It’s Felix Sater Showtime

We put together a Felix Sater independent media kit with lots of great threads and articles. Make sure your audience is up to speed on Felix Sater so that the performance at the House Intelligence Committee (March 14, 2019) is all the more entertaining.

Don’t miss out on the drama in the swamp when you know <<SPOILER ALERT>>…that Congress made it legal to lie! You won’t know who is telling the truth or not!

Check each headline which is chock full of exciting info that the propaganda media will never report to you! Make sure to open each headline to see the exciting information that patriots have uncovered.

It’s Felix Sater Showtime!




House Intel Witness Felix Sater Was Part Of Loretta Lynch’s Secret Docket


felix sater meme


Adam Schiff: Felix Sater to testify to House Intelligence Committee, Cohen returns next week

GOP lawmakers refer Cohen for criminal prosecution as Congress asks him to return March 6


Sater pleaded guilty to racketeering in December 1998. But instead of being sentenced, Sater, like 16 other defendants in the case, signed a cooperation agreement with the US government, and his entire case file was sealed.

Signing Sater’s cooperation agreement for the Department of Justice was Andrew Weissmann, then an assistant US attorney and now a key member of the special counsel’s team. Mueller himself would be the FBI director for most of the time Sater served as a source.

The US attorney who oversaw Sater’s pump-and-dump case was Loretta Lynch, later the attorney general under President Barack Obama. While the Senate was considering her confirmation, Sen. Orrin Hatch asked Lynch about how her office handled Sater’s fraud case. In a written response, she said:

“The defendant in question, Felix Sater, provided valuable and sensitive information to the government during the course of his cooperation, which began in or about December 1998. For more than 10 years, he worked with prosecutors providing information crucial to national security and the conviction of over 20 individuals, including those responsible for committing massive financial fraud and members of La Cosa Nostra. For that reason, his case was initially sealed.”

To the government, he was no longer Felix Sater; in public he was referred to as John Doe, while in hundreds of pages of FBI interview reports, his code name was “The Quarterback.” (This quote is actually correct even though its source Buzzfeed-fake news doesn’t have the entire story correct.)


AIM Cats Bust Felix Sater


September 2, 2017 The Felix Sater -Russia – James Comey Connection


March 12, 2018 Felix Sater- Who’s Your Daddy?

Genocide of White South Africans Needs Immediate Humanitarian Intervention

Note to our readers: Karen writes to us through a chain of trusted AIM Patriots, from South Africa to the Conclave to your eyes. She offers several videos below, but we brought The Eight Stages of Genocide up to the top so that you could watch it first, then read Karen’s plea for help.

Karen knows that our AIM audience is highly influential and prays that you can find ways to bring attention to this grave matter and help stop the genocide of white South Africans.

Gregory Stanton: The Eight Stages of Genocide

My name is Karin Smith.  I am an ex-pat White South African, now proudly and LEGALLY an American Citizen.

I lived in Southern Africa, Rhodesia (Zimbabwe), South West Africa (Namibia) and South Africa for 57 years and came to the US 8 years ago.

My family lived, and suffered, through the Rhodesian War, insurgents using South West Africa (SWA) now Namibia as a pathway to SA, The Apartheid years and the beginnings of the “Rainbow Nation” under ANC rule.

Whilst Apartheid has been vilified in the World press and decried by world leaders, no one, now, is saying one public word about the dire situation in South Africa.

Since 1994, by legal means, White South Africans have, literally, been refused access to the work place. The Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment laws, together with Revised Labour Relations Act, have disenfranchised thousands of White South Africans who, once their job has been lost, will never be re employed.

This has caused a lack of skills in areas of vital importance to the country – for instance ESCOM, the sole provider of electricity for SA and, at one time, for 80% of Sub Saharan Africa. The total lack of new infrastructure and the looting of the State coffers have caused this entity to resort to “rolling blackouts” lasting up to 24 hours in some areas with a negative effect on the economy, not to mention the safety of citizens who rely on electricity to power their home and business security.

