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Dr. Douglas Gabriel Comments on the Bill Hicks-Alex Jones Entertainer

This video is traveling through social media today; I showed it to Douglas who’s always preaching that Alex Jones and Bill Hicks are the same person. This time I asked Douglas to give me a comment about the videos so that anytime someone brings up the topic, I have this handy-dandy url to share with them.

Video available on Bitchute: Bill Hicks – Sane Man [1989]

Dr. Douglas Gabriel writes: “The Blaze did an expose on Bill Hicks’ character Alex (Angry) Jones (see link below) that is conclusive enough for any rational person to see the truth that Hicks and Jones are one and the same.

That having been said, don’t forget to examine the ears because it is hard to fake that- they are the same. Even the two moles on his neck and the exact duplicate messed-up teeth fit the “bill” for a positive DNA test between “devil-possessed” Bill Hicks’ evil and tasteless diatribes and Alex Jones’ anti-government tirades. Kevin Booth (original producer for both Bill & Alex) simply had Bill play a character that someone thought would be good to defuse and characterize the anti-government, screaming-mad Americans who are fed up with “establishment” platitudes while witnessing an anti-social war against “we the people”; while selling plenty of Jones-labeled merchandise and product.

I personally thought all rational people knew that Alex was the fake spin-zone of a B-Grade comedian/actor who was paid to start his show to be the leader of the “Information Wars”, all the while leading you into nothingness, total nihilistic angry venting while selling health products to elongate the seeming suffering. Alex is nothing more than what Woody Allen characterized his entire movie career as a cheap imitation of Bob Hope’s nervous New York materialistic, pessimist character found in every one of his movies. Nothing new here, just “imitate the best and make up the rest.’ Alex is Howard Beale from the 1976 film Network yelling, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m going to take this any more!”

Ultimately, Screaming Alex Jones is just a slightly cleaned up version of angry Bill Hicks, still apparently possessed by self-righteous anger and wrath, hating most people. But all Alex does is yell. Fortunately, he has more intelligent people on his show that deviate from the set mold Kevin Booth and Bill HIcks have in store for you. Alex stays away from anything actionable: British, Pilgrims, Senior Executive Service, SERCO, Babylonian Radhanites, or the current banking family lineages — probably because they control Jones’ purse strings. All in all, Bill and Alex are cheap followers of the demon of wrath, fury, and rage who was called in the Talmud, Asmodeus the prince of demons and hell. Personally, when I watch Alex it is for comedic purposes only. But I don’t laugh, so I turn it off or wait for another Greg Reese video. 

Now is the perfect time for Alex Jones to admit the truth. He is Bill Hicks.

Only place I can find this is on Facedbook: If you find other links, please post in comments.

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Marie Claire Publication Shills for Kamala Harris

kamala harris afiThe Mockingbird propaganda press today (Aug. 12, 2020) is uniformly pushing out incorrect law about Kamala Harris being an “anchor baby” (sometimes called a “birthright baby”)

See Jenny Hollander. (Aug. 11, 2020). Kamala Harris’ Birthright Citizenship Has Already Spiraled Into a Racist Controversy. Marie Claire writes:

These sites are correctly citing the 14th Amendment, but then incorrectly concluding the meaning of the Constitution on this point of citizenship based on their emotional politics rather than the long precedent.

It takes a leap of logic to interpret the 13th Amendment to allow for citizenship by arguing that a newborn baby is under the jurisdiction of the U.S. at birth merely by virtual of his or her presence in the U.S.

Section 1 of the Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution provides that “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”[10]

The U.S. Supreme Court already set up a test of this statute, which all the fake pundits are ignoring.

This interpretation of the law according to Marie Claire’s Jenny Hollander fails the Supreme Court’s United States v. Wong Kim Ark, 169 U.S. 649 (1898) test.

Marie Claire propaganda statement:

marie clair statement

You are so wrong Jenny. Since 1898, the Supreme Court developed a five-pronged test before a person could rely on the 14th Amendment for “birthright” status.

