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Donald Trump – World Class Con

In light of new revelations of Donald Trump’s con on the world about the vaccinations and Operation Warp Speed, we are bringing up some of the articles previously warning us of Donald Trump.

Below are headlines we posted this week, then below is an article from June 14, 2019.

Donald Trump – Traitor to America – Global Genocidist

COVID Fraud and Cover-up – Trump, Azar, Biden, and Fauci

By Far the Biggest Con Man
in U.S. Presidential History

Yes, he’s even a bigger CON than Manchurian Candidate Barack Hussein Obama and we thought that was impossible.

State of the Nation

First, we here at SOTN have a very serious admission to make.

From the very beginning — going back to June of 2015 on the very day that The Donald declared his candidacy for POTUS — we knew in our bones that Donald J. Trump was not quite right. We even posted 4 or 5 incisive exposés at that time cataloguing all the obvious problems with him.   For example, this revelatory article was posted in January of 2016: The Hidden Powers and Dubious Money Behind Donald Trump.

However, and it’s a HUGE however: we knew that it was absolutely critical for the continuity of the American Republic that Hillary Clinton was defeated. And so she was. And SOTN did its level best to ensure her defeat, especially here in the pivotal swing state of Florida.

Now we see that President Trump has transparently broken every major campaign promise that he made OVER and OVER and OVER again like the “Energizer Bunny” during the 2016 election cycle.

Not only has he broken every single promise, he has actually gone in the opposite direction of the most important ones such as his promise to make peace, not war.

For the diehard Trumpsters, especially, please understand that Trump quite knowingly created a hardcore War Cabinet full of Neocon warmongers. What follows are just a few of the worst of these criminally insane warmongering psychopaths who were personally appointed or approved of by this POTUS.

Mike Pence — Vice President

John Bolton — National Security Advisor (United States)

Mike Pompeo — Secretary of State

Gina Haspel — Director of the Central Intelligence Agency

Dan Coats — Director of National Intelligence

Steven Mnuchin — Secretary of the Treasury

Jared Kushner — Senior Advisor to the President

Elliot Abrams — United States Special Representative for Venezuela

Elan Carr — Special Envoy To Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism

(Source: Trump Enters Uneasy Truce with Deep State)

Please take a close look at the extremely important positions that each of these warmongers currently holds in the Trump administration. Hence, there’s no question that Trump was installed by his Neocon Zionist handlers to wage war … against any target Israel chooses (e.g. Iran, Syria, Venezuela, Yemen, Afghanistan, Somalia, etc.).

KEY POINT: Perhaps the major reason why Trump was installed in the White House by Israel was to first withdraw the United States from the Nuclear Deal so that the stage could be set to wage full-scale war against Iran for the sake of advancing the Greater Israel project. Even today the prez is recklessly sounding off about Iran as only a coerced (or mind-controlled) warmongering pawn would do.
See: As if on cue, President Trump falsely accuses Iran for an obvious false flag attack executed by the U.S. and Israel The critical point is that If Trump does not fire Bolton by Election Day, war with Iran is guaranteed if he’s re-elected!

And that’s the ‘good news’!

The bad news is that Donald Trump was specifically chosen to ensure that 5G technology was deployed across America as quickly and efficiently and improperly as possible. Which is why The 5G Roll-out is Trump’s 9/11.

And do you know he’s doing just that?!?! In spite of the hard scientific evidence that proves this about the 5G Super-Hotspots: You better know where the “kill zones” are located.

Essentially, The Donald was used as a puppet to corral the entire Right into the pen of compliance with regard to blindly accepting 5G. In other words, if the DON (aka The Donald) says 5G is okay, then it’s okay. Just go along to get along with the rest of your Qtard and Trumptard compatriots while the extremely dangerous radio-frequency levels and microwave radiation necessary for 5G activation fry your brains as they cook your insides.

Now, if you really want to see the GREATEST CON MAN at work, please watch the following video very carefully. What you will hear is our President even singing the praises of the ultra-dangerous 6G technology, while he is surrounded by a perfectly stage-crafted set designed to convince and deceive every American watching this highly deceitful production. Even Ivanka comes on stage to do her own duplicitous dog and pony show.

President Donald Trump Delivers Remarks on U.S. 5G Deployment (Video)

That the POTUS would take such a dramatic initiative to foist the extremely dangerous 5G paradigm on these United States of America is as treacherous as it is treasonous. His conduct in this matter — both presidential and personal — is way beyond contempt and deeply disturbing.

What Trump has done — through his own words and actions — is profoundly violate the public trust and irreparably break the social contract. By voiding the sacred covenant that exists between the governed and the government, he has made himself totally irrelevant going forward. In other words, his 2020 aspirations are toast.

2017 Inaugural Address

It’s truly inconceivable that President Trump could give the Inaugural Address that he gave on January 20, 2017 with a straight face. This was the moment when he took in so many across the nation into his web of premeditated deception and extraordinary perfidy.

It was also the moment that has proved him to be “By Far The Biggest Con Man in U.S. Presidential History”. It’s why he was installed by his Neocon Zionist masters—he will lie through his teeth about anything, to anyone, at anytime, to further his own political and personal goals. In short, Donald Trump has become dangerous to the extreme to the Republic and to the American people. A second term for him will totally ruin the American Republic just as his approved financial terrorism and economic sabotage against nations large and small have made the USA — BY FAR — the most hated country on Earth. See: Trump Administration Alienates World Community of Nations with Never-ending Economic Sabotage and Financial Terrorism


All the evidence has been stacking up for years that proves circumstantially Trump is being controlled by his Mossad handlers via blackmail and bribery directly related to Pedogate. As follows:

P E D O G A T E: A Global Child Trafficking and Exploitation Crime Syndicate

His long association with convicted pedophile and Mossad agent Jeffrey Epstein provides the indisputable prima facie evidence that Trump is one of them, not one of us. His name even showed up in Epstein’s little black book along with Bill and Hillary Clinton, Prince Andrew, Alan Dershowitz among hundreds of other VIPs. See: Why is Donald Trump’s Name in Pedophile Epstein’s Little Black Book?

Now many will say that there are so many people in Epstein’s records and that some of them could be perfectly innocent business and personal contacts. Oh, really? Super-Mossad Pedogate blackmailer par excellence Jeffrey Epstein’s little black book? Innocent?!?! See: Trump and Epstein accused of raping 13-year-old girl in complaint filed with United States District Court for the Southern District


Now here’s the real kicker: Trump appointed Alex Acosta as his Labor Secretary knowing that he was the United States Attorney for the Southern District of Florida who offered Epstein what was essentially an illegal and highly unethical plea deal which clearly violated the civil rights of the young victims. To be clear, Acosta knew that such a deal also violated federal law requiring the underage victims be informed of such an unjust plea bargain in advance of the offer.

Why would Trump ever make such an odious choice for Labor Secretary in view of Acosta’s repugnant behavior and official misconduct?

KEY POINTS (Made by sarz, a commenter at The Unz Review):(Source: Trump’s Betrayal of White America)

The historical record found in the public domain paints a picture of Donald Trump that unequivocally indicates he was deeply involved in Pedogate activities, perhaps spanning his entire lifetime. And, that this is the primary means by which he is being secretly controlled and manipulated by Israel. In point of fact, Israel owns and operates the Trump White House as never before in POTUS history. And that, Dear Patriots, spells
D I S A S T E R for the American people—UTTER DISASTER!

Israel & the Mossad

This is exactly how the Mossad controls nearly every VIP politician in the U.S. Federal Government — Pedogate — as they control all the heads of state and other top officials in the G20 nations and beyond.

Donald Trump Controlled By The Mossad – Part I

Donald Trump Controlled By The Mossad – Part II

Donald Trump Controlled By The Mossad – Part III

There’s now every reason to believe that Donald Trump was literally installed in the White House by the Mossad. Trump and Netanyahu are so close that the treason the Left accuses Trump of regarding collaboration with Russia is really true about his collusion with Israel. After all, who doesn’t know that Trump bombed Syria for Israel — TWICE — based on transparent lies and false flag chemical attacks carried out by Israel. See Trump Bombed Syria For Israel

Everything points to the great likelihood that Israel has so much dirt on Trump from his many years of dubious dealings in the New York City real estate market, and especially regarding the Atlantic City and Las Vegas gambling casinos, that they own him lock, stock and barrel.

The absurd misconception that Trump is his own man because he’s a supposed billionaire is so ridiculous only because he’s so friggin’ exposed legally, financially, and materially through his many buildings, golf courses, resorts and other properties. In other words, they can burn down one of his Trump Towers in a New York minute just as they can destroy his brand anywhere in the world they so choose, as Deep State and the Mainstream Media have successfully done to date.

So, Trump is anything but independent and free from extortion, blackmail or bribery. Because of his past bankruptcies (anywhere from 4 to 7), he’s particularly vulnerable to financial coercion and/or economic graft. As a matter of fact, he is much more controllable than a POTUS who has nothing because Trump has everything and, therefore, A LOT TO LOSE. Once he leaves high office, he will be especially susceptible to a whole range of criminal and civil prosecutions due to his deep and diverse business portfolio currently under investigation by the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York.

