Energy, Frequency, and Vibration

If you are new to our sites, you will hear and read about resonance, vibration, gratitude, love, spirituality, free energy, ascension, pineal glands, chakras, and Imagination-Inspiration-Intuition. Perhaps you are highly knowledgeable about these topics. Or maybe these concepts are new or vague to you.

You might ask:

“Why does a truth news site include ‘new age’ videos, articles, and links?”

We believe that it is equally, if not more, important to show the path forward in human evolution instead of dwelling on the all the negativity. There is plenty of that on the internet! We hope to provide you with truth balance — the top of Cat Reports are dedicated to truth news, and the lower bottom for demonstrating how amazing your life is once you align your chakra energy, cleanse and activate your pineal gland, and unfold your full potential as a human being.

This is what our “planetary rulers” do not want us to know because once we become awake, conscious and engaged, they cannot enslave us with fear, doubt, and hatred.

global educationTyla and Douglas Gabriel offer to be your geopolitical – spiritual sherpas on this journey and are well suited for the teaching assignment. Tyla has a masters degree in humanities and adult education, with post grad in economics. Douglas’ background is extensive as you have probably figured out, but for his teaching creds, he has a masters degree in Waldorf education as well as several PhDs, one in comparative religion. The Gabriels have published several books on spiritual topics and are available in print on Amazon or free PDF versions – here.

The Gabriels are retired from their professional teaching careers, but couldn’t stop ‘teaching the children’. Welcome to our digital classroom which we call the Glass Bead Game, filled with lessons, images, and videos to help you navigate your way through this new age that we are entering.

indigo-awakenedFollowing Tesla’s suggestion, the Gabriels offer curated articles and videos on VIBRATION, ENERGY, RESONANCE, and FREQUENCY.

Learn how your life can have more love, joy, health, and abundance by experiencing the secrets that our planetary rulers have been trying to keep from us for millennia.

If you are new to the Glass Bead Game, you might start looking through the videos that we saved under the YouTube playlist Glass Bead Game. Doesn’t matter what order you view them in. Your angels will guide you to just the right one at the right time.

Let’s get started and make sure we all understand the basics of vibration, frequency and resonance with this video entitled:

Resonance – Forced Vibrations – Demonstrations in Physics

Next, we look at resonance in a closed circuit.

Tesla Coil Wireless Energy and Resonance Demonstration

Were you excited to see electricity coming from a light bulb that was not plugged into a wall socket? There are hundreds of free energy devices available to us. We wrote about free energy in the article link just below. The corrupt U. S. Patent Office keeps this technology from us so that it can be used by Big Energy, Big Social Media, Big Military, Big Banks to keep us enslaved to their global debt system.

The Free Energy Revolution Has Begun

We have also alerted our audience about other free energy technologies that humanity could start using TODAY once we overthrow the evil Pilgrims Society’s rule over the planet.

Abundant Energy for Everyone on Earth


GALT: The Best Kept Secret in the World that Could Free Humanity with Unlimited Free Energy


Can you imagine, after seeing the video above, how one person might sympathetically resonant with another person? Even over great distances?

Isn’t your heart vibrating? Perhaps that special person somewhere far away is still vibrating in sympathetic resonance with your heart.

Our earth vibrates as she rotates in her different atmospheres and emits a vibration that is called the Schumann Resonance, which is about 7.83 hertz. The human heart emits a frequency also, which is about 7.83 hertz. Is the human heart in sympathetic resonance with the earth?

Two hearts on fireHave you ever walked into a room and immediately “felt the energy” of someone in the room that you were attracted to, and, after speaking with them, find out that the person has many similar interests to you and have many things in common?

Is this a form of sympathetic resonance? They say that a “saint knows a saint and a sinner knows a sinner” It begs the question, do humans have vibration antennae that can send and received frequencies of different rates? The answer is yes, and the explanation takes some time describe. It is called the path of ascension and requires aligning your different energy centers with specific cosmic harmonics.

We exist on a continuum of vibrations, or frequencies, emitted by all things. These vibrations create a specific frequency signature for different substances. Natural silica, like quartz crystal, vibrates at 32,768 vibrations per second no matter where it is found on the earth, and there is much of it in the human body. As quartz disintegrates (entropy), it emits this particular frequency. Other minerals and substances emit different frequencies also.

