Smart Meters and the California Fire Attack – Look at the Pictures!

AIM Patriot Susan has provided important evidence about smart meters and the fire attack California. This is evidence you can see for yourself by following the instructions below. Susan spent time going through the pictures looking for smart meter damage.

To get started, go to this link and see the fire damaged areas. Use your mouse to click and zoom into the property you want to review. A pop up window will be shown as below where you can access an image of the structure.


damage map

Susan writes: “I have been doing my own smart meter investigation on the Camp Fire. I have come up with several pictures (currently available online) but I don’t know when they are going to scrub it.

I will be forwarding to you emails I have sent to several of pictures that show the “smart meters” that I believe failed to perform the intended pulse transmitted to incinerate the wiring inside the structures, along with other abnormalities and anomalies in the surviving properties. I will be forwarding the emails to you shortly. Just delete them if you don’t want them.”

Here are Susan’s pictures.

Below: Affected (1-9%) Wagon Wheel Way/Valley View Drive Pine needles not burned, trees not burned, hose melted, brick(?) blown off. House is only scorched.

smart meter 1

smart meter 2

Below: Affected (1-9%) Wagon Wheel Way/Betw. Valley View & Castle Not sure if that is where electricity comes in or what the damage is here.

smart meter 3

smart meter 4

Below: Affected (1-9%) Valley View Drive/Wagon Wheel Way Not sure if that is where electricity comes in.

smart meter 5

smart meter 12

Below: Affected (1-9%) – Sunset Drive/Laurel Drive Malfunction in blowing out the meter. Melted meter and slightly charred house.

smart meter 6

smart meter 7

Below: Minor (10-25%) – Castle Drive/Laurel Drive Malfunction in blowing out the meter. Only blew off the siding. Insulation not burned. Meter intact. House barely charred.

smart meter 8

smart meter 9

Below: (Affected: 1-9%) Crestmoor Drive/Rankin Way/Point West Way Malfunction in blowing out the meter. Melted meter and nearby heat slightly affected house.

smart meter 10smart meter 11

Susan captured more images from the pictures provided by authorities in the link above and in this area shown below:

graph of fires

SM 2SM 6SM 5SM 3

SM 4

In the area shown below, Susan found these pictures:

graph butte county

Below: Affected (1-9%) Cynthia Lane Only damage is to electrical closet and some scorching above. Definitely internally sparked. (That’s a BEAUTIFUL and well-built house!)

SM 7

SM 8

Below: Affected (1-9%) Graham at Heavens Gate No Damage to smart meter possibly from vent blocking?

SM 9

SM 10

Below: Minor (10-25%) Thomasson Lane Could have been where the meter was? Crawlspace entry is also open.

SM 11SM 13

Below: Affected (1-9%) Wagstaff Road near Gregory Lane Ooooopsie on cutting the trees down!!! They were not burnt but the angle of the cut is clearly intentional on destroying the house…

SM 14SM 15

Below: Minor (10-25%) Wagstaff Ave at Gregory Lane Looks like power meter was cut out. Burnt at bottom of the hole.

SM 16

Below: Minor (10-25%) Wagstaff at Lucky John Porch blown apart. Live tree unburned. House appears vacant. 

SM 17

Susan continues to write and post pictures, “I originally had 7 properties (all are marked on the map below).  Only 4 properties below, but they seem to show significance.

This is so messed up to the people in Paradise/Concow/Magalia, etc. And if we can document proof (I’m not public nor do I have a following) if it turns out that we can stop this, I am soooooo anxious to help. This has hurt my family and so many other innocent people. I need to do something. Thanks.

graph 2

Below: Minor (10-25%) Edgewood Lane Meter area not 100% exploded. Propane tank also still intact.

SM 18

SM 19Below: Minor (10-25%) Edgewood Way Near Marston Way A/C fried, bush fried.

SM 20

sm 21

Below: Affected (1-9%) De Mile Road at Harrison Road Smart meter undisturbed but fence and gate looked burned – no debris…

sm 22

SM 23

 This additional note to Susan’s pictures comes from a concerned California patriot who has also noticed major anomalies that need explanation.



(Dec. 2, 2018) Susan continues to research and send pictures of the fire attacks.

She writes, “Attached are 7 more properties with smart meter and other  anomalies. If you want to check out the pictures yourself, and type in the name of the street at the left top of the screen. I believe I got the cross streets close enough where you will also be able to view the properties as well.”

CF 1

“I am also studying some of the (>50%) destroyed homes/structures, and besides the fact that they ARE DISINTEGRATED, I’ve also noticed that many propane tanks remain intact. Among other strange remaining things. I’ll be doing some research on that at well. Hopefully I can do this before the rain is done and they take the site down.”

CF 2CF 3CF 4


.CF 5CF 6


.CF 7CF 8


.CF 9CF 10CF 11


.CF 12CF 13


.CF 14CF 15


.CF 16CF 17CF 18



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  1. Is it the smart meter or could it be an induced surge into the electrical supplying these dwellings? As a 40 year experienced electrician these pictures look to me much the same as lightning strikes that I have repaired in the past. Could the D.E.W. be inducing these high voltages into the infrastructure. Only a extreme surge would fry the insulation off of the wiring and melt these meters.

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