Dinner with the Ohrs Shows Queen Elizabeth Naked as a Jay Bird


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Slick propaganda video below (probably originating from Privy Council sources) pointing at China for releasing a manufactured bioweapon on to the world. Fine with us…because after China, we are coming for the Queen’s wealth for her financial and human crimes against the citizens of the United States. It was HER companies where she holds the controlling shares and her government spy operations that were not only the origins of the coup against Donald Trump, but the source of the coronavirus and its release.

And while we are at it, can we clear up that matter about Alison Saunders, at the time the Chief Prosecutor for the Queen, coming over for dinner at Bruce and Nellie Ohr’s home four days before GCHQ chief Robert Hannigan came over to NSA headquarters in Ft. Meade, Maryland to help John Brennan, who was under the supervision of UK spylord Arvinder Sambei, to wiretap Trump Towers, all under the direct supervision of London CIA Chief at the time – Gina Haspel?

Inquiring minds want to know….


If you are reading this blog from the hoity-toity privy closet where the Queen takes her private and protected dumps on the world, citizens of America know your crimes. We collected the evidence in massive amounts of documents and have spread it throughout the four corners of the world.

Stand down, you globalist pigs from the Pilgrims Society, the Privy Council, and the British Imperial Empire. You will never be able to hide from the truth we all know now.

The Emperor, or shall we say Queen, has no clothes.



Raw audio file: https://aim4truthblog.files.wordpress.com/2020/04/video-2020-04-14-00-03-34.mp4

Jump the big pond and you will find the origins of the coup. Chris Steele was taking orders from Privy Councillors Richard Dearlove and Geoffrey Pattie. Bruce and Nellie Ohr (both SES operatives and crown agents) were taking orders from UK Alison Saunders. Brennan was UK Hannigan’s lapdog.

Truth is now in their court…let’s see what kind of propaganda they send back.

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Learn more about this treasonous couple of British crown agents who tried to overthrow Donald Trump on behalf of the British Imperial Empire.

International Espionage, American Treason, and Dinner at the Ohrs’



6 thoughts on “Dinner with the Ohrs Shows Queen Elizabeth Naked as a Jay Bird”

  1. 5G was going on in Wuhan they murdered a couple of million people by targeting them with beams. Covid does not exist it is a hoax – the whole thing is a globalist plan to kill 90% of the population. it is the vaccine and the 5G you have to worry about the virus was a media invention the six corporations who own the news used the media as the mouthpiece for this scam. There is no scientific evidence that Covid 19 ever existed we have all been scammed. That 5G was weaponised and it was supposed to work together with the vaccine. Sorted – despite it being known this is a scam we are all still locked down and living under tyranny that is illegal but it will continue because the media is keeping it going and the people are listening to this lie – when are you mask wearers going to understand there is no virus you are being taught to obey what is completely unacceptable using that virus as an excuse (have you got it now). that mask is your slave mask and your low IQ identity. Switch off your TV so that you can think for yourselves hopefully the penny will drop you are being insulted and duped . This oppression is just going to get worse if you do not stand up for yourself. Boris Johnson you can stuff it. Enjoy your house arrest and your ankle tag all you MP’s he is not under Quarantine they have all been arrested for Criminal fraud. treason and genocide because Covid is a hoax and it has caused millions of deaths through suicide fear and lack of medical care for real diseases – the hospitals were empty while you were shut out and dying of heart attacks etc,. lost your businesses because you were forced to close your doors but the globalists businesses were still open getting richer . This is the face of evil and they will all go down for this – Stop wearing mask and letting them bully you they have no right to do this .

    1. So sick of hearing about this so called virus. I am just learning about viruses and eager to learn more. This is my opinion for what I have learned. In short, viruses are not what has been described to us. Viruses are created within our bodies to get rid of toxins in the form of a cold or flu. Why we sneeze and cough when we get a cold or flu. Some people say it mutates. It mutates because each individual’s body creates what is needed to detox that body. No one can give it to us and we cannot give it to anyone else. It is our bodies response to keeping us healthy.

      1. Yes you are 100% correct in what you say and I am sick of the fraudulent pandemic as well and people taking a vaccine from the people who want to kill 95% OF THE POPULATION. Cheers for your reply and well done!

  2. Clarty and common sense, thank you Rachel.

    A recent news report that supports your claims:

    Corona Ordinance Unconstitutional :
    A landmark judgement in Weimar District Court Germany.

    “Based on what has been said, there can be no doubt that the number of deaths attributable to the lockdown policy measures alone, exceeds the number of deaths prevented by the lockdown many times over.”


  3. I agree, the picture of the puzzle is clear. We have a biblical problem , never thought I would see this in my lifetime, glad to be here

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