The Trump Effect Casts Attackers’ Demonic Reflections

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In the post-truth age of falsehood politics, we have noticed that when people attack Donald Trump they tend to reveal their own failings, sins, and crimes, rather than those they claim belong to Donald Trump.

Hillary continues to attack Trump about Russian collusion, but it is Bill and Hillary’s Russian collusion with Uranium One, the Russian Reset, and Podesta Russian kickbacks that are exposed, while the lack of evidence for Trump engaging in these activities becomes more apparent.

Hollywood stars and media moguls come out in full force to attack Trump’s morals, just to find themselves exposed for sexual immorality and depravities for all to see. The compromised corruptocrats of the DOJ and FBI attack Trump, and now they are under investigation for conspiracy, collusion, obstruction of justice, and politically biased investigations. The 17 U.S. intelligence agencies attack Trump through James Clapper and we see more and more citizens calling Clapper the liar. Debbie Wasserman Schultz attacks Trump for his dishonesty and unfitness to run for president, and she is forced to step down from the Democratic National Committee chairmanship and is under investigation herself for corruption, election rigging, and the Imran Awan scandal.

Everywhere you look, left-wing globalists are attacking Trump. Actors, actresses, music performers, comediennes, late night talk show hosts, news anchors, news producers, congressmen, senators and corporate CEOs and their respective industries have all taken their best shots. The rest of us stand back and watch them fall on their very own foibles of immorality, sins, and crimes. We have watched an entire football industry implode into itself with a kneel and a tweet. And now we may be watching entire countries change regimes and policies with nudges from Trump’s twitter arsenal.

We call this the Trump Effect!

The entire globalist network from the Council on Foreign Affairs to the Bilderbergers, from the Soros led European Union to the Pope’s Knights of Malta attacked Trump before he was elected. Trump took the wind out of their sails by simply not signing the $5 trillion Paris Climate Accord. He ended years of sinister planning by the elite to create a new globalist “fake currency” that would gut the U.S. economy while other countries became rich, ignoring their own carbon footprint. They attacked Trump, and he swiftly destroyed years of their planning , saving the American taxpayer $5 trillion. The Trump Effect!

Terrorists around the world attack Trump openly, so Trump goes to Saudi Arabia and tells the Muslim world that terrorism must stop or there will be no more economic cooperation with America. Then, ISIS collapses, Iraq ends its war, Syria ends its war, Muslim nations stop funding terrorism. More examples of the Trump Effect?

Who is next? Robert Mueller, James Comey, Rod Rosenstein, Andrew McCabe, Eric Schneiderman, Andrew Wasserman, Jeff Sessions, Bruce Ohr, Nellie Ohr, Peter Strzok, Michael Horowitz, James Baker, Bill Preistap, Rocket Man, China, Iran, the Federal Reserve, or the United Nations? Go ahead, take your best shot. Personally, the Anonymous Patriots of the American Intelligence Media will just simply sit back and enjoy the greatest show on Earth.

Why Does the Trump Effect Happen?

The best analogy that describes how the Trump Effect works is to imagine a magic mirror in which the #Nevertrumper looks into while making accusations against Trump. What they see, however, is their own “ugly visage”. They see their own morality in this magic mirror of Trump. The reflective reaction is the energy, karma, or divine wrath that arises and attacks them with the same or greater force that they poured into their hatred and attacks on Trump.

The angrier the attackers become, the more this magical force consumes them, until we see their careers and even their industry lying on the ground like a free fall building #7 on September 11, 2001. Karma is a bitch they say.


Just look at the face of Hillary, Pelosi, McCain, Podesta, or any Trump hater and you will see an ugly, angry person fighting with their own evil wickedness. They spit venom like a cobra at Trump, when they are actually doing this to the twisted image of themselves. They are the repulsive and despicable and the mirror shows it all. When the attacker spits at Trump, he is actually showing his own crimes and evil to the world. Trump wins with as little effort as it takes a mirror to reflect an image or a tweet to land in millions of phones. The Trump Effect!

