September is ‘RESIST MSM’ Awareness Month

Better than AVID’s strategy to have all corporate media talking heads read their globalist controlled script is independent media’s strategy for getting truth news disseminated wide and far. If you are new to our American Intelligence Media platform, we roll out a monthly theme to encourage media creators and patriots to push and feature a theme that is “repeated” over and over again throughout our vast decentralized digital landscape.

This is how we have been successful in educating and enlightening citizens on a wide variety of topics: Senior Executive Service, SERCO, election rigging, and military tribunals, to name a few.

This month our theme is a twist on their leftie RESIST movements. We, too, can have our own RESIST movement. We are going to resist anything the propaganda, corporate media pushes our way.

fake news facts.jpgEach of you has a unique way of communicating to your circle of influence. BE CREATIVE. You might have a challenge to turn off TV for a month..or to cancel subscriptions in corporate magazines and newspapers.

You could make memes, create videos, sponsor a billboard for a few weeks, design t-shirts and hats. Put a sign on the side of your barn or on the roadside.

Send us your creations and, if they are good, we will share them with the AIM community for some global traction. We invite citizens all over the world to join our RESIST MSM Awareness Month.

rip fake newsLet’s all get behind POTUS and help him put Fake News in its much deserved grave.

To get started, make sure you know who we are resisting:

Yellow Journalism: Globalist Weapon of Mass Deception


Free Speech is Now a Whisper


Resist Mainstream media



2 thoughts on “September is ‘RESIST MSM’ Awareness Month”

  1. Yes…much is afoot! I was invited to a conference in Philadelphia 2 years ago. I didn’t want to go because of the expense for 4 days. Philly is expensive. Then I was invited again stating that I had to meet a person who was involved in technology, and I should not miss out on this opportunity. Very odd I thought, but I accepted. When I arrived, I was picked up by a person from NY City (he is now a friend. He is from the UK and CEO of the largest advertising firm in New York…Christopher Mather, retired, Ogilvy & Mather, NY Rick Boyko). At the conference, held in the room where the ‘Declaration of Independence’ was signed, and the Constitutional Convention was held( Mrs. Powell’s rooms) , I was introduced to Michael McKibben and a group of other people of whom I had never met prior to the convention. In essence, I was ‘recruited’ and the criteria is still unknown. A year later, I was again invited to a conference in ‘Columbus, Ohio’ with a group of 20 men, all of whom own companies throughout the United States. Of all of the people, I was exponentially the ‘least financially wealthy’. Had it not been for the cordiality, and Christian prayer before each meeting, I don’t think I would have given this my confidence. After all, I did receive a modicum of sensibilities traveling and servicing contracts for Boeing. However, at the Ohio conference, I listened to the people talk, and I discovered the purpose. Leader Technologies, under Michael McKibben’s engineering acumen, had invented ‘block chain meta-data’ scaling. They had invested over $20M in the process to produce the ‘breakthrough’ that is known today as ‘Social Media’. U.S. Patent No. 7,139,761. This technology today is worth and estimated $3.6T. To make a long story short, DARPA, under un-constitutional authorities, seized his patents without compensation. DARPA ‘weaponized’ the ‘meta-data’ concept, removing the ‘encryption blocks’ originally designed by Leader, thus creating the ‘open system on the wire’ throughout the ‘globe’. As a deeply committed Orthodox Christian, Michael is convicted to the depth of his Christian soul, for the creation of a weapon greater than the ‘hydrogen bomb’. The Federal government, under rogue control, including the “5-eyes”, created the “Federal Bridge” which is the centralization of all encryption keys globally. With the ‘bridge’ and the ‘block-chain’ infinite meta-data gathering, the entire globe is now under the ‘shroud’ of the tech lords, who have profited in a conspiracy to overthrow the Untied States of America, and the duly elected President, DJT. We are in a ‘bloodless’ civil war within the US and the globe. Leader’s block-chain infinite meta-data system, has given the ‘globalists’ a powerful hand by which to suborn civilization into serfdom.

    This is how I was swept up into this phenomena. There are ‘notable’ people in this set of ‘investors’ who want their money back. They are also totally committed to maintaining the ‘Republic of the United States’, as originally intended in the ‘Federalist Papers’. These people are the ‘souls’ of our country. They are ‘diverse’ in ethnicity, wealth, religion, and knowledge. What is common is the recognition, that a ‘Republic’ not a ‘Democracy’ is the 5,000 year leap toward civility, where mankind can reach the potential promised by God! To this purpose, we are all committed, so help us God!

    This is like having ‘headlights’ shined in your eyes. It is similar to ‘emerging from the Matrix’ being reborn in the light of reality. Most people can’t stand the light. For my part, I love the light, and bask in the truth of it all. Our courage, purpose, and enlightenment is all derived from the infinite love of God. 😊

    Michael T. McKibben, Chairman & Founder – Chairman’s Blog – mmckibben at Mike McKibben founded Leader Technologies® in 1997 to develop and market software to provide better leadership communications to large and small enterprises. This effort has led to the award of the first of numerous patents pending by the United States Patent and Trademark Office – U.S. Patent No. 7,139,761. This patent is the foundation of the Digital Leaderboard™ platform engine that drives Leader® products and services. This web-based platform enables large-scale voice, video and data collaboration without all the overhead and cost normally associated with integrated communications. Currently Leader offers next-generation conference calling services through its Leader Phone® brand and voice alerting services through its Leader Alert® brand. Previously, as Founder and CEO of Planning Works, Inc. Mr. the rapid redevelopment of AT&T’s flagship unified messaging software AT&T AccessPlus on all Microsoft Windows platforms in close cooperation with AT&T Bell Labs and multiple AT&T messaging and Internet business units. He has also designed and built software applications for decision support, knowledge management, executive information, personal information management, and personal digital assistants on various platforms. Before transforming his consulting practice into software development, Mr. McKibben spent over ten years as a strategic management and productivity consultant with clients such as IBM, NCR, AT&T, Gillette, PaineWebber, The Bank Administration Institute, The Ohio State University, Chemical Abstracts, National Aerospace Plane Project, and Lennox Industries. He is a graduate in civil engineering from The Ohio State University and has authored numerous books and publications on leadership and management. He was a finalist for the Columbus Technology Council’s 2007 TOP CAT Award for Executive of the Year, under 50 employees. Leader was also a finalist for Service of the Year. Mr. McKibben’s Leader responsibilities are company vision, strategy, strategic relationships, marketing and sales, investor relations, product design, and recruiting.

    James M. Miller

    (425) 471-8101

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