The British Wage War on the World

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Make sure to read the details under the headline link below. Save this TRUTH HISTORY in your family records so that your children are never indoctrinated by evil British monarchs again.

David Sarnoff – RCA, NBC, Pilgrims Society, Imperial British terrorist

Demand full disclosure of the war being waged by the British Imperial Empire against humanity.

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AIM Patriot and investigative sci-tech journalist Ramola D. at The Everyday Concerned Citizen sends us the links below. Get some eyeballs on this, especially our British friends. Features info on Wellcome Trust,WHO, SAGE, GAVI, CEPI, and Imperial College.

David Noakes, CEO, Immuno Biotech | It’s Bill Gates Who Has Locked Down the World

UK Column News – 15th April 2020: The Imperial College Bill Gates Connection

Are your eyes wide open…or are you still asleep? Make sure your information network knows about Tavistock programming and how it is used on a mass GLOBAL scale. The British Imperial Empire uses psychology and biology to terrorize the world so that the BATshit Queen and her evil Empire can take over the world. Please note that there are some comments in the video below that may or may not suit your spiritual inclinations.

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The world is jumping on the Let’s Sue China Train. OK with us. We will watch from the sidelines as it unfolds…but remember that the Queen is playing XI as the fool he is. Once we grab our reparations from China, let’s go after after the royal scum for their wealth. Any other country joining us or will America be the sole benefactors of the wealth of the British Imperial Empire when we strip the Privy Council and the royal trash for their crimes against humanity?

China Outraged After Largest German Newspaper Accuses Beijing Of “Exporting” Coronavirus Pandemic, Demands €149 Billion In Damages

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3 thoughts on “The British Wage War on the World”

  1. TREACHERY . TREASON . in high places! . end is nigh! . Nibiru January 2021!

    TRUMP + COVID-19 . Most Deceitful Coup In World History!

    Submitted by Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show on Sunday, April 19, 2020

    “I would rather have dangerous freedom than safe slavery” . Thomas Jefferson

    I cannot legally go to a Christian Church with common sense restrictions in place, such as social distancing and perhaps even wearing a face mask.

    However, I can go to a Walmart, with no real social distancing and virtually nobody is wearing a mask. Meanwhile, Christians are fined $500 apiece for

    worshipping Jesus, as well as risking jail time, and Walmart, as a corporation, has more rights than every citizen in the United States.

    The First Amendment’s right to assemble protects the multi-national corporation named Walmart. However, those same freedoms are denied to Christians. As bad as this may appear, this is the most mild of the transgressions committed against the Republic and its citizens.

    The Greatest Depression and Unparalleled Suffering

    The majority of Americans are being denied their right to gainful employment, the right to pay their mortgage/rent, the right buy food on an ONGOING

    basis, the right pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. America has allowed its economy to be destroyed.

    There is no coming back from this financial calamity. In the unlikely event the economy were to be opened today, it would take years to undo the

    heinous damage created by shutting down the economy in such a reckless fashion.

    Mike Adams said it best when he pointed out that we cannot just flip a switch and the economy will come back:

    The fascist government has zero interest in helping the people. The bailouts are entirely designed to bail out the wealthy corporations and the banks.

    The only reason why money is being mailed out to the masses is in the hopes that they will use the money to pay bank loans and credit card debts. In other words, the bailouts are the government’s way of bailing out the banks via the consumers who owe money to the banks.

    Even more importantly, this money isn’t “free.” There’s no such thing as free money. All the fiat currency money printing comes out of our pockets sooner or later via taxation or confiscation.

    Printing money doesn’t create wealth. It destroys wealth.

    Every dollar sent to a bank or a corporation as part of the bailout scheme is a dollar that must be stolen from the American people one way or another. Large-scale bailouts are really nothing more than large-scale looting of the pockets of the American workers.

    Once the bailouts begin, everybody scrambles to get their share of the bailout in order to avoid being left behind. It’s rational to accept bailout money if the bailouts are under way, since you need the extra cash to compensate for the erosion of the purchasing power of the dollar that’s being accelerated by the bailouts themselves.

    In the end, however, everyone loses as prices for consumers goods and services skyrocket due to an increased supply of fiat currency chasing a limited supply of goods. It’s Economics 101.

    Not to Worry, Trump and the COVID-19 Team Designed An Open America Plan

    People are calling me and are celebrating their perceived new-found freedom.