There is not one area of the economy that has not been negatively impacted by these laws and the net result is that tens of thousands of White South Africans are destitute and unable to house, feed or educate their families. Despite President Ramaphosa’s strident claim that this is not happening, I work with 2 charities that have identified 480 White “squatter camps” in South Africa.  This does not include the isolated family units living in the bush under a tarpaulin, or if they still possess one, in their motor vehicle.  We estimate that there are close to 1 million whites living in these condition.

Although more people in SA are on Social Grants than there are people paying taxes, this does not trickle down to the Whites.  They have no fixed addresses and, therefore, are unable to claim grants or register their children for school. Companies are, by law, not allowed to donate to any charity that is not 80% black and White Orphanages have been forced to close down.

This is only a tiny fraction of the insuperable problems faced by the White minority in South Africa. There are approximately 3.5 million whites out of a total population of about 70 million.  With an estimated further 30 million illegal Africans in the country. As far as I am aware, SA is the ONLY country in the world with more than 120 race based laws to protect the HUGE majority from a tiny minority. Yet the world sees no reason to intervene or even comment on this.

A well established fact is the farm murders in SA. More than 4,000 white farmers have been brutally tortured to death. In 1994 there were 120,000 operational commercial farms in SA. Today, there are less than 30,000 and of these 20,000 are on the market.

The above does not address the deaths of urban whites. We suspect that as many as 80,000 whites have been tortured to death since 1994. However, as the Government records these deaths as “natural causes” we will never know the true number.  I have a 650 page document with the names, dates and genuine causes of white deaths that we have verified.

The politicians regularly sing a song about “Kill the Boer” and openly blame every ill suffered by the blacks in SA on Apartheid, Colonialism, Settlers and Whites in general.  One of the political parties – Black Land First –on State run radio – recently said that they are going to [this sentence was not completed by the Ms. Smith].

The mainstream press is once again silent after the president of a socialist South African political party called for the deaths of white people.

“You kill one of us, we kill five white people,” shouted Andile Mngxitama at a Saturday rally where he called for revolution. “We kill their children, we kill their women, we kill their dogs, we kill their cats, we kill anything we find in our way.”

This followed on the statement from Julius Malema – leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters stating on state run television that

“We are not calling for the slaughtering of white people, at least for now.”

Many organisations in SA have made presentations to the UN, the ICC and to many of the Western Countries asking for assistance. However, there has been no concrete response from any of these entities.


Reader note: Open the headline link below to read their letter to the US Ambassador in South Africa about the ethic cleansing of the White South African minority.

National Conservative Party of South Africa to US Ambassador


Now, to add insult to injury, the ANC have decided to change the Constitution so that they can now expropriate possessions without compensation. They have OPENLY stated that his applies ONLY to white property. This will then allow them to take not only commercial or farming land, but even residential houses, furniture, cars and intellectual property owned by whites.

The Constitution is set for change at the end of March of this year. Land grabs are already in full swing and whites are being threatened and beaten if they refuse to allow squatters to settle on their land. The police are unable or unwilling to assist, as, frequently, they are participating in the land grab themselves.

This, together with the attachments, is a small fraction of the difficulties faced by White South Africans. However, it is impossible to give all this information in a short paper.  I am prepared and willing to discuss at some length any and all other concerns including the Chinese and Russians purchasing large tracts of Africa.

Here are some links of Dr. Gregory Stanton of Genocide Watch discussing the White Genocide in South Africa.

Dr Gregory Stanton on farm murders in South Africa

OASE video: Dr. Stanton of Genocide Watch on farm murders in SA 2012.07.26

OASE video: Dr.Stanton’s advice to South Africans.

Anti-apartheid activist Dr.Stanton of Genocide Watch on White genocide in South Africa

Dr Gregory Stanton on Murder Rate in SA


Dr Gregory Stanton of The Genocide Watch on Language Rights in SA


Karin Smith

Former Tavistock Gender-Bender Governor Quits after Leaked Report

More whistle blowers to follow? How many millions of souls have already died or been damaged for life by the criminals at the Privy Council’s Tavistock Propaganda Institute? Spread the truth.

diabolical plan tavistock

Former Tavistock Gender-Bender Governor Quits after Leaked Report

marcus evans.JPGMar. 02, 2019 (Marcus Evans)— . . . I resigned from my (four decade) post as governor of The Tavistock & Portman NHS Foundation Trust last week.

