Citizens Can Prevent Election Fraud

No matter what country you live in, you should be aware of a type of election fraud that occurs in digital space where average citizens and election watchers can’t see it.

In the audio below, Douglas Gabriel of the American Intelligence Media and Michael McKibben of Americans for Innovation describe how man-in-the-middle works and what citizens can do to prevent this type of fraud. Below the audio are articles we recommend that will give you more detail.

If you are not directly involved in your country, county, province, local, or state election processes, make sure to send this article link to the election representatives who are responsible for election integrity. Attach your personal note and simply add the article hyperlink.

If you are directly involved in the election process, make sure everyone on your team gets a copy of this article.


Obama-Clinton-Schmidt-Zuckerberg Election Rigging Failed


Absolute Proof: Obama Rigged Elections


Electronic Voting Fraud in Swing Precincts


The image below is available here if you want a high-res version.

election fraud 2.JPG


Racketeering Lawsuit Exposing Nationwide Vote Rigging in DNC Primaries Could Derail Clinton


Trust vote

See for lots of good info on voting integrity


Election integrity

Another good resource for election integrity goes by that name is:

Election Integrity Project


voter fraud bloggerWe also recommend this site where the blogger has been reporting on election fraud since 2016.

Election Fraud Watch 2016


Getting to Know the Shadow Government

6 thoughts on “Citizens Can Prevent Election Fraud”

  1. Dr Laura Pressley, PhD Chemistry, ran for a seat on Austin city council, the programmed machine vote flipping was obvious. When she demanded a recount, the crooked city, county and appelant courts exposed their duplicity in systemic fraud. Studying the software showed that the only approved voting machines in Texas, Hart InterCivic and Electronic Systems & Software (ES&S) only count votes as fractions, allowing county clerk to ‘adjust’ final tally with ‘correct’ voter totals. This system was protected by the highest levels by the appointed (crooked) Secretary of State. Dr Pressley did get support from the Attorney General on her pending Supreme Court ruling. More on this elitist scam see….

    Beverly Harris on > BlackBoxVoting(.)org

  2. “The Mississippi GOP is PRIVATE party” ~ Haley Barbour to TrueTheVote

    After years of stonewalling on tax exempt status for the NON partisan, TrueTheVote organization, founder Catherine Engelbrecht voiced her frustration and got the full wrath of the weaponized feral government. She was audited by the IRS, her family business was audited by OSHA, the EPA, ATF and FBI. When she filed a complaint on the obvious runoff rigging in the Thad Cochran and Chris McDaniel race, she was rebuffed by Barbour, a decision upheld by crooked RINO judges. To see the contempt for the vote of the sheeple, see The Circus….

  3. Catherine Engelbrecht and her husband operated a small machine shop. Testifying to Congress on Lerner IRS abuse brought quick response. EPA demanded all recycled material records. The Engelbrechts had done $300 in legal modifications to a few firearms for a local gunsmith, ATF demanded all records. OSHA inspection showed that their second hand forklift, used once a week had an after market seat belt and fined her $20,000.

    On this planet I have met a million women….


  4. Thanks! I would be interested in helping with a voting system utilizing decentralized blockchain technology.

    1. How will you make sure that the chain of custody does not break? You can’t “see” things in cyber space so how will you know that the votes won’t be tampered with?

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