Queen’s Henchman Geoffrey Pattie Fails to Overthrow Donald J. Trump

Michael McKibben of CEO of Leader Technologies joins Douglas Gabriel in this EARTH SHATTERING, GROUNDBREAKING, BOOM-BUSTING discussion that every patriot around the world needs to hear. Once you listen to the video, scroll below to find the proof all laid out for you. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to scale this intel wide and far for as long as it takes to bring down our planetary rulers.

Let’s free humanity from this prison planet!

Failed Overthrow of America by Geoffrey Pattie

Spygate was Directed by the Queen, not Russia


The Windsors – Not Our Friends


Julian Assange: Political Prisoner of the Queen Elizabeth


International Espionage, Spygate, and All the Queen’s Men




Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth and the Privy Council Interfered with the US 2016 Presidential Election


Halper: Senior Executive Service Spy


The Biggest International Espionage Plot the World Has Ever Seen – SPYGATE


The Queen’s Single Ten Pence Golden Share Shows She Controls it All


Unmasking the Crown’s Golden Shares in Rio Tento



6 thoughts on “Queen’s Henchman Geoffrey Pattie Fails to Overthrow Donald J. Trump”

  1. I just purchased 5 books from you both. Gabriel and Tyla, I am from Ozark, Alabama. I hear Tyla is from Dothan, Alabama. I lived on the west coast for 25 years. I never left my roots. I now live in my home land. Thank you for your incredible insight into what is really going on in the world.

    1. Tyla lived in Birmingham, then Dothan, Tallahassee, and Jacksonville (among several more Florida cities and many places in between and after). You don’t get more Southern than those roots. Still do the New Year’s Day dinner with fried chicken, hoppin johns, and greens. Never missed a year and every year was better than the last. Enjoy the books. This is the work we were doing before the war began. We had to put our spiritual writings off to the side when we saw how we could help in the information war. But at least you know our roots, our spiritual foundations, and can decide how far you want to go with us in our narrative. Blessings, Deborah.

      1. I’d argue that this war is spiritual work! If society is ever to advance the truth must be known and reconciled!

  2. I just finished listening to the video, and I have one question. If we unplug everything, how will that allow us truthful information, or are you saying to do without it for a period of time, until the whole mess is cleaned up?

    I’m all for the transformation of the technology, and have heard that much of it, at least, can be de-weaponized, but is Trump aware of that (a dumb question, maybe), and how long will it take him to get it all corrected?

    After all, the environmental toxins are killing hundreds of millions prematurely every year, and since he entered the White House, they have cranked them up exponentially. All it would take is the stroke of the pen, but he’s done nothing about it yet.

  3. I remember weeping over “God Save the Queen” after I emigrated to the US from UK. After I started reading David Icke I believed him, but it was hard to stomach. Your work has sealed it for me. She is probably a Pindar-possessed slave, like so many of her class. A deal with the devil for sure.

  4. I mentioned once and I will repeat. GPattie has a son who has worked Boeing computers in video and UFO projector simulations for over 32 years that I know of. Same exact eyes and he told me early 1970s who his biological father was. The eyes of the video production staff in Seattle can be compared with Pattie to discover who would have an interest in having new Boeing jets falling from the sky.

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