U.S.-UK “ULTRA oath” secret backroom deal exists…to this day

E W Travis 1 afiSir Edward Travis has been a chief intelligence organizer for the Privy Council and the Rhodes Round Table (Atlantic Council, Bilderberg) since before 1919.

America entrusted its wireless communications to Travis, GCHQ and the Rogue C.I.A. Travis supplied SIGINT and COMINT to the SIS, SOE, OSS… and the rogue C.I.A…. through WWI and WWII and helped create the COLD WAR. 

This U.S.-UK “ULTRA oath” secret backroom deal exists… to this day. Even the FBI has pledged the ULTRA oath.

Sir Edward Travis was a senior staffer at the formation of GC & CS, became chief in 1944, renamed it GCHQ in 1946.

Travis directed British negotiators in the organization of postwar intelligence sharing between the UK & U.S. (the “special relationship” now being bandied about by Washington, D.C. globalist corruptocrats

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enigma 1

Five Eyes. (Mar. 11, 1946). Sir Edward Travis (p. 3), TOP SECRET CREAM, Minutes of Inauguration Meeting of U.S. – British Singal Intelligence Technical Conference. NSA.


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fbi delegate

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  1. If you count his star you will see Ocotgon. empire of darkness and the Swiss templar cross. Yes the Swiss because all money goes to the Swiss banks. Watch on You tube the Swiss Beast Home of the Devil to see their symbology every where. They are telling you who runs the Orion Empire-the Swiss bloodlines. Just pointing it out. They are the ones that is using technology to attack people.

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