    I have to caution them, “not so fast, have you read the details of the COVID-19 Team and Trump?”

    While most of America is hailing Trump as a savior for their world, because America is now going to be open for business, these deluded people should do some fact checking.

    It is true that Trump stated that he can’t wait to attend a sporting event with a large crowd present. That sounded good to an enslaved nation.

    However, the devil is in the details as laid out by the CDC. Consider the following guidelines, that are listed as preconditions to entering Phase 1 of 3.

    Downward trajectory of influenza type illnesses reported within a 14 day period


    Downward trajectory of covid-like syndronomic cases reported within a 14 day period. Wait there’s more….

    Monitor conditions and immediately take steps to limit and mitigate any rebounds or outbreaks by restarting to an earlier phase, depending on severity (Editor’s Note: No guidelines listed for defining “severity”).

    This may be the single largest fraud ever perpetrated upon the American people. We are supposed to be dealing with the COVID-19 virus and not the flu, correct?

    Do you understood what you just read? Please read the words again and let the meaning sink in. The COVID-19 team is committing the fraud of

    throwing the flu in on top of the Coronavirus statistics. Do you understand this artificially inflates the numbers? Do you understand that this will lead to

    an increase in reported cases? Do you understand this will prevent, most, if not all 50 states, from even entering Phase 1?

    We are supposed to be dealing with the Coronavirus crisis, not a flu crisis. The obvious intent to keep the imprisonment of the American people and
    the destruction of the economy and the future of all Americans in a state of perpetual downward spiral resulting in enslavement. What alternative will

    America have at the point of total collapse over the stagnation of the economy? There will be a resolution of debt and a political resolution called digital currency (one for the world) and a one-world government.

    When we add the government stimulus to the equation, we have to ask a couple of important questions. First, who can live on $1,200?

    Second, do you know what Universal Basic Income (UBI) is? UBI is paying people not to work and that is exactly what is happening now.

    This is the modern day version of feudalism and you, ladies and gentlemen, are the newest class of serfs and this gives new meaning to the old

    Beach Boys song “Everybody’s gone serfing, serfing USA”.

    Please note the clear meaning in the quoted passages from the COVID-19 team, that an uptick results in a reset to an earlier phase.

    Since the flu statistics are fraudulently being included, won’t we see the same seasonal uptick in the flu, in flu season? In other words, there can be no

    escaping this form of medical martial law being imposed on the American people? Again, this unquestionably represents permanent enslavement.

    There is one more important aspect that needs to be included at this point. The manner in which a cause of death is reported is pushing the

    COVID-19 cause of death to be pushed to a higher than level than it should be because of the use of the world “presumptive” in the definitions provided by the CDC. Please note the following:

    ICD-10-CM Official Coding and Reporting Guidelines April 1, 2020 through September 30, 2020

    Code only confirmed cases Code only a confirmed diagnosis of the 2019 novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) as documented by the provider, documentation of a positive COVID-19 test result, or a presumptive positive COVID-19 test result. For a confirmed diagnosis, assign code U07.1, COVID-19.

    This is an exception to the hospital inpatient guideline Section II, H. In this context, “confirmation” does not require documentation of the type of test performed; the provider’s documentation that the individual has COVID-19 is sufficient.

    Presumptive positive COVID-19 test results should be coded as confirmed. A presumptive positive test result means an individual has tested positive for the virus at a local or state level, but it has not yet been confirmed by the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). CDC confirmation of local and state tests for COVID-19 is no longer required.

    “We think it is Corona virus and even if we are not sure, report it as Corona virus. These are the words of the CDC, not Dave Hodges.


    America’s epitaph has been written (1776-2020). The globalists have brilliantly bypassed the 430 million guns in private hands in America, and

    completed the most clever coup in world history and they even got a former populist President to go along with it.

    Every person has to make their choice on how to respond to the conquering of America. For myself, I will not comply.

    Welcome to the “new normal” AmeriKa!

    ‘Xi Jinping . Trump . Putin . on the Same Team’

    Videos . . .

    Website .

    Always look forward to hearing what Daniel Estulin has to say. He is a 24-year veteran of Russian military counterintelligence . he is a Doctor of

    Conceptual Intelligence . trained to “create models that define the future of humanity . at least one or two generations in advance…”

    Like most of the world . the United States is controlled by the Rothschild banking financiers . which is the domain of Wall Street . the City of London.

    the DC bureaucracy . British . US intelligence agencies.

