Are Bill and Melinda Gates a 2.0 Upgrade?

We are CROWDSOURCING the TRUTH about Bill and Melinda Gates. This page will remain open as we add more research notes at the bottom. You are also welcomed to add your notes in the comment box.

On June 17, 2020 we posted:

Bill and Melinda Gates Died in 2013 according to

Bill and Melinda Gates died in 2013? You are not going to believe what we have discovered… looks like the Gates deceased in 2013. This is from and it gives us enough info to start digging deeper. Thanks to a lively discussion in the Conclave today with an invited guest to get us looking into this matter – which isn’t really what we are looking for, but this was staring at us!

Melinda Gates Timeline – Ancestry Person

melinda gates

Click the link below to read what else we found out about Melinda Gates:

Bill and Melinda Gates Died in 2013 according to

Notice & Request:

melinda gates afiMelinda Gates’ maiden name is French. Her full name is Melinda Ann Gates (née French).

Born in Dallas on Aug. 15, 1964.

Her father’s name is Raymond Joseph French, Jr.

Melinda’s biographies across the web only tell us that her father Raymond was “an [Apollo] aerospace engineer, and her mother Elaine Agnes Amerland was a housewife.” 

We can find no other background on Raymond French. Given Bill & Melinda Gates’ prominence in world healthcare, technology and politics, not to mention their commitment to depopulation, her silence about her father is suspicious. He was a contemporary of Robert I. Lieber, indicted Harvard nano-scientist Charles M. Lieber’s father who was also involved in radar, satellite and missile engineering for RCA/NBC and David Sarnoff.



melinda gates birth record

We request your assistance in cracking the silence about Raymond French, his work, education, family heritage, etc. The Gates family is certainly hiding/censoring information about Melinda’s father Raymond Joseph French, Jr.

Thank you!

Please only send links that contain additional data about Raymond, we have the many links to the scant information above.


On June 18, 2020 we posted this note on various blogs:

Some notes on Bill Gates. We are not drawing conclusions here, just pointing out some interesting time lines and videos for your consideration. We are CROWDSOURCING the truth about Bill and Melinda Gates and welcome your findings in the comment area below.

bill melinda gates obama biden

Earlier we posted that has posted that Bill Gates died on July 29, 2013.

Perhaps this was the date of death on the certificate that was issued after Bill had gone missing for 7 years, after which he was pronounced dead. So we went back to July 29, 2005 and searched what was going on with Microsoft and Bill Gates at that time. This video (below) came up with a message in the description box:

“A presentation believed to have been made 2005/6 to DOD officials by a ‘scientist’ looking a bit like Bill Gates(!), claiming that research is being done to create a ‘vaccine’ that alters ‘Religious Fundamentalist’ behavior.”

The lecturer in the video, claims the person who posted this on YouTube in 2011, is not Bill Gates, but his gestures, stature, voice, etc. surely resemble the Bill Gates persona that appears in today’s media. Could this man be a double for Gates, stepping in for Bill when needed… then becoming a permanent replacement for Bill when he disappeared? Did the original Melinda also disappear in 2005? If you find any videos of Melinda prior to 2005, please post them below.

If you have comments, information, links that are relevant, please leave in comment box or send directly to us.

Leaked Pentagon / DOD Presentation For a ‘Vaccine’ (“FUNVAX”) Against Religous Fundamentalism(!)

To compare the men, here is Bill Gates on Tuesday, November 15th at the keynote speech. This date would be seven before his recorded death date of July 29, 2013. Notice the similarities of this Bill Gates to the one pictured in the DoD presentation?

PDC 2005 Keynote with Bill Gates


This is Bill in 2004, prior to the death date:

Bill Gates on Software Breakthroughs & Computer Science Education – MIT 2004


What else was going on with Bill in 2005 that is noteworthy? Here we have Bill receiving his honorary knighthood from the Queen Elizabeth.

“Gates said he was proud of what he called Microsoft’s “special relationship” with Britain.”

gates and queen knighthood


Bill Gates, business genius?


bill melinda gates look a like



On June 20, 2020 our Cat Report included this:

A while back, we busted the Corbett Report as a propaganda site; hence we do not post his material without an explanation. (See this article on Corbett.) Apparently the Bill Gates video we posted the other day is creating quite a stir in the internet world.

Why would James Corbett be freaking out about this? We agree with James that the man pictured is NOT Bill Gates, but have questioned whether it could be a Bill Gates proxy “practicing” his role. We found it odd that listed Bill and Melinda as deceased in 2013. We wondered if this person who looks like Bill Gates, but is not, could be the Bill Gates that we have seen in the news since 2005?

