The Men Who End Humankind

Meet IBM’s SS Dr. Mengele – Donald S. Bethune – who collaborates with Harvard’s recently indicted SS Prof. Charles M. Lieber to provide the Anglo-American Pilgrims Society the technology for “the end of human kind” (incl. Coronavirus) (their words)

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2 thoughts on “The Men Who End Humankind”

  1. A request for clarification.
    With so much happening within our economy and Gregory M. calling you insane with your predictions. I know I’m a little bit confused about the FED, their relationships with Governments, specifically when they issue money. Are these bailouts loans, backed by contracts, conditions, and specifications? Clearly we are atop a mountains of debt and unfounded liabilities that even through the toughest austerity measures can not be repaid. I heard you speak of odious debts, how does this play out in our existing framework.
    In most cases of financial default a form of bankruptcy is declared. Will this be the case for our Corporate Governments where indeed what Greg says is they will in essence own the assets of the people.

    As I see congress salivating on this stimulus bill and there personal pork barrel spending including raises for themselves, makes me very sick to see them expose themselves as the greedy vermin they are. Thanks

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