Stewart Graham Menzies: Codename “C”

Sir Stewart Graham Menzies has a been the top intelligence organizer for the Privy Council and the Rhodes Round Table (Atlantic Council, Bilderberg) from WWI, thru WWII and well into the COLD WAR.

America entrusted its wireless communications to Travis, GCHQ and the Rogue C.I.A. Travis supplied SIGINT and COMINT to the SIS, SOE, OSS… and the rogue C.I.A….

This U.S.-UK “ULTRA oath” secret backroom deal exists… to this day. Even the FBI has pledged the ULTRA oath.

Sir Stewart Menzies was the director of both GC & CS and MI6. Delegated GCCS to Sir Edward Travis following on the heels of this organizing meetings with the U.S.

Chief of SIS/SOE/MI6 (1939-1952)

Director GCCS (1944-1946)

Menzies chaired British and American negotiators in the organization of postwar intelligence sharing between the UK & U.S. (the “special relationship” now being bandied about by Washington, D.C. globalist corruptocrats

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(1890-1968), Head of the Secret Intelligence Service (Ultra Oath)

Major General Sir Stewart Graham Menzies, KCB, KCMG, DSO, MC (/ˈmɪŋɪz/ ( listen); 30 January 1890 – 29 May 1968) was Chief of MI6, the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), from 1939 to 1952, during and after the Second World War.[1]

When the Second World War began, SIS expanded greatly. Menzies insisted on wartime control of codebreaking, and this gave him immense power and influence, which he used judiciously. By distributing the Ultra material collected by the Government Code & Cypher School, [GC&CS renamed GCHQ] for the first time, MI6 became an important branch of the government.

Chief of SIS/SOE/MI6 (1939-1952)

Director GCCS (1944-1946)

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Five Eyes. (Mar. 11, 1946). Sir Stewart G. Menzies (p. 3), TOP SECRET CREAM, Minutes of Inauguration Meeting of U.S. – British Singal Intelligence Technical Conference. NSA.

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fbi delegate


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