File Your Own Writ of Mandamus


We have been posting about election fraud and the rigged machines used to spoil our votes and corrupt our elections. In the articles below you will learn how electronic machines – any and all – lose the bi-partisan chain of custody of the vote by converting them into electronic digits and throwing them into the nebulous digital cloud.

You may think that your polling place is safe because you cast your vote on a paper ballot, but once it slips into a Hart InterCivic or other machines like it, your vote is lost in the digital realm. You don’t know where it is and how it is being counted.

Scrap election corruption
OpTech software is used across the board in electronic voting and we proved to you that it is a scam run by the globalists to ensure they “win” elections.

Our Conclave team filed a Writ of Mandamus in Washington state and put the Secretary of the State on notice that voters are paying attention to voting machine fraud. We are now making this document available to our readers in PDF and WORD format so that you can use it as a template to file your own writ with your state’s election official. You will need to change items that are state-specific to your filing.

If you feel uncomfortable in filing it yourself, get some paralegal help or ask a patriot who has a legal background to help you file it. We want as many of these filed as possible.

Any citizen can file these. PLEASE get this done before November mid-terms. We need to put globalists like Mitt Romney, George Soros, and Mark Malloch-Brown on notice that citizens are wide awake and aren’t falling for their electronic voting schemes anymore.



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8 thoughts on “File Your Own Writ of Mandamus”

    1. We are a citizen volunteer group. We don’t have time to do YOUR work as a patriot. We ask for help because we know that there are plenty of folks who want to help save America. Please send us the one you complete for your state and we will post it so folks in that state can just sign and mail in. Thank you for helping.

      1. Please make another vid on this and tell everyone about the Writ. I will edit the one for Texas, if you will email me I will send you a copy to upload to wherever you want. When you do another vid tell how many states have a copy on file so the lazy bastards can just download and sign.

  1. What can we do about Facebook Google etc. in relations to Deagonfly and it’s use here in America? Maybe I miss some info or understanding of what may have already happened! Please expound on the subject! Thanks for all your hard work! This is my favorite information platform!

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