Executive Order is Huge September Surprise

Election interference 2

Read the Executive Order

Trump September Surprise is a Doozy

George Soros – The Atlantic Council – Oleg Deripaska – Christopher Steele – Stefan Halper – Any and all rigged voting machines – Optech software – Google – Facebook – Twitter – YouTube – Hillary and the gang –  Eric Schmidt – Sheryl Sandberg – Mark Zuckerberg – Jack Dorsey – Mark Malloch Brown – Richard Dearlove – companies like Strategic Communications Laboratories and Cambridge Analytica (which are now closed) – Queen Elizabeth II and the Privy Council – AVID and fake news – any and all corporate, propaganda media outlets and their owners (think New York Times – Washington Post – Jeff Bezos – Carlos Slim) – Mitt and Tagg Romney – man-in-the middle election riggers – Alexandra Chilupa – Natalia Veselnitskaya – Entrust associates – missing Joseph Mifsud – Barack Obama – James Comey – James Clapper-John Brennan- the lovers Strzok and Page – the beautiful Nellie Ohr and hubby Bruce – Robert Mueller and the SC gang – Victoria Nuland – Sally Yates – Andrew McCabe – Jonathan Weiner – Terry McAuliffe – John McCain – the entire Senate Intelligence Committee – Dianne Feinstein – James Wolfe – Ali Watkins – Henry Kerner – Daniel Jones – Penn Quarter Group – Fusion GPS – Perkins Coie – Mark Elias – Valerie Jarrett – Susan Rice – Samantha Powers – Joe Biden – and more!


Trump signs executive order that would punish countries or people who try to interfere in U.S. elections – as his intelligence chief says ‘It’s more than Russia here that we’re looking at’


….but wait. Look at this Executive Order signed by Barack Obama just as he was leaving office. The date is December 28, 2016. Why would the Indonesian president of America sign this just as he was leaving office? Did his administration think they would ensnare Trump in Russia collusion? Oops, looks like this EO will backfire on the swamp cabal.

Executive Order 13757 Taking Additional Steps to Address the National Emergency with Respect to Significant Malicious Cyber-Enabled Activities

Also worth noting the executive order of April 1, 2015. Donald Trump made his presidential candidacy official on June 16, 2015

Executive Order 13694 Blocking the Property of Certain Persons Engaging in Significant Malicious Cyber-Enabled Activities

POTUS Signs E.O.: Party’s Over

Trump Outplays the Swamp

5 thoughts on “Executive Order is Huge September Surprise”

  1. Reblogged this on Blue Dragon Journal and commented:
    Wow! Patience is paying off! The lid is about to blow off of the attempted and failed coup in Washington D.C. And it will take down Hollywood, the big tech companies, lamestream media, and even foreign interests… Get the popcorn!

  2. It has been a long 10 years waiting for something like this to happen. Who would have known we were dealing with such an enormous cabal of criminals all over the world, or that it could ever be dismantled in such a magnificent and organized fashion. Our men and women in the military, along with Trump and his team, must be extremely proud of what they have done. I have a feeling this plan was in the works for many, many years, and we just needed the right man in the White House for it to pan out. I am so looking forward to seeing our great nation become whole again. It’s time to forgive those who could not see the truth through all the brainwashing of the main stream media and corrupt politicians, and look forward to better days, but we must never forget what evil almost destroyed this country and the entire world. We must never be so complacent or self absorbed again that this kind of evil is allowed to rear its terrifying face again. Many will have a hard time dealing with the truth, so we must learn to be patient with them. Time will prove everything, and with time will come peace. Thank you to all who put their lives on the line to save this precious country.

  3. Thank God, President Trump is the The most Brave-Honorable-Ethical-Passionate-Intellegent Man I know: Trump should be receiving ALL the Heroic Medals of this GREAT USA, without Trump, Americans would be Obliterated . Nobel Peace Prize should have Donald John Trumps name on it, when this is all said and done. We should have a ‘HUGE’ Party for All Americans, to give our Thanks to This Amazing Man, Super Human ! We all Love You, This Country is indebted to you ‘Forever’. USA

  4. May God bless America, the land of the free & the home of the brave, and God bless President Donald J. Trump & preserve him during this time of tribulation. Thanks be to God! Amen

  5. “A spate of high-profile heart problems and collapses among professional footballers in recent weeks are likely to be coincidence, rather than an indication players are struggling to cope with the high-intensity game, according to a leading cardiologist.”


    Speaking of Executive (or execution) Orders, here (again) is part of the postmoderna high-intesity game of Pfizer Clue (a la the traitor did it in the laboratory with the spike protein):

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