Much more significantly, however, is that Donald Trump is NOT a self-made man—he was a made man by the many rich and powerful Jewish power-brokers who completely controlled his destiny during his many years in the cutthroat New York City real estate market. Not only did this tight-knit cabal of Jewish bankers, lawyers, judges, accountants, developers, politicians and builders mentor and protect him, they basically owned him through the borrowed billions of dollars that were necessary to fund his many business ventures.

In point of fact, with each billion of indebtedness to those NYC banksters and German banks such as Deutsche Bank, Trump is perhaps one of the most financially exposed and, therefore, highly vulnerable businessmen in the USA. It ‘s exactly this type of financial exposure that the Mossad will exploit by which to control and coerce elected representatives and government officials. The more their victim owns and owes, the more susceptible they are to multiple types of blackmail and bribery. Clearly, this is Trump’s life at this very moment as Israel attempts to coerce him to start an unlawful and unprovoked war of naked aggression against Iran.

Banksta’s Paradise feat. Donald Trump (Video)


If there’s one dead giveaway that proves that Trump is a total fraud, it’s his extraordinary commitment to MIGA. As a matter of historical fact, no other president in U.S. history has gone so far out of their way to “Make Israel Great Again”. There’s not even a close second, even though crypto-Jewish President Lyndon B. Johnson permitted Israel to get away with the deadly and destructive attack on the USS Liberty. Just as Johnson ensured that Israel would secretly and illegally be given America’s nuclear weapon technology.

Israel’s Treacherous Attack on the USS Liberty

The critical point here is that Trump’s foreign policy is quite obviously dictated by his masters in Tel Aviv. When they say jump, Trump asks “How high, Bibi!” Yes, Netanyahu’s total control of him is that absolute… and worse.

The two unlawful missile strikes on Syria, which were obviously based on patently false pretexts, are glaring examples of Trump slavishly carrying water for Israel. Moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem and recognizing the Golan Heights as Israeli territory are two other egregious cases where Trump has unlawfully acted on behalf of his Zionist masters.

The fact that Trump has flipped yet again by keeping an occupying force in Syria also shows his true intent not to vacate that war-torn nation. No other POTUS has ever gotten away with so much flip-flopping, and yet it’s perfectly tolerated, even by the ever-dissembling Mainstream Media.

Trump’s Constant Betrayals of His Promises to Vacate Syria Laid Bare

This typical Trumpian tactic — flip-flopping — has kept everyone off-balance and guessing what he will do next when in fact he has known exactly what Israel’s plans for Syria have been and are to this day. The Neocon warmongers now bomb that country at will via the IDF, using Israel’s US-protected impunity to slowly degrade Syria’s defensive military positions.

Donald Trump made his first major mistake when he completely abandoned MAGA and replaced it with MIGA. The sheer number of Israel Firsters strategically positioned throughout his administration cannot be denied. In addition to those Neocon Zionists listed above, there are many others who have been stealthily placed inside the Beltway to carry out Israel’s nefarious agenda against the American people including the military deployment of 5G. This would also explains why 5G is not even permitted in Israel. As follows:

Well Whaddya Know! No 5G For Israel!

Here’s why 5G is NOT allowed in Israel where it was developed


Russian Jewish Mafia

While there was evidently no Russiagate conspiracy to collude with Russia to influence the 2016 election outcome, Trump’s close ties to the Russian Jewish Mafia do go back decades. Brighton Beach operatives such as Felix Sater tell a completely different story about Donald Trump’s real business background. Were the Right to become aware of the business practices that Trump routinely engaged in, they would jump off the Trump train in a heartbeat.

Likewise, Trump’s true relationship with the mob that has run both Las Vegas and Atlantic City for decades would expose him as a just another gambling casino mobster. Why else would he kneel before the king of Vegas and Macau — Sheldon Adelson — prior to his election? In reality, Trump has had to kiss the ring of many unsavory characters within the Casino Industry over the years to accomplish whatever he has done … just as he had to in the cut-throat New York City development arena.

Going back to his years as a NYC developer, it was notorious lawyer Roy Cohn who was one of Trump’s first mentors. Just a photo of Cohn (see the preceding photograph) reveals the badass character that he truly was, particularly wherever he aimed his legal weaponry for the benefit of The Donald.

The sordid back story here is so deep and so broad that folks would refuse to believe it. Nevertheless, Trump’s extremely close relationship with Cohn represents the very nexus of the Mossad, the Jewish Mafia, the Zionists Neocons and Israel’s influence first in the making of Donald Trump a 2016 POTUS candidate, and then the President.

Jared Kushner & Bibi Netanyahu

The definitive manifestation of Trump’s wholly inappropriate loyalty to Israel can be seen in his relationship with Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu. The bond between these two war criminals is so improper that it’s clear who owns who. However, it’s son-in-law Jared Kushner who really does the dirty work on behalf of both of these mafia dons—Netanyahu and Trump.

Israel’s House of Kushner Now Runs the Trump Administration for the NWO Globalists

This is where Trump’s son-in-law — Jared Kushner — comes in very handy for his handlers in Tel Aviv. Really, what is this kid even doing there?! A Chabad-affiliated Zionist and ultra-liberal NYC Jewish Neoliberal Neocon is jet-setting around the world making deals for the POTUS … … … after taking direction from Netanyahu. This arrangement is so wrong it screams with influence-buying, malfeasance and unseemly collusion whenever it’s necessary for these “Three Amigos” to close an illicit deal.

‘Kushner Coup’ inside the Trump White House

Whenever it concerns Trump, Netanyahu and Kushner, the only thing that comes to mind is “thicker than thieves”; and it doesn’t get thicker than these 3 schemers. After all, Trump gave his daughter to the Kushner family years ago to cement the alliance with various Israeli crime families, as well as the all-powerful Mossad. The Kushner family headed by Charles Kushner is well-known as a Jewish Mafia type who has worked closely with the Israeli Intelligence Community forever.

Jared Kushner: A Suspected Gangster Within the Trump White House

Dear reader, this is the only way to look at the current predicament: America is totally ruled by crime families, and the Trump-Kushner Crime Syndicate happens to be the one that occupies the White House at this time. As far as Trump’s partner-in-crime Bibi Netanyahu is concerned, have a look below at his secret strategy.

“If we get caught, they will just replace us with persons of the same cloth. So it doesn’t matter what you do. America is a Golden Calf and we will suck it dry, chop it up, and sell it off piece by piece until there is nothing left but the World’s biggest welfare state that we will create and control. Why? Because it’s God’s will and America is big enough to take the hit so we can do it again, again and again. This is what we do to countries that we hate. We destroy them very slowly and make them suffer for refusing to be our slaves.” — PM Benjamin Netanyahu
(Benjamin Netanyahu was in a meeting at Finks bar in Jerusalem, a well-known Mossad watering-hole. Here is what he said as taken directly from the transcript of the recording, which was witnessed and which has been 100% fully authenticated.)
(Source: MODERN STATE OF ISRAEL: Established as the Global Headquarters for ‘the World’s Largest Organized Crime Syndicate’)

Javanka, the Fric and Frac of the Trump Administration

There is perhaps no more graphic illustration of Trump’s shocking betrayal of his base than the appointment of his daughter Ivanka and her husband Jared to key White House advisory positions. These two ultra-progressive New Yorkers have ripped the guts out of Trump’s MAGA agenda. Both of them have stealthily undermined any attempt by Trump to implement a conservative plan to take back America.

First of all, what is Ivanaka doing anywhere near the West Wing?! This girl has only one interest and that is the enrichment of her family and their investment portfolio over any other goal or concern. Her casual yet ardent support of the 5G roll-out clearly showed she’s just another Trump airhead who doesn’t know the difference between 4G and 5G.

These two bad actors — Jared and Ivanka — even weighed in heavily to ensure Trump maintained taxpayer payments for the outrageous transgendering of American servicemen. What else needs to be said about these two covert agents of Cultural Marxism?! Javanka represents all that is seriously wrong with America today, as well as what is likely to bring about this nation’s downfall unless they are both frogmarched out of the West Wing post-haste.

By the way, her relationship with her father is quite likely something out of the annals of the CIA’s MK-Ultra Monarch mind-control program. And the many photos of Trump with his daughter tells the story that no one can deny.

There’s something very wrong with Trump’s relationship with his daughter Ivanka.

Trump: The First Jewish President

Just as Bill Clinton was the first BLACK president, Barack Obama was the first GAY president, Donald Trump is the first JEWISH president.

It’s indisputable that all of Trump’s children are either married or formerly married to Jews, or in dating relationship with them. It has been asserted by various Trump genealogy researchers that Donald Trump was born into a crypto-Jewish family, and that he may not even know it. However, one thing is for certain, Trump’s religious life is conducted as a zealous Christian Zionist who enthusiastically subscribes to the all the fabricated predictions associated with Zionism. Both he and Pompeo really believe that eschatological nonsense—concocted End-Time prophecy that is then carried out to convince the gullible believers.

Was Donald Trump born into a crypto-Jewish family?

