Help MAGA Candidate Eric Brakey of Maine Dethrone Globalist King

By Condor

The controlled local liberal media (print and air waves) continue to protect U.S. Senator Angus King (I) from himself but cracks have been seen. King’s positive ratings recently dropped to 46%. Eric Brakey (R) was up to 29%; the socialist was at 8%; an additional 17% undecided. (Many of them are Trump supporters who do not know Brakey yet).

eric brakeyEric Brakey is hoping President Trump might come to Maine before election day. 

I was listening to a couple of recent Douglas Gabriel’s interviews with Michael McKibben concerning the hijacking of the internet since 1993. They have also repeated the truthful theme concerning how corrupt the Senate Intelligence Committee is.

This particular swamp committee knows the alleged Russian collusion with Trump was set up by Hillary, Obama and top political agents of our respective intelligence agencies.

Now King negotiated his way onto the U.S. Intelligence Committee six years ago giving Maine and California the only two states with multiple globalist senators on the committee.

There is no doubt in my mind this second generation Washington D.C. lawyer is up to his eyeballs in swamp muck. He attempts not to speak publicly on the record on critical issues. He restricts himself to speaking privately to individual groups on difference sides of any hot issue. Behind close doors he will tell each side what they want to hear.  Ultimately he always votes democratic (unless it is a Republican spending bill).  He always votes yes on “all” spending bills from either party.

A good example of local media bias is related to a 9/11 event both King and Brakey attended two days ago. Maine State Senator Eric Brakey, who is running for U.S. Senate in Maine, was shocked when, part way through King’s five minute speech, he equated 9/11 to Trump’s collusion with Russia. Fortunately King’s comments were filmed. Brakey’s campaign released the the segment where King equated 9/11 to Trump’s collusion.

Brakey condemned the comparison and released a statement to the state media and Facebook:

Sen. Eric Brakey Condemns Angus King’s Remark Equating Russian Hacking to 9/11

Most of the local media refused to touch the attack on Trump by a U.S. Intelligence Committee member. 

The local paper that concluded they must print something, since it happened under their noses, went to Angus King and asked him about the comment and how they might diffuse this gaff. The writer of the story decided to apply one of King’s responses as the headline of the article he wrote.

It was titled: Brakey campaign releases spliced remarks from King. (Translation…don’t believe the story I am forced to tell you about the 74 year-old globalist). See article below.

Brakey campaign releases spliced King remarks

Eric Brakey knows he is not only battling Angus King, he is battling the swamp, too, with all its minions in the media. Eric keeps knocking on doors and replies to any event which brings large groups of Mainers together.

Mainers can begin voting after Labor Day. King is refusing to debate until October.

King’s comments did make national news on Fox’s “Tucker”. He commented on King’s dumb remarks:

Tucker Says Senator Angus King Is “Completely Out Of Touch With Reality!”


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