Others are looking at what the lecture topic is about and think James is trying to distract you from what is going on in the lecture. Listen for yourself. Later B & T will be giving you an audio analysis.

Bill and Melinda Gates Died in 2013 according to

Fact Check: Bill Gates and the “God Gene” Vaccine


This video is the expression of one patriot about the Gates. Take what you need from it, or not.




Today, June 21, 2020, we are adding these notes:

These are not the same people. Similar but different. We realize that plastic surgery can be used, but why would you ADD a bump or acne scar that was not there previously?

  1. Forehead furrows are different.
  2. Forehead bump on one, not on the other
  3. Glasses are similar, but different, not dispositive, but notable
  4. Acne pock marks on one, not on the other; esp. neck, chin and cheaks
  5. Chin and mouth furrows are different
  6. Droopy eyelids on one, not the other
  7. Earlobes similar but different bumps
  8. Hair cowlick on left guy, not on right guy
  9. Left guy hiding his teeth
  10. The two chins are different shapes
  11. One does not acquire acne damage later in life
  12. Smile furrows different

bill gates before after


Bill has no teeth in this picture:

no teeth bill gates

no teeth bill gates 2



12 thoughts on “Are Bill and Melinda Gates a 2.0 Upgrade?”

  1. Please Consider: Bill Gates has been cloned! @ 1hr.13min

    also refer to Illuminati whistle blower Donald Marshall website

    David Icke interviews Arizona Wilder on shape shifting Reptilians .

    Zuckerberg not human

    The devils greatest trick .

    Stalking by Reptilians .


  2. Oh yes, it is true that Gates Sr. and Jack Abramoff kept the Microsoft kids into slaves and in the finest cocaine to aid in endurance developing soft ware and computer hardware for advanced weapons to annihilate little brown people Africa to the Mekong Delta. The MIC/Abramoff/Gates eugenics ziokiller tribe with a bottomless pit filled with money. Like getting weeds to grow in a cow pasture. No problem. Belinda would bring out the coyote in me. Don’t be shocked.Abodah Zara 26b: “Even the best of the Gentiles should be killed.” Libbre David 37: “To communicate anything to a Goy about our religious relations would be equal to the killing of all Jews, for if the Goyim knew what we teach about them, they would kill us openly.” I think an open discussion is in order. Antifa, Fukushima, the WTC demolition, the Deepwater Horizon, genocide through vaccines and viruses and lethal bacteria by the Pirbright Institute for hundreds of years. These people are not geniuses but ARE as organized as any ant hill. not ALL Jews, and not all of these panicky maggots are Jews. They need to be switched off. Fukushima MUST BE CONTAINED. They say we all must die so they can have more. Their stewardship FAILS. Their AntiChrist BLEW IT ALREADY. Send that moron packing.

  3. So much bull lucky..the trans angle is interesting as they do look more natural as the opposite esp mel-linda….Where was Bill for 7 yrs? Was Mel-linda gone too?…..Antarctica?..all kinds of hustle &bustle happening for help wanted?

    On Sun, Jun 21, 2020, 12:19 PM Patriots for Truth wrote:

    > Our Spirit posted: “We are CROWDSOURCING the TRUTH about Bill and Melinda > Gates. This page will remain open as we add more research notes at the > bottom. You are also welcomed to add your notes in the comment box. On June > 17, 2020 we posted: Bill and Melinda Gates Died in 2” >

  4. I joined and I am not finding this information on their supposed deaths in 2013. The page that I get after hitting search doesnt even look the same as what is posted above. Can anyone explain this?

  5. CW that is because it was changed when the Gates Foundation was appointed to do as much damage as possible..

  6. On a Youtube/Rumble/bitchute, THE DARKOUT POST on Feb 21, 2021 we were told that;
    Bill Gates , married a male named MELVIN who was a transvestite (see about 16 minute mark of video) according to this show they were arrested and executed
    at GITMO . But the Gitmo list that shows for others EXECUTED, ……for them , they are the only two shown as DECEASED. Is that deceased in 2013? I was told the Indian people, parents of those injured or killed children, they would not let them leave that area of India without paying with their lives. True or not I do not know.


  7. I have read a few times that because their vaccine killed x number of children in India, they were killed there and then. On the official Gitmo lists, it states they are deceased.

  8. I just listened to Jason Q and he said that The Gates were killed in India 2015. Ancestry has the year 2015 he said…and said ita few times when the year 2013 was brought up.

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