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Italian Government Compromised in Russiagate


Monday, February 19, 2018

My name is Giulio Occhionero and I am an Italian nuclear engineer and a financial professional. I am writing today to expose criminal activity on the part of Italian governmental authorities: Polizia Postale and its special cyber division CNAIPIC against US and Italian citizens as well as a US company with interests in the US and Italy, Westlands Securities.

Over the last year, I have been involved in a complex criminal case along with my sister Francesca Occhionero, who is a US citizen. I am referring to Italian cyber criminal case of Procura della Repubblica di Roma, n. 21245/2016 in which we think we have been involved also because of our connections to the US.

Material evidence arising in this case suggests that a continued activity of hacking into US information servers has been conducted by the above authorities over a period of several years. It also emphasizes an attack technique aimed to hack into US computer systems which impersonates the digital identity of Microsoft. Additional evidence finally points into the direction of industrial espionage purposes and a potential will to interfere with public affairs in the United States.


During the investigation phase, Procura di Roma, under the direction of public prosecutor Eugenio Albamonte and chief prosecutor Giuseppe Pignatone, has employed, with the cooperation of ISP Telecom Italia Mobile (TIM), a technique, aimed at delivering a Trojan to my computer. This technique relies on the impersonation of Microsoft’s digital identity, and it is acted by the use of a bogus Microsoft website and certificate.

The attack in question is based on inducing a user to download a false update for Microsoft SQL Server; which I in fact downloaded, getting infected by the Trojan.

In this regard, it is important to mention that I was, and I currently am, a Domain Administrator in the Westlands Securities’ Active Directory Domain, a US Limited Liability Company whose Domain Controllers were based respectively on the East and West coasts of the United States. These servers also ran several virtual servers that maintained services of multiple kinds such as email, file shares and websites; including hosting mail services for Westlands’ clients in the US and Italy.

While the attack was conducted against my desktop computer, it was designed to take control of the global Active Directory Domain. This was later attempted on October 5, 2016 by CNAIPIC officers in my presence, shortly before launching a planned major national criminal case, now named EyePyramid, whose relevant press you can retrieve here:

Materially, on the evening of September 29, 2016 I was working at my desktop in Rome when, on launching SQL Server Management Studio, I was notified by a tray pop-up about the availability of an update for SQL Server 2014.

On clicking on the pop-up balloon, I was in fact redirected to the mentioned bogus Microsoft website from which I downloaded the infected update, bundled with the Trojan. This part surely involved the cooperation of the ISP; as only techniques like IP translation and DNS manipulation could have lead to a similar redirection.

One of the most alarming issues of this case is the fact that, as mentioned in the paperwork of the file, I even checked the validity of the https certificate, after doing the download. Suspects loomed on me for the fact that the downloaded executable was unsigned. However, being the website certificate valid, I proceeded to install the supposed update, assuming a wrong scenario of a legitimate though unsigned file.

Subsequent to its install, the Trojan begun collecting credentials from my computer and transmitting them to the servers of Polizia Postale Italiana, along with screenshots of my sessions, keylogs and other information. Some evidence of this activity appeared immediately clear to me, as on our network we employ tools designed to detect attacks and notify them. On booting my laptop on the same home LAN of the infected desktop, the former immediately notified being attacked by some actor on the LAN. This further evidences the intention to propagate the attack deeper into the Active Directory Domain.

A few days later, on October 5 2016, the agents of CNAIPIC, equipped with the stolen credentials, raided my house for a search and, in that occasion, they tried, in my presence, from their mobile computers, to log into our Domain Controllers to take ownership of them.

My reminding them as to what the legal consequences for the US Justice Department would be, for such a conduct, were ignored while they proceeded to several hacking attempts via Remote Desktop. In these attempts, they tried the many stolen credentials they had gathered, but they all failed because of the domain-wide Group Policies that restricted access to smartcards, sided by other security requirements.

This type of attack has specifically been designed to gain illegal access by a peripheral member of an Active Directory Domain, and then potentially using his credentials or Kerberos ticket to move to inner servers and to their resources. Therefore, penetration onto the US, or another foreign ground, begins by an attack done on the Italian ground.

Following my release from jail, I have begun inspecting the files of the case and I am writing a software tool named Valiriya which is mining data and producing additional forensic evidence. Results show that the prosecutors in Rome were in possession of data and files illegally gained by hacking into free email and file share services, in both the US and Germany, for years.

These services include GMX, Storegate, Strato, Box and 4Shared (at least), while the practice of hacking into them, with no authorization, begins (at least) in April 2015 and goes on to (at least) February 2016. A new hypothesis of illegal hacks into Irish servers is now surfacing; and we will notify the prosecutors if it materializes.


The above technique must be deemed highly critical because it entails the cooperation of an ISP, in order to succeed. This requires the intervention of a government agency, whose authority is needed to obligate the ISP to cooperate; at least during the phase of infection.

