Elon’s Father Errol Musk is a Babylonian Radhanite

Here is a 2020 UK Companies House report of the Babylonian Radhanite pagan merchant-banker controllers of Elon Musk’s father, Errol Musk

Updated in: https://americans4innovation.blogspot.com/2023/01/elon-musk-hides-his-4000-year-old_24.html

Fig. 9—Errol Graham Musk’s (therefore Elon Reeve Musk’s) Babylonian Radhanite pagan merchant-banker controllers: GEMFIELDS GROUP LIMITED, Co. No. BR021377 (Guernsey). (Dec. 21, 2021). Statement of details of parent law and other information for an overseas company, p. 72. Companies House (UK).

Important Note: Investec is owned and controlled by Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, British Pilgrims Society, close collaborator with George Soros, United Nations, SmartMatic, Dominion Voting Systems and U.N. immigration tyranny.

ChatGPT is yet another infringement of the social networking invention of Columbus innovator Leader Technologies, CEO Michael McKibben.

ChatGPT is yet another PayPal Mafia Babylonian Radhanite Pilgrims Society transaction entity fronted by Elon Musk, Reid Hoffman, Peter Thiel, Jeff Bezos, InfoSys (Rishi Sunak, British PM), etc.

ChatGPT is yet another infringement of the social networking invention of Columbus innovator Leader Technologies, CEO Michael McKibben.

ChatGPT is the same pig, different lipstick attempting to lead humanity away from the truth.


Non-profit beginnings[edit]

In December 2015, Sam AltmanElon MuskGreg BrockmanReid HoffmanJessica LivingstonPeter Thiel, Amazon Web Services (AWS)Infosys, and YC Research announced[8] the formation of OpenAI and pledged over $1 billion to the venture. The organization stated it would “freely collaborate” with other institutions and researchers by making its patents and research open to the public.[9][10] OpenAI is headquartered at the Pioneer Building in Mission District, San Francisco.[11][3]

Elon Musk hides his 4,000+ year old Babylonian Rādhānite pagan merchant-banker religion that leveraged King Solomon’s 666 Ophir gold

*Even more anciently, this Babylonian Rādhānite merchant-banker pagan religion began usury and human slavery in Kish, ca. 5300-4300 BC (the area of Babylon renamed Rādhān). The King of Kish was the first Babylonian king after the Great Flood. They renamed themselves “Ashkenazi Jews” in the 11th century to divert attention from their Babylonian Rādhānite pagan origins, we believe.

CONTRIBUTING WRITERS | OPINION | AMERICANS FOR INNOVATION  | JAN. 13, 2023 , UPDATED JAN. 14, 2023 | PDF | SPECIAL NOTE: This original post has been CENSORED by Google for unspecified violations of “Community Standards.” Our community standards believe in the truth, therefore, we repost the content in its uncensored condition.

Fig. 1—Elon Reeve Musk. Gaslighter-in-chief for the 4,000+ year old Babylonian Rādhānite merchant-banker pagan religion.

Reader Note: We are currently processing the research sources and will be adding those links over the following days. Please return for this critical evidence.

Jan. 13, 2023—Satan, also called Lucifer, gains a foothold in a person’s soul through pride and anger – the foundations of prideful and angry modern world banking, trade, pharmacy, science, media, government, technology, and commerce.

Wikipedia and legacy media gaslight Musk’s history in a blizzard of misdirection, even publishing trivia about his past dating habits. See Elon Musk Wikipedia.


Fig. 2—Gabriel, McKibben. (Jan. 13, 2023). Elon Musk is a DARPA fraud. American Intelligence Media, Americans for Innovation. YouTube version. (Raw *.mp4 video file); check your Downloads folder. Video: AIM/AFI.

We are supposed to believe that 51-year old Elon Musk has formed 15 companies (almost one a year counting subsidiaries) since 2000. This makes him either a Babylonian Rādhānite merchant-banker cutout, or a fake—either way, his hype is all gaslighting.

Musk revealed his fraud and gaslighting in a recent Jay Leno interview on Sep. 15, 2022 where he said “Patents are for the weak” and “Most patents are B.S.” Hypocritically, Tesla holds almost 1,200 patents, and all Musk’s social technology is founded on the inventions of Leader Technologies, Columbus, Ohio that he helped Mark Zuckerberg’s Babyloninan Radhanite merchant-banker handlers to steal in 2001-2003 as a part of the “PayPal Mafia.”