All five prongs must be satisfied to rely on the 14 Amendment.

  1. Child was born in the U.S;
  2. Birth parents are citizens of, and subject to the laws of, a foreign country;
  3. Birth parents have “a permanent domicile and residence in the United States;”
  4. Birth parents “are carrying on business;” and
  5. Birth parents “ are not employed in any diplomatic or official capacity” by the country of their citizenship”

Kamala Harris’s “birthright” test fails (3.) and (4.) for sure, and probably (5.) as well.

Next time Jenny the propagandist, do real homework and don’t just read off your teleprompter and propaganda broadcasts from your Pilgrims Society handlers. You just embarrassed yourself.

Note to readers: Jennie and her clan of lying propagandists report to the folks at the Pilgrims Society. This is their top boss, so to speak. Make sure to register any complaints.

Let them know you aren’t buying this Kamala Harris eligibility narrative being spewed by the propaganda site called Marie Claire and the propagandist ‘reporter’ named Jennie Hollander.

new world order complaintPilgrims addresses


Fox News, Rio Tinto, and the Queen

The hijack of Fox by the anti-conservative globalists was cinched with the quiet appointment of Facebook’s James W. Breyer to the board of directors on Sep. 11, 2011

breyer zuckerberg sandberg summers.JPG

On Sep. 02, 2011, Facebook’s chairman and George Soros lackey James W. Breyer was appointed to the board of Fox Broadcasting.

What more do you need to know about the censorship of conservative voices at Fox?

Note that a fellow Fox director is Sir Roderick I. Eddington who was J.P. Morgan’s CEO in Australia and is also director of Rio Tinto that is owned and controlled by the Queen’s Golden share, along with SERCO and Lockheed Martin. Pilgrim Society Propagandist Viscount Alfred Milner was a Rio Tinto director 120 years ago.


We must pay attention to these changes and stop them in formation, not after the corruptocrats have made their moves. An evident question to ask is since these individuals are all secular Jews, what role do British-Zionism, the Pilgrim Society and the Queen’s Privy Council play in their decision-making at Fox, especially considering the silencing and anti-free-speech arrests of conservative voices occurring in the United Kingdom and Commonwealth.

fox news queen.JPG

fox century news.JPG


meeting agenda.JPG

roderick eddington afi.JPG

BTW. Sir Rod Eddington was a Rhodes Scholar

eddington rhodes scholar.JPG




Urgent Letter to the President

Patriots, please listen to this urgent message and read the letter below, then forward this hyperlink to the White House with your own personal comments. This is the Great Information War. We will defeat our enemy by having better intelligence and networks than them.

But it won’t work, if you don’t do your part. Be an information warrior. We call on patriots around the world to speak up and let President Trump know how this effects you and your nation.

Dear Mr. President:

Dear Mr. President:

As all of us know, the social media complex (Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Yahoo, and others) control an enormous percentage of electronic communications today. The result? Most Americans are unaware of the damage this does to our nation, its ideals and both individual and national futures.

Michael McKibben, founder of Leader Technologies (“Leader”), is the inventor and owner of the source code used (stolen) by the current big tech companies in collusion with the DoD Office of Net Assessment (see below).

The question becomes: What can be done to counter the juggernaut of oligopolist control of information (political, economic, social, environmental, educational)? McKibben’s company and investors have a masterful plan to take on this challenge and win. In the process of their proposal, our federal government will gain revenue that can be used in many ways and McKibben’s investors will FINALLY get their long, overdue ROI. Information below explains how the Miller Act Notice can solve this dilemma.

As President, perhaps you have not realized the potential revenue streams that social networking represents to our Constitutional government. Currently, the Deep State shadow government controls it and profits from it. The technology world, in secret alliances with this shadow government, generates literally trillions of dollars in value from social networking. Yet, they have never paid a dime in fees to We The People or Leader Technologies for using Leader Technologies’ inventions. We are proposing a win-win-win solution that:

  • holds social networking companies accountable to We The People,
  • generates substantial new revenues for our Constitutional federal government, and
  • properly compensates Leader for the tremendous value they provided.