According to Einstein, “Everything in life is vibration.”  Nikola Tesla said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

On the spectrum of vibrations from low to high, we can find warmth, light, color, sound and their many harmonics, as well as higher vibrations of radio frequencies, ultra-violet, and gamma waves among others.

Is it possible that as we learn to vibrate in resonance with higher harmonics that we might come to vibrate at higher frequencies?

Are these higher frequencies parts of our higher nature that we someday will come to inhabit as a home? Is this why in different religions angels sing, archangels play musical instruments, and archai dance? Are these higher stages of vibration with which human beings will come to resonant sympathetically?

It reminds us of the lyrics to the Moody Blues song Departure:

Be it sight, sound, smell or touch

There’s something inside that we need so much

The sight of a touch

Or the scent of a sound

Or the strength of an oak

With roots deep in the ground

The wonder of flowers to be covered

And then to burst up

Through tarmac [darkness]

To the sun again

Or to fly to the sun

Without burning a wing

To lie in a meadow

And hear the grass sing

To have all these things

In our memories hoard

And to use them

To help us

To find…the Lost Chord.

translated to heavenPerhaps the path of spiritual development is to ascend from lower, darker vibrations into the wondrous colors, sounds, and brilliant light of higher vibrations. Perhaps this journey is like climbing “Jacob’s Ladder” to heaven, like the angels ascending and descending that Jacob saw in his dream.

Or like Paul, who was “caught up to the seventh heaven” and came before the brilliant throne of the heavenly one. Is this what was meant by Enoch or Elisha being “translated” into heaven before their eyes, a type of raising the vibration of the saint so that they might enter into another world?

All of these questions need to be wrestled with as the modern person tries to become more of an angel than an animal in all that they do –  a sort of raising owns own personal vibration. There are many secrets to the processes of ascension and these “lessons on vibrations” will help put issues of human and cosmic vibration in perspective.

Moody Blues song Departure

CYMATICS: Science Vs. Music – Nigel Stanford



Dear Betsy and Thomas,

Once again thank you for your tremendous efforts putting all of the information together in digestible red pills. I must admit I have been experiencing quite a bit of indigestion as the ingredients in these pills cause cognitive dissonance.With so much of the technologies seem to be in place for the control of everything, what can we realistically do to stop this train?


love is the answer

Our reply: Jeff, The planetary rulers of our planet (aka Pilgrims Society) have kept us in vibrations of fear, doubt, and hatred. In this way they can control you and keep you imprisoned in a lower vibration so that you cannot achieve your full potential as a human being evolving into a higher state of consciousness.

In order to break these “chains”, one needs to step beyond the limited constructs of the physical world.

We created the Glass Bead Game as a digital learning environment for you to explore your higher nature and, ultimately, to help you achieve the higher energies and frequencies that draw love, joy, freedom, and abundance to you. Additionally, we are continue to post material on “Energy, Frequency, and Vibration” to show you how these concepts are applied to physical science as well as spiritual science.

If you find that your Imagination is limiting you in finding answers, you might consider starting the ASCEND program so that you can balance and activate your chakras.

A calcified pineal gland, for example, can block you from the flow of Imagination, Inspiration, and Intuition. Poor digestion can keep you stuck in your lower chakras, impeding your progress in opening up the heart, throat, third eye, and crown chakras.

Foundation ChakraOur first lesson in the ASCEND program is on the Foundation Chakra. It is easy to read and even easier to incorporate in your every day rhythm.

Frankly, we know how powerful the ASCEND protocol is. Take a moment and look at all of the material we have provided you in our websites, books, audios, citizen intelligence reports, articles, posts, etc. We have been following these protocols with great success and recommend them to our truth community.

Once your chakras are balanced and energized and your pineal gland is humming with the frequencies of higher dimensions, there is no telling, Jeff, what you will be able to accomplish in stopping “this train”. Each of us has a unique capacity that can be used to help all of us overthrow these planetary rulers. Discover yours.