Fig. 3Elon Musk, SpaceX. (Sep 15, 2022). @24s, “I don’t care about patents… patents are for the weak . . . patents are like landmines in warfare… they don’t help advance things… they just stop others from following you… and most patents are B.S.” interview with Jay Leno.  Jay Leno’s Garage, CNBC Prime.  Reproduced for educational purposes only. Fair Use relied upon. Source: https://www.cnbc.com/video/2022/09/15/new-elon-musk-shows-jay-his-spacex-rocket-engines.html and https://youtu.be/DpZj9mvcJYs?t=24  

The Musk family Babylonian Rādhānite pagan religious tentacles wind through Britain, Canada, Switzerland, America, and Southern Africa.

Here is a quick overview of our findings:

No. 1. FANTASICAL 96-PAGE WIKIPEDIA: Elon Musk’s Wikipedia entry is wickedly fake at 96 pages—almost two pages for each year of Elon Musk’s life—mostly interwoven lies peppered with a little truth now and again.

In our experience, the longer the Wikipedia entry, the more the person is a cardboard cutout for Babylonian Rādhānite merchant-banker religion. For example, Mike Pompeo’s Wikipedia is 57 pgs., Mark Zuckerberg’s 48 pgs., Candace Owens’ 37 pgs., Ron DeSantis 56 pgs., Ivanka Trump 50 pgs., Jared Kushner 67 pgs., George Soros 64 pgs., Bill Clinton 69 pgs., Volodymr Zelenskyy 71 pgs., Alexander Hamilton 59 pgs., and Hillary Clinton 95 pgs. (Magically, Elon has one more page than Hillary! Bill Clinton’s is a mere 59 pages! This study alone is indicative of the fabrication of hapless cardboard cutoutsby the Babylonian Rādhānites pagan merchant-bankers down through the centuries.)

2. TECHNOCRACY AND SOCIAL CREDIT: Joshua Norman Haldeman (1902-1974), Elon Musk’s maternal grandfather, a chiropractor, founded “Technocracy Incorporated,” the “Technocracy Party,” and the “Social Credit Association” in Canada. Haldeman heavily promoted a technocratic worldview about economy and biology that his grandson continues to promote.

Fig. 4Joshua Norman Haldeman (1902-1974).Born in Pequot, Minnesota on Nov. 25, 1902 to John Elon Haldeman (b, 1902; d. Aug. 9, 1909, Brits, Transvaal, South Africa), and Almeda Jane (Norman) Haldeman. Almeda may have been the earliest chiropractor known to practice in Canada.

Haldeman was director of the International Chiropractors’ Association.
D.C., Palmer School of Chiropractic (1922-1926, Davenport, Iowa).
Between 1938-1941, became the Canadian president of 
Technocracy Inc., an international political action group founded in 1933 and still operating today. Between 1941-1950 before he moved to South Africa, Haldeman was a leader in the Social Credit Assoc. and Party of Canada.

Haldeman was arrested on Oct. 14, 1940 for operating an organization named “Technocracy Incorporated.”

Haldeman’s bio says “During the war, Dr. Haldeman was so busy with his political
and economic research that he had little time for his practice and lived at the YMCA.” We know now that at that time, the YMCA was being used by British and American Babylonian Radhanite merchant-banker cultists to support Russian Bolshevism, push forward communism in China through Mao Tse-tung, and organize the United Nations. Given his strenuous political activity, he was most certainly interlocked with the British Pilgrims Society and its pagan Babylonian Radhanite drive for world control.
Curiously, Haldmen moved to South Africa with no prior connections or relationships.

The propaganda says for adventure and better weather. This is dubious. Whistleblowers, including his former nanny who goes by the moniker @shalomgirl5780 on YouTube, places Haldeman in San Fancisco for many years after his death and working with C.I.A. mind control programs at Stanford University. His extensive international travel to promote chiropractic medicine is also dubious. It is likely was a cover story for his work for the Pilgrims Society at British MI6 intelligence and its lackies in the C.I.A. and the Tavistock Institute.

He is also said to have become fascinated by the “Lost City of the Kalahari Desert,” Today that area is a Rothschild-De Beers mining concession. The Rothschilds and the Pilgrim Society were/are heavily involved in the Stanford mind control experiments.
Curiously, Elon Musk’s paternal grandfather, Walter Henry James Musk (see below) was actually stationed inside the underground Premier Mines owned by De Beers (Rothschilds) during WWII, ostensibly repairing vehicles, but more likely guarding Solomon’s mines for DeBeers and the Rothschilds.

Ask yourself why Joshua crated up a small airplane in Canada and shipped it to South Africa. It would have been much easier to just buy one in South Africa, unless of course, the plane had secret spy equipment installed; or, it would be used to fake his death with untraceable parts.

Haldeman’s well-written but lengthy and verbose story just does not add up—too much misdirection to be real. We sense the devil hiding between the lines.

We are evaluating and extensive amount of very credible whistleblower information that Joshua Haldeman faked his death (alleged plane crash) and worked for decades in San Francisco with the C.I.A. mind control experiments in San Francisco at Stanford University.