The shareholders in Leader, filed a First Amended Miller Act Notice to your office recently. Leader and its founder, Michael T. McKibben, invented social networking starting in 1997, and hold the trade secrets, multiple copyrights and patents.

These facts are extremely well documented. Michael had previously rebuilt AT&T’s email system (ca. 1995). In fact, Microsoft, IBM, AT&T, Apple, Novell, and later Google and Amazon did NOT have the answer to scalability. Leader Technologies invented it!

The DoD Office of Net Assessment (Highlands Group, Andrew W. Marshall, James P. Chandler, III, MG James E. Freeze), in conspiracy with insider corporations, most notably IBM, stole Leader’s invention property. They immediately distributed it carte blanche through the IBM Eclipse Foundation (since Nov. 29, 2001) and to everyone else in Silicon Valley and the military-industrial establishment.

The Miller Act was passed to compensate investors who have been denied their rightful compensation when the federal government confiscates their property. An ongoing user license fee will  make everyone in the world legal who is currently using Leader’s stolen property without license, and will enable the new revenue.

Michael McKibben, along with other shareholders, are willing to dedicate a substantial portion of their compensation through the ongoing sharing of our license fees to be levied on the social networking ecosystem to build a truly FREE Press. This will be independent of the mainstream media, who promote their lying propaganda incessantly.


AIM Patriots Everywhere

Patriots: We put this letter in a link that you can send the White House with your personal note. Here is the link (which is the url of this page). Here is the White House contact page.

White House Patriots: Would you please make sure this gets in the President’s hands?


Supposedly conservative Salem Media chief technologist Jon Venverloh actually negotiated Google’s first Bill of Rights-destroying contract with the C.I.A. starting in Nov. 2003

More proof that Salem Media was infiltrated early by the New World Order British crowd (Salem’s president is British from EY—one of the globalists’ go-to auditors) to control faith-based conservatives and is a “limited hangout” to distract/sideline the opposition from the real project to destroy the American Republic

Jon Venverloh, Google Federal, Google Contract Pricing. (Aug. 23, 2004). Commercial List Price vs GSA Price. Doc. No. 0001487890, FOIA F-2007-00886. CIA.

venverloh 1venverloh 2.jpg

Google Contract. (Dec. 07, 2004). Beta Evaluation Agreement, Doc. No. 0001487902, FOIA F-2007-00886. CIA.

Misc. negotiations regarding the agreed license agreement. Clearly, Jon Venverloh led the negotiations at Google.

google contract 1.jpg

Jan. 01, 2004: C.I.A. contracting officer to Jon Venverloh, Google Federal: “I have funding to initiate a contract with you . . . the money is burning a hole in my pocket”

(This is the month that Mark Zuckerberg claims to have created Facebook in his Harvard dorm room, without help, while studying for finals, drinking, and chasing girls)

venderloh 3.jpg

Continue your citizen education by clicking the link below which contains an audio discussion between Michael and Douglas about this threat to our free speech.

Google and Jon Venverloh Pose a Threat to Democracy

How to Find Indictable Evidence on the Crooks, Criminals, and Creatures of the Swamp

The Americans for Innovation website is a treasure trove of indictable evidence for patriot researchers. Tyla Gabriel and Michael McKibben walk you through a brief video to show you how to access thousands of files of indictable evidence on the creatures from the D.C. swamp and around the world. Then try it yourself and see what you can find. Start your own Youtube channel to share your discoveries based on REAL evidence, not conspiracy theories.

Make sure to try it yourself. It’s so easy!

Make sure your Congresspeople, elected officials, and the White House know how to use this site…and don’t forget Bill Bar.  They all need to know what citizens know…at the very least.

Patriots help POTUS clean the swamp

Are you spinning in a limited hangout?

This two part audio series and article link provide a great educational tool to help your audience learn about limited hangouts, controlled opposition, and the search for truth. Join Tyla and Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben to learn how to spot controlled opposition. Then listen to an actual case study where we bust Salem Media Group for being controlled by globalists.