Moody Blues – The Word is OM



11 thoughts on “Energy, Frequency, and Vibration”

  1. Then you will not resonate with our material as your view on Christianity seems tight and narrow. We have written 6 books and have made all of them available on line for free. It is doubtful from the message you leave here that our spiritual material will resonate with you. Best for you to stay with your narrow, preacherman view of the divine.

  2. Dearest Jodi, no one here at Aim4truth would ever demand for another to follow their belief system, we believe in religious freedoms. If you are genuinely wanting to know about the Gabriel’s beliefs, they are an open book and that book is the Glass Bead Game where all the information can be discovered. I’ve followed them going on 5 years now and as far as I know never lead anyone astray. Yes they can be a bit temperamental when it appears that people are closed minded, inflexible and demanding. It comes with the territory of the Internet comment box. I think you will find that their beliefs are not far from your own, and what they offer they give freely out of the goodness of the own hearts, time and expense.
    Kitty’s sometime hiss when annoyed. Follow your heart,

    1. You said that so much nicer, Ron. Thank you. We just don’t want Jodi to think we are going to change our cosmology to please her. We hope that you follow a path that brings you into alignment with your higher source, divinity. But we won’t be changing our writings to please fundamental Bible thumpers.

      1. Of course you wouldn’t change your cosmology. Yet the programming is so very deep within our world now as much in religions as it is in politics and our history., it takes years for people to come to grips with that, some never do. Besides that I don’t get to show my appreciation to you as much as I would like to. If my testament to your integrity and truthfulness can be helpful, I humbly offer it.

  3. Space the final frontier. These are the voyages of the starship Seven. Its continuing mission: to explore strange new worlds. To seek out new experiences and new challenges . To boldly go where I have not gone before!
    You may recognize the above monologue, except of course for my changes to it. That being the opening monologue of the Star Trek series that first aired on television in 1966. I’m sure there are a few here that can relate to the impact that series had upon them as a youngster, as we were supposedly beginning our own journey into space as a country. The Star Wars generation may claim some of that same fervor as well.
    So what is this all about, and why the changes in the monologue ? Recently Aim4truth has began speaking about electricity, magnetism, resonances, energy, aethers and a myriad of other terms that may be foreign to some. This is my attempt to help bring understanding to why it is important, to explain as to how that relates to us, and to the world around us. As well as to be able to “See” in your minds eye what your physical eyesight doesn’t see, or perhaps that which our eyes and brain fool us into seeing.
    I realize this can be very confusing, so now you must stop reading and view this video before I can explain further.
    Matter is an Illusion: Physical reality is Empty Space Buzzing with Energy.
    Welcome back! Some quite astonishing claims made in this video, yes, it’s an older video, however what it explains is still fundamentally concurrent with science now.
    At the 1 minute 32 second mark of the video, listen again to what was said. Did you understand the gravity of what was said about what we view as solid? Still confused? If so then viewing the next video will explain this more.
    The Space between atoms.
    These claims are astonishing to say the least.
    Now I want you to look at yourself in a mirror. What do you see now? Now use your minds eye with this information what are you seeing? There are many different words people use to describe what you are actually seeing, myself I call it my energy body. Yes your body is made up of 99% energy, to go a step further, this is true of everything within this physical world.
    For those who are not familiar with this, the ramifications upon how one sees themselves now is truly mind bending and to be frank with you, for likely the rest of your lives it will have an huge impact. This is just the beginning step into the world of energy, vibration, magnetism, and all those other terms that will be and have been discussed at Aim4truth. This should serve as well as to the importance of discussing things like, spirituality,5G, the Internet, Human and Earth resonance, and so on.
    We are energy beings!
    I realize many are familiar with this already so this part is for you. Returning to the first video at the 2 minute 4 second mark. The teacher states. “Atoms are not solid, instead they are tiny solar systems composed of small particles composed of infinitesimally small particles revolving at high speeds bound together by enormous forces” Keeping this in mind and the changes I made to the Star Trek monologue, I will tell you a story, my story.
    Star date 11/1958 at approximately 5 am Eye boarded Starship 7, of course I had no idea I was aboard a starship at that time, only by reflecting back do I understand now. There were a fleet of starships around me, helping me to learn how to drive and navigate my starship. For the first few years my parent starships started teaching me how to operate the basic controls of my starship, the navigation, communications, engineering, fuel, and the particularly distasteful job of waste management. Having become adept in the basic operations of my starship, eye was sent to starship school, where my data banks were filled with information to help me in navigating my starship independently. Starship school was an exciting time, about were many other small starships with which to fly with, pretty little starships all shiny, with fancy exhaust ports, and pretty headlights, and some not so pretty. Star Date 7/20/1969 eye watched on my view screen them land the first starships on the moon. What a thrill to think someday Eye could possibly navigate my starship through outer space. In those early years of starship training we were taught the basics of starship creation, do you remember your first flight alone with another starship? Challenging and exciting times they were in the engines of our starships. Sometime around the Star Date 1974 I began my formal training as a starship electrical engineer, that is the first time I watched the first video in this presentation and have watched it many times since. StarDate 1976 eye finished starship school and joined the Marine starships where eye learned weapons training, battle tactics, and how to navigate my starship along with other starships in times of war.
    I think you may be getting my point by now however I will continue for a bit more while I fill my fuel tanks with fuel.
    Star date 1980 eye wedded to another starship and starting creating my own little starships and have created 4 in my lifetime, I also began my starship career and spent 4 more years in higher starship learning funded by the GI starship bill. I’m not quite sure when I was promoted to starship captain, I figure it was when my youngest starship flew away on his own. Eye have been flying my starship now for 61 earth years, learned much data and found there were some viruses installed as well, meant to subvert and control my starship, put limits upon what my starship could do, to steal power from my starship engines. Thru other more experienced starships like Commander Tyla, First Officer Douglas and Engineer Michael, our fleet of starships are now truly beginning to realize our potential and what the future could be for our starships and we wish to show other starships the charts by which to navigate this uncharted universe. Yes folks we are all independent piloting our own starships, flying through the galaxy, each flying differing paths, with different models, colors, and sexes of starships. There are some enemy starships that wish to commandeer our fleet, divide,distract or destroy us, but together we will defeat them and continue our quest to space the final frontier. As I began this post with this I will end it with the original.