This highly consequential data point is precisely why Trump appointed his son-in-law Jared to a senior advisor position in the White House. Likewise, his ultra-liberal daughter Ivanaka wields more power in the West Wing than any president’s child should ever possess. In so doing, Javanka have effectively hijacked the fake MAGA agenda and furtively replaced it with a cultural marxist one. In this way, the fundamentally Jewish creation of Cultural Marxism continues to run amuck across America, with the LGBT Mafia leading the charge.

There is a great likelihood that the strategic marriage between the Kushner Crime Family and Trump’s daughter was a well-planned political alliance ordered by the Jewish Mafia so that Netanyahu would eventually have an inside man in the White House. Jared Kushner is transparently running Trump’s foreign policy especially where it concerns the Middle East. He even [APPEARS] to be dictating the terms of the new and extremely one-sided peace plan for Palestine.

As mentioned, not only did Trump move the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem and recognize the Golan Heights as Israeli territory, he has also sided with Israel against Palestine in every instance of disagreement. This is why a special coin has been minted in Israel with Trump’s likeness on it comparing him to King Cyrus and a New Golan Heights community — “Trump Heights” — is named after him. Truly, Donald J. Trump is the “first Jewish president”… to the great detriment of the American people.

KEY POINT: Trump’s appointment of rabid Neocon Zionist Nikki Haley as the United States Ambassador to the United Nations was the lowest point in U.S. diplomatic history. How such a bellicose and brazen politician ever got appointed to such a sensitive post can only be explained by direct Israeli intervention. See NIKKI HALEY: The Scariest US Ambassador to the UN Ever!

Trump’s Decadent Lifestyle

There’s no question that Donald Trump’s decadent lifestyle – to this very day – has contributed majorly to his failed presidency. Anyone who eats at MacDonald every other day — at 73 years old especially — is setting themselves up for a HUGE fall…into the grave. And yet this is the least of his bad habits.

For the uninitiated, you become like the company you keep. If you hang with thieves you become a thief; conversely, if you congregate with saints you will eventually become a saint. In Trump’s case, it’s clear from the foul characters he has surrounded himself with in the Executive Branch that he really likes the bad actors. Just look at the list of warmongers posted above. When the entire administration is comprised of murderers, thieves, torturers and other maniacal sociopaths, what can the body politic expect?! The crux of the matter is that they all reflect the highly flawed character of President Trump. And, the resulting mayhem and strife prove it.

Of course, Trump’s well-known affairs with so many women over the years indicate a man OUT OF CONTROL. The many dramas associated his three marriages as well as his ownership of the Miss Universe Beauty Pageant further demonstrate both a lack of restraint and bold recklessness. (Trump Accused Again of Sexual Assault by Prominent Columnist)

How Trump was able to successfully con the Christian Right of his moral rectitude provides a serious study into the perilous nexus of sociopathic criminality and institutional ponerization. See: PONERIZATION: How the American Republic was taken over by political cliques of criminally insane psychopaths

Perhaps his greatest Achilles’s heel was exposed in Trump’s preoccupation with his gambling casinos. This business can turn even a saint into a sinner in a Vegas moment. The mob has always controlled gambling in America if for no other reason than to launder vast amounts of drug money, human trafficking money and illegal arms trafficking money. You simply can’t run a casino without being deeply involved in these and other illicit businesses such as prostitution, counterfeiting, fencing and extortion.

What’s of paramount importance to comprehend is that Trump is really not in his right mind. He refused to release his medical records because of the powerful prescription drugs that he regularly takes for years. Between his unusually bad diet and the toxic meds, Donald Trump has clearly been pushed into an early-onset dementia profile of which he may be totally unaware. His famous lack of proper sleep only further exacerbates this serious problem [FOR THE COUNTRY] as seen by his 3:00 AM tweets that send the stock market shooting up or crashing down. WOW ! ! !

One last essential point is that Trump is no friend of the environment or health advocacy. His shocking disregard for the Earth is displayed by his obsessive desire to sell LNG around the globe while tearing up the American landscape with fracking and other highly destructive shale gas extraction methods. He then forces other countries to buy our expensive natural gas when they can acquire it much cheaper from sources much closer than the USA.

Trump also recently deregulated GMO agriculture for Big Agra and even speaks about the need to receive regular vaccinations in spite of his son Barron showing signs of vaccine-induced autism. His serial flip-flopping on so many similar similar issues indicates no commitment to health or a clean environment which will ultimately be his undoing. His corrupt EPA Administrators have been anything but protective of the fragile environment but rather full-time lobbyists for Corporate America. But, hey, don’t even think of upsetting the posh and perfect atmosphere at Mar-a-lago. After all, Palm Beach, Florida is conveniently exempt from 5G wireless law while Trump fervently hard-sells 5G everywhere else.

Lastly, there are several reasons why Trump has been labelled Agent Orange by many on the Right, especially by countless conservative ex-Trumpsters. As Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces, he has proved himself incapable of shutting down the highly toxic chemtrails. In point of fact, the chemical geoengineering programs have been significantly worse since Trump has been POTUS. If he cannot even protect the American people from this ongoing full-scale weather warfare, what else is he permitting to be secretly perpetrated against US? Who doesn’t know by now that the constant weather modification and atmospheric manipulation are the primary reasons for the manmade global climate change? See: Geoengineering Is The Primary Cause Of Global Climate Change, Not CO2

Trump’s disastrous foreign policy

From the very beginning, President’s Trump’s foreign policy has been ruinous for the USA. Not only has it wrecked America’s international relations with friends and foes alike, the whole world has been plunged into a state of unparalleled chaos and conflict. In this particular regard, Trump fully deserves his moniker—the WRECKING BALL.

Team Trump knows only one method—gunboat diplomacy, as though “might makes right”. Trump’s War Cabinet has taken American exceptionalism to new levels of hubris and imperialism. It’s as though Trump’s masters have given him strict orders to enforce Pax Americana at the barrel of a gun or through war-triggering economic sanctions. Exactly who are his masters and where are they located? Chicago?

KEY POINT: The Military-Industrial Complex is headquartered in Chicago, IL. Chicago is also home to the extremely powerful Chicago Council on Global Affairs. Accordingly, Chicago is the planned capital of the North American Union once the borders are dissolved as they have been doing for decades. What isn’t well known is the intimate connection between the Modern State of Israel and the many Neocon Zionists who dominate the Chicago sphere of global power and influence. See this important exposé for more details: STRATFOR Chief Reveals Zio-Anglo-American Plot For World Domination

The cataclysmic trade war with China is just one example where Trump was set up to irreparably destroy a vital relationship with America’s biggest trading partner. His every arrogant move has been made to offend and outrage, prick and provoke. However, Trump’s deeply offensive policies are already producing enormous blowback As follows:

The grim realities that have emerged from this unparalleled trade war are many and profound. One of the many unintended consequences for America is that the Chinese and their trading partners are quickly reorganizing themselves into an international economic and financial bloc determined to forever undermine the US petrodollar as the world’s primary reserve currency. For all intents and purposes, this massive multi-nation initiative is a fait accompli—the reign of the once Almighty Dollar is effectively over. Now, the whole world waits with bated breath as the Neocon warmongers in total control of the White House make their next move.
(Source: Trade War Against China Is Backfiring—BIG TIME!)

Really, where is this all going but to hell in a handbasket. Clearly, Trump is being used to push the world community of nations into the hot phase of World War III on behalf of the Military-Industrial Complex … and he’s doing a heckuva good job for them. See: The Only Remaining Option for the NWO Globalist Cabal is World War III

Broken Promises by President Trump

What follows is a list of some of the broken promises and failed policies that have occurred on Trump’s watch:

The last Spending Bill was a HUGE political disaster for Trump as it was a catastrophe for the American people. The Military-Industrial Complex as always was the BIG winner.

The National Debt has ballooned under Trump. It’s now well over $21,000,000,000,000! The US Govt borrowed over $1 trillion in 2018 and much more in 2019.

Trillion Dollar Budget Deficits are returning according to the CBO.

Trade Deficits are also hitting a 10-year high.

The so-called ‘successful’ Tax Bill was mainly a giveaway to Corporate America and the super wealthy. The rich and powerful will only get richer from that Democrat-approved legislation. Really, why would the Democrats ever give Trump a legislative win unless their own unconscionable enrichment was guaranteed.

Obamacare was not repealed even with Republican majorities in both chambers. Why not? And now we’re stuck with it forever because of Trump’s willful incompetence.

The Border Wall remains as elusive today as it was when Trump first promised it. He really has no intention of building a wall or a fence or anything…and never did!

The DACA debate remains just that—a debate. There’s been no real movement.

As for federal Immigration Policy, almost every Trump executive order has been thwarted. He floats measures that are destined to fail… … …by purposeful design.

As for Abortion, not only is the criminal Planned Parenthood abortion factory still up and running, Infanticide-permitting laws are now approved in states both large and small.

