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Looking for Teresa’s husband’s investment in BAE’s 2016 holdings now. In the meantime, look how BAE practically runs the US DoD (also look at the DARPA and Boeing projects Jim), and how they even describe a contract at AFRL at WPAFB in Dayton that sounds uncannily like the DARPA BAA business plans that Chandler probably shuffled to them.

At Chandler’s request, Leader Technologies submitted the proposal on Dec. 18, 2001. Chandler did not tell Leader that he had just gone on the board of Eurotech, Ltd. on Aug. 07, 2001, just months earlier. See TIMELINE. On Aug. 20, 2001, Chandler had insisted that we also engage Fenwick & West LLP in Palo Alto as co-counsel. Fenwick is now Facebook’s chief patent lawyer

The complete draining of all of Leader’s inventions and ideas was on. Leader shareholders did not get the memo.

BAE SYSTEMS PLC. (May 25, 2017). Group of companies’ accounts mad up to 31 December 2016. Companies House.


This BAE SYSTEMS 2016 Annual Report has been indexed and his fully searchable.



Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia 2



Department of Defense

cyber intelligence

naval warfare.JPG

missile defense agency

See attachments for proofs that BAE was simply copying my business plan. AFRL (Air Force Research Lab) was involved with our proposals attached, as was Chandler.

Note: Leader Technologies never got the memo that 9/11 was a false flag of their creation.

Michael T. McKibben. (Dec. 18, 2001). BAA Command and Control Proposal. WPAFB/Leader Technologies.


BAA 02-Q-4655. (Dec. 20, 2001). QUAD CHART, Advanced Cross-Platform Communications and Anti-Terrorism Command Center Prototype, Req. No. 109-ALT-109-LEADER-122001. Leader Technologies.


IT box




Note: The  Capital Group Companies, Inc. (Philip J. May’s company) is a US company that is the SECOND LARGEST INVESTOR IN BAE SYSTEMS PLC, according to their most recent published report at COMPANIES HOUSE.

BAE SYSTEMS PLC. (May 25, 2017). Group of companies’ accounts mad up to 31 December 2016. Companies House.

Also: https://investors.baesystems.com/~/media/Files/B/Bae-Systems-Investor-Relations-V3/Annual%20Reports/annual-report-2016-28032017.pdf

Also note that The  Capital Group Companies, Inc. controls American Funds mutual funds in which judges, SES and politicians are HEAVILY INVESTED.

“BAE SYSTEMS PLC: In war there is great profit for us. Sell to all sides.”

capital group comanpies

The Capital Group Companies, Inc.


Owns American Funds mutual funds (a big holding of SES, judges and politicians)

Philip J. May, Teresa May’s husband’s firm

“Philip May now works as an investment relationship manager for the Capital Group.”



Capital Group’s Cayman Islands funds, CGPE V LLP and Capital International Private Equity Funds (CIPEF) V LP, invested in a Bermuda-registered South American agriculture company, called El Tejar, the report said. Both the Cayman Islands and Bermuda are offshore jurisdictions,

The Crown’s Golden Share

crown golden share

The power and influence of the Golden Share.

office of fair trading.jpg

special share 4

special share 5

Ian Taylor, the chair of AWE MANAGEMENT LIMITED, is a director of BAE SYSTEMS PLC

lower defense spending

Sir Roger Carr

Elizabeth Corley

Ian King

NIck Rose

Gee Beav. We have to manage a lot of corruption!

base salary.jpg


office of fair trade




Have at it data monsters! More to come.

Summary (1997-1998):

  1. Three unlimited Clinton authorizations
  2. $4,668,500,000 they admitted to
  3. $372,500,000 to Russia admitted to, plus one blank check

Wow wow wow. Our tax dollars were flying out of the country! These Board meetings must have been real feeding frenzies.






Regarding thorium on the Bundy Ranch:

This area has a unique geologic history. Rare earth minerals, are associated with specific magma type events, that concentrate the specific gravity of metals in magma, and extrude them into seams of granite type rock. Time, then abrades the seams  of minerals into the surrounding alluvial material. This specific area, appears to the geologists as being one of these unique magma events, with desertification spreading out the material.

Remember that these are preliminary assays. However, it is ‘quite likely’ that if mine shafts were sunk into the underlying granite structures, rich concentrations of rare earths and thorium would be found. Currently, Thorium is a ‘waste by-product’ that is stored in barrels when the processes produce the rare earth minerals for high density magnets and batteries.

Ironically, thorium, as a fuel, if MSR technologies proliferate as many believe will happen, thorium’s value will increase rapidly. In another twist of fate, thorium is a ‘waste product’ that will be used to fuel molten salt reactors. MSR reactors will burn ‘waste products’, including spent first generation nuclear fuels…estimated to last 2,000 years. Note, that another area like the Nevada site exists in north central Idaho extending into Western Montana. The richest concentrations of thorium exist in India along its eastern coastal plains.


See: Rare Earth Mineralization of Southern Clark County Nevada


Bundy Ranch




Lockheed Martin (UK) Limited is the holder of 1/3 of the AWE Management Limited stock:

AWE MANAGEMENT LTD. (Dec. 13, 1999). Ownership Return of Allotment re. Lockheed, Serco and British Nuclear Fuels. Reg. No. 36645711, p. 2. Companies House.

BNF Lockheed

AWE Management 2

Check this out:

Lockheed Martin (UK) Limited says in their British 2015 annual report


Almost identical wording! Ernst & Young LLP is the auditor for both companies. Hardly “independent.”


notes on financial statement


Proof material information is being withheld (from the US and Britain), including AWE Management Limited:

related parties


group financials.jpg




Principal customer


Lockheed Martin UK Limited. (Dec. 31, 2014). Annual Report and Financial Statements, Reg. No. 2372738. Companies House.

They put this same US control language in both Lockheed (UK) AND AWE (UK) documents.

Very fishy trickery from E&Y and Lockheed.




The attached PDF is fully indexed and searchable.


Quote from the last most recent filing of modified to Memorandum and Articles of Association. May 20, 2009. (A revision is pending for Apr. 20, 2018, but not posted yet). The “UNITED KINGDOM CONTROL” section is new. We have not seen this in other Articles where the Golden Share is disclosed.

“UNITED KINGDOM CONTROL. 40(A)(i) It is a cardinal principle that the Company should be and remain under United Kingdom control.”

BAE SYSTEMS PLC. (May 20, 2009). Memorandum and Articles of Association, Reg. No. 01470151. Companies House. (Sec. 13(A). Special Share is held by the Crown’s Secretary of State.)


special share

special share 2

The Secretary of State for Trade and Industry also holds BNFL (British Nuclear Fuels Limited) and Rio Tinto’s Golden Shares. This is the Golden Share mechanism the Brits used to “privatize” their industries but still keep the Queen in control of all formerly and overtly Crown companies. Now they just hide it from the great unwashed.

We are not amused.

UK Control

Special shareholder

Typical convolutions.

BAE Systems


merger plan


notice of exempt offering




BAE Systems PLC


special share 3



one special share

UK Control 2

BAE Systems PLC marked


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