A leaked internal report had branded the Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) at The Tavistock Centre, England’s only NHS youth gender clinic, ‘not fit for purpose’.

The overwhelming feeling was that some children in its care were not being given enough time in their psychological assessment and treatment.

It goes without saying that the area of mental health — and particularly relating to gender dysphoria — is highly complex.

The service was accused of being too quick to give children and young people medical treatment (hormone-blocking drugs).

Treatment that has unknown far‑reaching consequences and that, without sufficient exploration as to the child’s feelings and motives, can have devastating life‑long effects on their identity and development.

Read full article.


ana padilla jargstorfMarcus Evans exposes the devastating effects of the Tavistock (UK)/MKUltra (C.I.A. US) “Gender Identity Clinic,” especially on children

Facebook’s VP of European, Asian and African policy, Baron Richard Allan’s wife, ‘Tavistock’ Ana Padilla, is an advisor to the NHS in psychiatry and pharmaceuticals

It appears that the Senior Executive Service (SES), Privy Council, Mueller, Hillary, rogue C.I.A. and SERCO are accelerating their eugenics timetable for fear of getting fully exposed before their takeover is fully implemented


Marcus Evans. (Mar. 01, 2019). Former (Tavistock) governor says fears hurrying children into transgender path, Staff too nervous to speak out. Daily Mail UK.

The Tavistock and Portman. (Accessed Mar. 02, 2019). Gender identity clinic (GIC). NHS Foundation Trust (UK).
AFI. (Dec. 28, 2018). The British Tavistock Institute controls MSM social media propaganda, Mueller, SERCO and the Senior Executive Service (SES). Americans for Innovation.

How to Find Indictable Evidence on the Crooks, Criminals, and Creatures of the Swamp

The Americans for Innovation website is a treasure trove of indictable evidence for patriot researchers. Tyla Gabriel and Michael McKibben walk you through a brief video to show you how to access thousands of files of indictable evidence on the creatures from the D.C. swamp and around the world. Then try it yourself and see what you can find. Start your own Youtube channel to share your discoveries based on REAL evidence, not conspiracy theories.

Make sure to try it yourself. It’s so easy!

Make sure your Congresspeople, elected officials, and the White House know how to use this site…and don’t forget Bill Bar.  They all need to know what citizens know…at the very least.

Patriots help POTUS clean the swamp

Are you spinning in a limited hangout?

This two part audio series and article link provide a great educational tool to help your audience learn about limited hangouts, controlled opposition, and the search for truth. Join Tyla and Douglas Gabriel and Michael McKibben to learn how to spot controlled opposition. Then listen to an actual case study where we bust Salem Media Group for being controlled by globalists.

Are you spinning in a limited hangout?



Is Salem Media Controlled Opposition?


Read the actual evidence that demonstrates that Salem Media Group is controlled opposition. Then ask your favorite Christian channel or personality why they are supporting the Salem Media globalists and their agenda of evil.

Salem Media Looks Like a Limited Hang Out


salem witch hanging.png


Salem Media Looks Like a Limited Hang Out

limited hangouts

salem radio 1

Salem Media Group Inc (NASDAQ: SALM) employs popular conservative Christian hosts including Larry Elder, Dennis Prager and Hugh Hewitt

Salem’s bankers, underwriters, accountants and Google technologists appear to be steering their hosts away from topics that threaten the NWO agenda

This “limited hangout” strategy marginalizes Salem’s potentially huge  Christian influence in the larger society

jon venver salem
Salem’s director and Google’s director of program management, Jon Venverloh, just returned from Zurich (the home of the rogue C.I.A.), but hides his association with Salem on his LinkedIn biography. Why? Photo: YouTube profile.

Feb. 22, 2019—A new review of Salem Media’s public disclosures at the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission has revealed some startling facts about Salem’s history. It may explain why their popular conservative Christian hosts like Larry Elder, Dennis Prager and Hugh Hewitt limit their coverage to certain topics while steering clear of others of equal or greater importance to the survival of American culture and the Republic.

Go to  and type “SALM” in the Fast Search box. You will need to acquaint yourself with the “Filing Types.“ Of special note are the annual reports (10-K) and the annual proxy statements showing beneficial ownership (DEF 14A).