Are you spinning in a limited hangout?



Is Salem Media Controlled Opposition?


Read the actual evidence that demonstrates that Salem Media Group is controlled opposition. Then ask your favorite Christian channel or personality why they are supporting the Salem Media globalists and their agenda of evil.

Salem Media Looks Like a Limited Hang Out


salem witch hanging.png


Salem Media Looks Like a Limited Hang Out

limited hangouts

salem radio 1

Salem Media Group Inc (NASDAQ: SALM) employs popular conservative Christian hosts including Larry Elder, Dennis Prager and Hugh Hewitt

Salem’s bankers, underwriters, accountants and Google technologists appear to be steering their hosts away from topics that threaten the NWO agenda

This “limited hangout” strategy marginalizes Salem’s potentially huge  Christian influence in the larger society

jon venver salem
Salem’s director and Google’s director of program management, Jon Venverloh, just returned from Zurich (the home of the rogue C.I.A.), but hides his association with Salem on his LinkedIn biography. Why? Photo: YouTube profile.

Feb. 22, 2019—A new review of Salem Media’s public disclosures at the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission has revealed some startling facts about Salem’s history. It may explain why their popular conservative Christian hosts like Larry Elder, Dennis Prager and Hugh Hewitt limit their coverage to certain topics while steering clear of others of equal or greater importance to the survival of American culture and the Republic.

Go to  and type “SALM” in the Fast Search box. You will need to acquaint yourself with the “Filing Types.“ Of special note are the annual reports (10-K) and the annual proxy statements showing beneficial ownership (DEF 14A).

Here are a few notable Salem Media facts:

1.     Me Google, Salem who? Longtime Google executive Jonathan Venverloh has been a Salem director since July 20, 2011.

Despite Venverloh’s eight-year history with Salem, he does not even mention Salem in his LinkedIn biography, which does mention his other experiences at Virtualis, Weather Channel, Saatchi & Saatchi, DDB Needham. He even discloses his child’s elementary school board—but not Salem Media. Why? Is he embarrassed that it does not reflect his hipster Silicon Valley persona? Is he hiding nefarious activity? What?

Tellingly, Venverloh was recently in Zurich, Switzerland for Google (2016-2018) where he worked on “diversity and inclusion.” It is well known that Zurich is the home of the rogue C.I.A. and its Nazi gold vaults.

Why no mention of Salem Media, Mr. Venverloh? No diverse and inclusive enough for your tony Google cliché?

2.     On Feb. 04, 2005, Fidelity Investments  (FMR Corp.) purchased 14.45% of Salem’s stock (2,948,634 shares). At that time, Fidelity’s Robert  S. Ketterson was a director in the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) along with the C.I.A.’s In-Q-Tel and Facebook’s James W. Breyer’s Accel Partners. These organizations are rapidly bringing the Chinese Social Credit Score to the United States.

3.     On Aug. 01, 2006,   Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. (“BBHC”) purchased 7.04% of Salem’s stock (1,288,000 shares). Brown Brother Harriman is notoriously known for providing financing to Adolf Hitler in World War II via Prescott Bush, father of George H. W. Bush and grandfather of George & Jeb Bush. Did Salem’s principals know this?

See Ben Aris, Duncan Campbell. (Sep. 25, 2004). How Bush’s grandfather helped Hitler’s rise to power (via Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH)). The Guardian.

david evans4.     Me Like Queenie: Former Ernst & Young London accountant, Brit David A.R. Evans, joined Salem, first as CFO, and now President in charge of new business. Ernst & Young London is one of the primary auditors for British “Nominee Accounts” and TheCityOfLondonUK that holds huge fortunes in HSBC offshore investments for globalist warlords and the Privy Council who have targeted President Trump via the corrupt “Five Eyes” intelligence cartel run by the rogue C.I.A. out of Zurich.

See AFI. (Jun 03, 2018). PART I: Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie – Spy-gate is directed by the Crown’s courtiers in the UK, not by Russia. Americans for Innovation.