Next, there is President Trump’s Gun Control, and the right to bear arms. Yes, he’s already foisting his own version of gun control stealthily on the nation. For instance, Trump directed AG Sessions to craft a new federal policy that was quietly restrictive. The right to purchase bump stocks has been revoked; so have silencers been shut down. Even the age allowed to buy assault weapons has been raised, but they can still go to war. There are other serious gun control measures in the works that have not yet been put out by the POTUS but we’ve heard his strong support of the state’s Red Flag Laws.

Draining the swamp was the most important promise that Trump made — REPEATEDLY — during the 2016 election cycle. “Lock her up!” was his campaign mantra that compelled many to get on the Trump train that is now a out-an-out train wreck. Not only did he not lock up Hillary, she’s out and about stomping the campaign circuit as though she’s running for POTUS in 2020. Only Trump associates have been arrested, prosecuted, convicted and incarcerated for crimes they did not even commit. Meanwhile, the self-incriminated coup plotters and obvious traitors are still on the loose conducting their soft coup. Quite UNBELIEVABLE ! ! !

Contrary to draining the swamp, the Trump administration has aggressively gone after the most courageous whistleblowers of our times such as Julian Assange. Trump’s DoJ has promised to put Assange behind bars for the rest of his natural life (Remember, without WikiLeaks Trump would have lost 2016). Furthermore, Trump has only tweeted about the countless and profound violations of the Second Amendment where it is conservatives — exclusively — who are illicitly censored, never liberals. His stunning lack of executive action in this regard is as reprehensible as it is despicable (as long as Trump still has his own Twitter account he cares not a whit about the intensifying censorship of the Right).
(Source: TRUMP Reality Check)

Bear in mind that this is just a partial list of broken promises and failed policy-making. A comprehensive list would be 10 times as long. Here’s another excellent take on Trump’s broken promises.

Unvarnished Status Report on Trump’s Promises

Many on the Right now correctly perceive that Trump’s promises were all fake. Just like “fake news”, Trump promised the world knowing he could not deliver on them but thoroughly understanding they would get him elected. And so they did.

Of course, his hidden sponsors pulling his strings and funding his campaign told him straight up: You can do whatever you want domestically as long as you give Israel free rein in the Middle East. And so he has… right up until today with this new development about his surreptitiously planned war with Iran.

HUGE BETRAYAL: Team Trump Planning Major War Using Tactical Nukes Against Iran for Fall 2019

How’s that for a stunningly treacherous betrayal of the American people? He promised to make peace and yet promotes war whenever it serves Israel or his own selfish business interests. He especially pushes America’s quiet wars on behalf of the all-powerful Military-Industrial Complex…for it is also the MIC that made sure of Trump’s victory, so his payback obligation to them is quite HUGE. And the MIC is getting everything they want like no other administration in U.S. history—BIG TIME!.

Trump’s 9/11 Betrayal

Donald Trump blatantly lied during the 2016 campaign by talking about the “dancing Muslims” who were photographed on September 11, 2001 capturing video of the burning Twin Towers. They were not Muslims as the historical record proves, they were Israelis who knew about the terrorist attacks well in advance. They also knew that it was a cruise missile launched by the U.S. military that penetrated the Pentagon, not American Airlines Flight 77.

9/11 FACT: The Pentagon Was Hit By A Cruise Missile From The US Military Arsenal

Trump also went from indicting the Saudis for their integral role in financing the 9/11 black operation during his campaign to making them his closest friends. His outright (and unlawful) support of the Saudi war on Yemen created the worst humanitarian disaster of the Third Millennium. That shift in policy only occurred with the uncompromising demand (read: coercion) of the Apartheid State of Israel who has since made common cause with the tyrannical KSA monarchy.

Trump also surrounded himself with the biggest Neocon Zionist movers and shakers who were directly behind the 9/11 attacks. Mayor Rudy Giuliani was, in fact, the New York City point man for both the stealthy controlled demolitions of World Trade Centers 1, 2 and 7, as well as the multiple ongoing cover-ups. See: Donald Trump’s Direct Links to 9/11 Perps Are Indisputable, Giuliani Was NYC Pointman

The bottom line regarding 9/11 truth is that Trump knows that many of his closest NYC friends were intimately involved in the 9/11 false flag operation. Many of these covert perpetrators were the actual brains and brawn that pulled it off. And, there are photos on the Internet that clearly show just how chummy Trump is with these criminally insane psychopaths.

KEY POINT: Where it concerns the 9/11 inside job, President Trump has proven himself to be a truly contemptible traitor to the American Republic of the highest order. Not only has he quite craftily continued the massive 9/11 cover-up for Israel, Saudi Arabia and Great Britain, he has taken every opportunity to falsely accuse the Muslims for that epic crime spree committed by Israel. See INDISPUTABLE EVIDENCE CONFIRMS: 9/11 was both an “Inside Job” and “Mossad Job”

By the way, does it get any worse than this 9/11 betrayal?! Here Trump is shmoozing with many of the Neocon Zionists who were directly responsible for the greatest terrorist attack on American soil! How does any real patriot even begin to justify such treasonous and repugnant behavior? That’s right: it can’t be justified, not even with the utterly absurd 5D chess that the Qtards insist is being played. What a total joke … on them and the Trumptards who are following their Pied Piper right over the cliff of a Zionist-engineered Armageddon.


Trump was not elected President of the United States of America, Jared Kushner was.

Actually, even that’s not entirely accurate since boy Kushner is totally controlled by Netanyahu and the head honchos at Chabad-Lubavitch International.

However, it’s really Bibi Netanyahu who controls Kushner as seen by Jared’s every international initiative where Israel always gains at the expense of everyone else.

Only with this correct understanding is it crystal clear that Trump is a frontman for the highly secret U.S. Government-Corporate Crime Syndicate that is dictated to by the Rothschild-led International Banking Cartel which answers to the Black Nobility, which in turn is directed by the highest levels of the World Shadow Government. As for why they really selected Trump during this exceptionally volatile period for the Global Economic & Financial System: Trump Was Chosen To Implement The Nuclear Option—To Declare A US, Inc. Bankruptcy.

Again, Donald Trump is nothing but a high-paid carnival barker and full-time distraction machine put into the Oval Office to MAKE SURE NOTHING EVER GETS DONE. He’s perfect! What could possibly get accomplished under a POTUS who is reviled by the opposition party and totally disrespected by his own party?

KEY POINT: Distraction from what, exactly? How about this: OPEN BORDERS & ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: A Highly Organized Communist Plot to Destroy the USA

Now here’s the real kicker: This whole Donald Trump “Con of the Millennium” was fastidiously set up by the New World Order globalist cabal. But what’s the con? Trump was used by the cabal to deliberately hijack the Patriot Movement, the Truth Movement, the Nationalist Movement, etc. so that the Right could be stampeded off the cliff of Trumpian warmongering on behalf of Israel.

KEY POINT: It was not Jared Kushner’s social media prowess and Internet machinations like those of Cambridge Analytica’s using Facebook that helped Trump win 2016, it was Israel’s total dominance of cyber-space. Yes, Jared was presented as the campaign’s general in charge of Trump’s IT election efforts, but that clandestine operation was actually run out of Tel Aviv. See: Israel’s #OperationTalpiot: THE GREATEST SPY MACHINE OF ALL TIME

Lastly, don’t ever forget that it was Israel that made sure Trump was elected. He simply would not have been elected without the agents from Tel Aviv fixing the election in ways that only they could get away with. That’s why Trump spends so much precious time and so many presidential initiatives that MIGA instead of MAGA. Therefore, only by proactively responding to this exceedingly grim reality can the Patriot Movement take back the American Republic from those who have stolen it.

State of the Nation
June 14, 2019

Special Note: Donald Trump first declared his candidacy for POTUS in June of 2015. This exposé was quite purposefully published in June of 2019 as a means of revealing his fraudulent presidency for what it truly is. Trump has proven to be an unmitigated disaster for the country as he is an ongoing calamity for the world-at-large.

Author’s Note: Undoubtedly, many in our regular audience will be horrified by this uniquely candid assessment of the Trump presidency. Some will even send us their fact-free screeds explaining how we have misrepresented Trump, his appointees and other associates. Please, spare us the juvenile delusion. Are we supposed to just sit and watch the 5G roll-out zip along until we’re all fried, baked and broiled? Even though Hard evidence proves US gov’t lied about 5G. Navy research report confirms numerous health dangers. Just WOW ! ! !

Oh, and by the way, any Trumpster who thinks this radioactive back story is dangerously revealing, wait until Part II and III of this series are published. As the subtitle of this post clearly states:

By far the Biggest Con Man
in U.S. Presidential History

Editor’s Note: Many folks will question how we could possibly write that Trump is a bigger con than Obama. Obama never gave an Inaugural Address like this: President Donald Trump’s Inaugural Address (Video). In retrospect, that incomparable speech was perhaps the biggest crock of shit in world history, with nothing else even coming close to so much blatant BS. Now here’s the real scam: Trump was set up as the anti-Obama. It’s entirely true that the Obamanation was the greatest catastrophe in U.S. history and that Trump was ostensibly sculpted as the wrecking ball to knock it down. However, that’s not happening. Instead, the U.S. citizenry has been forever divided between the Right and the Left with no possibility of reconciliation. Cultural marxists and political bolsheviks like George Soros are allowed to run amuck with no threat of arrest for treason. Trump may not even know that his primary mission is to keep the body politic sufficiently divided so that The Powers That Be can continue to covertly collapsing the American Republic. On the other hand, he may be knowingly playing his role to perfection on behalf of the banksters.