Here are a few notable Salem Media facts:

1.     Me Google, Salem who? Longtime Google executive Jonathan Venverloh has been a Salem director since July 20, 2011.

Despite Venverloh’s eight-year history with Salem, he does not even mention Salem in his LinkedIn biography, which does mention his other experiences at Virtualis, Weather Channel, Saatchi & Saatchi, DDB Needham. He even discloses his child’s elementary school board—but not Salem Media. Why? Is he embarrassed that it does not reflect his hipster Silicon Valley persona? Is he hiding nefarious activity? What?

Tellingly, Venverloh was recently in Zurich, Switzerland for Google (2016-2018) where he worked on “diversity and inclusion.” It is well known that Zurich is the home of the rogue C.I.A. and its Nazi gold vaults.

Why no mention of Salem Media, Mr. Venverloh? No diverse and inclusive enough for your tony Google cliché?

2.     On Feb. 04, 2005, Fidelity Investments  (FMR Corp.) purchased 14.45% of Salem’s stock (2,948,634 shares). At that time, Fidelity’s Robert  S. Ketterson was a director in the National Venture Capital Association (NVCA) along with the C.I.A.’s In-Q-Tel and Facebook’s James W. Breyer’s Accel Partners. These organizations are rapidly bringing the Chinese Social Credit Score to the United States.

3.     On Aug. 01, 2006,   Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. (“BBHC”) purchased 7.04% of Salem’s stock (1,288,000 shares). Brown Brother Harriman is notoriously known for providing financing to Adolf Hitler in World War II via Prescott Bush, father of George H. W. Bush and grandfather of George & Jeb Bush. Did Salem’s principals know this?

See Ben Aris, Duncan Campbell. (Sep. 25, 2004). How Bush’s grandfather helped Hitler’s rise to power (via Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH)). The Guardian.

david evans4.     Me Like Queenie: Former Ernst & Young London accountant, Brit David A.R. Evans, joined Salem, first as CFO, and now President in charge of new business. Ernst & Young London is one of the primary auditors for British “Nominee Accounts” and TheCityOfLondonUK that holds huge fortunes in HSBC offshore investments for globalist warlords and the Privy Council who have targeted President Trump via the corrupt “Five Eyes” intelligence cartel run by the rogue C.I.A. out of Zurich.

See AFI. (Jun 03, 2018). PART I: Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie – Spy-gate is directed by the Crown’s courtiers in the UK, not by Russia. Americans for Innovation.

See AFI. (Jul. 20, 2018). Part II: Lord Mark Malloch-Brown – The globalist racketeer kingpin running the Queen’s Privy Council with George Soros. Americans for Innovation.

5.     On Jan. 22, 2007,  GAMCO Investors, Inc. (aka Mario Gabelli, Gabelli Funds, LLC) first purchased 5.24% of Salem stock (939,250 shares). Gabelli currently holds 8.31% of Salem’s stock. Through nested Gabelli (UK) holdings in London, Gabelli (UK) is 22.4% owned by Investec where George Soros collaborator Lord Mark Malloch-Brown is a director (p. 19). Malloch-Brown also owns controlling interest in SmartMatic election machines from Venezuela that contains the OpTech election machine man-in-the-middle rigging software. Gibelli’s top UK holdings include DST Systems (Moscow, Yuri Milner, Alisher Usmanov, Goldman Sachs) that conspired with Sheryl Sandberg, Larry Summers and the rogue C.I.A. to steal Leader Technologies’ social networking invention. They also have a large holding in Robert Mueller’s offshore go-to bank The Bank of New York Mellon (p. 12). Here is compilation of Gabelli (UK) corporate filings.

Gabelli UK director John Charles Reed also directs Blackrock North American Income Trust PLC, Co. No. 8196493 in London whose ten largest holdings are (in order) NWO globalists JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America, Citigroup, Pfizer, Oracle, Wells Fargo, Anthem, Dow, Microsoft and Suncor Energy.

thomas donilonBlackrock is notoriously known to be a C.I.A. front. Blackrock’s CEO Thomas E. Donilon was Obama’s national security council director who helped organize Obama’s 10,000-man stay-behind troops via the Senior Executive Service (SES). The SES is running the current coup attempts against President Donald Trump along with Blackrock’s top invested companies list above.