Because of the very facts above, and those that followed in this bold case, I decided to inform COPASIR; the Italian Parliamentary Commission on Intelligence Services whose responsibility is, among others, to ensure that no member of any Italian armed or police force can ever engage in acts that can be deemed hostile against a foreign country; without an appropriate governmental mandate to do so.

After the arrest of my sister Francesca and me on January 9, 2017, I also decided to inform the Italian Minister of Interior Marco Minniti and the Ministry of Defense Roberta Pinotti. Certified emails were sent to them by our lawyers, and they will be eventually available to you.

I also notified the US Embassy in Rome writing several emails to Mr. Domenico Taliani, in which I detailed the facts, some technicalities of the attacks and the potential risks it all emphasized. This also included risks for US citizens merely travelling to Italy and potentially being attacked because of their being a gate to US corporate resources.

My final act to prosecute the above was that of filing a criminal case with Procura di Perugia which is the one allowed to investigate crimes committed by prosecutors at Procura di Roma, by their police investigators and by their consultants. At the time of this writing, I have been interrogated twice by Procura di Perugia; the first time in June 2017 and the last in January 2018, for more than five hours.

Prosecutor Eugenio Albamonte and two members of CNAIPIC are now under investigation for several crimes and we are awaiting developments. I also think that while CNAPIC has sought and obtained cooperation from the US Department of Justice on this case, in order to seize our servers in May 2017 and have them handed over, CNAIPIC has never disclosed its practice of hacking into US information servers to the FBI.


While the real aims of Procura di Roma and CNAIPIC must be further investigated, we suspect that one of their intentions was that of gaining possession of Westlands Securities’s corporate documental and data baseline. In previous years CNAIPIC had in fact already been involved in other corporate espionage cases left with no satisfactory explanation, nor with any significant counter-measure ever taken by the Italian Government. However, being CNAIPIC a mere police force, and not an intelligence agency, any such kind of activity clearly falls far outside of its mandate.

The global hackers group Anonymous had already shown in 2011 that CNAPIC was in possession of files and data illegally gained by the Russian oil company Gazprom and the Indian Embassy in Rome.

In our case, we suspect that the core industrial interest in getting Westlands’ corporate documents was the Taranto Harbor project. This project, notoriously followed by Westlands Securities and its US partner company Automated

Terminal Systems, aimed at realizing the largest container terminal in the Mediterranean. Westlands filed a criminal complaint years ago for supposed wrongdoings at the Port Authority which led to arrests. While the project was seen with favor by the US Department of Commerce and by the US Ambassador to Italy Mel Sembler, Italian local governmental authorities wanted it to be withdrawn in favor of other carriers in the Port. This all could happened in retaliation for that complaint.


Another item needing deeper attention is the kind of cooperation to Polizia Postale Italina and Procura di Roma by the FBI and the US Department of Justice. In fact, while the FBI is supposed to have helped on a bona-fide  basis, it is appalling that it has failed to detect the daily hacking practices of CNAIPIC and its consultants into US information servers.

In a similar fashion, the US Department of Justice has handed over our servers to CNAIPIC without ever realizing that they had never done a single illegal access to any other server on the web; as it is clearly surfacing in trial. Moreover, upon being called to testify in court, the FBI attaché to the US Embassy in Rome, Kieran Ramsey, has communicated his intention not to show up, by sending a lawyer invoking such right. This is apparently contemplated under US-Italian justice cooperation agreements.

In this regard, it is furthermore impossible not to notice that be the same journalists at The Guardian who kept rolling out the Russiagate story, which reveals a potential attempt to interfere with US affairs by another pre-fabricated dossier, possiblly authorized at the highest levels of Italian government.  The only difference in this case is that the spirvce to the Guardian was the head of Polizia Postale Roberto Di Legami, with or without an FBI middleman.


The matter above, as an Italian citizen, raised a severe alert on me, pushing me into the direction I took; as it is more than clear that such a behavior by a national police force does lead to corporate damages companies who side with CNAIPIC.

In my opinion, while the facts and circumstances above do underline a major threat to the security of the US and other foreign cyber spaces, they also deserve further attention for a number of related issues. These issues involve the friendly relationships of Italy with other European Community and, most of all, with its NATO allies.

I therefore wanted to bring it to the attention of those who are concerned with security.