Recommended Reading

Bush Funeral “Envelope Affair” Solved: The Mexican Standoff Inside the Beltway (Important Updates on 2/28)


Trump’s Foreign Policy Reality Check: Every single patriot needs to read this analysis!

Update 1

An SOTN reader reminded us that perhaps President Trump’s greatest betrayal of the American people occurred when he signed into law the Chabad-dictated Noahide Laws, “which basically makes all American servants and slaves of Israel”. This very quiet single act of treason will go down in U.S. history when the United States was really taken over by the criminally rogue state of Israel. See: Dr. Lorraine Day Tells About the Passing of the Noahide Laws (Video)

Update 2

President Trump kicked of his re-election campaign in Orlando Florida this past Tuesday, June 18, as predicted and shortly after the posting of this exposé as SOTN planned. He proceeded to trot out all the same false promises, fake campaign slogans and similar base-triggering rhetoric. There was not a single word of substance or reality in his re-election speech. Trump quite ridiculously even promised to cure cancer and eradicate AIDS. Clearly, his 2020 strategy has put his dog and pony show right on par with the Theater of the Absurd. His primary 2020 slogan — “Keep America Great” — also known as KAG, is really much more like GAG, especially after his utterly phony performance.

British Use Psychological Warfare to Control the World

In the video below, Brian Gerrish describes a psychological operation being run on the people of the world. He doesn’t seem to know where it is coming from….but AIMCats do! If you can get this information to Reiner Fullmich, please do so. We have fully documented how the Brits have controlled the media since 1909 with the purpose of brainwashing and mind-controlling humanity through lies and propaganda with a dash of subliminal messaging.


Justus Hoffmann. (Sep. 13, 2021). Brian Gerrish Interview, Reiner Fuellmich On Huge Psychological Operation re. Mindspace Neuro-Linguistic Programming NLP. OVALmedia, Health Freedom Resources.

Read the transcript here: Brian Gerrish’s testimony to Reiner Füllmich: Our oppressors are very frightened people


British government (Pilgrims Society) has funded neuro-linguistic programming mind control via Tavistock Institute/BBC to promote genocide since the early 1900s and the British War Propaganda Bureau


Proof the 1917 British War Cabinet (WWI) created modern day weaponize propaganda

George Soros and the formation of the C.I.A. are linked to the 1917 British war propaganda minister MP, banker, railway director, Eric Hambro

British Use Psychological Warfare to Control the World

Learn more inside this extensive article full of original sources and documentation.


Sarah Makin-Acciani: Global WHO Vaccine Paramilitary

We were requested by an AIMCat to identify Sarah Makin-Acciani, who was leading a Zoom call this week with some mucky-mucks regarding the topic of non-governmental organizations assisting Afghanistan evacuees, and let the public know who she really is.

Sarah Makin-Acciani: Global WHO Vaccine Paramilitary

Thomas Acciani newly-minted husband of Sarah E. Makin-Acciani (married May 26, 2018)

HHS, Office of Infectious Disease and HIV/AIDS Policy (OIDP)—Tony Fauci

Sarah Makin-Acciani is a career bureaucrat who was appointed to the National Security Council (2020-Jan 2021) as Senior Director for International Religious Freedom.

Contributor to Vaccines National Strategic Plan, Nov. 13, 2020

  • (“The Vaccines National Strategic Plan 2021–2025 (Plan) provides a vision for the U.S. vaccine and immunization enterprise for the next five years.”)
  • (“Objective 3.1 Counter vaccine mis- and disinformation and increase public support for the individual and societal benefits of vaccination.”)
  • (“Objective 3.4 Reduce disparities and inequities in vaccine confidence and acceptance.”)
  • (“Objective 4.3 Strengthen data infrastructure, including Immunization Information Systems, to track vaccine coverage in the United States and conduct surveillance of vaccine-preventable diseases.”)
  • (“Objective 5.2 Support global partners in efforts to combat vaccine misinformation, disinformation, and hesitancy worldwide.”)
  • (“Objective 5.4 Increase coordination of global immunization efforts across federal agencies and with global partners.”)

Sarah E. (“Elizabeth”) Makin-Acciani (b. Mar. 1983) |

Thomas H. (“Henry”) Acciani (b. Jun. 1983)

(Fauci’s cheerleader inside Pence COVID taskforce via wife Sarah E. Makin-Acciani)

(Received significant NIH/NIAID funding from FAUCI)

610 I Street SE

Washington, DC 20003

Thomas H Acciani’s District Of Columbia Voter Registration

Washington, District Of Columbia

Thomas H Acciani is listed at 610 I St Se Washington, Dc 20003 and has no political party affiliation. Thomas is registered to vote in District Of Columbia.

Arizona Appeals Court are anti-Trump globalists

Some Arizona AIMCats who are working on the election rigging, asked us about the three judges on the Arizona Appeals Court re. Arizona audit.

The three judges are:

Maria Elena Cruz, Michael Brown and Jennifer Campbell

Below we are AFI miner notes for the team. Please share widely with others who need to expose how corrupt these three judicial amigos are.

CONCLUSION: Cruz and Campbell are definite anti-Trump globalist placeholders; Brown has two family entities into which payoffs can easily flow. In any event, he can be outvoted by the anti-Trump globalist loyalists

Jennifer B. Campbell

president of the Arizona Judges Association

He husband is Judge Robert M. Brutinel

Elected Officials Retirement Fund, Phoenix AZ over $100,000
               See analysis above for Judge Cruz.—Globalist Controlled

Nationwide Deferred Compensation, Columbus OH over $100,000

Pound Civil Justice Institute State Forum for Appellate Judges An evident globalist NGO “ntional legal think tank” (funders not disclosed)

What? No Arizona firm is good enough to manage ARIZONA?


Judge Cruz would certainly be influence by out-of-state actors who could threaten the value of her retirement account.

BNY Mellon is a Robert Mueller-controlled entity.


During the 2008 banking crisis, J. David Officer and BNY engaged in a scheme to defraud custodial customers in undisclosed, fraudulent and misleading foreign exchanges. They were indicted in 2011. U.S. v. BNY Mellon, Case No. 11-cv-6969 (SDNY 2011). This could help explain why J. David Officer was only Chairman, President and CEO at Mellon Optima for one year.

AFI covered HSBC Whistleblower Hervé Falciani who blew the lid off of these offshore tax havens where money launderers, arm’s dealers, spies and fraudsters sip coffee together. Falciani exposed all of the banks in Mueller’s portfolio.

See also:

Judge Cruz obtained a Juris Doctorate from the University of Arizona, James E. Rogers College of Law and has a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Arizona.  She began her practice of law as a prosecutor in Arizona at the Yuma County Attorney’s Office, prosecuting felony offenders.  Later, she practiced in criminal defense, eventually venturing into solo practice. 

As a solo practitioner, Judge Cruz primarily undertook representation in criminal and family law matters and served as judge pro-tem for the Cocopah Indian Tribe.  In 2008 Judge Cruz was elected Superior Court Judge in Yuma County, Arizona and at the time of her appointment to the Court of Appeals was the Presiding Judge in Yuma County. 

In addition to her judicial responsibilities, Judge Cruz serves on the Arizona Supreme Court’s Commission on Access to Justice, as well as the Arizona Supreme Court’s Task Force on Justice for All and the Commission on Victims in the Court.

Judge Cruz contributes to the development of the law internationally by serving as a professor of law teaching trial advocacy in various regions within the Republic of Mexico, including Mexico City, Tijuana, Mexicali, La Paz, and Guanajuato.

Michael J. Brown

Michael Brown received his B.S. from Brigham Young University in 1989 and his J.D. from Arizona State University College of Law in 1992.[4]

In 1992, Brown began his legal career as a law clerk for Judge Thomas KleinschmidtArizona Court of Appeals. After his clerkship he served as city attorney for Show Low, Ariz., from 1993 to 2003 and town attorney for Snowflake, Ariz., from 1993 to 2000. Brown served as a part-time Navajo County Superior Court judge pro tempore in 1998. From 1993 to 2006, he was also in private practice with Brown & Brown Law Offices, PC, in Pinetop-Lakeside, Ariz. Brown was appointed as a judge on the Arizona Court of Appeals, Division One, in 2007 and named chief judge in July 2015.[4]


Holdings in — an evident money laundering operation with a emotional brain surgery propaganda front.

Holdings J. ALBERT BROWN RANCHES, INC. — another convenience money laundering sink hole

Judge Brown has multiple avenues for laundering bribes

Ask him to report the incomes of these entities and the sources of this income.

Ask him why he would deny a court reporter in his court. Thus, deny due process. Shows his propensity to hide embarrassing activities by him. (“(generally slightly left-leaning)”)

Note: Barclays is one of Judge Cruz’s brokers who also loans money to SGO Smartmatic Dominion.