This would place Haldeman in interlocked relationship with Larry Ellison (Oracle “founder”) and his convicted pedophile baby daddy and First Church of Psycho-Science (Oakland, CA) founder Rev. Dr. Hugh Robert “Sinclair” Moore (1873-1944). See “Oracle’s Larry Ellison hides the Dark Arts of Psycho-Science.

3. NIXON CABINET, HALDMEMAN, KISSINGER, WATERGATE, GOLD, OIL CURRENCY & THE PILGRIMS SOCIETY: H.R. Haldeman (1926-1993), a common maternal 10-generation grandson of Elon Musk, was Nixon’s White House chief of staff. Haldeman helped orchestrate the Pilgrims Society’s takedown of Richard Nixon as U.S. president, led by Henry Kissinger in order to kill the gold standard and institute oil-dollar fiat currency. He was sent to prison as a slap on the hand, then released just 18 months later.

4. SWISS BLOOD INTERLOCKED WITH SCHWAB, FAUCI (ABYSS): The Haldeman blood connections emanate from Bern-Zurich Switzerland, closely tied to Klaus Schwab and Anthony Fauci (maternal “Abyss” family; ABYSS, as in Satan’s bottomless chasm, hell). Fauci’s maternal Abyss name is certainly appropriate for Dr. [the “V” word] Death.

5. SWISS BLOOD INTERLOCKED WITH OSS, MI6, C.I.A., BANK FOR INTERNATIONAL SETTLEMENTS, SOLOMON’S GOLD BULLION, FIVE EYES, PILGRIMS SOCIETY: The Babylonian Rādhānite Office of Strategic Services (OSS), William “Wild Bill” Donovan (1883-1959) and the Bank for International Settlements (BIS)  were/are headquartered in Bern, Switzerland during WWII. OSS “stay behind” spy networks were controlled by British MI6 and gave birth to the C.I.A. and “Five Eyes” (formed in London in 1946 by British MI6 with the FBI in tow) as a private intelligence operation for the merchant-banker pagan network of the Pilgrims Society.

Fig. 5—Sir Frederick Haldiman (1718-1791). Elon Musk’s maternal 8th-generation great uncle, brother of Jacob Haldeman, Elon Musk’s 8th-generation grandfather. Governor General of Quebec, British general who attacked at Bunker Hill, spy chief of Alexander Hamilton, Agent No. 7. Oversaw Alexander Hamilton’s founding of America’s first four banks, funded by the British Babylonian Radhanite merchant-banker religious cult.

6. BRITISH MILTARY ARISTOCRACY FROM THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION INTERLOCKED, ALEXANDER HAMILTON, AMERICA’S FIRST FOUR BANKS: Sir Frederick Haldiman (1718-1791), a maternal blood uncle relative, and Swiss mercenary general, born in the Canton of Bern, later became the British Crown governor of Quebec, Canada during the American Revolution. He was the British general who fought American patriots at Bunker Hill, led the Rothschild-funded German Hessian mercenaries, was the spy handler for Alexander Hamilton (1757-1804, Agent No. 7) and his father-in-law general Philip Schuyler (1797-1798, Agent No. 2), helped orchestrate The City of London banker takeover of America’s first four banks through Alexander Hamilton: Bank of North America (now Wells Fargo Bank), First Bank of the United States (now BNY, HSBC, Barings, Rothschild), Manhattan Bank (now JP Morgan Chase), Bank of New York (now BNY Mellon).

7. UPENN NOW PROMOTING AN INTERLOCKING OF MUSK WITH SCHWAB AND SWISS GOVERNMENT FOUNDERS: Ivy League UPenn compares Musk to Alfred Escher (1819-1882)—a rapacious Swiss monopolist associated with Klaus Schwab, founder of Credit Suisse, Swiss Life, founder of the modern Swiss canton system of government, founder of ETH (Klaus Schwab’s technical university in Zurich where his father, Eugen Schwab (1899-1982), installed a Nazi nuclear reactor), Swiss intelligence, Swiss taxation, railroads, heavy industry.

Fig. 6—Harry Musk (1863-1917), Elon Musk’s paternal great grandfather, British bricklayer, emigrated to South Africa after the 2nd Boer War (ended May 31, 1902).

8. GREAT GRANDFATHER A BRITISH BRICKLAYER, EMIGRATED TO SOUTH AFRICA LIKELY AIDED BY THE YMCA, WHO LATER PUSHED FORWARD MAO TSE-TUNG IN CHINA, AND THE UNITED NATIONS. , FAKE CUT OUTS LIKE MUSK ARE THE BRITISH THING. Harry Musk (1863-1917), Elon’s paternal great grandfather, was a British bricklayer from Suffolk County, East Anglia, UK, emigrated to South Africa after the 2nd Boer War, likely with the help of the YMCA and Salvation Army. He died a bricklayer.