Giulio Occhinonero

Giulio Occhionero

Via di Vigna Stelluti 176

00191 Rome, ITALY

Home +39 (06) 329-7771

Mobile +39 (347) 238-4800


Roberto Bottacchiari

Via Oslavia 28

00195 Rome, ITALY

Office +39 (06) 37351107

Mobile +39 (335) 676-2334

Stefano Parretta

Piazzale Clodio 12

00195 Rome, ITALY

Office +39 (06) 3751-3292

Mobile +39 (335) 657-2460

This letter was originally addressed to the following:

Devin Nunes, Chairman

Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence

U.S. House of Representatives

U.S. Capitol Building

WASHINGTON, DC 20515-6415

Richard Burr, Chairman

Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence

U.S. Senate

211 Hart Senate Office Building


Satya Nadella, Chief Executive Officer

Microsoft Corporation

1 Microsoft Way


Vice Adm. Nancy A. Norton, Director

Defense Information Systems Agency



Christopher A. Wray, Director

Federal Bureau of Investigation

935 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW

WASHINGTON, DC 20535-0001

Lewis M. Eisenberg, Ambassador

U.S. Embassy Rome

Via Vittorio Veneto 121


Adam Holloway is Clear: Brexit is EXIT

Adam Holloway

Member of Parliament for Gravesham


The result of the Referendum was clear but, regrettably, the current deal negotiated by the Prime Minister does not honour the decision of 65% of our neighbours in Gravesham who voted in the Referendum, and a majority of the country, to leave the EU.

I remain convinced that the Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration:

  • represent an unconscionable loss of sovereignty (entering the backstop would be the first time in Parliament’s history that it could not undo something its predecessor had for me, that is not taking back control).
  • have the potential to damage the Union (the Irish Backstop would impose regulatory differences between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK and the Government’s own legal advice makes is clear that we would be unable to exit the backstop if the future negotiations fail).
  • fetter our ability to trade freely in the future (the Withdrawal Agreement says the future relationship will “build on the single customs territory” outlined in the backstop – this means the UK and EU must apply the same tariffs to imports from other countries).
  • could lock the UK in EU defence and security structures for the first time (the Political Declaration speaks of a “broad, comprehensive and balanced security partnership ….which respects the sovereignty of the UK and the autonomy of the Union” However, it is clear to me that these are mutually exclusive aspirations: the UK cannot pick and choose its involvement in EU defence initiatives – if we were to involve ourselves in this way we will be subject to strict participation criteria . Also, “structural cooperation” in intelligence could well spell the end of the “Five Eyes” intelligence relationship with America, Australia, Canada and New Zealand).

For these reasons and many more I will vote against the Withdrawal Agreement again if and when it is put to a 4th vote. Assuming the deal remains broadly as it is currently constituted, this is not Brexit, but Remain, without vote, veto, voice or exit. The deal downgrades the UK from being an (albeit very restrained) rule maker to a subservient rule taker.

I most certainly do not agree with the likes o the Daily Mail that suggest that those of us standing against the Withdrawal Agreement are standing in the way of Brexit: Theresa May and the Civil Service have produced a Brexit in name only, with the serious problems I list above and at a cost of £39bn to the British taxpayer. I think my maths is correct, and this comes to £1950 per household reading this letter and every single household in the country in taxes we pay and borrowing the government makes on behalf of unborn generations .

Had the majority of people in Gravesham voted to Remain, I would be equally outraged if ­ say- a committed Leaver had been PM, who did not believe in Remain, had negotiated a “deal” that actually took us out of EU structures.

Now, staggeringly, an out of touch Parliament has removed the one bit of leverage we had – the threat of No Deal (which I never feared). On top of that, the PM is now trying to get her Deal (or some further diluted version of it) over the line with the help of the Marxist leadership of the Labour Party.

There is even talk of us remaining (note the word) in the Customs Union.  This nothing short of an insult to the 17.4m people who voted to leave.

If you have not already done so, please have a look at:

amongst other material, to be reminded of what David Cameron declared a Leave vote would mean.

People in Gravesham voted to Leave and rightfully trusted that the will of the people would be respected. I will not rebel against their wishes.

Adam  Holloway

Member of Parliament for Gravesham

Telephone: 020 7219 8402       Email: hollowaya


Sir Richard Dearlove (former Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service)

Professor Gwythian Prins (former member CDS Strategy Advisory Panel)

As we approach our exit from the EU on 29th of this month, and in face of increasing efforts by Project Fear to dragoon MPs into voting for Mrs May’s bad Withdrawal Agreement and Political Declaration tomorrow, we summarise here main warnings from our collaborative research on the defence and intelligence threats to national security that are embedded at the heart of Mrs May’s strategy.

  1. Above all, the Government’s strategy will cede power to the EU in these sovereign areas and will thereby compromise our premier intelligence alliance with the ‘Five Eyes’ of the Anglos phere (Australia, Canada, New Zealand the USA and ourselves) if we touch any part of the EU’s planned autonomous structures for intelligence gathering and


  1. Having successfully prevented the EU from developing a defence role for over forty years, bizarrely, the Government’s Withdrawal Agreement and associated documents threaten to place Europe’s premier defence and intelligence power under EU This is the reverse of what the people voted for in June 2016.