Cruz’s auditors should be asked about these interlocked investment associations:

Note: Goldman Sachs was a member of Barack Obama’s Technology CEO Council up to the end of his term—Cruz’s largest broker.

Cruz’s investment brokers have huge interests in preventing the Election of Donald J. Trump.

D.E. Shaw is Larry Summers’ firm where he was a senior partner

Microsoft, Amazon and Apple have both notoriously participated in 2020 election rigging; all three of these firms are directly associated with Arizona’s King Michael Crow, chairman of the C.I.A. In-Q-Tel that is allied with Lord Mark Malloch-Brown and the election riggers Dominion/Smartmatic

Also, Bridgewater is the firm where James B. Comey worked prior to HSBC and before he became FBI director.


Maria Elena Cruz

[Conclusion: A placeholder for others. Given involvement in Mexico, likely holds undisclosed bank accounts there. Her retirement account is managed by globalist entities in NY and London, notably Barclays Bank, who loans money to SGO Smartmatic—Lord Mark Malloch-Brown and Kamala Harris’ handler Sir Nigel Knowles]. Evidently, she’ll vote like she is instructed in order to preserve her retirement account,%20Maria%20Elena%20-%20New%20Appointee.pdf

Holdings in:


Other relevant notes:


Robber Barons Created Homosexual Operations at the YMCA

What do a genital-urology surgeon named BANGS,* the Y architect, a “Christian socialist” and three Robber barons, including JP Morgan and Cornelius Vanderbilt, have in common? * you cannot make this stuff up

They founded the New York Y-M-C-A in 1865

J. Pierpont Morgan (J.P. Morgan), director, treasurer; Elihu Root, committee chairman. (May 15, 1865). YMCA of New York 13th (partial) and 14th (full) Annual Reports, Act of Incorporation. University of Minnesota Libraries, Kautz Family YMCA Archives. New York Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA). 

Founding NY YMCA incorporating officers on May 13, 1868

  1. William E. Dodge, Jr., president; Phelps Dodge (NYSE: PD, 15,000+ employees); copper mining, smelting; lumber; cotton import-export from U.S. south to the Liverpool, UK
  2. William Harman Brown, vice-president; treasurer, American Institute of Christian Philosophy, 64 Broadway (founded 1881, directors included life member Cornelius Vanderbilt [d. Sep. 12, 1899] of New York, continued ca. 1900 [p. 21], ); promoted Theism and Scientism; influenced by Oxford and Sir William Mitchell Ramsay; see Propaganda of philosophy: History of the American Institute of Christian Philosophy, 1881-1914
  3. Cornelius Vanderbilt, shadow vice president; treasurer; steamship, railroad monopolies; Manhattan real estate; Grand Central; chairman, audit committee (1875)
  4. Robert R. McBurney (from 1862), corresponding secretary; architect; designed the first YMCA building in 1870; one of his biographers wrote that McBurney’s influence on the YMCA movement was “profound, exceeding that of any other man.”; founding trustee,  The YMCA School for Christian Workers (1884-99, where basketball was first played); see archives; biography (1902, “model of the the association architecture of the future” entrance, reading room, private office, recreation room, parlors, lecture rooms, gymnasium, “abundant” bath-rooms, swimming pool, bowling alleys, library,  class-rooms, auditorium); member, Committee for the Suppression of Vice; proponent of “Christian socialism” in Europe; d. 1898 age 67, Bishop Henry C. Potter eulogized (later was first president of the Pilgrims Society of America)
  5. L. (Lemuel) Bolton Bangs (1842-1914) recording secretary; president, American Association of Genito-urinary Surgeons, 1895 (relating to the genital and urinary organs. “genitourinary medicine”); See Atlas of Syphilis and the Venereal Diseases (L. Bolton Bangs, 1899).
  6. J. Pierpont Morgan, treasurer; Lord Rothschild, George Peabody protégé; co-founder of the British Pilgrims Society (1902); purchased editorial control of American newspapers for the Pilgrims propaganda (1912); notorious homosexual

Robert R. McBurney, 1883

Read the opposite from these monopolists and slaveholders:

Peter Auger, City Manager of Novi, Destroys Watershed Neighborhood

Just when you thought the state of Michigan couldn’t be more corrupt that it is under the Whitmer-Benson-Soros dynasty (see articles below for details), the Novi, Michigan local yocals are actively destroying protected wetlands to benefit private builders and a corrupt city management team, while the EGLE and state of Michigan turn a blind eye in this wetland destruction.

The neighborhood is a huge wetland watershed protected by environmental laws, or so the residents thought until the city manager- Peter “the Ogre” Auger- decided to use public Enterprise Funds to benefit his builder buddy Mark Guidobono of Cambridge Builders to put sewer lines throughout the wetlands. Neighbors have lived in the area for decades and were perfectly content with their large lots and septic and well systems. The ongoing dewatering/watershed destruction project is now a two-year disaster and getting worse, having destroyed 13 ponds and hundreds of acres of wetland forests.

The city of Novi boasts about its protection of wetlands in this glossy report:

See the commitment that the City of Novi has on paper….In practice, however, the city management and council give builders, not birds, fish and current homeowners, priority over Huron River watershed use.


The Gabriels have joined their neighbors in taking on the City of Novi and its city manager Peter Auger for their wanton destruction of a protected watershed. AIM readers will be thrilled to follow the story, not just for its drama and intrigue that we will be revealing in coming weeks, but so that you can learn guerrilla techniques to shame and blame your own out-of-control school and community boards. Hang on, folks….the city of Novi hasn’t met the ferocity of AIMCats on a mission. It’s going to be epic.

One of the first things you will want to know about this story is that the community had a professional with over 40 years experience look at the area. Mike Wilczynski is a certified professional geologists from Pangea Environmental. Mr. Wilczynski reports:


Pangea Environmental, LLC was contacted by the State Conservation Committee of the Sierra Club to investigate complaints that Garfield Lake and nearby wetlands and ponds were drying up as a result of sewer construction.  We looked at water well logs, topographic maps from the US Geological Survey, Geological Map of Oakland County, conducted field visits and spoke with residents.  Additional information was recently provided by the City of Novi.  This included piezometer (monitoring well) logs along the sewer construction route and groundwater drawdown from pumping over time.

Based on our review of the information, it is our opinion the problems encountered during the boring for the sewer should have been foreseen if a simple geological survey was conducted.  We believe this project should not have been approved using the current methods, if at all.

The Geological Map of Oakland County indicates areas of glacial till in the route of the sewer.  Glacial till is material that was just dumped at the front of a glacier as it is at a standstill or retreating.  This includes material ranging in size from clay to boulders.  It is these boulders that are slowing down the boring for the sewer line.  Boring for the sewer line works well in glacial outwash, which is also present, but not so well in till.  

The water well records indicated groundwater as shallow as 5 feet below the surface.  The topographic maps indicate surface water that is connected to the groundwater. Garfield Lake is a former gravel pit that has filled with groundwater.  Wetlands are also formed by shallow groundwater.

The pumping of groundwater to lower the water table (or groundwater surface) has dropped the groundwater levels close to 20 ft along the sewer route since the start of the project.  The large volume of groundwater removed is causing an area of a lowered water table and is removing water from Garfield Lake and wetlands due to the connection to the groundwater.  This area of depressed water table and draining of surface water is still expanding and appears to have reached the fishing pond in Maybury State Park over a mile away.

(Sidebar photo and comment-not a part of the geologist report.) Maybury Park with its beautiful fishing lakes and ponds don’t look like this now ever since the “Ogre of Novi” started the dewatering project in the Huron watershed basin, creating environmental loss of fish, birds, wildlife, and simple enjoyment of this beautiful park?
Where is the state of Michigan in the destruction of one of its state parks?

Every site is unique, but as a general rule, it takes about as long for the groundwater and surface water to return to pre-pumping levels as it did to lower the water once equilibrium is reached and the area of impact is no longer increasing.  This has not yet occurred and the project is now hopefully going to be finished by the end of summer.  It appears pumping started in June 2019.  So, we are looking at approximately 2 to 3 yrs for the water levels to return to pre-pumping levels. Again, this is only a rough estimate based on a general rule of thumb.  It may take much longer for the ecological communities to be re-established.

There are also sites of known contamination within the area impacted.  We do not know how or if the pumping will impact the contamination.

The Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy (EGLE) granted the permit for the project and is now silent.  This is typical when they make a mistake based on my experience.  I have other examples where EGLE has allowed the destruction of surface water and wetlands and is now ignoring the property owners impacted. 

I have had numerous emails and meetings with Jerrod Sanders, EGLE Water Resources Division Deputy Director, and he has stated EGLE will not use geological information when they evaluate a complaint.  They want to ignore the science most closely related to the problem.  All because an atorney may refute the information.  That is why you need good geologists.  EGLE is very short on these people, as most, like me retired.  I worked for the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) EGLEs previous name for 12 years as a Senior Geologist, prior to retirement.  I started Pangea Environmental, LLC to provide free to low cost consulting to community groups who have been impacted by EGLE failures.