9. ROTHSCHILD DE BEERS MINES (CECIL RHODES INCORPORATED) NURTURED ELON’S GRANDFATHER IN GOLD, DIAMONDS AND EMERALDS. Walter Henry James Musk (1917-1986), Henry’s son and Elon’s paternal South African army grandfather, married Briton Cora Amelia Musk (née Robinson) (1923-2011) who had emigrated from Liverpool on Aug. 03, 1956, was stationed actually inside the De Beers underground Premier Mines during WWII—a source of many of the world’s largest diamonds, including the Crown Jewels in London.

Fig. 7—Walter Henry James Musk (1917-1986), Elon Musk’s paternal grandfather, was stationed as a shop general in the underground Premier Mines (Feb. 1942 – May 1943) owned by De Beers (Rothschilds).

10. ELON’S FATHER WAS GIVEN A HALF STAKE IN A CLOSED-TO-THE-PUBLIC ZAMBIAN EMERALD MINE, MAKING HIM FABULOUSLY WEALTHY. Erol Musk (1946-present), Elon’s father, was given half ownership in a Zambian emerald mine, controlled by De Beers, that launders many billions of dollars into US Treasuries every year via its British shell companies. Such a gift from De Beers and the Babylonian Rādhānite merchant-banker Rothschilds never happens without the price of your soul—his son, Elon Reeve Musk (1971-present) was sacrificed to be groomed for the pagan merchant-banker religion.

11. ELON’S PARENTAL ESTRANGEMENT APPEARS TO BE MORE GASLIGHTING (LYING): Elon is allegedly estranged from both his parents, mother Maye (1948-present) and father Erol (1946-present). This is likely more gaslighting since his parents were essential to his grooming and funding by the Babylonian Rādhānite merchant-banker pagan religionists that founded the Pilgrims Society (1902-present)—“the synagogue of Satan.”

Fig. 9—Asmodeus. The demon of lust. Test. of Solomon, transl. in “Jewish Quarterly Review,” xi. 20.
“I am called Asmodeus among mortals, and my business is to plot against the newly wedded, so that they may not know one another. And I sever them utterly by many calamities; and I waste away the beauty of virgins and estrange their hearts. . . . I transport men into fits of madness and desire when they have wives of their own, so that they leave them and go off by night and day to others that belong to other men; with the result that they commit sin and fall into murderous deeds.”

“Asmodeus then was compelled [by Solomon] to help in the building of the Temple; and, fettered in chains, he worked clay with his reet, and drewwater. Solomon would not give him his liberty “because that fierce demon Asmodeus knew even the future” (ib. p. 21).


Musk says “I believe in the God of Spinoza.” Baruch Spinoza was a pagan Babylonian Rādhānite merchant-banker in Amsterdam (1632-1677), and radical Sephardic Jew with a 39-page Wikipedia currently.

Fig. 8—Erol Musk (1946-present). Elon Musk’s father. Half owner in the Gemfields Emerald Mines controlled by the British Pilgrims Society, De Beers (Rothschilds) & Lord Mark Malloch-Brown (Investec), George Soros’ longtime partner.

Nonetheless, Musk also says that as a little baby being baptized in the Church of England, he questioned (“what the hell?”) the Sacrament of Holy Communion. What little baby is self-aware enough to have such a life question? Or, were we hearing Elon’s demon speaking? Remember, the Babylonians worship Moloch and Ba’al that feeds on child sacrifice, and has done for millenia. Jesus Christ, in his death, burial and resurrection was destroying that pagan Babylonian practice of human sacrifice

Fig. 10. Babylon Bee. (Jan. 03, 2022). How Not To Accept Jesus Christ As Your Personal Lord And Savior. Shalom Girl. Source: https://youtu.be/8vysQxRMTZM.


Jesus Christ: “Get behind me, Satan.”
Matthew 16:23

* * *

Elon Must just admitted to Jay Leno that he is a criminal


Click here for a PDF of this post

Elon Must just admitted to Jay Leno that he is a criminal who steals patents and does not respect the U.S. Constitution

Elon Musk, SpaceX. (Sep 15, 2022). @24s, “I don’t care about patents… patents are for the weak . . . patents are like landmines in warfare… they don’t help advance things… they just stop others from following you… and most patents are B.S.” interview with Jay Leno.  Jay Leno’s Garage, CNBC Prime.  Reproduced for educational purposes only. Fair Use relied upon. Source: https://www.cnbc.com/video/2022/09/15/new-elon-musk-shows-jay-his-spacex-rocket-engines.html and https://youtu.be/DpZj9mvcJYs?t=24  

U.S. Constitution Article I Section 8 | Clause 8 – Patent and Copyright Clause of the Constitution. [The Congress shall have power] “To promote the progress of science and useful arts, by securing for limited times to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries.”