Trump must be delighted when his enemies come out to attack him. It presents an opportunity for the world to see their own corruption and crimes without having to use the corrupt institutions of law enforcement and courts. The attackers are most vulnerable in these moments, and like a grand Judo master, Trump just steps aside and lets them fall from their own weight and momentum. We the People stand back and watch them fall. See you later, Al Frankenstein. Hasta la vista, Congressman Underpants John Conyers. Good riddance, Slick Willy and Crooked Hillary.

If you enjoyed watching The Apprentice, you can really appreciate how Trump uses the Art of the Deal on D.C. swamp gators who lack the creative, out-of-the-box thinking necessary to win the Second American Revolution, which by all accounts is a war of information and intelligence rather than one of bullets and bombs. When the enemy attacks him, he simply uses their own negative energy by showing them the mirror of their sins. Take Congressman Al Green, who called the vote on Trump impeachment in Congress, then the next week is shamed in the news because he spent over $750,000 in tax-payer money to settle sex attacks he committed while working in the House. Green tries to impeach Trump, then he is disgraced and morally impeached before his constituency. The Trump Effect!

The Trump Effect has struck down sixteen presidential candidates, numerous senators, sexual predator representatives, 56 “non-returning” congressional members, Hollywood moguls, movie stars, main stream media CEOs and producers, world leaders, the United Nations, the NFL, and hundreds of others. Trump seems to thrive from fake news outlets running with their outrageous headlines, knowing that they will be eating huge crow dinners when the accuser is outed for her own personal problems and shortcomings before the court of public opinion.

The Trump Effect slowly and deliberately wins. Trump waits for enemies to attack him, then he churns it around in the Art of the Deal until the enemy crumbles. The harder they attack, the harder they fall.


Slick Willy and Crooked Hillary also have an effect. At the mention of their names people go dead asleep in their critical thinking and forget about Clinton crimes as they dissolve like that “puff of smoke” that Bill “did not inhale” or “that woman” that he “did not have sexual relations with.” Those under the Clinton Effect forget the four feature-length films, five books, and hundreds of citizen websites that enumerate Clinton crimes in great detail.

Whereas the Clinton Effect lulls the dull thinker into a comfortable feeling that sounds good and seems so progressive, the Trump Effect awakens and riles the soul into perceiving oneself in the light of truth. The uniparty political doublespeak, founded upon lies, deceit, and hidden agendas, is a song that mollycoddles the progressive political soul into a slumber filled with dreams of sugar plum fairies and political correctness.

The Trump Effect can become ugly for those throwing spears at him. Often, the anti-Trumper is filled with venom that is spit in fits of emotional rants that have few, if any, facts involved. The attackers seem to despise their political enemies who use facts, logic, Christianity, morality, deep-seated beliefs in America, the U.S. Constitution and its laws to defend their positions and policies. Both anti and pro-Trumpers are “activated” in their will power by the Trump Effect. Anti-Trumpers are motivated to say something, get upset, and strike out at someone. Antifa rioters, for example, protested with baseball bats, gas-masks, and Ukrainian fascists flags, calling for the over-throw of a duly elected president through resistance. Pro-Trumpers were also activated in their will force by turning out in droves to vote for Trump. Many pro-Trumpers had never voted in their lives before. Trump activated their will power and motivated them to get up and do something.

Politics has previously been fast-talking con-artists whose only wish is to continue to grow in strength, power, and wealth. D.C. politics is actually a uniparty system that the global elite set up so that Americans actually believed that the two parties were different. This has been the general atmosphere of Washington for decades, and the Trump Effect is showcasing the evil in the swamp like never before in the history of our country. Trump is not one of the swamp creatures. He is their slayer and we, the American people, are his cheerleaders.

Waking up and beholding the ugliness of the D.C. cesspool causes evil people to go bonkers and start fighting their own shadow by attacking Trump openly. Then, Trump simply turns his light on them for all the world to see. It doesn’t take long for the implosion.