  4. Thank you for bringing up the subject of energy, frequency, and vibration. We are frequency beings. We were told that our chemical bodies are all about “chemical messengers” so that we would accept ingesting all sorts of patented chemicals, when in reality it’s more like we operate on electrical signals. This is not just some small lie, especially when one considers the upcoming 5G rollout. This is a huge, damaging lie with real world consequences. Yet parents keep sending their children off to the indoctrination centers justifying it by saying, “Well, we turned out OK.” Mediocrity is the goal? Gag.

  5. “”This sound develops through ten different aspects because of its manifestation through ten different tubes of the body. It sounds like thunder, the roaring of the sea, the jingling of bells, running water, the buzzing of bees, the twittering of sparrows, the vina, the whistle, the sound of shanka – until it finally becomes Hu, the most sacred of all sounds.

    This sound Hu is the beginning and end of all sounds, be they from man, bird, beast, or thing. A minute study will prove this fact, which can be realized by listening to the sound of the steam engine or of a mill, while the echo of bells or gongs gives a typical illustration of the sound Hu.

    The Supreme Being has been called by various names in different languages, but the mystics have known him as Hu, the natural name, not man-made, the only name of the nameless which all nature constantly proclaims.

    The sound Hu is most sacred; the mystics of all ages called it Ismi-Azam, the name of the most High, for it is the origin and end of every sound as well as the background of each word. The word Hu is the spirit of all sounds and of all words, and is hidden under them all, as the spirit in the body. It does not belong to any language, but no language can help belonging to it.

    This alone is the true name of God, a name that no people and no religion can claim as their own. This word is not only uttered by human beings, but is repeated by animals and birds. All things and beings exclaim this name of the Lord, for every activity of life expresses distinctly or indistinctly this very sound. This is the word mentioned in the Bible as existing before the light came into being: ‘In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God’.

  6. In reality, the resonant frequency of quartz varies over a huge range, depending on thickness, cut, temperature, and vibration mode. Wristwatches commonly employ a quartz which is cut to have a resonant frequency of 32,768 hertz, simply because that is convenient for the application.

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