Controlled Demolition of the Democrat Party

Trump demolition

Do not panic

We are witnessing a controlled demolition of the Democrat Party.

The guy in charge knows what he is doing.

He’s a builder by trade and knows that demolition is sometimes required when building something great.

READ: Patriots around the world never forgot who orchestrated this false flag against the world.

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Patriots know that we are fighting the Great Information War so we always keep truth on different channels throughout the decentralized truth community. Jack Dorsey’s censorship attempts like this one are passive aggressive attacks on truth. If you missed out on what 13 million saw before this was censored, check it out here.

Censorship: DNC Demands Facebook Remove Trump Campaign’s Biden-Ukraine Ad


New Hoax. Same Swamp.

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Rudy Giuliani – They’re Corrupt as Sin “The Ukrainians brought me substantial evidence of Ukrainian collusion with Hillary Clinton, the DNC, George Soros, George Soros’ company. They put it in my lap.”



Jay Sekulow – Understand What is At Stake The Democrats Want to Rewrite the Constitution In a brazen usurpation of power, Adam Schiff and the Democrats are attempting to disregard the explicit authority given to Executive Branch by the Constitution.


Neckties for traitors. Who will be first?

Do not apologize for the penalties for treason. These traitors, from the SES staff who openly shared classified emails among themselves and Hillary’s bathroom server to the John Brennan-Robert Hannigan wiretapping of Trump Tower, have been at it for a very long time. Their intent was to destroy the American Republic. This is no small matter.

It is time for swift trials and the full laws and penalties for sedition, treason, and espionage to be executed.  We need to see the punishments meted in an open public forum so that we will never forget what happens to traitors.

long noose


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