7 thoughts on “JFK Jr. to return “from the grave” to endorse Trump 2020 says Trump brother”

    1. We checked and link you directly to @unclerobTrump’s site. We aren’t saying anything about it, just pointing attention to what the BROTHER of the president just tweeted out. We always thought that those envelopes contained a shocking picture because of how fast everyone reacted – too fast to read a message for the look of shock on their faces. Bet the envelopes contained a current picture of John John and his wife…maybe standing next to President Trump. That would be a shocker for sure!


    2. Remember that Hillary CLinton – who controls the encryption keys for the QRS11 – was going to have to primary against John-John for the Senate seat in New York. About that airplane crash…..

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  1. John-John had hundreds of hours of flight time in delicate ultralight aircraft and hundreds of hours in single engine general aviation craft. Friends at Teterboro noticed GWHB hit team messing with JJ Piper Saratoga. They removed front passenger seat, removed door and placed it behind pilot seat. A volunteer pilot flew to crash site, set trim tabs for glide slope and bailed out. Bodies were “cremated at sea, buried at sea” If true, the greatest trick ever played on the evil deep state, and a promising future for all humanity.

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  2. I think the masks are because queen Lizard does not know how to tell the world how she and her winged monkeys may have ended life on earth by creating and then blowing up Fukushima daiichi nuclear facility. General Electric, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Bush41, a fault line and the busiest tsunami beach in Japan.


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