They use financial influence to herd opposition media hosts into “limited hangouts” topically

When one sees the evident infiltration of the Salem Media money supply, it is not difficult to see that these financiers can control Salem’s messaging from the shadows. In this case, they cannot overtly turn off Salem’s conservative Christian audience. But, they can certainly limit their impact and effectiveness in the culture by making certain live-changing topics off limits, hence the term ”limited hangout.”

Why don’t Salem’s paid hosts ever talk about certain subject, including:

·        Senior Executive Service (SES)

·        OPIC, USAID corruption

·        SERCO infiltration

·        The SES 500 controllers

·        British Crown Agents

·        SERCO’s overrun of the U.S. government

·        Five Eyes

·        5G milliwave destruction of the human mind and body

·        Human trafficking

·        Big pharma poisoning

·        Encryption fraud

·        Chemtrails and geoengineering

·        Abolishing the Federal Reserve

·        Social credit score

·        Imprisoning Hillary for treason

·        Election rigging; machine rigging; ballot stuffing; encryption key man-in-the-middle (Hillary, Mueller, Chertoff, Malloch-Brown, Romney, Soros, Optech, SmartMatic, Hart InterCivic, Dominion)

·        Theft of Leader Technologies’ social networking inventions

·        Leader’s Miller Act Notice and the funding of a truly free press

·        The Internet of Things fraud

·        The 100 -years MSM mind control propaganda

·        The Uniparty

·        Christian and Jewish Zionism

·        Talpiot

·        Sandy Hook (DHS war game)

·        Vaccination micro-virus impregnation and soft kill

·        Jesuit infiltration of the Vatican, Washington & London

·        Vatican Bank

·        Bank of England

·        The Mercers

·        TheCityOfLondonUK

·        The Privy Council

·        Cecil Rhodes’ 200-year New World Order plan

·        Rhodes Scholarship NOW recruiting corruption

·        GMO soft kill

·         9/11 and Building 7 collapse from high-energy explosives

·        Pedophilia epidemic

·        Satanism and ritual child sacrifice among the “elite”

·        Corporate, globalist “public-private” fascism

Question for Salem Media: Is it true that you are the company you keep? Let’s hope not. Truth is power.

Spread the truth.

AFI AIM logo combo

Dear AG William Barr,

Calling on all patriots! 

We need y’all to get your keyboards ready and make sure the WiFi is 4 bars. We need to welcome Mr. William Barr to his new job. Please read our sample letter below and use it or construct one of your own.

We don’t want him to waste our time, so let’s make sure he knows what we do so that he can decide if he will go down in history as a hero, or a traitor.

Here is how to reach him:

william barr ag

Click here:

Welcome to your new job AG Barr. Just a reminder that you work for We the People and we want to make sure you have as much information as we all do out here.

Get the big picture of how the swamp operates at Use the search bar to find the crime and the criminal.

Then go to to get all the indictable evidence you need to put away everybody, from Hillary to Soros.

In case you need a map of the swamp, here you go:

Good luck. We need a hero, not another traitor.



It’s time for We the People to launch an information nuke into the swamp. Make sure your circle of influence fires away, too. Fire it as many times as you need.

We made it so simple, you don’t even have to leave your keyboard to fire your shot. Weaponize your smart phone while you are at it!

After you send Bill Barr’s info bomb, how about lodging the same one into your Representatives’ and Senators’ email boxes? Yes, YOU can be an information warrior!

Contact Any Congressperson

information warriors educate congress

Citizens spent over 18 years to compile this huge trove of information, evidence, and reporting so that you could use it as a modern day weapon to defeat the criminal enemies of America. Do your part TODAY.

Do not let the men and women who fought for our country to have died in vain because you were too lazy to send a blast of emails to D.C.

Truth-BombGet your keyboard out, your cut and paste hand ready….and lodge a few information bombs in the enemy camp.

Don’t stop until the swamp is clean.

Make sure they all get the message that We the People are sick and tired of their criminality and immorality.