    Hollywood, Silicon Valley, the Rockefeller crowd, Soros . the Mainstream Media . London School of Economics . Wharton School of Business, the big

    Think Tanks, the big foundations, the credit rating agencies . the people who’ve controlled the world for the past three generations . ever since 1944

    This are the Liberal banking order – not just in the US but globally.

    He explains that Russia is in a similar position . it is controlled by the same Liberal banking establishment (aka the Globalists).

    “Russia’s economic financial policy is written in the offices of International Monetary Fund…

    You are not allowed to make investments in rubles in Russia. You can only do it in dollars, just to give you an idea who controls Russia’s economy!”

    Similarly, China’s second-in-command, Premier Li Keqiang is a Davos darling and an agent of the Globalists.

    He is currently in charge of prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic.

    Trump represents an alternative, isolationist, industrial group seeking to dismantle this Globalist power structure, which if successful, will also

    liberate Russia, China, India and the rest of the world from this parasitical bankster class.

    What’s happening is not a battle between Conservatives vs. Liberals or between Capitalism vs. Socialism, it’s a movement against the current global financial model.

    Estulin believes that the Wuhan Covid-19 outbreak might be an operation of the British intelligence services (Globalists).seeking to destabilize and ultimately to get rid of Xi Jinping.

    He doesn’t believe the corona virus, itself as a serious disease, he believes this is a hybrid warfare campaign primarily being waged in the media.

    “Now, Putin in Russia was able to eliminate the Liberal financier government when he fired the entire government.

    Xi Jinping in China . he wanted to do the same thing after celebrating the Chinese New Year.

    The government of Li Keqiang . the current premier . a Liberal financier, just like the government that Putin eliminated in Russia.

    “These are the people at Xi Jinping is fighting against.

    The government of Li Keqiang, the Premier is a Liberal financier, financed and sponsored by the West, just like the Clintonoid Wall

    Street financial backers in America – the same people Trump is fighting against . it’s the same operation . globally .”Xi Jinping . Trump and Putin are on the same team.

    There is no war between the United States and China. They’re on the same team…

    “So, what we see in Corona virus, when we’re seeing Xi Jinping, Putin and Trump fighting the same elements, whether it’s the Liberal financiers and the Clintonoids in the United States, whether we’re talking about Biden or anybody else in America, whether they’re talking about the Li Keqiang

    government in China, we’re talking with the Liberal banking financier government in Russia, these are the same enemies of humanity and the war is for survival, because again, the Liberal banking financier model is on its deathbed…

    “There’s gonna come a period over the next couple of years, where the leaders of the great nations and powers are going to sit down and work out a Yalta II Agreement.

    “A couple of weeks ago, Putin used that same phrase. And what’s going to happen is . at the end of the first year of Trump’s second term, the great

    powers, China, Russia, the United States and India, they’re gonna sit down and they’re going to work out the agreement on the new rules and regulations of society.”

    Remember, we are immortal spiritual beings . soul droplets . dreaming within Beloved God . the Ocean of Love . as prodigal souls, we are having a transitory human experience . in Beloveds human kindergarten . for soul evolvement . we cannot be a positive ensouled human BE ing . if we are doing harm to others . rather Meditate on the path of . Awareness . Awakening . Understanding . Compassion . Forgiveness . Unconditional Love.

  2. Queen Elizabeth actually has DNA relating her back to the Nephilim from before The Flood.
    The Nephilim bodies drowned in the flood but one of Noah’s son’s Ham had taken a wife who carried the DNA.
    Ham became teh father of the black and brown tribes that produced Nimrod who built the Tower of Babel as a centre for the occult worship of Satan.
    When the Judahites were transported out of Judah-South Israel they were taken to Babylon and Assyria.
    They then drifted up into Germany as the Saxe-Coburgs under Frederick.
    His sister Augusta married Prince Frederick of Wales in 1736, their first-born son George III was crowned King of Great Britain and Ireland in 1760.
    Elizabeth the Reptilian thus carries German-Assyrian-Babylonian-Nephilim DNA which is why Princess Diana said she saw the reptilian emerge.
    Elizabeth also shows those black reptilian – basilisk eyes.

    1. Whatever. We don’t care if she is a little green man from Mars or a reptile. Our research shows that conclusively, she and her Privy Council planned and executed the overthrow attempt on Donald Trump. Americans demand reparations from this old bitch and her pedo sons.

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