  1. The WA and PD tell us that the Government seeks UK participation “to the extent possible under EU law” in the European Defence Fund, the European Defence Agency and in activities under Permanent Structured Co-operation and a full continuation of UK participation in the EU Common Security & Defence Policy (a component of the Common Foreign & Security Policy in the EU acquis) “with no “


  1. This is a formulation based on a misunderstanding- whether wilful or actual- about how the EU The fact is that there can be no a Ia carte engagement because this is a spider’s web in which everything is connected to everything else. So if the UK touches any one part, it becomes trapped in the whole.
  2.  The Technical Note on External Security of 24 May 2018 promises an early Defence Treaty after 29 March 2019. The proposed content of this defence treaty is unsafe. With Field Marshal the Lord Guthrie we have therefore published a text written to exclude legally any and all such possibilities. Our draft Defence Treaty was circulated to all MPs and all
  1. The EU has no business at all in the national security These are sovereign responsibilities. The May Deal, were it to be adopted, would actively impair the autonomy of UK decision-making in this most fundamental of sovereign tasks of government.
  1. The speed of ministerial consent after May 2018 removed the opportunity for adequate parliamentary scrutiny or votes on seven separate occasions, in breach of the Scrutiny Reserve Resolution The WA and PD lock the UK powerlessly under EU control during 2019- 20 and potentially permanently through the ‘backstop’ trap, as Defence EU rapidly evolves.
  1. The PD would cede all initiative to the EU and Mr Macron’s recent speech and Verdun interview on Armistice Day make it clear that his vision of the EU is actively hostile to the USA and our closest These are not the appropriate actions of Europe’s premier military and intelligence power.
  1. These threats to national security alone should sink the Withdrawal Strategy.


alison saunders 5


Alison Saunders, CB, the Queen’s top prosecutor came to dinner at Bruce and Nellie Ohr’s home four days before the infamous Trump Tower meeting

Election interference by a Queen’s agent is espionage and for the Americans who helped is treason

(MAR. 21, 2019)—Following a month-long investigation—aided by a Judicial Watch Mar. 7, 2019  release of more stonewalled DOJ FOIA releases—the long held suspicions of many that British Privy Council intelligence, technology and banking interests are behind the attempted coup d’état of President Donald J. Trump can now be confirmed, in our minds anyway, beyond doubt.

What moved our thinking from circumstantial evidence to fact?

“Dinner with the Ohrs” —A secret Jun. 05, 2016 dinner meeting between Alison Sanders and her entourage at the home of Bruce and Nellie Ohr’s in McLean, VA on .

That was just four days before the infamous Trump Tower meeting.


She is a British barrister (lawyer) who at the time of the Ohr dinner was the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) for the Crown Prosecution Service (CCP). In short, she was the Queen’s top prosecutor. She held a roughly equivalent post to U.S. deputy attorney general Sally Yates—Bruce Ohr’s boss.

On the surface, one might think that such contacts are not uncommon. After all, lawyers and law enforcement officials the world over compare notes. So what was different about this meeting?

A closer look at Saunder’s past and her conflicting relationships shows that she was on a secret mission by her Privy Council handlers to stop Donald Trump. The “Why?” will become obvious as this evidence unfolds.


The circumstances of “Dinner with the Ohrs” were suspicious on their face.

As Judicial Watch just uncovered, the Ohrs started planning this dinner party with Alison Saunders a month earlier, on or about May 06, 2016. Anecdotally, Peter Strzok refused all House questions about the activities of this May-Jun 2016 time period. He even said that his reason was to protect a “very sensitive source.”

At least six people dined at the Ohrs: Alison Saunders, her executive assistant, Helen Kershaw, Sue Patten and Patrick Steves, Bruce Ohr and Nellie Ohr. Saunders also had MI-6 security with her. We do not yet know who attended on the American side besides the Ohrs.

From a protocol perspective, this meeting was a non-starter. First, Saunders was meeting with an underling of her professional equivalent, Sally Yates. Second, being there under diplomatic immunity begs the question:

What did Saunders bring with her to give to the Ohrs? McVities, tea, crumpets, money, non-traceable gems, documents, weapons, drugs, what? Both Saunders and Ohr were international organized crime experts, so they would certainly know the opportunities that such a secret meeting provided. It appears that they were engaging in their own organized crime this time.

So, thanks to Judicial Watch, we have proof that American Bruce Ohr, one of the DOJ’s paymasters for Obama’s stay behind 10,000-man army innocuously named the Senior Executive Service (SES) Performance Review Board, is having a secret meeting with the Queen’s top Crown prosecutor.

Hindsight being 20-20, we can now look back to the date of the Dinner with the Ohrs, Jun. 05, 2016, and then see that the Trump Tower meeting occurred just four days later on Jun. 09, 2016.

