Who is Catherine Austin Fitts?

Catherine Austin Fitts is a frequent guest on alternative media sites like Greg Hunter’s USA Watchdog or the Dark Journalist. If you don’t know her, she is the woman who reports the trillions of dollars missing at the Pentagon. Her claims started out as $21 trillion missing and now she claims it is $50 trillion.

What do we know about Fitts other than what she and Hunter tell us? We did our own digging into her background and found that it didn’t pass the “truth test”.

Fitts’ HUD title (the way she reports it in her online profile) first appeared in the 1992 Plum Book for the Daddy Bush presidency.

Fitts needs to explain why she is not listed in the 1992 Plum Book, and when exactly (dates) she was hired and fired from her HUD position. She also needs to disclose whether she now draws an SES pension or if she is being paid by SES or Serco in other capacities.

Catherine  Austin Fitts’ Wikipedia says of her federal employment:


catherine background

George H. W. Bush served as President between 1989-1993. Therefore, the SES people would be listed in the 1992 Plum Book.


However, while that position is listed as an SES job, Catherine Fitts is not listed in that position on p. 84, a Arthur J. Hill is:

p. 84

Housing SES

Arthur J. Hill’s Bloomberg bio says that he formed his investment company in 1993, just after Bush resigned and Clinton was installed. Which likely means he served as Commissioner until Bush left office.


Now the mystery, where is Catherine Austin Fitts’ disclosure in the position that Arthur J. Hill held?

Arthur J. Hill’s predecessor as listed in the 1988 Plum Book, p. 91 was THOMAS T. DEMERY:

Housing SES 2

Arthur J. Hill’s replacement as listed in the 1996 Plum Book, p. 160 was Nicholas P. Retsinas:

SES housing roster

Where in the world was Catherine Austin Fitts in the Plum Book? The position she claims to have held is definitely a top SES position.


Did Catherine Austin Fitts hold the position as Assistant Secretary of Housing and Federal Housing Commissioner? Or is she a fake, phony fraud?

If she held this position, why doesn’t her name show up in the Plum Books?

Greg HunterDo the YouTube channels that host her as a guest know that her background doesn’t check out with the Conclave researchers, or are they part of the propaganda network on YouTube?

Surely, if Greg Hunter knew this he would inform his audience that we are unable to verify Catherine’s HUD position claims. Unless he, too,…….(sigh)

We welcome official verification that Fitts is who she claims to be and we will be happy to correct the story and let our readers know.

(June 19, 2018)  Note to readers and follow up: We have received emails from folks with their opinions and anecdotal info about Catherine. We will not post these as they do not offer the information we are looking for. Let’s be specific:

  1. Fitts claims a specific title of former occupation to her Solari clients and viewers. This appears on her Wikipedia page, her website, and numerous self-testimonies on YouTube channels.
  2. This occupation is a Senior Executive Service position as shown by the Plum Books.
  3. Fitts is not mentioned in the official books to have ever held that title.

Is she who she claims to be? Not looking for opinions here. Just the hard core evidence and we don’t see any. And if she is a former SES operative, then we would like to bring to your attention many other questions we have about her narrative.

FULL DISCLOSURE: We fondly remember the interview we did with Fitts’ associate Harry Blazer in this blockbuster interview, available as a transcript.

Anatomy of the Deep State

25 thoughts on “Who is Catherine Austin Fitts?”

  1. Catherine Austin Fitts has always been one of my favorites to listen to. SHe speaks the unvarnished truth!!

    1. You may think that she does, but perhaps it is your own limitations of the subject matter. We, too, at one time found her interesting until we realized that she keeps her audience in a spin zone – always talking about the same thing, never going forward. Who is she really and does it matter to you? Is she a media plant for Senior Executive Service to keep you from looking at places – like the corruption of Serco at HUD?

      1. All interesting. Perhaps another way to look at this. Have names been removed from the Plum Book for some reason unknown to us. Can we confirm that names have never been removed from the Plum book?

  2. For the Conclave, re Fitts, here’s a link that appears to show that she did in fact work at HUD :


    Here’s another:


    Nothing here looks to be beyond the capacity of an amateur forger, although it may also be 100% truthful. In fairness, though, we can’t really recoil in astonishment at the notion that ex-DCI Bush might have reached out to a former undercover subordinate.

    What strikes me particularly is that Fitts shows up as both Catherine and (C.) Austin – rather as though the identity intends to be both ambiguous and difficult to trace.

    1. Both of these links only show anecdotal material. We like to have indictable court-accepted evidence. We can find no solid evidence, which would be in the Plum Books, that she held the position that she claims to have held. We stand ready to post evidence as soon as we have it. In the meantime, as you listen to her discuss $50T missing, remember that also missing are her professional credentials as she claims them to be.

      1. The alarm bells went off when she asked Greg if he wanted to jail some-one or find the missing trillions. Say what?

        Why can we not have both?

        Greg backed off! Why?

