The FAANGS are coming down!

The FAANGS are coming down!

After you listen to Leader Technologies CEO Michael McKibben explain to Douglas Gabriel the dirty secrets of Lords Clegg and Allan and their involvement with Facebook, you will want to continue your citizen education.

If you are invested in the stock market, especially in FAAANGS (add Alphabet, now), then check in for a dose of reality. Listen to the audio and then explore the explosive links we left you below:




Globalist Richard B. Allan is Another Facebook Corporate Phony


Sir Nick Clegg was Lord President of the Privy Council and worked closely with Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie in communications and trade


Queen’s Privy Council Infiltrates Facebook


Queen Lizzie Loyalist Lord Richard B. Allan is no Friend of America


2 thoughts on “The FAANGS are coming down!”

  1. I like Michael unfortunately for years operated on a level of trust. I would give people my trust expect them to behave with the golden rule only to obviously be screwed over by people that had no concept of Honor trust integrity but because they could get away with something took what they could. Michael said it best Monday when he was describing that Concepts and that they have the advantage because they play us for our desire to act with integrity. And I see that and it became apparent that that is what he’s being taught if you can get away with it go for it and that is being taught by our government our schools there is very few examples of living with integrity and sacrifice that people have two young people in particular have to sample problem. But it just goes to show that we are born with inherent sense of justice and what is right and what is wrong because it’s lazy and easy to just take it requires creativity and skill and work ethic in order to build. I hope that Sunday after some of the settles down not too far in the distant future because I’m 59 now I hope that one day those of us who have been screwed over by our government through eminent domain or or closures as a repercussion of that get our day of Justice and I said I am 59 I built an auto repair business I had a house on the water on Bainbridge Island I was ready to semi-retired and up crept eminent domain and a County employee in collusion here’s a good example of collusion city of Seattle Seattle Fire Department took my business of 18 years and wipe me out the property owner was a King County employee who worked for Department of Transportation is her job was property acquisition so she knew all the ins and outs of acquiring property from private citizens to widen roads whatever County deems necessary. I wonder if someday what’s the life-threatening issues are handled like 5 G direct energy weapons the Deep state all the things that make my issues seem minor are under control we might get our day appearing I’ve ended up after working all my life working with sensitive integrity and honesty taking care of my customers treating them right building 15000 customers in my database to being homeless and it gets cold in Seattle during the winter that property owner and got 2.1 million dollars I got screwed it just seems so wrong issues one of those times when if they could get away with it they did get away with it that’s not right I would love to see I know I’m one of probably Millions done wrong by our local governments that doesn’t mean we should ignore it I never would have guessed in a million years at the age of 60 I would be where I am I fail to plan into my strategy eminent domain who would have guessed it. The only thing that well I used to say they had to steal I knew how to build it but as you get older and without resources that doesn’t mean much so much harder this time around to try to do what I did at 35 especially when you know all the pitfalls that are heading your way anyway keep it up to you guys enjoy your work I would like to be able to participate and do more feel free to contact me if you’d like I’ve got more to my story thank you for what you do I love you guys. I want to see Michael get his money for the Miller act like I don’t know what I would do that would make me feel so good to see Justice somewhere he’s such a patient man put me to work my friend alright thanks again


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