Operation Mockingbird Propagandists Duo Solomon and Carter Outed

Don’t be tricked by another Operation Mockingbird fake news reporter in the same cloth as Anderson Cooper. She only regurgitates news we already know and will never take you all the way to full disclosure. Here’s a test: Let us know when she busts Senior Executive Service for being a rogue faction within our government or how Richard Dearlove worked with Stefan Halper to overthrow Trump.

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Check her bio yourself.

Don’t believe this propagandist John Solomon who is on place to protect the Crown. He is there to make sure the media doesn’t point a finger at the Privy Council for its attempted overthrow of Trump.

For example, in this recent interview on Judicial Watch (see video below), John readily points at the FBI as he keeps you from knowing the real truth about the British involvement of the coup – namely, Robert Hannigan who wired Trump Tower and  Geoffrey Pattie, Mark Malloch-Brown, Richard Dearlove, and Andrew Wood who were the masterminds behind the overthrow attempt.

Has the royal propagandist John Solomon reported on Alison Saunders dinner with the Ohrs or Arvinder Sambei’s relationship to Robert Muller?

With this propagandist you have to watch what he is not showing you and listen what he is not telling you.

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Read John’s bio here


Trump takes on the propagandists

Remember with master propagandists like John and his pretty sidekick actress Sara Carter, it’s not what they say as much as what they don’t tell you. Just because they and their fake news buddies call them incredible, deep investigative reporters, doesn’t mean it’s so. They are nothing but media clowns and propagandists.

As one of our AIM readers said, Sara Carter is nothing more than a “Deep State confessor who only tells the audience what the Deep State is ready to admit.”

John Solomon: FBI Played ‘Political Dirty Trick’ on Donald Trump over Alleged Russia Collusion

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    1. It is not far fetched if you have been paying attention to how fake news and the intelligence agencies put these mockingbird media types – Two more of their placements, straight from CIA, are Anderson Cooper and Rachel Maddow.

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