of elections



3 thoughts on “Let’s give the globalists their own election-night headache”

  1. Great job thank you so much for the work that you all do for making me aware of so much more but as you know more the more mad you get always wonder if Trump listens to your show because just one show would be enough put them all away and we’re still sitting wonder what he’s waiting for with all the information you all have maybe they’re blocking him from receiving all this truth

  2. Unlearn people – these are not our elections unless you are a District of Criminal Citizen! US is NOT our government if you are an American national – state national – 1776Reloaded.org

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