… and this is the Babylonian playboy from the South Africa mines who helped fund Zuckerberg/Facebook’s theft of the social networking invention of Columbus, Ohio inventor Leader Technologies, and in whom America invests its space, energy and electric vehicle billions

NOTE THE HYPOCRISY: Elon Musk’s TESLA holds 1,190 U.S. Patents!

Go here: https://ppubs.uspto.gov/pubwebapp/static/pages/ppubsbasic.html

Under “Basic search” selected “Assignee name” from the drop down menu, then type “Tesla” in the “For” box. Click the “Search” button.

This picture is seriously messed up. Any patent attorney or judge who does not prosecute this Musk criminality is a fellow criminal by inference.

Any investor in Musk who does not immediately sue for BREACH OF THE REPRESENTATIONS AND WARRANTIES CLAUSE OF MUSK’S SECURITIES DISCLOSURES is also a contributing criminal benefiting from admittedly stolen property



BREAKING NEWS! Just two days before fraudster Elon Musk told Jay Leno that “patents are for the weak” and “B.S.” (see CNBC video below), his Tesla Company was awarded U.S. Pat. No. 11,440,376 (Sep. 13, 2022) for “Technologies for Manifolds” filed on Aug. 04, 2017 – just one of about 1,190 patents that Tesla/Musk has been awarded.

Harmeet Dhillon – an Indian Citizen and British Pilgrims Society-Groomed Lawyer Runs Against Another Pilgrims Pig – Ronna ROMNEY McDaniel.

Ronna McDaniel set to get new opponent for RNC post

The media claims that a potential run by Harmeet Dhillon represents the most serious threat to the current chair to date. But Harmeet Dhillon is just another pig in lipstick, Pilgrims Society placement, just like Ronna ROMNEY McDaniel has always been.

The Pilgrims want you to think that there will be a substantive change in RNC leadership – but seriously, folks, read her bio below and see for yourself Dhillon is pure SWAMP.

Harmeet Dhillon investigation—British Pilgrims Society-Groomed Lawyer; hidden Facebook, Obama lackey


Dhillon became a British attorney (1998) before she was licensed in California (2000)

Harmeet Kaur Dhillon #207873. (Licensed Jun. 23, 2000). Admitted to the State Far of California. California Bar. Association. Source: https://apps.calbar.ca.gov/attorney/Licensee/Detail/207873

Telltale sign of the British Pilgrims Society grooming of Harmeet Dhillon – she swore an oath to the British Monarchy in 1998

Received award by Thomson/West Publishing aka British Thomson Reuters aka Reuters aka Rothschilds

Reuters controls the London Stock Exchange as well as the American exchanges through various convoluted entities.

“… she has been a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales.” (!!!)

“We are the final court of appeal in the UK for civil cases, and for criminal cases from England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The Supreme Court hears cases of the greatest public or constitutional importance affecting the whole population.” https://www.supremecourt.uk/

Harmeet Kaur Dhillon, SRA 271652. (Admitted Mar. 16, 1998). Accessed Dec. 06, 2022. UK Solicitors Regulation Authority. Source: https://www.sra.org.uk/consumers/register/person/?firstName=Harmeet&lastName=Dhillon&sraNumber=271652

The current standard oath of allegiance is set out from the Promissory Oaths Act 1868 in the following form:

“I, (Insert full name), do swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to His Majesty King Charles [in 1998, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth] , his heirs and successors, according to law. So help me God.”





CENSORSHIP NOTE: Wikipedia does not disclose that Dhillon worked for two Facebook attorneys:

Cooley Godward LLC (Palo Alto)

Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP (San Francisco)

Fenwick & West LLP (Palo Alto), via law partner John Paul Deol, John-Paul Deol – Employment Law Attorney – Dhillon Law Group Fenwick and West files most of Facebook’s patents building off of the social networking invention stolen from Leader Technologies, Columbus Ohio

Cooley Godward LLC was Facebook’s trial attorney in Leader v. Facebook patent infringement case where Leader proved that Facebook is infringing their social networking patents/invention. Cooley Godward’s Michael Rhodes (Facebook’s Leader v. Facebook trial lawyer) was one of the attorneys leading the distribution of Obama’s “energy stimulus” boondoggle that Elon Musk scarfed up. Facebook also engaged Orrick during the Leader v. Facebook trial.

