The Coup D’etat is Real

Mueller v Trump

Let’s be very clear about what is at stake. These are the leaders of two factions inside the United States government. Robert Mueller is head skunk of the swamp whose army consists of 500 equally slimy attorneys at the DOJ and over 8,000+ Senior Executive Service employees who have farmed out the government’s work to foreign owned Serco and the Crown Agents while fleecing taxpayers and padding the coffers of bankers and transnational corporations through OPIC and USAID.

This faction has been in control of America from her beginning. We have not won our independence from British Rule. This is not a conspiracy. We have all been brainwashed and programmed into thinking we won the American Revolutionary War. We have laid out the evidence.

Robert Mueller is the visible head of this traitorous faction in the U. S. and their job has been to preserve the swamp and overthrow Donald Trump and the United States government.

The other side is represented by We the People, patriotic Americans who believe in the Constitution and rule of law. We elected Donald Trump to be our leader. We want to restore the Republic, clean up the swamp, and remove foreign interests in our government, including Congressmen holding dual citizenship and those with titles of nobility (i.e. attorneys of the B.A.R.) We are resolved to protect our Constitutional rights and are mentally and spiritually ready to move forward with military tribunals.

Great harm has been done to the world by this faction of evil people who have used the U.S. military industrial complex to murder, mame, and dislocate people of the earth for their own greedy ends.

There is no middle ground. Robert Mueller and his team want to destroy America. Robert Mueller covered up crimes of 9-11 so criminal conspirators like Bush, Cheney, and other traitors could literally kill Americans, bring in the police state (Patriot Act), and tighten their evil, Satanic grip over America. They keep their troops in line by using blackmail of sexual crimes, pedophilia, and human sacrifice.

This powerful picture above says it all. It shows two leaders of two Americas. We cannot lose this war, folks. If we do, people all over the world will continue to live in tyranny and poverty. Whether you are from Alabama or Norway, get behind Trump and American patriots today. Call or write the White House and your congressional reps, or contact the American embassy in your country. Make your voice heard in whatever way you can.

It’s time to stand up to Mueller and his rogue army of traitorous SES troops. Be brave, fellow patriots. This is the face of war. Look upon this evil and call it out.

If not now, when?

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