Let’s Turn Off Their Revenue Stream

ublockBetsy was thrilled when Jonathan, the youngest Conclave member, dropped by today and gave her a huge tip on how to block all ads on Google, Facebook, YouTube, Chrome, Firefox… you name it. Not just an “ad block” system you may be using currently, but one that totally removes all ads – like a power scrubber.

And it is totally free.

And super easy to install.

Since Silicon Valley Tech Lords have taken away ad revenue from many of our great alt media sites, let’s hit them back and turn off every single ad that comes to us.

This is a completely free, open source blocker.

Easily turn it back on to reward your favorite media creator with advertising revenue. Then off again when you start browsing.

Betsy thinks we have a patriotic duty to tell everybody we know about this great product. You don’t have to go into all of the politics. Just show friends, family, co-workers how easy it is to install and how clean and nice their computer screen looks.

Guerrilla warfare in cyber space.

Jonathan describes how to use uBlock Origin in the video below.

Let’s Turn Off Their Revenue Stream 

Revenue Stream

To click on the product for instant installation, go here:

uBlock Origin

5 thoughts on “Let’s Turn Off Their Revenue Stream”

  1. This AD BLOCKER is only available for Chrome users. I never installed and will never install Chrome, it’s known spy ware since it’s inception. Even when computer is off it listens in on what you say and records it. Chrome on your computer is like owning a Samsung SMART TV in your bedroom, even when turned off, it records you with video & audio. No Thanks! Gave up TV in 2000 and would never touch chrome. I have tape over the camera on my computer.
    Even the little weasel Zuckerberg has tape over the camera on his computer.
    Thanks for the great idea of hitting them in the wallet and ad blocking revenue.
    I boycott products all the time to hit corporate wallets.

    We all need to refuse to finance their disfunction financially, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. Cut them off energetically!

    1. uBlock has features that you can use for many other platforms, but you have to look for it on the link. We have blocked Firefox Mozilla, Explorer, YT. Good for you in staying free from these systems…unfortunately, we are totally hooked in. But we do use protection devices which we have written about.

  2. Both parties are criminal racketeering organizations. Let the coverup begin:




    They all know that they are rolling out the beast system while playing rolls in the political theater.

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