She is being promoted by the British City of London-led Inner Temple organization, the American Bar Association: https://www.americanbar.org/groups/public_education/programs/19th-amendment-centennial/the-19th-amendment-then-and-now–lessons-for-the-21st-century/hermeet-dhillon/

“Racism!!!” epithet already being dragged out to protect Dhillon from criticism: https://www.sikhnet.com/news/harmeet-dhillon-sikh-attorney-hit-racist-smears-own-party

Being promoted by Charlie Kirk and Turing Point USA, which is associated with the British Pilgrims Society and Rothschild gold, silver and copper merchant Lord Michael Farmer, father-in-law to Candace Owens https://www.tpusa.com/harmeet-dhillon

Born 1969, therefore age 52, Chandigarh, India. Sikh religion.

Bottom Line: She is a well-groomed leftist lawyer, groomed by DLA Piper to appear Republican. She has never had a real job.

Firstly, there are way too many photos of her on Google images. That is always a telltale sign of a groomed cardboard cutout. Pages and pages!

Secondly, she is an Indian citizen, not American.

Groomed at all the right schools: Dartmouth College, Dartmouth Review, University of Virginia Law School, clerk for Judge Paul Victor Niemeyer, District Court of Maryland, 4th Circuit. Niemeyer worked for DLA Piper. DLA Piper’s chairman for decades was Sir Nigel G. Knowles, chairman of The Prince’s Trust International, boss of Doug Emhoff, Vice Pretender Kamala Harris’s former boss.

Later she was a director of the leftist American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

Contributor to Kamala Harris political campaigns, even according to Wikipedia!

She has sprinkled much money to RINOs


Contributed to RINO Republicans

Lindsay Graham

John McCain

Dana Rohrabacher

Pat Tiberi

Carly Fiorini

NOTE (she never disclosed her employment at Orrick in her Wikipedia)

She has given some speeches at various well-chosen Republican events. That is impressive.

Wikipedia even mentions jobs she interviewed for and never got. Even they were having trouble making her sound relevant and qualified (not).

She’s filed some lawsuits. The lawsuits appear to be window dressing to bolster her claim to be a Republican.

She FOUNDED the Center for American Liberty (CAL)—ALL LAWYERS. The name alone should raise red flags since such high-sounding names usually mean the opposite. https://libertycenter.org/

First the CAL website is classically leftist/communist slick with no substance. The principals all have milk toast, whitewashed resumes that use buzzwords and say little. https://libertycenter.org/about/

British Pilgrims Society. Jonathan M. Shaw – Attorney California – Dhillon Law Group including most notably, BARCLAYS BANK PLC, tied to The City of London and Boris Johnson’s wife Carrie (Bevan-Barclay partner)

1:15-cv-00732-ESHSANDZA v. BARCLAYS BANK PLC et al   

The UK Financial Conduct Authority participates in the policy of the U.S. Department of Treasury

Look at the roof of the building on the left associated with the UK Financial Conduct Authority in their latest annual report





Is that a pile of sh*t on their roof, or what?


Here is the U.S. Treasury Policy Committee that sells out America to the British Pilgrim pagans (Babylonian Radhanite DEMONS OF USURY) on a daily basis

Beth Hammack, chair. (Accessed Nov. 14, 2022). Treasury Borrowing Advisory Committee (TBAC) Members. U.S. Dept. of the Treasury. Source: https://home.treasury.gov/policy-issues/financing-the-government/quarterly-refunding/treasury-borrowing-advisory-committee-tbac/treasury-borrowing-advisory-committee-member

Learn how to research like an AFI miner

How to Research like a MINER

A Michigan AIMCat wrote us:

Your research work, and the work of the miners, has inspired me to try to research and create an expose on the leader of the Michigan Republican party, Ron Weiser. He is on the board of WEF and has been leading Michigan politician in support of failed RINOs. He recently tried to take Macomb County from the grassroots leaders.

I was wondering if the miners might have some tips as to how they are able to uncover so much otherwise hidden information. Do they employ a defined methodology (as V I suppose  an engineer like you would)? Do they just query and do deep dives on what the find? I will bet they rely extensively on resources I haven’t even considered.

Thank you for the work you do, and thanks in advance for any tips.

Our reply and we ask that you share these tips widely and USE THEM!

The shortest answer is see what is there, first, then, follow those links to see other links, start noting the interlocked relationships, follow each of those until you find the devils and their dirty deeds and data. Keep a file of notes, links, screen captures on your journey in a WORD file. That way, when you start preparing your write up, you won’t have to wonder where you got the earlier stuff.

Whenever you discover items being censored, that is a clue to focus on that item as it is usually a smoking gun for information the demons think they should hide.

The demons usually hide a few layers deep, sometimes many layers.