See AFI. (Jul. 20, 2018). Part II: Lord Mark Malloch-Brown – The globalist racketeer kingpin running the Queen’s Privy Council with George Soros. Americans for Innovation.

5.     On Jan. 22, 2007,  GAMCO Investors, Inc. (aka Mario Gabelli, Gabelli Funds, LLC) first purchased 5.24% of Salem stock (939,250 shares). Gabelli currently holds 8.31% of Salem’s stock. Through nested Gabelli (UK) holdings in London, Gabelli (UK) is 22.4% owned by Investec where George Soros collaborator Lord Mark Malloch-Brown is a director (p. 19). Malloch-Brown also owns controlling interest in SmartMatic election machines from Venezuela that contains the OpTech election machine man-in-the-middle rigging software. Gibelli’s top UK holdings include DST Systems (Moscow, Yuri Milner, Alisher Usmanov, Goldman Sachs) that conspired with Sheryl Sandberg, Larry Summers and the rogue C.I.A. to steal Leader Technologies’ social networking invention. They also have a large holding in Robert Mueller’s offshore go-to bank The Bank of New York Mellon (p. 12). Here is compilation of Gabelli (UK) corporate filings.

Gabelli UK director John Charles Reed also directs Blackrock North American Income Trust PLC, Co. No. 8196493 in London whose ten largest holdings are (in order) NWO globalists JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup, Pfizer, Oracle, Wells Fargo, Anthem, Dow, Microsoft and Suncor Energy.

thomas donilonBlackrock is notoriously known to be a C.I.A. front. Blackrock’s CEO Thomas E. Donilon was Obama’s national security council director who helped organize Obama’s 10,000-man stay-behind troops via the Senior Executive Service (SES). The SES is running the current coup attempts against President Donald Trump along with Blackrock’s top invested companies list above.

They use financial influence to herd opposition media hosts into “limited hangouts” topically

When one sees the evident infiltration of the Salem Media money supply, it is not difficult to see that these financiers can control Salem’s messaging from the shadows. In this case, they cannot overtly turn off Salem’s conservative Christian audience. But, they can certainly limit their impact and effectiveness in the culture by making certain live-changing topics off limits, hence the term ”limited hangout.”

Why don’t Salem’s paid hosts ever talk about certain subject, including:

·        Senior Executive Service (SES)

·        OPIC, USAID corruption

·        SERCO infiltration

·        The SES 500 controllers

·        British Crown Agents

·        SERCO’s overrun of the U.S. government

·        Five Eyes

·        5G milliwave destruction of the human mind and body

·        Human trafficking

·        Big pharma poisoning

·        Encryption fraud

·        Chemtrails and geoengineering

·        Abolishing the Federal Reserve

·        Social credit score

·        Imprisoning Hillary for treason

·        Election rigging; machine rigging; ballot stuffing; encryption key man-in-the-middle (Hillary, Mueller, Chertoff, Malloch-Brown, Romney, Soros, Optech, SmartMatic, Hart InterCivic, Dominion)

·        Theft of Leader Technologies’ social networking inventions

·        Leader’s Miller Act Notice and the funding of a truly free press

·        The Internet of Things fraud

·        The 100 -years MSM mind control propaganda

·        The Uniparty

·        Christian and Jewish Zionism

·        Talpiot

·        Sandy Hook (DHS war game)

·        Vaccination micro-virus impregnation and soft kill

·        Jesuit infiltration of the Vatican, Washington & London

·        Vatican Bank

·        Bank of England

·        The Mercers

·        TheCityOfLondonUK

·        The Privy Council

·        Cecil Rhodes’ 200-year New World Order plan

·        Rhodes Scholarship NOW recruiting corruption

·        GMO soft kill

·         9/11 and Building 7 collapse from high-energy explosives

·        Pedophilia epidemic

·        Satanism and ritual child sacrifice among the “elite”

·        Corporate, globalist “public-private” fascism

Question for Salem Media: Is it true that you are the company you keep? Let’s hope not. Truth is power.

Spread the truth.

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