Sit back and enjoy the most exciting reality TV show we have ever seen. The Trump Effect is a reality show that all the networks are airing now because it has the best ratings with all the stars and big names from coast to coast. Trump still plays a similar role as he did with his long-running reality show, but this time the stakes are higher for those that dare to step into his boardroom and show their might against the master artist of the deal.

10 thoughts on “The Trump Effect Casts Attackers’ Demonic Reflections”

  1. He is good at dealing with his opponent’s .I am impressed though with the democratic economic principles of both Russia and China and hope he can emulate them to stop the elite taking and privately corporatising America as their own Undisturbed by the cryptocurrency and its possible ramfcatiojs upon the labour markets and workers protections with the potential demise of a cash based economy and the horrendous possibility!yes to control every aspect of peoples lives block chain could result in.I read an inspiring article on the New Eastern Outlook discussing the successes of both Russia and China and do hope America and then the rest of the free world can return to those guiding social and economic principles that made America great in the beginning..

  2. I voted for Trump, but it was after he became President that I really started growing in my awareness– about myself. So much so that I look forward to the uncertainty that his Presidency promises. Unlike other Presidents, including the charismatic Obama, whom I admit I had great hopes for, this President has me engaged in not only the events, but the entire process of self growth.

  3. I am very concerned about the mental state of Bannon – SERIOUSLY.
    For some reason he has lost the MAGA mentality and it seems as if he’s been paid off.
    Paid off perhaps by the deep state – cashing in???
    What is going on here???
    All I know is Bannon threw the Alabama election to a guy (Moore) who could NOT win and a Democrat was elected as a result – A FRICKIN DEMOCRAT WAS ELECTED IN ALABAMA – THINK ABOUT THAT PEOPLE – AS TRUMP SAID WOULD HAPPEN.
    That was all Bannon.
    Bannon also bragged about supporting candidates across America to replace anyone he thought should be replaced and he bragged about being able to pull it off…guaranteed.
    WTF, why brag about it??? Why not keep your flipping mouth shut and just do it?
    If you fricking brag about it and telegraph your position and intent you give the advantage to your opponent…PERIOD!!!
    He must know this.
    That’s why I believe he is poisoned by the deep state or mentally unstable – NOT TRUMP.
    Bannon is trouble – for all of us….

    1. I try to remember that nothing is static — and Trump certainly doesn’t assume it is. Bannon is still on my “wait and see” list — But he (and so many others) may still be ammunition to use against the Deep State. This is not a 100-yard dash. This is a very long marathon.

  4. The Trump Effect is further illustrated by an old quote of Ayn Rand, “You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality.”

    1. Much as I love Ayn Rand — and I certainly haven’t read all of her stuff! — I have a slightly different view of ‘reality’ than many people. I believe it can be changed. Relative to Donald Trump’s results, I prefer: “You can ignore reality (profess ignorance), but you cannot avoid the consequences of willfully ignoring reality.”

      And, honestly, I think that’s how so many people miss the mark today. They’re not so much avoiding reality as they are pretending ignorance — same as willfully ignoring reality. Trump does not do that (imo), so he can and does change reality. And so can we. By thinking for myself logically, I’m changing ignore-ance into create-ing new reality — for myself, of course.

  5. This is brilliant analysis. I’ll believe in Trump, for whom I voted, when I see evidence he will gut the Zionist terrorist state of Israel’s influence in America’s subversion through extensive blackmail and bribery, and various other means by Mosad criminal thugs like Epstein and other Zionist terrorists at the ADL and AIPAC who control much of Congress and many state houses and huge parts of the criminal US Federal bureaucracy. Trump promised to expose the false flag of 9/11 which means exposing Israel’s, Saudi Arabia’s and Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/ and numerous others, including PNAC arm chair warrior thugs’ involvement in that tragedy. So far he strikes me as much as a Zionist terrorist state of Israel/CIA psyop as he does savior. Time will tell.

  6. I am withholding judgement, but if these zealots both here and in Israel were not threatened by him, they would not be attempting to remove him — “Ye shall know them by their deeds.”

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