This story is unfolding and, as usual, we will post lots of memes, videos, and high-energy social media ‘weapons’ to launch at the Ogre and his nature-destroying comrades at the City of Novi.




Here are more details on George Soros operatives Whitmer and Benson, mentioned in the first paragraph:

Gretchen Whitmer Profits from Pandemic Investment Fund

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s financial disclosure hides her Pilgrims Society conspiracy

Michigan Secretary of State is a Pilgrims Operative Put in Place to Destroy Michigan

Michigan Power Couple Attempts to Destroy The President

Exposing the Notorious Founders of the YMCA

We are compiling a report on the YMCA and its questionable beginnings with Sir Hodder-Williams, expanded to include notorious historical figures like J. P. Morgan and Elihu Root. We are seeing a global network of ‘underground’ child trafficking throughout the Y operation. We are keeping our research notes available for members of the AIM team so you know what we are finding. Our full report, which will come in a week or so, will contain many of these findings.

Recently, we reported (look under headline links for details):

YMCA, BoJo, and Human Trafficking


Sir J. E. (John Ernest) Hodder-Williams. (1906). The Life of Sir George Williams, republished in 1918 as The Father of the Red Triangle, The Life of Sir George Williams, Founder of the Y.M.C.A., 348 pgs. Hodder and Stoughton.


Remind you of anything?



Tellingly, Wikipedia for JP Morgan’s 18-page biography makes no mention of him being associated with the NY YMCA.

This hidden agenda is now screaming to be let out! … neither does BoJo’s 80-page Wikipedia mention that his great great great grandpappy Sir George Williams founded it… now we know, with Barclays and JPMorgan slave money. The anti-porn thing is also telling. Me thinks the virgin doth protest too much.


American Red Cross was dominated by the Pilgrims;view=fulltext

As the story goes, the Red Cross were said to have convinced Allied bombers not to bomb Ravensburg where Eugen and Klaus Scwab were busying building Escher Wyss uranium processing components!

Depew, Choate, Dodge, Morgan (+Columbia), Rockefeller, Potter (+Columbia), Schwab



New York YMCA founded in immorality—to replace the British slave trade with buggered and raped urban slaves; many founders later joined the British Pilgrims Society to consolidate their London trading profits on the backs of their new urban industrial slaves.

Simultaneously, they exacted revenge upon the Christian Church and spirituality for forcing them to abolish slavery by pretending to be Christian while buying silence for their buggery and rape from the churches with lavish donations and silence about the rape and buggery of too many of their leaders

Notable among the founders were later Pilgrims J.P. Morgan and Elihu Root. Root became private attorney to Andrew Carnegie and JD Rockefeller, founding president of the Carnegie Endowment and Council on Foreign Relations.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s great great great grandfather Sir George Williams founded the YMCA in 1844. BoJo’s new wife, Carrie Bevan Symonds is the illegitimate great granddaughter of Pilgrims co-founder Herbert H. Asquith, founder of MI6, MI5 and GCHQ

Full document PDF is currently being compress from 150MB to a more manageable size.

In the meantime, the 1865-66 Annual Reports are available here:

CITATION: J. Pierpont Morgan, director, treasurer, Elihu Root, committee chairman. (May 15, 1865). YMCA of New York 13th (partial) and 14th (full) Annual Reports, Act of Incorporation. University of Minnesota Libraries, Kautz Family YMCA Archives. New York Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA).

JP Morgan’s history, except for the YMCA and British Pilgrims Society are well known.

Equally notorious is Elihu Root’s criminality:

Elihu Root New York YMCA 13th (partial) and 14th (full) Annual Reports, Act of Incorporation, (1845-1937), Attorney for Andrew Carnegie (ca. 1890-); Co-founder of the Pilgrims Society (1902); Secretary of State (1905-1909); Secretary of War (1899-1904); U.S. Senator (NY, 1909-1915); President of the Carnegie Foundation for International Peace (1910); President of the Council on Foreign Relations (1921)






Carrie Bojo and the Symonds Family

The freshly-minted First British Baby Mommy, Carrie Symonds, works for the $48 million Rockefeller Foundation 501(c)(3) slush fund Oceana in Washington, D.C.

Oceana orders Chinese garbage ships to dump trash in the middle of the Pacific as false flag climate change propaganda

Carrie’s illegitimate bloodline includes British Prime Minister H.H. Asquith, Earl of Oxford, Prime Minister 1908-1916), who co-founded the British Pilgrims Society, helped orchestrate the current British Pilgrims hijack of U.S. institutions, fomented WWI, and formed the modern fusion of propaganda (lying) and intelligence (spying) and vaccine/chemical weaponization (killing)

Carrie’s parents and grandparents helped perpetrate the British fraud that is modern propaganda journalism as a tool of totalitarian corporatist state-ism (communism 3.0).

The Corrupt Couple Highlights:

  1. Prime Minister Boris Johnson (“BoJo”) was president of the Oxford Union (1985) when FISA Court Judge James E. “Jeb” Boasberg was at Oxford University—the FISA judge who approved the surveillance of George Papadopoulos and Carter Page.
  2. Carrie Symonds Johnson “advises” the Rockefellers at Washington, D.C.-based Oceana.
  3. Carrie’s father Matthew Symonds worked for the Larry Ellison (Oracle database) Foundation until late last year when it was closed abruptly following exposes of Ellison’s close ties to British intelligence—Ellison’s Oracle database stores the demonic collection of personally identifiable data by British Pilgrims Society criminals.
  4. Carrie’s grandmother Anne Hilda Symonds was London editor of the BBC propaganda machine; she was also the illegitimate daughter of British Prime Minister H. H. Asquith, a co-founder of the British Pilgrims Society and Prime Minister when MI6, MI5 and GC&CS now GCHQ were founded by newspapermen attending the First Imperial Press Conference, 1909 in London.
  5. Carries grandfather Baron Ardwick, worked for The Mirror Group formerly owned by Gislaine Maxwell’s  father Robert (Jeffrey Epstein’s madam).

Carrie Johnson[1] (née Symonds; born 17 March 1988) is a British political activist, conservationist, and the wife of the Prime Minister of the United KingdomBoris Johnson. She had been the first unmarried partner of a prime minister to reside at Downing Street

Carrie’s Father: Matthew John Symonds (b. Dec. 20. 1953)

Carrie’s Grandfather:

John Beavan, Baron Ardwick

Grandpa Beavan was reporter of the Manchester Evening News, becoming its editor in 1943. Between 1946 and 1955, he was London editor of The Guardian.[2] For two years, 1960 to 1962, he was editor of the Daily Herald, then becoming political advisor to the Mirror Group, a post he retained until 1976.[3] He was a Labour Member of the European Parliament from 1975 to 1979.[2]

On 16 January 1970, he was created a life peer as Baron Ardwick of Barnes in the London Borough of Richmond upon Thames.[4]

Carrie Johnson[1] (née Symonds; born 17 March 1988) is a British political activist, conservationist, and the wife of the Prime Minister of the United KingdomBoris Johnson. She had been the first unmarried partner of a prime minister to reside at Downing Street

Johnson was born on 17 March 1988 to Matthew Symonds, co-founder of The Independent, and Josephine Mcaffee (née Lawrence), a lawyer working for that newspaper.[3][4] Her paternal grandfather was John Beavan, Baron Ardwick (at one time editor of the Daily Herald and later, during the 1970s, a Labour Party MEP), and her paternal grandmother was Anne Symonds, a BBC World Service journalist.[5][6]

She works as a senior advisor to the ocean conservation charity Oceana – funded by the Rockefeller Brother Fund

Johnson has four children with ex-wife Marina Wheeler, a lawyer whom he divorced earlier this year after they separated in 2018.

The Prime Minister also has a fifth child, with art consultant Helen Macintyre, from an affair while Johnson was London’s mayor; though Macintyre attempted to keep the details of her daughter’s paternity private, appeals court judges ruled in 2013 that the public had a right to know about the extramarital liaison that produced the child.

Johnson—previously referred to as “Bonking Boris” by some British tabloids—has led a complex private life, with two divorces under his belt and multiple rumored extramarital affairs.

Boris Johnson back at work at No 10 after Carrie Symonds gives birth

At 33, the conservationist and erstwhile political PR will be the youngest spouse as she stands by the side of Boris Johnson, 56, at their first key event since their secret marriage on Saturday.

Connect the dots, AIMCats. See who wife of Bojo is related to?

To learn more about Sir Symonds, type his last name into our search bar over at

Also note that Carrie’s grandpa John Richard Charters Symonds (1918-2006) was a big British official in the U.N. after WWII: Relief, Rehab in India and Pakistan, negotiated the Kashmir region deal,  UN Technical Assistance, UN Commission for India, UN Develop. Program, WHO, Commonwealth Foundation, Royal Commonwealth Society (1958-present )  Retired in  1979. Makes him contemporary to Lord Victor Rothschild, Geoffrey Pattie, Mark Malloch-Brown.