Corruptocrat poster also available in these formats:

It’s Time. Pitchforks and Torches

Patriots launch shock and awe into the swamp

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Amy Berman Jackson is a Mueller Protégé

Amy Berman Jackson is a judge you need to know about. She is a deep state swamp bottomfeeder who does the bidding of her master Robert Mueller. Listen to Douglas describe her situation, then go to the headline links below to pick up more intel.

Get the word out to your social media. This is the judge that is ruling on Paul Manafort and Roger Stone. They need your help.

Amy Berman Jackson is a Mueller Protege


ALERT: Judge Amy Berman Jackson hides massive Clinton Foundation conflicts of interest inside her mutual funds

Judge Amy Berman Jackson is a Corrupt Mueller ‘Witch Hunter’ Coming for Roger Stone


Here is a flashy poster to send around to your networks:

Amy Berman Jackson Flier

TMZ Runs Fake News Report About Ruth Ginsberg

TMZ posted video of Ginsburg walking through an airport to prove she is alive so she can “work from home” on the Supreme Court this week. One of our AIM super sleuths pointed out that Ruth was seen in the same outfit at Reagan LAST YEAR.


This is what we posted yesterday on the Cat Report:

You decide. TMZ is passing this video off as a Sasquatch Ginsberg sighting. Is it current? Is it Ruth? Is it staged? Wow – she was supposedly at work on Friday (claims NBC) and yesterday, Monday, she was seen walking in the airport? There should be no problem in a full-on presser with her!

Seemed like a good time to share our Ruthie meme collection, too.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Talks About Her Post Surgery Condition at Reagan Airport


where is ruth 14


where is ruth 13


where is ruth 12


.ruth in glass


where is ruth 2


where is ruth 10


ruth kek ginsberg


where is ruth 9


.where is ruth 7


where is ruth 6


where is ruth 4


where is ruth 3

.ruth proof of life


AIM Patriot coopdeville 999 wrote Senator Graham this note. Perhaps you will do the same.

Senator Lindsey Graham:

Some media outlets have been reporting to U.S. citizens that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg has been recently sighted in public after recovering from a medical procedure. Those reports are not easily verifiable, and many citizens, including myself, are concerned about the status of her health. As chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, it would be prudent for you to investigate, confirm and report the status of her health to the public, to verify that she is physically able to perform her duty and serve the public as she was appointed to do. Failure to respond in such manner will generate suspicion and distrust of the federal government.


ruth at performance


Lindsey Graham is the head of the Senate Judiciary Committee. He needs to prove to WE THE PEOPLE that Ruth is alive and a functioning justice. Do your part as an engaged citizen and contact his office today.

Lindsey Graham – Where is Ruth Ginsberg? You head the Senate Judiciary Committee and need to report her status to the American people.

(202) 224-5972



ginsberg on ice - Copy


Is Ruth Ginsberg Dead?

One of our community members sent in a screen shot yesterday indicating that Ruth Ginsberg is dead. He pointed us to with the instructions to look at the Cook County Death Records database.

Below is the image that he sent to us. When we checked this ourselves, the layout and theme of the web site looks just like the one below; however, we could not duplicate this page. Note that Martin Ginsberg was listed as a relative.

Notice, too, that Washington D. C. is mis-capitalized as D.c. which is usually a sign of sloppy photo-shopping.

ruth ginsberg death

So we brought our guys up from the mines and asked them to do a search. THEY FOUND NOTHING.

For sleuthers out there, we pulled up her birth and marriage certificates in case you need them down the road.

The point is that the image sent to us may be a hoax. Be on the lookout and make sure that you don’t fall into a fake news hole. Something like this needs to be verified with evidence.


Joan Ruth Bader (Ruth Bader Ginsburg)

March 15, 1933 (age 85)

Brooklyn, New York City, U.S.

Spouse(s)            Martin Ginsburg

(m. 1954; died 2010)

Education            Cornell University (BA)

Harvard University (Attended)

Columbia University (JD)

Ruth’s Birth Certificate:

joan r bader

Joan r bader 2

Ruth’s Marriage Certificate

Notice that her name changed from Joan R. Bader to Ruth J. Bader sometime between 1933 and 1954. Her Wikipedia page shows her birth name as Joan Ruth Bader.

Ruth J Bader 1

Ruth j bader 2