Globalist Senator Thugs Trying to Trick the American Electorate with Phony Elections Bill


These globalists know that we are on to their corrupt election rigging machines so these disgusting anti-American Globalist SenatorsPatty Murray, Ron Wyden, Kirsten Gillibrand, Ed Markey, and Elizabeth Pocahontas Warren –  are offering a phony elections bill in Congress.

Mitt election machineThey don’t ask for compliance until November 2020. This way the election machine rigging machines that are owned by Mitt Romney, George Soros, Lord Mark Malloch-Brown and other globalists can continue to rig elections.

WE THE PEOPLE demand paper ballots NOW. This is of vital importance to our election integrity and the democracy of our nation. These Senators are trying to “head fake” us into their limited bill so that they can rig 2018 and all the primaries between now and 2020 – whereupon they will change this bill before 2020 and keep the corrupt machines in place.

Don’t buy this false narrative. MAGA Senators need to offer alternative language that requires paper ballots and bi-partisan PUBLIC chain of custody – EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY.

When we see Rand Paul, Devin Nunes, and Jim Jordan support this bill, we will know we have a solid bill in place… until then, this bill stinks.

Effective date

Meanwhile, we are still waiting for another Romney to start doing her job instead of keeping the old guard in place. What has Ronna ROMNEY McDaniel done – publicly and veraciously – to put 50 states on notice that the GOP will not tolerate election machine rigging?

Only YOU can prevent election rigging.

Ronna and election rigging

5 thoughts on “Globalist Senator Thugs Trying to Trick the American Electorate with Phony Elections Bill”

  1. Paper Ballots are a great start, However, beware that In WA State we vote by Paper Ballot, however, they are scanned and have a preprinted bar-code with serial number tracking on them attached to Voter ID ,allowing digital manipulation after the Vote is cast and submitted. Most likely the handy work of the Chief Traitor in charge, Patty Murray, the so called “Elected” Senator from WA State that prides herself on backstabbing double talk, the one whom claims to be a champion for Veterans, when in all actuality she works in unison with other Senators on the Libertard West Coast to undermine our Veteran entrenched values of Honor, Integrity and Valor. Optics say it all. They are a disgrace to the Republic. That is a “Fact of the Matter” and I challenge anyone to prove otherwise.

    1. We agree. ANY COUNTING by electronic methods – whether Scantron or OpTech software needs to be illegal when it comes to votes. We need to count them the old-fashion way. By hand an din a public setting with bipartisan chain of custody.

  2. I am a firm believer in our First Amendment rights, however, no citizen has the right to expose (in any manner) classified information.
    Mainstream Media has become the largest experiment in anarchy that we have ever had. I personally don’t watch mainstream media on television at all any more, very little Internet media. And then only selected ones that I believe to not be a waste of time. MSM and most politicians are a waste of time.

  3. Romney owns the fraud machines in part, his niece is another globalist. They stink to high heaven and are losers who will not be allowed to steal from we the People nor our great President Trump. MAGA is here to triumph over rigging.

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