2018 Tax filing

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp used his public office to hide his ongoing interest in ORDERITE, renamed as CM Systems LLC, including its London UK subsidiary COMPLIANCEMATER LIMITED

ABSTRACT: Brian Kemp plays corporate shell games voluminously.

He created the name CM Systems LLC and the company ORDERITE, INC., then shuffled his holdings in ORDERITE, INC. out of GA to AZ and UK and dissolved ORDERITE, so it appeared. He had actually created 38 branch subsidiaries of ORDERITE before ostensibly quiting GA, operated under the name COMPLIANCEMATE, LLC/INC, changed the name of ORDERITE in other states than GA as CM Systems LLC, then he registered the already formed CM Systems LLC as a foreign AZ corporation in GA as well as the UK. THE FIDDLE: It was not foreign. It was the former ORDERITE, Inc. in GA!!! It was itself, rebranded as foreign to distance the corporation from Kemp’s name.

However, the re-registration of ORDERITE as a native GA company to a foreign AZ company occurred just as he was reporting ORDERITE (and not CM Systems LLC) on his 2017 Financial Disclosure.

The interlocking relationships reveal a likely technology swindle and insider deal with Hitachi, supplier to at least the voting machine ES&S that contains the same OpTech scanning module as Dominion Voting Systems, involves two patents and handheld device networks promoted by Hitatchi principals whose storage (for sure) (and maybe touchscreen) is used in electronic voting machines. Hitachi also has four plants in Georgia and heavily supplies Chinese and European markets.

The allowance of the former created/dissolved Orderite company (by then Sec. of State Kemp) to return to GA as CM Systems LLC (by now Brad Raffensberger) is a clear violation of the ethics laws since Kemp did not disclose CM Systems LLC in 2017 as a premedicated container for his ORDERITE corporate and product shuffle via Arizona and British interests.

Brian P. Kemp. (May 03, 2010). Financial Disclosure Statement, 2009, #F20060000867451. Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission.

Brian P. Kemp. (2017). Financial Disclosure Statement, 2017, #F200600008639424. Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission.

Brian Kemp fraud

On Feb. 07, 2001, citizen Brian Kemp formed CREEKSTONE DEVELOPMENT GROUP I, L.L.C. in Georgia. (Note: Kemp as agent disclosures for 2002-06 are missing from the GA Sec. of State website.)

On May 21, 2013, Sec. of State Brian Kemp terminated his own CREEKSTONE DEVELOPMENT GROUP I, L.L.C. without giving notice of his conflict of interest in cancelling his own business record as Sec. of State.

Kemp fiddles with corporate name changes (e.g., “CREEK STONE PARTNERS, L.L.C.” became “Creekstone Partners LLC” and “CreekStone Partners USA LLC”) to get his name off of the Georgia Secretary of State business search website. Eddie Drake is the incorporator on

However, Kemp himself, as Secretary of State, both formed ORDERITE on Nov. 28, 2001 (a day before IBM Eclipse Foundation (Nov. 29, 2001) was formed with $40 million in IBM funds with future USPTO Director (then IBM Intellectual Property Counsel, David J. Kappos) and Leader Technologies’ intellectual property counsel James P. Chandler, III. Leader Technologies is the inventor of social networking technologies.

Then, Kemp himself, as Secretary of State, dissolved ORDERITE, Inc. in Georgia on Aug. 24, 2017.

in the same year he disclosed his ownership in his 2017 Financial Disclosure.

Kemp’s sleight of hand is this: as a 5%+ owner in ORDERRITE, INC. he retained that ownership in N subsidiaries of ORDERRITE IN THE USA and UK.

ORDERRITE, INC. MASSECHUSETTS discloses two directors:

Steven B. Ratoff. (Accessed May 31, 2021). Background Report, including Orderite, Inc. Peoplefinders.

Ratoff appears to be a front man for globalist financiers using him to start entities to hide their underlying control of the companies.

Ratoff is AZ incorporator of CM Systems, LLC and CMSystems Group LLC

CMSystems Group LLC

(Compliance Mate Systems)

Incorporated in the United Kingdom as “Compliancemate Limited”

Also an Australian Company

Kemp sleight of hand… using his public office to hide his ongoing interest in ORDERITE, renamed as CM Systems LLC, including its London UK subsidiary COMPLIANCEMATER LIMITED.

Brian Kemp then licensed, without disclosing his conflict of interest, the AZ successor of ORDERRITE, Compliance Mate, then CM Systems LLC, to (re-)incorporate in Georgia as a foreign AZ corporation:

Now, GA Sec. of State Brad Raffensberger was in on this Brian Kemp deception. In 2016, Kemo incorporated CM Systems LLC, but did not disclose his plan in 2017 to make CS Systems LLC the successor of ORDERITE within months of disclosing ORDER on his 2017 Financial Disclosure. Kemp let ORDERITE dissolve in Georgia, making the public believe it ceased to exist, when it fact, it was operating 38 branches in the US and was incorporated in the UK as Compliancemate Limited.

This is why the financial and relationships disclosure ethics rules exist. They would, if followed, as he claimed they were (a boldfaced lie), prevent Raffensberger from being able to blackmail Kemp.

Blackmail Worthy

Touchblock infringes on Leader Technologies’ social networking inventions

HITACHI DATA STORAGE DEVICES are used in ES&S Voting Systems

Hitachi has four sites in Georgia

Doug Ducey Family Foundation Conspires with Foreign Entities and Banks Involved with the Trump-Russia Hoax, Notably James B. Comey’s HSBC

We previously reported on Governor Ducey in this article:

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey is a Pilgrims Puppet

Below, we are adding additional research:


AZ Governor Doug Ducey (El Duco) hides massive offshore Irish holdings and relationships to Trump-Russia hoax perpetrator HSBC (UK) and its intimate relationship with British Privy Councilor & Pilgrims Society leader Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, chairman of Dominion Voting Systems (not the Plymouth Pilgrims… that’s what the British predators want you to think)

Douglas Anthony Ducey Jr.

BornApril 9, 1964 (age 57 years), Toledo, OH

SpouseAngela Ducey

Ducey failed to disclose his DUCEY FAMILY FOUNDATION (non-profit) holdings and disbursements. Non-profit status means the funds used must be used for the public benefit, otherwise, the non-profit status is fraudulent.

DEMAND: (1) Ducey must fully disclose his relationship with the Irish globalist investment fund DIMENSIONAL FUNDS PLC (self-classifies as an offshore account) and its intimate relationship with the Trump-Russia hoax perpetrator HSBC and Deutsche Bank, among other banks, (2) Ducey must disclose DIMENSIONAL FUNDS PLC’s investments in China and its controllers in the UK, (3) Ducey must provide detailed FINANCIAL DISCLOSURES of his DUCEY FAMILY FOUNDATION from 2007-present so that the public can fully assess his conflicts of interest.

Douglas Anthony Ducey Jr. (Filed Feb. 01, 2021). 2020 Financial Disclosure,  Ref. No. 13996-12042. Arizona Secretary of State.

In Ducey’s financial disclosures, he discloses a 100% controlling interest in:

Since the Ducey Family Foundation’s incorporation on Nov. 18, 2004, the foundation has filed 14 ANNUAL REPORTS (2006-19)

In the Foundations’ first 2006 annual report they disclose a sizeable holding in DFA Global 60/40 Portfolio stock. DFA Global is ultimately controlled by an Irish corporation DIMENSIONAL FUNDS PLC. The parent does substantial business in China.

The company also transacts business with numerous bank associated with the Trump-Russia hoax, most notably James B. Comey’s HSBC bank where he was chief counsel before becoming FBI director, including:

DIMENSIONAL FUNDS PLC. (Mar. 09, 2021). Prospectus. Dimensional Fund Advisors. Source:

Despite the firm requirement that the DUCEY FAMILY FOUNDATION file an annual financial report. Only the very first filing in 2006 (see above) did that. In 2007, no holdings were disclosed, then from 2008-present, NO FINANCIAL REPORTS WERE FILED. Although it appears that AZ created enormous disclosure loopholes in subsequent years, the Ducey’s clearly believed the disclosure rules applied to their holdings.

Thanks to this single 2006 moment of honesty, we discovered that Ducey conspires with foreign entities and banks involved with the Trump-Russia hoax, notably James B. Comey’s HSBC.

Call to Action:

Douglas Ducy failed to disclose his DUCEY FAMILY FOUNDATION (non-profit) holdings and disbursements. Non-profit status means the funds used must be used for the public benefit, otherwise, the non-profit status is fraudulent.

DEMAND: (1) Ducey must fully disclose his relationship with the Irish globalist investment fund DIMENSIONAL FUNDS PLC (that self-classifies as an offshore account) and its intimate relationship with the Trump-Russia hoax perpetrator HSBC and Deutsche Bank, among other, like Citibank, (2) Ducey must disclose DIMENSIONAL FUNDS PLC’s investments in China and its controllers in the UK, (3) Ducey must provide detailed FINANCIAL DISCLOSURES of his DUCEY FAMILY FOUNDATION from 2007-present so that the public can fully assess his conflicts of interest—even if he claims an exemption from such reporting, which is ludicrous since the public cannot assess his intentions and uses of funds otherwise.