It makes sense. Saunders’ American assets, the Ohrs, Strzoks, Comey, Mueller, Lynch, Page, McCabe, etc. were committing treason, and the Privy Council was anxious to make sure they would execute on the plan to frame the Trump campaign with their phony Steel “dirty dossier.”

Before we draw any conclusions regarding this suspicious timing, we need to review Alison Saunders’ background.


April 21, 2019 note:

AIM Patriot Jim sent us this note to further elucidate the ‘Dinner with the Ohrs’ theme. Jim writes: 

This same dinner occurred on September 1, 1933 at the nome of Alice Barrows, and employee of the Department of Education. The home was located in a Virginia suburb of Washington, D.c. In attendance were: Rober Breuere, a member of hte New Deal Textile code Advisory Board and a WWI supporter of the revolutionary IWW movement; David Cushman Coyle, and employee off the Public Works Administration(PWA ); Lurence Todd, Washington representative of the Soviet news agence, TASS, and a former official of the American Civil Liberties Union; Hildegarde Kneeland, and employee of the Department of Agriculture, amember of the ACLU, and the person Dr. Wirt claimed did most of the talking about the communist plans to take over the New Deal; and Mary Taylor, also an employee of the department of Agriculture.”


If each of these names were to be researched and traced to the origin, one Harry Hoppman, the first U.N. representative and controller of the flow technology and arms, including ‘yellow cake’ through Alaska, whose purpose was to ‘balance’ the planned cold war between ‘Soviet Union’, ‘Communist China’, and ‘America’…with enormous profits for the same ‘globalists’. The same agenda, the same purpose, the same ‘British Crown’.

How to Find Indictable Evidence on the Crooks, Criminals, and Creatures of the Swamp

The Americans for Innovation website is a treasure trove of indictable evidence for patriot researchers. Tyla Gabriel and Michael McKibben walk you through a brief video to show you how to access thousands of files of indictable evidence on the creatures from the D.C. swamp and around the world. Then try it yourself and see what you can find. Start your own Youtube channel to share your discoveries based on REAL evidence, not conspiracy theories.

Make sure to try it yourself. It’s so easy!

Make sure your Congresspeople, elected officials, and the White House know how to use this site…and don’t forget Bill Bar.  They all need to know what citizens know…at the very least.

Patriots help POTUS clean the swamp

Judge Amy Berman Jackson is a Corrupt Mueller ‘Witch Hunter’ Coming for Roger Stone

The Ham Sandwich Mueller Criminal Complaint against Roger Stone.

Given to an Obama judge with Fast & Furious blood on her hands.

HUGE JUDGE JACKSON CONFLICT OF INTEREST Note: Her former law partners at Trout Cacheris, PLLC boast on their website that they have been permitted by Mueller to make appearances in the Mueller Witch Hunt, despite the fact that their partner Amy Berman Jackson is the judge in the case.

COMPLAINT, DOCKET. (Accessed Jan. 25, 2019). US v. Roger Jason Stone, Jr., Case No. 1:19-cr-00018-ABJ (Amy Berman Jackson) (D.D.C. 2019).

ABJ = Amy Berman Jackson

aka Amy B. Jackson

(maiden name Amy Sauber Berman)

In 2010, Ms. Jackson had investment holdings up to $4.34 million. Including substantial holdings in numerous, now better known, Deep State shadow government beneficiaries, including:

Mostly donors to the Clinton Foundation:

  • American Express
  • Chevron
  • Cisco
  • Citigroup
  • ConocoPhillips
  • Blackrock
  • Bank of America
  • EMC
  • Exelon
  • Fidelity
  • GE
  • HP
  • JPMorgan Chase
  • Merck
  • Microsoft
  • Motorola
  • Nokia
  • Pepsico
  • Shell
  • T. Rowe Price
  • Boeing
  • Coca-Cola
  • P&G
  • Disney
  • Time Warner
  • Tyco
  • Vanguard
  • Verizon

Berman was also heavily involved in the Eric Holder cover-up of Fast & Furious:

AFI. (Dec. 17, 2013). Fast and Furious Judge (Amy Berman Jackson) tied to assault weapons sales by JPMorgan client. Americans For Innovation.

S. Hrg. 111-695-Pt-7. (Sep. 15, 2010). Amy Berman Jackson Confirmation Hearing, Senate Judiciary Committee, Serial No. J-111-4. GPO.

amy jackson 1.jpgamy jackson 2.jpg

amy jackson 3

The senior partners highlight their involvement in the Mueller investigation in their bios:

Robert P. Trout (Virginia Law)

Gloria B. Solomon (Harvard Law)

This is huge conflict of interest!

amy jackson 4amy jackson 5amy jackson 6

Clear bias toward radical left globalists, Kerry just said at Davos that President Trump should resign.

amy jackson 7

Inspector General Horowitz bias, Horowitz was the chief DOJ consultant on Federal Sentencing Guidelines

Of course, now we call this “pay-to-play” activity what it really is RACKETEERING.

horowitz clinton pay to play.JPG

Fluff Disclosure (to Appear Experienced) (all but 4 are the same case)


…but don’t expect Justice John Roberts to step in and end this abuse of judicial corruption and clear conflicts of interest in Justice Amy Witch Hunter Jackson because John Roberts is a corrupt globalist himself. He is appointed and supervises the out-of-control FISA judges who attempt to thwart, obstruct, even overthrow the President.

