Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg and SES Operative to Testify Before Senate Intelligence Committee

Sheryl Sandburg, who is a Senior Executive Service operative named in the infamous Plum Book, is going to Congress for questions.

Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg, Twitter’s Jack Dorsey to testify before Congress

We wanted congressional staffers and our American Intelligence Media audience to know the deep backstory of the Witch of Facebook so that deep, penetrating questions can be asked of her – if that is possible coming from the equally corrupt Senate Intelligence Committee.

This is who will be asking the questions…so don’t expect much more than a poodle pamper party.

senate intelligence committee members.JPG

Open the dossier to review her full corrupt background. Then listen to Michael McKibben and Douglas Gabriel explain what all of it means.

Sheryl Sandberg Dossier

SES Sheryl Sandberg – Facebook Chief Operations Witch

Other articles discussed in this audio are:

Diane Feinstein and husband Richard C. Blum control MSM censorship with Lord Mark Malloch-Brown using AVID ISIS LeaderPlus election “management” software

How IBM Eclipsed Social Media

AIM4Truth Chris sends in Sanberg’s SES listing from the Plum Book

Sandberg SES.jpg


For our super sleuths, AIM4 Truth David sends in this bead about Sheryl Sandberg:

Take a look at Sandberg fellow directors within Facebook Uk Ltd

Do you notice Jordan out of 21 St Thomas Street, Bristol, Avon, United Kingdom, BS1 6JS. This address is a conduit to the now closed 788-790 Finchley Road.


Now take a long look at Centre For Global Development (FC031146) which includes Sheryl Kara Sandberg


Notice Lawrence Henry Summers and Mark Malloch-Brown

Ok, now we are into The International Crisis Group and some of the main Rothschild puppets destroying US and the world.


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