    1. Interesting, but the words say she is “Likely” to be named and the article is dated March 7, 1989. So if she were eventually and officially appointed, she would appear in the Plum Books. Our research shows that in 1989 Arthur Hill held the position and immediately thereafter it was held by Nicholas P. Retsinas

  3. AS far as we can tell she is a “gatekeeper”. We all know that the Pentagon is missing money. SHe seems to be an alt media person put in her role to keep you in her limited hangout — never finding solutions, just spinning her story over and over again. Plus her former position that she claims to have had cannot be verified. But even if it is, the position is clearly Senior Executive Service. Is that who her pay master is – SES? Too many questions about her background for us to give her a thumbs up.

  4. Here is what may seem like a “stupid easy” way to verify Ms. Fitts’ claims: if it is possible, perhaps the Plum Book entries for the relevant years will reveal the name of the actual holder of the post in question… has anyone (with the ability to search the Plum Books database, that is, looked for the information that way?

    1. Then she should have a paper trail, official government evidence, to prove that she held this position. The Plum Book, as we show you above, indicates THOMAS T. DEMERY held the position, not Fitts or any variation of her name. See the 1988 Plum Book, p. 91 above. We removed your personal comments about Fitts from your submission as we do not want to make personal claims about the way you “feel”. We are just looking for the fact.

      1. Our Spirit~ You seem to really be hung up on trying to prove Miss Fitts was never part of housing and urban development! Is there something about her you do not like? Sounds like to me she was an off the books advisor And there is plenty documentation that she did hold that position. You need to get off the Plum book hang up!

  5. From the Congressional Record:


    Nominations Confirmed: Senate confirmed the following nominations:

    Keith Lapham Brown, of Colorado, to be Ambassador to Denmark.

    C. Austin Fitts, of New York, to be an Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

    Shirley Temple Black, of California, to be Ambassador to the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic.

    William H. Taft IV, of Virginia, to be the United States Permanent Representative on the Council of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, with the rank and status of Ambassador.

    Thomas Patrick Melady, of Connecticut, to be Ambassador to the Holy See.

    Joseph Bernard Gildenhorn, of the District of Columbia, to be Ambassador to Switzerland.

    Page S9507

  6. Looks like Arthur J. Hill was nominated for one position at HUD in early 1990, then confirmed for a different one, to replace Fitts, in 1991. Looks also like Hill died very young:


    From the Congressional Record of 23 February 1990:


    Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs: Committee concluded hearings on the nominations of Arthur J. Hill, of Florida, to be President of the Government National Mortgage Association, Department of Housing and Urban Development, Philip R. Lochner, Jr., of Connecticut, to be a Member of the Securities Exchange Commission, and John J. Adair, of Virginia, to be Inspector General of the Resolution Trust Corporation, after the nominees testified and answered questions in their own behalf. Mr. Hill was introduced by Senator Graham, and Mr. Lochner was introduced by Senators D’Amato and Lieberman.

    From the Congressional Record of 11 April 1991:


    Nominations Confirmed: Senate confirmed the following nominations:
    Arthur J. Hill, of Florida, to be an Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
    Jim E. Tarro, of New Mexico, to be an Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
    Nicholas F. Brady, of New Jersey, to be United States Governor of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.
    The following named persons to be Members of the Defense Base Closure and Realignment Commission for terms expiring at the end of the first session of the 102nd Congress:
    Arthur Levitt, Jr., of New York
    Robert D. Stuart, Jr., of Illinois; Alexander B. Trowbridge, of the District of Columbia.
    Page S4407

    This HUD document from 1988 shows Demery’s name on it:


    The LATimes, reproduced here by the Baltimore Sun, and consistent with the transcript of Demery’s testimony, relates that Demery was a top HUD official from 1986 through 1989:


    This HUD document from 1990 shows Fitts’ name on it:


    as does this one:


    And this HUD document from 1992 shows Hill’s name on it:


    The autobiographical affirmation of Fitts’ interstitial tenure at HUD appears substantiated by US government-issued documents.

  7. One clue to “missing” funds may be had by comparing Comprehensive Anuual Financial Reports before and after 1999. Says Walter Burien, the guy most responsible for exposing the existence of CAFR to the public (via alternative media)

    “The Public started to learn about this shell game in 1999, changes were then made to CAFR accounting starting in 1999 through GASB (Government Accounting Standards Board) transmittal letters 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, and 41. (up to 90 now)”


    Walter Burien’s telephone number is right on his website. Getting his input should be relatively easy – an unfortunate byproduct of being knowledgeable about a subject which is essentially suppressed from main stream media.

    To this day, if you do a google search specific to nytimes.com, of “Comprehensive Annual Financial Report”, you get only 10 hits.

  8. You are naive not to realize that Greg Hunter is part of the gold pumping propaganda network, as is Fitts. Fitts’ role is to forward the conspiracy lunacy nonsense that’s consistent in the gold pumping cults so she can sell her trash newsletters. Every person he interviews is a gold pumper. Complete trash content.

  9. I do not see a list of Senior Executive Service Members that include Catherine’s name, or that the specific Official capacity she obviously filled (documents above) has that connection. Where can we find that? Can you show us the proof of that? Thank you.

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