Globalist Scumbag John Roberts is Responsible for All 11 FISA Court Judges and for the Illegal Spying Conducted on Trump and Other Americans


roger stone nothing burger.JPG

Feb. 04, 2019—Judge Amy Berman Jackson has been assigned to most, if not all, of the Mueller prosecutions. Canon 2 of the Code of Judicial Conduct requires judges to recuse if their involvement raises even the appearance of impropriety.

Jackson has layers of conflicts of interest in violation of multiple Canons in matters related to Robert Mueller and Hillary Clinton:

  1. Judge Amy Berman Jackson has permitted her long-time former law partners from Trout Cacheris LLP, Robert Trout and Gloria B. Solomon, to represent parties in the Mueller matters. The appearance of impropriety and conspiracy with Mueller’s political agenda is evident.
  2. Judge Amy Berman Jackson holds direct financial interests in at least two institutions who are notoriously-known donors to The Clinton Foundation (four Fidelity funds and two Capital one funds). This is actual impropriety requiring recusal.
  3. Judge Amy Berman Jackson concealed about 85 holdings in corporate stocks in 2009 by shifting them into 44 mutual funds that hold those (and more Clintonistas) stocks in 2012. While she may have relied upon the highly dubious “safe harbor” “concept” (it is not a rule, policy or procedure, and certainly is  not law since Mar. 14, 2001—yet the judicial community enthusiastically embraces it as gospel—it is described merely as a “concept”) to conceal secret holdings of corporate stocks behind a paper thin mutual fund veil, once those stock holdings are discovered, she has an ethical duty to account for this appearance of impropriety surrounding her concealment. She has been silent.
  4. Much worse is the fact that approximately 43% of the corporate stock holdings of the “top ten” largest stocks in the portfolios of her 2012 mutual funds are notoriously known donors to The Clinton Foundation and its 35 related entities.

From a strictly financial view, Judge Amy Berman Jackson’s 44 institutional holdings (2012) are “friends of Hillary and Bill Clinton” with an obvious interest in Mueller Special Counsel outcomes that are favorable to Hillary—and therefore to Hillary’s Clinton Foundation donors in whom Jackson is invested.

From an ethical and moral point of view, Judge Amy Berman Jackson’s ethical duties are crystal clear. She must recuse herself immediately, along with Mueller’s equally conflicted special prosecutor, Jeannie S. Rhee.

RIGGED JUSTICE: Mueller, the prosecutor, should not be allowed to pick the judges over his cases, as he has done by picking Judge Amy B. Jackson!

A judge and prosecutor must be assigned who are without biases. Only then can the defendants have any hope of a fair proceeding.

The Code of Conduct for Federal Judges is meaningless if Judge Amy Berman Jackson—with such egregious Clinton Foundation conflicts of interest—does not recuse herself immediately.

Full Judge Amy B. Jackson financial analysis (2012).

Insider Points to Vatican Operatives in Trump Overthrow Attempt

Betsy and Thomas of the American Intelligence Media review an email from a source claiming to be a Vatican insider who explains how Robert Mueller, Joseph Mifsud, and Stephan Roh are all Knights of Malta agents working to overthrow Donald J. Trump. Yes, we are telling you that globalist factions world-wide have been trying to take out the President of the United States.

note from the bossIn this audio we explain how the British, Vatican, and Russians are all connected in an international crime of all time.

This story is TOO BIG for the movies.  

As the ‘Boss’ reminds us, look at what is REAL. Turn away from fake news. Look at the REAL in reality.

Insider Points Trump Coup d’etat to Vatican Operatives


Dear Betsy and Thomas,

We have been following your work since the original Anonymous Patriot articles on Before Its News and have been pleased by the depth of your research and the bold reports you have written.

Your recent “leak” from the Mueller team has spurred us on to offer you another piece to the puzzle. Some of what we have to tell you must be in a code of sorts because we work for members of the Knights of Malta and, as you know, they are the most powerful secret insider group on the planet and they do not hesitate to eliminate enemies, especially from within their own ranks. Also, as you have revealed in your intelligence reports, the Knights of Malta are controlled by the Pope and the Queen of England takes a vow of fealty to the Head of the Knights of Malta who takes a vow to the Pope.