We only use open source information from internet, libraries, archives, media, newspapers, genealogy, some of it is free, some of it is subscription. Then, persist, persist, persist. Sometimes weeks can go by rummaging through information before a break occurs. You have to be patient and dogged. This process is not for souls that give up easily because it is “too hard.”

Befriend good state library researchers. They can be very helpful in tracking down stuff for you.

Don’t be satisfied with evidence until it is “judicially recognizable”… that is, it is already so notoriously known, or comes from a notoriously accepted source that it can be used in court without further validation.

When you save files, start with the date, ie. YYYY-MM-DD-CITATIONS-MO-DY–YYYY. This way people can get a context date for the material. For example, here is a recent document we will be posting.


The more of the subject you can get in the filename, the better. File names should be shortened when they get too long. iPads sometimes have trouble with too long file names. Windows PCs, less so.

Note: all writings, speeches and information posted by public officials and institutions is judicially recognizable. Make sure you present a proper bibliography for the citation, including the original sources and links where possible. Without the links, it is hard for others to do their own verifications.

On anything you post, be sure to write “Reproduced for educational purposes only. Fair Use relied upon.” This will keep you from trouble and accusations of copyright violation vis a vis the Fair Use doctrine.

Hope this helps.

Find a reliable place to post your research documents, and remember you can always send your research to us where we can post on one of our several blogs. You can also open up a substack account and publish your work – then post your findings to Gab or other platform where we can help you circulate it.

Lillian Scott Troy Biography and Timeline

The AFI miners put final touches on this biography and timeline of Lillian Scott Thomas. Please save these records to your private files to be passed down through the generations so that humanity will know the real truth about lies and propaganda of the Pilgrims Society.

Lillian Scott Troy Biography, Timeline, ZIP Archived Documents

Lillian Scott Troy (1882-1964). (Jul. 14, 2022). Biography & Timeline. Anonymous Patriots.


Lillian Scott Troy (1882-1964). (Jul. 14, 2022). Biography & Timeline. Anonymous Patriots.

Putin’s Powerful Remarks at ‘Strong Ideas for a New Time’ Summit

From Matthew Ehret: “Yesterday, Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered powerful remarks to the Plenary session of a conference titled ‘Strong Ideas for a New Time’. Participants attending the event represented leading figures from the public and private sectors and was sponsored by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives.

The purpose of the conference which was first convened in 2020, was to chart out the most cutting edge ideas needed to reform every aspect of Russian life, touching on cultural, economic, scientific and democratic processes.

Since the Russian President’s remarks took direct aim at the underlying flaws in the western unipolar system and succinctly identified the only possible solution to said self-annihilation, I thought it fit to reproduce his remarks in full…”

Vladimir Putin gives the Globalists a blast | PutinDirect

Remarks by President of Russia Vladimir Putin: 


I would like to begin by saying that I am very happy to be with you today.

Through you, I would like to greet and thank all those who have submitted their proposals to the forum Strong Ideas for a New Time, to thank the team of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives for organising the forum, and to express appreciation for the work of our regions, which have contributed to the implementation of the ideas presented at the first ASI forum, held in late 2020.

It is obvious that there is growing demand for the mechanism proposed by ASI for identifying, selecting and supporting civil projects and initiatives. As we were walking here with Svetlana Chupsheva, she said that, regrettably, an all-embracing and effective mechanism for selecting projects had not yet been created at the state level. But it is good that ASI is doing something like this. We will make increasingly broad use of this practice.

This mechanism is fully consonant with the tasks of our internal development and the time when truly revolutionary transformations are gaining momentum and getting stronger. These enormous changes are irreversible, of course. National and global processes are underway to develop the fundamentals and principles of a harmonious, fairer and more community-focused and safe world order as an alternative to the existing world order, or the unipolar world order in which we lived, and which, because of its nature, is definitely becoming a brake on the development of our civilisation.

The model of total domination by the so-called golden billion is unfair. Why should this golden billion, which is only part of the global population, dominate everyone else and enforce its rules of conduct that are based on the illusion of exceptionalism? It divides the world into first and second-class people and is therefore essentially racist and neo-colonial. The underlying globalist and pseudo-liberal ideology is becoming increasingly more like totalitarianism and is restraining creative endeavour and free historical creation.

One gets the impression that the West is simply unable to offer the world a model for the future of its own. Indeed, it was no accident that the golden billion attained its gold and achieved quite a lot, but it got there not because it implemented certain concepts. It mainly got to where it is by robbing other peoples in Asia and Africa. That is how it was. India was robbed for an extensive period of time. This is why the elite of the golden billion are terrified of other global development centres potentially coming up with their own development alternatives.

No matter how much the West and the supranational elite strive to preserve the existing order, a new era and a new stage in world history are coming. Only genuinely sovereign states are in a position to ensure a high growth dynamic and become a role model for others in terms of standards of living and quality of life, the protection of traditional values and high humanistic ideals, and development models where an individual is not a means, but the ultimate goal.

