Is Ruth Ginsberg Dead?

One of our community members sent in a screen shot yesterday indicating that Ruth Ginsberg is dead. He pointed us to with the instructions to look at the Cook County Death Records database.

Below is the image that he sent to us. When we checked this ourselves, the layout and theme of the web site looks just like the one below; however, we could not duplicate this page. Note that Martin Ginsberg was listed as a relative.

Notice, too, that Washington D. C. is mis-capitalized as D.c. which is usually a sign of sloppy photo-shopping.

ruth ginsberg death

So we brought our guys up from the mines and asked them to do a search. THEY FOUND NOTHING.

For sleuthers out there, we pulled up her birth and marriage certificates in case you need them down the road.

The point is that the image sent to us may be a hoax. Be on the lookout and make sure that you don’t fall into a fake news hole. Something like this needs to be verified with evidence.


Joan Ruth Bader (Ruth Bader Ginsburg)

March 15, 1933 (age 85)

Brooklyn, New York City, U.S.

Spouse(s)            Martin Ginsburg

(m. 1954; died 2010)

Education            Cornell University (BA)

Harvard University (Attended)

Columbia University (JD)

Ruth’s Birth Certificate:

joan r bader

Joan r bader 2

Ruth’s Marriage Certificate

Notice that her name changed from Joan R. Bader to Ruth J. Bader sometime between 1933 and 1954. Her Wikipedia page shows her birth name as Joan Ruth Bader.

Ruth J Bader 1

Ruth j bader 2



2 thoughts on “Is Ruth Ginsberg Dead?”

  1. As with all the Cabalists they have to have time to plan the elaborate funeral and media blitz, they can virtually keep them alive with life support as long as necessary. In this case perhaps another year or so. Not that it really matters as Trump’s picks have all been deep staters anyway.

  2. #1 requirement for a new hire? MUST be alive!
    #2 requirement? Must be an American citizen!

    For the American People to have confidence in their government, Proof of Life must be required for ALL federal officials.

    Can’t provide a CURRENT video WITH MOTION viewed concurrently by multiple trustworthy Americans? You’re FIRED!!

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