It is commonly known that the most powerful people in the world are members of the Knights of Malta. But what people don’t know is that the Knights of Malta have their own intelligence agency, separate from the Jesuits, comprised of secular agents who are usually rogue intelligence agency operatives from many countries. These agents are not full members of the KoM but take their orders directly from the Vatican. Under the guise of a charity the Knights of Malta commit the most heinous crimes imaginable.

I am sure none of this so far is big news to you. But the following should be.

Joseph Mifsud is a KoM agent

Robert Mueller is a KoM agent

Stephan Roh is a KoM agent

Link Campus University in Rome is a rogue intelligence training facility for the Vatican and Italian intelligence. They train and place agents and lawyers throughout countries around the world. Acting as “students” of international law and counter-terrorism, EN and Link Campass University students are a network of Vatican controlled spies working under the guise of helpful lawyers and law students.

Mueller has two of these spies on his special council:

Arvinder Sambei, Senior British Crown Prosecutor (former British counsel working with Mueller on 911 cases) and member of the London Center for International Law Practice and the Global Center on Cooperative Security – both organizations that Mifsud and Roh work through.


Zainab Ahmad, former US Federal Prosecutor for the Eastern District of New York, and member of the Global Center on Cooperative Security. Ahmad was one of the first people, along with Andrew Weissman (another Mueller special counsel member) to see the Christopher Steele Fake Dossier of Trump/Russian collusion.

The real Russian spies were Stephan Roh, his wife, Ivan Tinofeev, and the many others Aim4Truth have pointed out, Sater, Millian, Derispaska, Halper and the rest of British intelligence including Hannigan, Dearlove, Wood, Downer, etc.

Joseph Mifsud was a Vatican spy running the latest intelligence training facility out of Rome through the direction of the Knights of Malta at the Link Campass University – owned by Stepan Roh.

It is highly likely that Joseph is dead. Killed by one of the many factions he tried to balance but got out of hand. His Vatican “immunity” was stretched too far and he had compromise the Knights of Malta with his attempted “frame up” of George Papadopoulous.

Thomas has been very close to saying these things but we thought he something more substantive to confirm this information from a direct source.

As a Roman Catholic priest working for the Knights of Malta, I can tell you frankly that the Papal See wants Donald Trump taken out of office. His ideas are destroying the economic backbone of Vatican – refugees and open borders. The desperation these powerful people feel is unprecedented and they simple want Trump gone and will stop at nothing. That is why Mifsud and others made so made gross errors of judgment throughout these botched operations.

Thank you for all you are doing to bring hope in these apocalyptic times. Don’t ever stop bringing the truth to light – you and your teams do a great job. Just thought we would do what you say all the time – “be a white-hat and whistle-blow.” That is what we are doing. Hope it helps the research.

Together in the work,

Vatican insider




New York Times Admits Coup Against Trump

Deep State Panics Over NY Times Confirming Active FBI Coup Against Trump

Let’s get busy, patriots. Time to educate and enlighten your circle of influence about these traitors and international conspirators who attempted to overthrow Donald J. Trump. This is truth history.

James Comey

John Brennan

James Clapper

Susan Rice

Andrew McCabe

Robert Mueller

Mitt Romney

Mark Zuckerberg

Loretta Lynch

Jeff Sessions

Rod Rosenstein

Hillary Clinton

Diane Feinstein

Barack Obama

Michael Horowitz

John Roberts

George Bush

George Soros

Stefan Halper

Christopher Steele

Geoffrey Pattie

Richard Dearlove

Mark Malloch-Brown

Nick Clegg

Richard B. Allan

The Queen

The Pope


Time to Hit the Streets: Demand Hillary’s Arrest and Full Funding for the Wall

The time has come. Here is our grassroots action plan and some memes to get the conversation going in your circle of influence. Patriots keep asking the American Intelligence Media to organize here is our attempt.

Let’s use the next few months to build momentum at a local level. Wear the safety vest color of your choice. The French had yellow vests in their cars, as mandated by government overreach, and were handy to use at the first protests. American hunters (i.e. patriots with guns) prefer orange vests. Either color works.

We want to start at a local and/or state level. Let’s get protests going all around the country and build our momentum before heading to the national capitol. All countries are invited to participate in this WILDFIRE GRASSROOTS MOVEMENT.

The list of demands are extensive –  from arresting Hillary Clinton and George Soros to stopping all U. S. funding of the UN, OPIC, USAID, NATO. We want fair elections with paper ballots and a bi-partisan chain of command. We want the DOJ to start prosecuting major swamp creatures – like Hillary and Bill Clinton, John Brennan, James Clapper, Barack Obama, Susan Rice, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Valerie Jarrett, Christopher Steele, Stefan Halper, John and Tony Podesta, the Bushes.

We want the Senior Executive Service shut down and SERCO prohibited from all government contracts.

