Queen Elizabeth – Enemy #1 of Humanity

brit brainwashing

“When interest rates go to zero, the Fed will become irrelevant. When the price of oil drops to a low point, the petro-dollar will become irrelevant. Both will be replaced. Your Federal Reserve Notes will be traded in for new interest-free Treasury Dollars owned by the government and no longer by the Rothschild bankers.” SOURCE

Every day the headlines get scarier and scream louder as more people aren’t paying attention to their desperate drama. AIM cats are chilling because we know it’s fake news propaganda and we know their dirty little secrets over there at Pirbright Institute and QinetiQ.

drudge propaganda

washington meme

foreign coup british queen

Just because the propaganda media isn’t reporting this, doesn’t mean it is not a fact. We have shown you with thousands of pieces of evidence that the British Imperial Empire and the Pilgrims Society are running roughshod over the entire planet.

Folks, it’s time to put these dogs down. Permanently.

How many millions of citizens have they murdered in your country? We fought their wars which were started by tricking us with their false flags – from Pearl Harbor to the Gulf of Tonkin to the Twin Towers. They send their operatives into unsuspecting countries with wee little death boxes, poison vaccines and a genocide agenda. They rape and pillage your country’s resources, traffic human beings, control the money and banks.

Folks, these people are EVIL in the worst kind of way.

How many African families must be murdered to satiate the blood thirst of Queen Elizabeth and her pedophile sons?

Citizens around the world are fighting to save the planet from the evil Queen and her Privy Council operatives. These people FAILED at an attempt to OVERTHROW Donald J. Trump and take down America.


Q is for the Queen’s QintetiQ. Learn about a company that the Queen controls and uses to control the planet. It’s an easy target for the U.S. military to extract. Let’s hope they will … and if not, how about a helping hand from our allies? (Post production note: This video was removed by YouTube. Here is an audio version.)



10 thoughts on “Queen Elizabeth – Enemy #1 of Humanity”

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  2. This page is an exquisite collection of researched facts. Very tasty. My compliments to the chefs. Introducing onions into a preparing a dish at certain times under certain conditions creates the opportunities for maximum returns.

    1. I’m an American so I probably shouldn’t be saying this oh, but it is my belief that it was our President George H Walker Bush there was heavily involved in the Twin Towers and had something to do with removing trillions of dollars from I believe Building 7. Am I wrong? Or are they grouping our government with the queen? I’m confused. I’d love it to be the Queen’s fault but I’m pretty sure that our government has been infiltrated for the last hundred years if not more. For anyone who cares many of us Americans are mortified by what our government has been doing.

  3. Hello there it is of great concern that certain sick, disgusting and dis-tasteful Individuals think because they have a hell of a lot of money, can own we the People of the Multitude, I have been Awake since 2012 in 2013 I refused to watch my Tel-a lie-vision with all it’s sick, disgusting, despicable, time waste & mind control programming, not to mention the media being owned by these nasty Ass-hats, and are manipulating and lying to everyone, I know in the end who will win this Battle of Evil, & Who will be Tormented in Hell for an Eternity, I’m so glad that it’s not any of us poor innocent folk, thank you very much for the Enlightenment, I pretty much knew most of your discerning material & hope you all are safe & well in these Dark days, If you can keep up the good work. God Bless –

  4. Here in the UK the podcast cuts out at about4 mins. Is this because Brigade 77 are interfering. Also the Utude is grayed out!

  5. Wow, unbelievable using the military forces going door to door to encourage (more like scare!) people to take the COVID test! I too wonder what the hell they are “really” up to!

  6. My mother recieve the vaccine10months ago 85 told her lymph node were swollen in hospitals Indiana says she has a lump in her lung tissue maybe cancer schedule a biop to determine if cancerous

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