The Assassination Attempts

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We are told that the texts between Peter Strzok and Lisa Page are due to their sexual nature, but what if they are being hidden because they show an outright plan in progress of harming POTUS?

Could these assassination attempts outlined below have anything to do with the obvious conspiracy to “stop Trump” by Horror Witches Agent 1 and Agent 5? See: SES Star Chamber Protects Assassination Attempt of the President

Americans demand full transparency from the Department of Justice, FBI, and Congress. We need to know if federal agents were planning to kill the President of the United States.

June 22, 2016

Why isn’t the assassination attempt on Donald Trump bigger news?

August 2, 2016

Secret Service arrest ex-cop at Trump Tower

May 31, 2017

Police arrest man with assault rifle at Trump hotel


5 thoughts on “The Assassination Attempts”

  1. PDJT is the first overtly anti-Deep State president since JFK, and we saw what it did to him, except most of us didn’t see it for what it was at the time. Now many of us have awakened to the existence of the DS, but confusion remains over what it is. It is not just a coterie of ideological Obama holdovers. It is not the same as the Shadow Government, Permanent Government, Continuity of Government, Surveillance State, Senior Executive Service, etc., although a great deal of overlap occurs. It is, first and foremost, and most fundamentally, the still deeply influential, treasonous cabal that worked with Lyndon Johnson in plotting the murder of Pres. Kennedy and with J. Edgar Hoover in covering up the conspiracy. When PDJT finally releases the last sealed records in the JFK case in 2021, this will be the moment, early in his second term, when we can–and must–decisively move against the DS threat.

  2. Isn’t it rather obvious that the people involved in this criminal cover-up at the DOJ and FBI are also implicated (and were probably more or less all deeply complicit) in the 911 attacks, the attack on the Pentagon and many or all of the intervening false flags including Las Vegas, Florida school shooting, the nightclub attack in Orlando, Sandy Hook, Boston, and before 911 OKC. Mueller was obviously involved in the 9/11 cover-up. These people are running scared and animals fearing attack are very very dangerous. Pray for the President that he will receive the protection he needs–and deserves.

  3. What about the Secret Service Agent who, it was reported at the time of POTUS’ return from UK, to have died from a “stroke?”
    Very fishy, given the physical shape the SS agents are held to, and in light of threats and geneeal danger from poisoning and other covert means that the are known for (centuries worth!)

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