We want military tribunals to be held for traitors like Robert Mueller. We want the perpetrators of 911 and its subsequent wars (Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, George Bush, and the neocons) to be held for crimes against Americans and humanity.

We want the PATRIOT ACT to be immediately terminated.

We are fed up with the globalists and their puppets, banksters and monarchs, popes and alien invaders. These people have had over 2000 years to run the planet. Their results? A planet full of criminal enterprises, human trafficking, pedophilia, dark money, and satanic cultures.

You’re fired!

Now it’s the people’s turn.

patriots prefer orange.

Two men hunting in the swamp


orange vest defend America


Let’s support our European brothers and sisters. The people of the world are sick and tired of criminals running the planet. In the beginning, there may only be a few of us, but keep the momentum going by making the weekly Saturday event fun and informative. Eventually, the b.s. media will have to report on our growing movement, especially as we gain traction over the next few months.

decentralizationBy the spring, we will be strong and well organized. It will be our PATRIOT SPRING to usher in peace and prosperity of many, separate, distinct, and beautiful sovereign nations of the Earth.

Send us your photos and videos from your events so that we can share our progress.


Orange and yellow vest movement


Decentralization and Freedom Understand what our movement is about and what we oppose. We want decentralization of everything. We oppose a ONE WORLD ORDER and support a planet of free, independent, and peaceful NATION STATES. In America, we demand the dismantling of Washington D.C. with a return to states rights.

We demand the end of the FEDERAL RESERVE. The banksters can default on their debt as it is owed by the rich, elite, globalists to themselves. The people of the world REJECT odious debt, and this time when the markets collapse, the people will be bailing out themselves, not the politicians and banksters.


These vests are “all occasion” so you don’t have to limit this fashion accessory to Saturday afternoons. Enjoy wearing them any time, any day. Many are one size fits all!

orange vests for Americans
Paint America ORANGE until the globalists are ousted off the planet!


George Soros is Getting Redpilled

George Soros is Getting Redpilled


We have written several citizen intelligence reports on George Soros. Continue your citizen education by reading more here:

Related articles that were discussed in the audio:

November 15, 2018

Mark Zuckerberg Does Damage Control Over N.Y. Times Exposé, Says He Has “Tremendous Respect” for George Soros

November 21, 2018

George Soros Sold Facebook, Netflix, and Goldman Stock Just Before They Tumbled

November 22, 2018

George Soros’ organization calls for oversight of Facebook


ATTACK: Apocalypse in America

Douglas Gabriel of the American Intelligence Media talks with Michael Thomas, editor of State of the Nation and other independent news publications, who gives patriots a huge wake up call about the firestorms in California.

We need all patriots AWAKE. After you watch the video, please continue your education from the links below. Then pass it along to those in your circle of influence, including your elected representatives – all the way up to the White House. This affects all nations of the planet. The Globalists are at war with the nation states.

ATTACK: Apocalypse in America

Continue your citizen education with these blockbuster reports from Michael Thomas’ team.

Atmospheric Aluminum via
Chemical Geoengineering,
Weaponized SMART Meters,
Specific EMF’s Disseminated from
Microwave and Cellphone  Towers,
Directed Energy Weapons,
Arsonists Disguised as Firefighters,
and Weather Warfare Used
to Fabricate a Highly Conducive
Environment for Isolated Firestorms
to Spread like Wildfire in
Targeted Communities
Throughout California


Here’s how the globalists and geoengineers conspired to manufacture the apocalyptic California firestorms. | SOTN: Alternative News, Analysis & Commentary

OPERATION TORCH CALIFORNIA: A Special Report on the Firestorm Terror Operation – The Millennium Report

Conclusive Photographic Evidence Proving California Is Under Attack by DEWs – The Millennium Report

SMART Meters Being Used To Implode Buildings in California During Firestorms | SOTN: Alternative News, Analysis & Commentary

CALIFORNIA FIRESTORMS GEOENGINEERED: Here’s why and who’s doing it | SOTN: Alternative News, Analysis & Commentary

Who is firebombing California and why? | SOTN: Alternative News, Analysis & Commentary

As we were posting this collection of articles, a note came in from an AIMPatriot leepermax:

Wonder if the “PG&E power line incident” combined with “PG&E smart meters” were responsible.

“15 minutes before a fire was reported among the trees north of Sacramento – the spark that would explode into the deadliest blaze in California history – a PG&E power line in the area went offline. A week later, at least 56 people have been found dead – and PG&E Corp. is facing its gravest crisis yet over whether its equipment has ignited another devastating wildfire.”

Smart Meter Fires. CA Fires? Something Similar About These Fires.

Lawsuits claim faulty PG&E Smart Meters started house fires

“A landowner near where the blaze began said PG&E notified her the day before the wildfire that crews needed to come onto her property because some wires were sparking”