Sovereignty is about freedom of national development, and thus, the development of every individual. It is about the technological, cultural, intellectual and educational solvency of a state – that is what it is. No doubt, responsible, active and nationally minded and nationally oriented civil society is the most important component of sovereignty.

I am convinced that in order to be strong, independent and competitive, we need to improve the mechanisms for people to participate in the country’s life and to make them more open and fairer. That includes mechanisms for direct democracy and people’s involvement in addressing the critical problems facing society and the public.

The way forward is to rely on our people’s creative potential, to team up with you and people like you who are not with us today. How many thousands participated, did you say?

Svetlana Chupsheva: 19,000.

Vladimir Putin: Some 19,000 people took part in the forum. We can achieve the results we are seeking only if we rely on this powerful potential.

I consider your forum a key platform for an open and meaningful dialogue. Moreover, the Agency for Strategic Initiatives has always brought together people of a particular type. Thinking, proactive and goal-oriented people who are willing to make a significant contribution to making Russia a successful, prosperous and comfortable country for the people who strive to achieve self-fulfillment and to live dignified lives.

I am positive that, as professionals, you have ideas about how to improve the state of affairs in technology, education and healthcare and to make things better for our companies, researchers and engineers, and so on. You have meaningful ideas that have been tested. We must work together to bring them to life. Some things have already been done, and I hope we will spend some time discussing them. However, these newly proposed ideas must be implemented as well.

Of course, today we will be able to discuss only some of your ideas and projects. But I want you to know right from the outset that all constructive and sound proposals will be considered. It is imperative to make full use of the mechanisms for implementing the socially significant projects put forward by our citizens, which is being created by the Government, Vnesheconombank – Mr Shuvalov will confirm this – and the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, along with regional involvement.

I would like to emphasise that it is important to do more than organise the training of the teams and fund them accordingly. It is critically important to create, as soon as possible, pilot legal frameworks in specific areas, to test every aspect of the efforts to introduce effective, bold and even out-of-the-box ideas that are ahead of their time and use them as the basis for carrying out systemic changes throughout the country.

This particular approach has made it possible to launch the truly useful projects that were presented at your first forum in November 2020. I will give you a quick example. An initiative that was put forward at the previous forum gave start to pilot operation of autonomous marine vessels, which will be an important step towards developing unmanned vehicles in Russia, using satellite navigation and making advances in AI technology.

The day before yesterday, our colleagues and I discussed in detail the creation of proper conditions for developing and implementing such advanced technologies that enjoy high demand at a meeting of the Council for Strategic Development and National Projects. I am sure that you also have breakthrough ideas that will be implemented. Let us discuss them today.

I will spend a moment discussing public and social projects aimed at saving our nation, demographic development and, of course, the upbringing, as they usually say, of the youth, but I think education is a lifelong process and people should use new knowledge to evolve throughout their lives. So, I believe upbringing has much more to it than the upbringing of the youth.

I would like my colleagues in the Government and the governors to hear me – such sincere initiatives that are often promoted even by small teams of enthusiasts certainly need the interested, weighty support of the managerial teams in the regions, on site, because the experience received in one region is valuable and useful for the entire country. Of course, this is true of the experience is valuable, if is implemented, if it works effectively and brings specific results for the region in question and the country.

Let me recall that at the previous forum, representatives from the Novgorod Region search movement spoke about their efforts to go into schools. A very interesting initiative. As you know, genius lies in simplicity. They go to schools and tell the students about the history of their land by giving examples of their fellow residents, examples of heroism – this is much more interesting and effective than just sitting at a desk in school and thumbing through a textbook even if it is well written by specialists, historians and teachers. This live contact with history, especially if presented professionally, beautifully and creatively, certainly has a much stronger impression on people and affects all their lives.

I would like to emphasise that to move forward into the future we need to remember our great, glorious past, rely on our traditions and be proud of our achievements. And, once again, we must move forward by all means. It is absolutely unacceptable to rest on our laurels, look back to the past and be happy at recalling what our fathers, grandfathers and grandmothers did. No. We must certainly rely on this enormous experience and the achievements of our nation, our peoples – our advantage lies in the multi-ethnic and multi-religious nature of our country – but we must of course look to the future and move only forward.

It is symbolic today, that this forum is taking place at this unique facility. I think all of you are happy to be here, at GES −2. It unites our history, the successes of the domestic engineering school and modern technology. They were used to make this unusual, creative space that reflects the spirit of today’s new era.

I am sure this atmosphere will set a good direction for our discussion and motivate us to search for creative, unconventional approaches to resolving the tasks facing our country.

Thank you very much for your attention.