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In the video below, Rudy Giuliani mentioned the name BLUE STAR STRATEGY. Thought we would give our information warriors some background info on the players involved with this lobbying group. Study up and in a few days we will do an audio that describes how this is all connected.

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blue star strategies

Jessica Lindgren, corp counsel


World Bank

Skadden Arps (Hillary’s law firm)

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Aspen Institute

European-American Chamber of Commerce

U.S. Corporations

  • We work with some of the most dynamic U.S. companies on their toughest international challenges in emerging markets around the world. Our clients have included American corporations from across diverse industry sectors—such as Abbott Laboratories, Caesars Entertainment Corporation, and Atlantic Tele-Network. From Latin America and the Caribbean to Europe, Central Asia, the Caucasus, and beyond, we help U.S. businesses solve their market access, global investment, and regulatory objectives—wherever they have a need.

U.S. Corporations

Multinational Corporations

  • We work with global corporations on their most important regulatory, market access, and trade objectives in the United States, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, and around the world. Using a targeted yet “big picture” approach, we leverage a complex array of power centers, decision makers, and opinion leaders—at the supranational, national, and local levels of government, private sector, public policy institutions and think tanks, industry associations, and the media. Global companies from across diverse industry sectors—such as Handelsblatt Global, Fontem Ventures, and Salini Impregilo—turn to us to help them navigate and succeed in complex political and policy environments in countries around the world.

U.S. Corporations

Multinational Corporations

Sovereign Governments and Political Leaders

  • Political leaders and governments from around the world choose us to move the needle on their most significant foreign, security, and economic policy priorities. We’ve worked with foreign countries such as Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia on accession to the NATO Alliance, European Union, Euro zone, OECD, and the U.S. visa waiver program. We’ve helped political parties promote democratic institutions, candidates for office, and free and fair election campaigns. And we’ve helped political leaders from Argentina to Ukraine and Albania to Venezuela improve their bilateral relations with the United States at the highest levels.

International Organizations and Institutions

  • We work with global institutions such as international and multilateral development, finance, labor, and security organizations on their most important strategic initiatives. Organizations and high-level fora such as the International Labour Organization, World Bank Group, NATO Summits, and the Baltic Forum have turned to us to help build and grow strong relationships, increase budget allocations, identify funding mechanisms, and access public speaking and writing opportunities to support their messages and mission-driven strategies.

Public Policy Coalitions

  • We manage, coordinate, and advocate on behalf of coalitions to impact and shape public policy debates and to advance legislative, communications, and stakeholder engagement strategies. We’ve managed successful coalition campaigns such as the Business Coalition for U.S.-China Trade that secured passage of Permanent Normal Trade Relations (PNTR) with China, the Coalition for Visa Equity that brought in new allies to the U.S. visa waiver program, and created and was a major driver in the U.S. Committee on NATO, a bipartisan group of individuals, corporations, and policy makers that successfully promoted the accession of 10 new member countries to join the Transatlantic alliance.

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dutko government

dutko worldwideDutkodan dutkoDan Dutko 2

Dutko obit in Congress


HuntsworthHuntsworth 2

David Lowden

Chairman and Independent Non-Executive Director

David Lowden was appointed to the Huntsworth Board on 1 January 2019 and became the Chairman of the Board and Nomination Committee on 6 March 2019. David has extensive executive experience in global marketing services businesses. From 1999 to 2008, he was a member of the Board of Taylor Nelson Sofres Plc, the marketing services business, becoming its CEO in January 2006. Before this, he held several other senior executive positions, including at AC Nielsen Corporation and Federal Express Corporation. David is currently the Non-Executive Chairman of PageGroup Plc, the specialist FTSE 250 recruitment agency and is Senior Independent director at Morgan Sindall Group Plc. David has previously held other non-executive roles, including at Cable & Wireless Worldwide Plc and Berendsen Plc.

Paul Taaffe

Chief Executive Officer

Paul Taaffe was appointed as CEO of Huntsworth on 7 April 2015. Paul has wide experience in communications and marketing, most recently as the Director of Communications at Groupon, the international e-commerce company. Prior to that, he enjoyed a 20 year career with Hill & Knowlton Inc, the global communications consultancy and subsidiary of WPP plc, including nine years as its Chairman and CEO. Throughout this time he advised many Blue Chip and international clients across all geographies and services.


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4 thoughts on “Blue Star Strategy Group and Dutko Worldwide”

  1. What do you see?
    I see a system put into place centuries ago. A system where by those who have wealth, use that wealth to propagate, entice, lure, bribe those that lack spirituality, wisdom and morality into their spider’s web of their ideological agendas.
    Once the narrative is established, that being materialistic wealth is the reward for success, equated as a reward for a job well done, for loyal executions of deeds for those who divvy up the rewards, one has no desire to question the ethics and morals of the agenda whence they are directed to achieve. In their minds the materialistic rewards are justification enough that they are doing right.
    On the other hand, as Rudolf Steiner’s points out in the very timely post you presented, this economic sphere, when used correctly could bring about a wonderful transformation in the direction of our misdirected society, when the successful economic transactions benefit the all, becomes the goal.
    I guess the underlying question is how do we get from where we are/have been for centuries, where all the mechanisms of wealth and power are in the hands of those with self interests and self enrichment in their hearts to a place where Steiner proposes to become the rewarding economic sphere. Where a brotherhood of men is established upon goodwill and the shared spiritual and physical rewards benefit all and that reward is something we carry with us into the super sensible world?
    That is what I see as you, Aim4truth uncover all the nurtured, coddled, rewarded individuals, given monetary rewards and praises in their quest for material self enrichment.

    1. The miners have found some incredible details on how this criminal global cabal began back in the late 1800s. And now that we know the source, we can easily wipe it out – if only we could find some patriots at high levels of intelligence and military.

      1. Expecting justice from a system the criminals are in charge of, is futile.
        In many ways people are getting what they worship and idolize. Imagine a world where in those with the highest standards of moral conduct earned the praise that is now bestowed upon those the likes of the Queen, the Obamas, the Clintons, the deletes, questionable musicians and athletes. Yet who instills and reinforces this adoration? The media, Hollywood. It is so very difficult to take the blinders off to that adoration so propagated to those of lesser educational and spiritual knowledge. These demons have become very adept in dumbing down the major portion of the population both spiritually and mentally.
        Yet as difficult as times seem, looking back even 5 years ago, I wouldn’t have foreseen such an awakening as we now see in progress. Much of that is thanks to POTUS however his election was as much as a result of the already awakening that has transpired since the Internet and mass communication becoming available. I’m having more hope in the future than anytime in the past. Yet still acknowledging the despots of evil and what they are willing to do to keep this awakening from happening. They’ve done it many times before.

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